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Remy is scaring her.

The look on his face when he stood in his kitchen was... calculating is the only word she can think of that fits. He's planning something, and whatever it is, she's pretty sure she isn't going to like it. Any plan that involves Assassins can't be a good thing.

She hugs him tight as he drives her back to the mansion, less to avoid falling off and more to just hold him close while she can. He's leaving her. She knew it was coming, but she never imagined it would be under these circumstances. Of the many ways she's thought he might leave, fleeing for his life never made the list.

At least he's not leaving because of her.

She's not sure why he insisted on driving her home – some 'gentleman' thing perhaps, or maybe he just wants to spend as much time with her as possible before he has to leave – but she's glad he is. She buries her face in his spine and breathes in the scent of his trench coat; leather, spices and cigarettes. She's going to miss him. She'll miss his touch, certainly, but that's the least of it. His smile, the way his eyes glow when he's happy or excited, his accent, his hands, his smell, his hair, the way he calls her his. He has no idea just how right he is.

They reach the mansion gates in just under fifteen minutes, and Rogue dismounts slowly, feeling the tears well up again. She holds them back, leans down to kiss him one last time, then allows her feet to leave the ground as she prepares to fly back to her room. She's going to have to tell Ororo that she's sick; no way can she teach today. She won't be fit for anything but sulking for quite a long time. Until he calls her, she won't even be able to sleep. Is this the way he felt yesterday, seeing that building collapse on her? Is this why he sought her out, broke into the mansion and stole her away?

She wants to go back to last night, and pretend that this morning never happened.

She wants to tell him how she feels before he leaves her life forever, even if he doesn't reciprocate.

She wants to kiss him and never let go.

She can't do any of it.

Sighing, she floats backwards. "Bye, sugar," she breathes, her gaze locked on his. There is a crimson glow deep in his eyes. "Be safe."

He nods, then kicks the stand down and dismounts also, wrapping his arms around her waist and planting lots of little kisses across her hair. Behind her, the mansion gates creak as they open. She pales. Damnit, whoever's manning the cameras must have seen them out here. Remy looks up at the noise, then grabs her hand and tows her behind him as he heads towards the front door of the mansion. She puts her feet on the ground to stop him, but her shock at his actions make her reactions slow, and they are already standing on the front steps by the time she manages.

The doors open to reveal the only way this could get any worse. She groans and bites her lip. Bobby turns his glare from Gambit to her, then back to Remy.

"You're looking very friendly with my girlfriend there," he says coldly, ice forming around his knuckles. Remy looks him up and down appraisingly, then turns his attention to Rogue and tilts his head to indicate the irate boy stood before them.

"This is Bobby?"

She nods, unsure how to read his tone. It soon becomes apparent. He nods thoughtfully, turns back to Bobby, and punches him in the jaw. Bobby falls backwards clutching his split lip and looking utterly shocked. Rogue is in a similar state.

"What?" she manages to squeak out, looking between Bobby, who is still lying on the floor looking somewhat dazed, and Gambit, whose eyes are flashing scarlet and fixed on the boy he's just punched.

"That's what I'd like to know."

Logan's voice snaps Rogue's attention to the entrance hall, where the feral is standing along with Ororo and Kitty. The two women are in a state of shock similar to Rogue's, but Logan seems to have a better grasp of what the hell just happened. Maybe he can tell her, because she sees no logic in this at all.

Logan steps forward, crossing his arm and looking between the three in the doorway. "Rogue, who's the guy?"

He meets her gaze squarely, and she knows that he recognises Remy's scent. She swallows and steps a little in front of him. "Gambit."

"He was out front with her," Bobby interjects, finally finding his voice and his feet at the same time. He and Gambit are still glaring daggers at each other. He pulls his hand from his cheek, and Rogue sees that he's iced over where he got hit. How hard did Remy punch him?

He sneers at the older mutant and steps forward, apparently getting his bravado back with backup. "You do know her powers, right, creep? You can't touch her. I don't know what you want with her, but she can't give you that."

Rogue feels her cheeks flush with heat, and her hands form fists at her sides. "Bobby, that's enough!"

"I'll say!" he yells, turning on her. "What do you think you're doing with him? What did he say to you, huh? Did he..."

Remy swings for him again, and again he goes down, this time grasping his nose, which is bleeding profusely.

"Don't," Gambit growls, striding past Rogue to stand, glowering, at the fallen mutant's feet. "Don't you talk to her that way. Don't you even look at her."

