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Chapter Twelve

Ava relaxed at the base, the whole battle over. Megatron had fled to go hide and repair himself. Optimus was angry that he didn't personally offline him after she told Optimus about the kidnapping and the assault she took. She wished she was on the same ship as Optimus to ensure he was okay, but Ratchet wanted to keep her near him at all times.

"Stay still, Ava," Ratchet's holoform glared at her over his glasses as he continued to wrap her ankle. She had inadvertently broken it during the last battle but it was nothing. At least she was alive and had her big sexy mech back.

"Avella Prime, either stay still or I'm gonna knock you out!" Ratchet snapped. But instead of his threat being taken seriously, his head was forced forward from the impact it took. Optimus glared down at his medic, his holoform not as glitched anymore.

"Optimus!" Ava squealed. She hadn't seen him since they had returned and she jumped off the back of Ratchet's alt mode. Ava threw her arms around Optimus's neck, forcing him into a kiss. Optimus grunted at her sudden outburst before Ratchet pulled her away from Optimus.

"If you will allow me to finish taking care of your ankle, Mrs. Prime, then I'll allow you to run off with Optimus. He has a plan," Ratchet watched her hop back to his alt form, sitting down like a good girl. He sighed again before continuing his work.

The wrapping took a lot longer since Ratchet kept pausing when Ava would flinch from the pain. It didn't help as Optimus's holoform was tapping his foot, his engine revving in total frustration. Ratchet's only response was to roll his eyes before finally sealing her foot in a cast.

"Now, Optimus, let's not be too rough. We need her to heal properly," Ratchet's tone was teasing as Optimus ignored him. Ratchet privately commed him before letting a few chirps slip out. They hadn't known that Ava knew Cybertronian.

Be gentle. At the first sign of panic, stop.

I will keep a close optic on her, Ratchet. But I can't wait any longer.

Ava kept her gaze glued on the floor as Ratchet walked away. Optimus placed his fingers under her chin, forcing her eyes to shift to his. He chuckled at the slight pink caressing her cheeks before leaning in to kiss her. Ava was glad that the taste of Megatron was now becoming a faint memory of disgust.

"Ready to go?" Optimus pulled back as she stared at him, the "deer caught in the headlights" look on her face. Optimus chuckled before picking her up and carrying her to his alt form.

"Where are we going?" Ava's curiousity was glittering in her eyes as Optimus shook his head, letting it be known that she wouldn't get to know until she got here. Still, the butterflies in her stomach refused to stop as he tossed her up into the passenger seat.

She watched buildings fade to landscape before Optimus decided to lull her to sleep. She wasn't sure how long she slept until hard, cool hands lifted her up. Ava's eyes snapped wide open, locking with blue shimmering optics.

"Optimus?" Ava felt curiousity dig its way into her brain as she touched his cheek. His holoform was a mini version of his robotic form and she remember the form because he had created the holoform program for her back on Cybertron. Something familiar and important was coming but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"You'll see," Optimus turned away from his alt form. Her eyes shifted to a little beach house and her eyes widened when she noticed where she was. He had taken her to a place she would enjoy and she couldn't help the cry of joy and tears.

"Thank you!" she hugged around his neck tighter as he carried her into the house. Optimus must of had something planned as he went straight to a bedroom that had a nice view of the ocean. He gently placed her on the bed as she stared at him, confused.

"Optimus, what's wrong? What are you doing?" she felt her cheeks flare up a shade of red as he joined her on the bed, laying beside her. His fingers started to trace lazy cirlces over her abdomen, his optics in deep thought for a moment before he looked at her.

"I want to bond with you, Avella. Fully," he watched her eyes widen at the thought, before she bit her bottom lip. He knew she was embarrassed, but knowing her stubborn attitude, she wouldn't back down.

"As in sp-spark bonding?"

"Yes and a little more," he continued his lazy tracing of her adbomen, occasionally slipping up to caress under a breast before going back down. Her mind was beginning to haze from his touches, making thinking extremely difficult. She moaned quietly, a sure sign that he was doing something right.

"Please, Avella. I don't want to risk losing you to Megatron again," his lips plates touched her temple in a form of a kiss. Ava chuckled, giving him a look that said the same thing.

"Alright," she breathed as she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations his servo was creating. She felt the bed shift slightly, telling her that he was already over her. Yet his hand had never stopped, though she wasn't complaining.

