A/N - This is a writing challenge that I've put on myself.

Requirements : Each chapter must be a drabble (less than 1000 words), Each chapter must have Harry and Hermione (at least by passing), I must use one of the 100 prompts I've been given per drabble, and I must use the daily prompt given as it is.

That means 2 prompts per chapter, and 100 chapters for this story. This should be interesting.

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Chapter 1 - Losing you and Broken (Prompts)


Harry stood still as he stared unseeingly at the rising sun. He had seen countless sun rises and sun sets, but nothing had compared to this.

Behind him stood his home for seven years: Hogwarts. The place where he learned who he was, met his friends, his mentor, the people he respected, the people he loved. And now it stood in ruins; almost as if the crumbling stones and stench of smoke was a statement of its end.

He was very much aware of the people who were within the castle; those who had suffered and retained injuries- some curable, some not, and those who were now to be given a burial of utmost respect. If anyone had asked him, he would have replied honestly that he had never expected to survive the Final Battle. Everything he did, he did to save those who were closest to him. To have lost some of them...

His glasses were broken, chipped and bent in a way that he could hardly see when the orange rays became brighter before him. The sun came out like a beacon of hope, showering much needed light over the night that had ended in darkness. They were victorious, but at what price?

He had lost his parents, then his Godfather, and now Remus? How was he supposed to accept that? The death of the last of his father's most trusted friends hurt him physically. The bruises and open wounds across his skin couldn't compare to the loss he was suffering, just as he knew that others were suffering just like him.


Looking back, Harry saw the concerned eyes of his best friend. He couldn't handle it right now. He couldn't talk about himself, as he knew Hermione would want to, when there were others inside the castle mourning the dead.

"Are you alright?" she asked softly, her steps slow as she came to stand beside him.

The light touched her face gently; the sun causing her mangled, blood stained hair to almost glow. How very ironic, he thought. "Where's Ron?"

She hesitated, knowing that what she was about to say was not what he wanted to hear. "He's with the others." He nodded in understanding before he turned to face the sun rise once more. What was there to say, really? His best mate had lost his brother. There was nothing he could say or do to comfort him. They would probably blame him for not doing better, which he would agree with. He could have done better.

Hermione stood watching him for a moment before she stepped in front of him. He expected her to give him a good talking to, demand that he be the leader she always knew he was and go into that castle and bring some order in to that chaos. Instead, she raised her hands and gently took off his glasses. Pulling out Bellatrix's wand, she mumbled a spell that he remembered from so long ago, "Reparo." The glasses mended instantly, with only one side of the frame staying crooked; the imperfection a glaring proof that the wand was not one that belonged to its master. Frowning at her spell work, Hermione handed him back his glasses. "Here."

Harry took them from her silently before placing them back on the bridge of his nose. It was nice, being able too see everything clearly again.

His best friend then moved back to stand right beside him as she too looked at that one spot over the Black Lake like he did. He felt her warm hand brush against his gently before her palm met his and together they entangled their fingers; drawing friendship and support from one another.

And silently, they watched the sun rise over the grounds of Hogwarts; marking the beginning of a new day.