Chapter 10: I will win you over

"Hinata?" I heard Ino and Sakura say at the same time. I can hear their voice full of worry but I can't look at them. My eyes are glue to the screen of the phone.

"Hinata" Tenten says softly while touching my arm. This jolts me back to reality. I shake my head trying to clear my thoughts but instead I beginning to tremble.

"I have to go" I said as I picked up my jacket. I am about to run out of the coffee shop when I stop and look at them. They all look worried, worried for me and a part of me feels accomplish. "The Naruto thing… you guys need not to mention it again" I said.

"But Hinata" Ino began to say.

"No! You need to drop it and never say anything again" I said, my voice is now loud and full of command.

"Hinata… what's going on?" Sakura asked as she steps closer.

"My boyfriend just arrived" I say and I ran out of the coffee shop before they can say anything.

An hour later after I got dress and cleaned up the place a little bit more, my doorbell rang. My heart started pumping louder as I stashed some magazines under the coffee table. I closed my eyes and breathe in deep only to bring back memories of me and Naruto.

His lips kissing mine. He's hot sweaty body close to mine. He's eyes looking into mine.

I shook my head. I couldn't think about that anymore.

I opened the door and found a tall tan blonde man with blue/green eyes outside of my door talking to Kiba, who was dressed to go out.

"Ne, Hinata who is this chump?" Kiba asked, eyeing the man with hateful eyes. The man looked weird out by Kiba's actions and it pushed him over the edge when Kiba took a snif of him. "I don't like you" Kiba said.

"UH Kiba… this is Oturan. My boyfriend" I said as I snaked my arms with his and pulled inside. "Oturan this is Kiba Inuzuka one of my childhood friends" I said.

Oturan smiled brightly and took Kiba's hand and shook it. "It's so nice to meet you Kiba" He said cheerfully.

Kiba blinked a couple of time, confuse by Oturan. "Uh you too?" He said. He stared at him for a couple of minutes before turning toward me. "I was going to invite you to the coffee shop to hang with me and the other but…"

"Oh I wish I could but…"

"We would happily come with you" Oturan said cheerfully throwing his fist in the air. He grabbed his bag and threw them inside before grabbing my coat and locking the door behind him.

I stared at him almost dumb folded as Kiba, but then again that was the way Oturan was. He was cheerful and hyper. Never thinking things twice and he never gave up.

I shook my head and giggled at his antics. "I guess we are going"

"Uhhh great" Kiba said, sending Oturan a fake smile. "The more the better, I guess"

"Totally" Oturan grinned.

Kiba stared at him for a couple of more minutes before shaking his head and walking away. We followed close behind, our hands intertwined as my head laid on his shoulder.

I missed Oturan, he gave me the straight to come here in the first place and do this but with all the drama and work, I've almost forgotten he was around.

Was that normal? To forget about your boyfriend?

I love Oturan but with him, he makes me laugh, he makes me want to be a better person but I always felt like something was missing. Like most of the time he didn't get me. Like he wasn't…

"Hinata?" I heard him say my name in a soft whisper.

I look up at him and smiled softly. "Yes?"

"How is everything going, have you made any progress?" He asked.

"Kind of" I said shyly as I looked down at the ground. I didn't want to see the look on his face.

"That's kind of why I am here" He said. "I knew you need a extra push" He said, kissing the top of my head lightly.

"Thank you" I said but I felt like he just slapped me across the face. He didn't think I could do this. He didn't think I was strong enough and instead of making a scene I keep quiet.

I say nothing as we walked.

"Well… here we are" Kiba said as he opened the door of Choji's coffee shop. The air is filled with coffee and pastry smells and in a instant I can see everyone in the far corner, whispering with each other.

Suddenly Ino's eyes looked up and she quickly sushed them all and they all awkwardly sat back and pretended they weren't even speaking.

That's how I knew they were talking about me.

"He guys" I say as soon as we get to where they were.

They all look at me, none of them said a word, and they just stared at me. My eyes traveled to each and every one of them except for Naruto. I couldn't look at him.

"Guys this is Oturan. My boyfriend" I said. Everyone's eyes was on him in second and they all shared the same confuse/amazed look.

"Hello" He said making a peace sigh while winking at them but no one said anything back. They just stared.

"Doesn't he look like someone we know?" Ino suddenly asked making Sakura slap her arm.

"Shhh" She said whilst Ino glared at her.

"So what's everyone drinking?" Oturan quickly asked with a grin on his face sitting beside Shino.

For a while it was awkward but after everyone got over the shock, they opened up to him.

It was expected, Oturan was the popular guy. He had charisma dripping from his pores. I had no doubt he would make them love him.

After what seemed like ages of listening to Kiba and Oturan talk I excused myself to get some air.

The cold fresh air cleared my mind, it had seemed like my life was on fast forward and I almost didn't time to even breath.

"It's going to be ok" I whispered to myself when suddenly I felt someone standing behind him. The smell of ramen wrapped around my nose made me shiver slightly.

I turned around to find Naruto standing beside me, a steaming cup of chocolate in his hands. "So you have a boyfriend?" He asked.

"Yes" I answered.

"Is he a good boyfriend?" He asked.

"Yes. He is" I say. I look up at him and stared into his dark blue eyes. "About what happened the other night…"

"Don't worry about it" He said with a tiny smile. "I won't mention it" He said.

"Thank you" I said bowing my head slightly.

"I want to win you fair and square" he said. My eyes grew wide and I felt like the air inside of me left.


"I said I want to win you fair and square" He said once again. "Just because you have a boyfriend, doesn't mean I will give up" He smiled. "I won't lose you again. I'm in love with you and I will convince you that you still love me because I know you do"

I stood there shocked as he's words sank on my brain. He then leaned in and kissed my cheek softly. "I don't give up Hinata" and with that he leaned back and walk away leaving me alone with his words.