"Avella," he got her attention as she opened her eyes, locking with his optics. Optimus paused in his minstrations and pulled her hands to rest around his neck.

"Dig your fingers into the wiring and pull," he instructed and she nodded before doing it. She was even bold enough to find a thick wire and pinch it, earning a shocked gasp from him. A triumphant grin crossed her face as she continued, kissing him.

Optimus groaned into her mouth as he moved his hands up under her shirt. He caressed every inch of skin, causing her to shiver beneath him. Her gasping told him that he was doing something good as he ran one of his fingers along the underside of her breast. He shook himself as he continued to avoid fully cupping the soft mound in a teasing manner.

Ava got impatient quickly and tugged on a wire at his shoulders rather hard, letting him know as he finally cupped her breast, earning a moan. Ava arched into him as he broke the kiss, raining several along her neck. He didn't heisitate to create a gentle suction on a spot at the base of her neck, as his wife gasped beneath him.

Ava couldn't believe how good she felt. Everything he did was driving her mad with desire. It was new to her, never had she felt in such a way and it was only understandable that she was still unsure with what to do. Parts of her warmed to a liquid fire as she moaned under his slow exploration.

"Can you help me undress?" Ava asked after gaining some courage to do so. Optimus nodded once as he helped her to stand, pulling her shirt over her head. He allowed her to unclasp her bra, sliding the flimsy material off her shoulders before he watched her wiggle her way out of the skirt she wore. Her cast on her ankle made it difficult to slide the last bit of material off her but when she finished, Optimus was at a lost for words.

"You are beautiful," he whispered to her. He found himself memorizing every detail of her skin. Each mark and shape were saved in his memory banks as he helped her back on the bed. Her flesh was turning a slight pink color as he continued to admire her body, taking his position above her.

"Optimus?" she shifted slightly, enough for him to see as he kissed her again. He felt her relax considerably as she stroked his armor with shaking hands. It felt nice to have her touch him and he shuddered when she yanked on a wire at his side. Her actions evened caused his alt mode outside to revv his engine.

Optimus's servos touched her gently, seeing what worked and what didn't. She squirmed under him as encouragement. He liked the glazed look in her eyes, the windows that projected her passion. He even leaned down, kissing the faint scar over her heart. The idea that he had almost lost her was still fresh, the fear still present.

Slowly, heisitantly, Optimus allowed some wires to slip away from his form and curl around her body gently. She tensed only slightly until she arched, the small electrical bursts bringing her greater pleasure. He watched the difference emotions and expressions pass over her face.

"Optimus!" Ava's body clenched in something she didn't understand. Her hands became frantic as she continued her own movements, trying to give as much pleasure to her husband as he was to her. Sometimes her hands were still as a sudden wave of sensations hit her before she would continue.

Suddenly, Ava pushed against him, a cry escaping her. A strange pain took over her as he shushed her, telling her everything was alright. But Ava didn't feel alright. She felt like someone had torn her in two completely, the pressure focusing in her lower back.

"It's alright, Avella. It's just my...interface cable," he saw her look at him as it dawned on her what he just did. She was basically having sex with him, though the idea wasn't exactly how she planned it. But her thoughts ceased when he rocked against her.

It was strange really. She had once thought she was a normal girl but now, here she was having sex with a robot, who happened to be her husband. And she didn't care because the feelings were to damn good as the electical bursts combined with his rocking.

"Op-Optimus! Oh god!"

He could hear his name on her lips a million times a day as his systems began to overheat. His overload was nearing but he wouldn't succumb until she did. And she was close, he could sense it.

"GIVE ME YOUR SPARK!" Ava found herself screaming, knowing she wasn't going to be able reach completion until she had it. Ava even clawed at his chest armor, trying to force it apart to reach what she wanted.

Optimus didn't fight her and shifted the armor apart. His optics went white when the last thing he expected her to do happened. Ava had thrusted her hands into his spark, allowing the blue particles to sweep over her arms. Her fingers wiggled on their own, somehow knowing that the movements were doing wicked things to him.

Her hands hit the bed and their fingers entertwined as he kissed her, forcing his chest to press against hers. She knew what he was doing as his spark reached out for her heart like hands gripping for a lifeline. It didn't take long for it to absorb into her skin and surround her, forcing warmth to spread throughout her body.