Bobby shoves himself upright again, eyes narrowed in anger, and throws a punch of his own. Remy dodges and kicks at his legs, almost sending him down for a third time. Bobby grabs onto the trench coat and freezes it, ignoring the blood dribbling over his lip as he tries to hit Gambit. Rogue forces her arms in between them and shoves them in opposite directions, using more force that strictly necessary to ensure they get the point. They both hit the ground hard, but while Remy gets straight back up, Bobby lies on his side groaning and coughing. She feels a tingling sensation in her hands, and realises that she isn't wearing any gloves. She's just absorbed Bobby, not enough to do any real damage if his moaning is anything to go by, but she has his powers and a little bit more of him in her head, yelling at her about Gambit.

She ignores the irate psyche and forces the cold back from her hands. Kitty has run forward and is helping Bobby to his feet, Logan is standing in the same spot as before, one eyebrow raised as he watches the fight, and Ororo is trying and failing to keep the entire population of the school from gathering around, looking for the source of the shouting. She hears one girl – Rogue doesn't know her name offhand – tell those behind her that 'some hot guy just punched Drake in the nose'. Someone else hollers that the two are fighting over Rogue. She groans and tries to regain some semblance of control over the situation.

"Gambit, what do you think you're doing?" she hisses, turning to him and placing herself between him and Bobby. He looks down at her with a smile and reaches up to brush her white hair behind her ear.

"Something you should have done a long time ago," he says softly. Rogue hears several people shushing the crowd so they can hear the conversation, and turns to yell at them, but his hands on her shoulders keep her attention on him. "The ice-prick needs taking down a peg, and I'm happy to be the one to do it. Call it a present, hein?"

"Remy," she breathes, unsure if she's telling him off or swooning slightly at the way he's trying to protect her. He shushes her and runs his hand through her hair again, twisting the curls around his fingers. She closes her eyes and concentrates on the feeling. Screw the onlookers, and screw Bobby too.

"I just wanted to do that before..."

She nods and opens her eyes. "Yeah. I know. I'm not sure whether I should be thanking you or slapping you, but I get it. I think."

He chuckles and pulls her closer to him, pressing their bodies together from chest to knee. Gasps break out from the watchers, and she hears Bobby start up again, but then Remy brushes his lips against hers, she decides that Bobby can wait.

"Je t'aime, Anna," he whispers against her lips. Logan stiffens behind her, but she doesn't think anybody else hears his confession. She's not certain that she hears him right until he repeats it, a little louder and firmer. She gapes at him. He doesn't wait for her to recover; he runs his hands over her spine, plunges his fingers into the hair at the back of her head, and pulls her in. The second his lips touch hers, the rest of the world fades away, and she kisses back, moulding herself to him. There is background noise; wolf-whistles, amazed muttering and what sounds like Bobby being restrained, but she ignores it all and pours her heart into this moment, into this one kiss.

Oh god, she's in love with him.

Too soon, he begins to pull away, and she reluctantly lets him. She buries her face in his chest, and he rests his chin on top of her head as he hugs her tight.

"Je t'aime," he says again, loud enough for everyone to hear, then lets her go and backs up towards the door. She blinks and floats after him; if he thinks she's letting him just leave after that, he has another thing coming.

She's not the only one thinking like that.

Bobby breaks free of Kitty and Jubilee's arms and runs towards the door. Rogue growls and uses his own powers against him, icing over the floor and sending him skidding uncontrollably into a wall. Then she takes off after Remy. He is already on his bike, headed away from the mansion. She speeds up and lands on the road in front of him. He curses and swerves to a stop three inches in front of her.

"Don't do that!" he yells, breathing heavily. She scowls at him and moves forward, almost straddling the front tyre.

"Do you really think you can do all that; kiss me in front of them, tell me that you love me, and then just take off? What prompted all that, huh? What are you doing?"


"No, Remy, tell me. What the hell are you thinking?" She calms down at the helpless look in his eyes, and reaches forward to place her hand on top of his on the handlebars. "What are you going to do now?"

He doesn't answer, but she can read the response in his face. Her temper flares again, and he winces as her grip on his hand tightens. "You're going after them? Are you insane? They. Will. Kill. You. Do you get that? Dead, Remy. Gone. What happened to skipping town?"

For several seconds, he doesn't answer. Just as she's about to start shouting at him again, he sighs and replies.