A cry elicited from both of them as their memories flooded their minds. He hadn't known that she remembered everything. And even the years on Earth made him grateful to Jazell for finding her. He was in her debt and knew he could never repay the woman enough for what she did.

Ava didn't know how to react as his memories flooded her. His love for her was deep and addicting as well as the pain of what his brother did to him. It was strangely alluring to see everything through him as she just allowed it to happen, much of it shared between the two.

Her climax and his overload hit like a ton of bricks as she fainted under him, shaking from the force of it. Optimus was unable to keep conscious, his optics turning dark as he collasped on top of her. Yet the feel of lose ends connecting one another did not go by unnoticed, even in their sleep.

And the feeling of completion only made the next few days even more enjoyable as Ava forgot everything, pretending that her life was as normal as possible until reality decided to come rushing back.


"Damn it! I don't care if you have to kill a cow! I am FREAKING HUNGRY!" Ava's screech was heard out into the hanger as Major Lennox shivered. No one understood why her attitude had turned...bitchy. They figured her vacation 8 weeks ago would have relaxed her but it only seemed to make things worse. Even Ratchet was a little confused, but he was having difficulty clearing the virus that kept his scanners down or he would have found out by now.

"Avella, we'll get you something to eat. Just tell me what you want," Optimus was holding his hands up in surrender, trying his hardest to calm her down. Ava ignored him as his robotic holoform followed her out into the hanger He had stopped using his human holoform when on base, his robotic one more to his liking.

"How many times do I have to tell you? I want fried chicken strips and homemade mash potatoes!" Ava sneered. Optimus quickly shook his head. He had tried to convince her to eat something else. Chicken, for some reason, hadn't settled well with her stomach for the past few weeks. But if she wanted them...

"Optimus," Ratchet's huge form loomed over the couple as a sudden green light scanned Ava. A blue light suddenly passed over her shortly after the other and Ratchet started laughing. Lennox was even confused to his behaviour as Mikaela and Sam stood by the medic's legs.

"What's so funny?" Shadow kicked the back of his leg. Ava had gotten Shadow a job with the government as an extra medical officer.

"The fact that I hadn't realized their predicament sooner!" Ratchet covered his optics for a moment before bringing his hand down, palm up. A holographic projection shown above his hand and Ava found herself leaning toward it as Ratchet magnified the image.

Two small curved shapes came into view and Ava gasped. Her jaw dropped in disbelief as she looked at the two. They were mainly head and body, two stubs for hands and another two for legs. Inside of them, a faint beating could be seen.

A loud bang was heard as she jumped to look behind her. Optimus had fainted as Shadow laughed at him. Mikaela was squealing in delight at the scene that was before them. Sam was crossing his fingers, one in hope that Mikaela doesn't want a baby and another in something Ava wasn't sure about.

"I'm pregnant?" Ava finally spoke, trying to fill in the silence. Ratchet caused the image to fade as he transformed, his human holoform appearing next to her.

"Eight weeks exactly," he confirmed. Ava went from shock, to smiling in joy, to tears of joy in a matter of seconds. Her hands immediately rubbed her flat stomach as she thought about the two babies inside of her.

"Boy and girl," Ratchet didn't heisitate to answer the unspoken question before adding, "We have our first human-like Prince of Cybertron."

"Finally! A boy!" Sam ran around, screaming in excitement. Optimus was slowly coming back online but when he heard the Prince of Cybertron line, Optimus promptly offlined again, too shocked to believe any of what he was picking up with his audios.

"Ratchet?" Ava looked at the medic in concern as Ratchet, who had installed holoforms of their robotic forms on himself and the others, switched to his mini robotic self. A wrench was in his hand as he approached Optimus. A loud clang followed by a yell had the whole hanger in an uproar of laughter. Optimus didn't find the humor in the hitting.

"Optimus, you're going to be a dad!" Ava threw her arms around his neck as his pressed his fingertips to her stomach. He did his own personal scan and smiled. There was truly a boy inside of her.

"At least we know why your attitude has been a little different. And why you - as the humans say - can't keep anything down," Optimus felt grateful that it wasn't anything too serious. Still, it didn't mean it would be easy.

"Sorry," Ava smiled at him until a small growl was heard. The entire crowd surrounding them quickly dispersed, even Ratchet running, when her attitude suddenly went sour.

"I'm freaking hungry!"

Optimus sighed. This definitely wasn't going to be easy.


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