"I can't risk it. They might have seen you; I can't risk them coming to the mansion looking for moi."

She shakes her head. "So you thought you'd sacrifice yourself instead? You stupid ass, Remy. That's exactly what they want."

"I won't let them hurt you!" he yells, restarting the engine and revving the bike. "Move, chère. It's the only way I know they won't come after you. Any of you."

She shakes her head again. "No. I'm not moving. You're not going anywhere near them."

"Anna, please," he asks, begging now. Her heart breaks at the look in his eye. "I can't let them hurt you."

She smiles at him and moves back a little, rounding the bike until she's stood beside him. She wraps her left arm around his chest, kissing him tenderly until he responds.

"I can't let them hurt you either, sugar," she whispers, bringing her right hand up fast towards his chin. It connects with a snap, and he falls limp in her arms, sagging against her. She leans over him and switches the engine off.

"Sorry about that," she murmurs gently, pulling him from the bike and cradling his unconscious form against her. "But I couldn't let you go do something so stupid, now, could I?"

She flies him to her room, entering via the balcony and laying him on her bed. She goes back to the bike briefly, bringing it inside the grounds before returning to him. He'll be mad enough when he wakes as it is; no need to drive him further up the wall by abandoning his bike by the side of the road.

She pushes the last vestiges of Bobby's powers into her left hand and places it against Remy's jaw, where the red puffiness is already beginning to show. He moans and twitches away from the cold, but doesn't wake. She sighs and runs her free hand through his hair.

"What am I going to do with you?" she whispers.

Her bedroom door opens hard enough to slam against the wall, and Bobby stalks in, glaring at the pair on the bed. Rogue glares right back and shifts to face him, but doesn't move her hand from Gambit's chin. Bobby seems to take this as a personal insult.

"What the hell, Rogue?" he yells. "Who is that? What just happened down there? You attacked me!"

She snarls at him, and he shuts up immediately. Her anger flushes the rest of his power from her system; she feels the tingling in her hand stop and lets go of Remy's face, standing and stalking towards Bobby. He backs up a step at the look in her eye.

"You were being as ass. You don't care about me; you haven't for months. So, the question is, why are you making such a big fuss about this? Hell, it's the perfect opportunity to play the injured party, get a lot of sympathy, and go make out with Kitty without all the whispering. Who knows, maybe she'll give you the good loving after getting such a nasty shock," she spits, the sarcasm in her tone thick enough to walk on. His eyes widen and he falls back another step, almost out of the room now.

"You... you know about Kitty?"

Rogue snorts and thumps the doorframe. The wood creaks, and Bobby gulps and backs out into the hallway.

"I'm not stupid, nor am I blind. I just don't care what you do with her. Why do you care what Gambit can do with me? Huh? You don't love me. You haven't come within five feet of me in over a year. And suddenly, you care? No, Bobby, I don't buy that for one second. You're not angry 'cus of me. You're mad 'cus your pride's been hurt. Well, tough shit; I don't give a damn about your pride! It's over, Bobby, we're through. Understand? I am breaking up with you. What's that doing to your pride?"

She grits her teeth, restraining the urge to imitate Remy and punch him in the nose.

"Go on, Bobby; run along to Kitty. Get the hell away from me before I start throwing punches."

He backs up, wide-eyed, and all but runs away from her down the hall. She watches him go, eyes narrowed, and smirks when he's finally out of view. "Damn, that felt good," she mutters. Logan steps out of the doorway opposite, grinning at her.

"I'll say. About time, Kid."

She blinks. He takes that as an invitation to enter her room and stand by the bed, looking down at Remy. She hurries to his side.

"I know you're not happy about this, but..."

He snorts. "Not happy? Kid, I don't care who this guy is or what you're doing with him; he just punched Bobby in the face. You wouldn't let me do it, but he managed twice, so I'm going to assume he's something special and stay out of it."

She gapes at him for a second, thrown, then gives up on trying to understand and sits back on the bed beside Gambit, running her fingers along the back of his hand. He twitches towards the contact, and she entwines their fingers. Logan sits beside her, taking her free hand in both of his.

"What did happen down there?" he asks, in a far more reasonable tone than Bobby managed. She sighs, takes a few deep breaths, then launches into the tale, starting right at the beginning. She tells him about the Cure failing, and her absorption of Ms Marvel. She tells him about seeing Bobby and Kitty the first time, and the club, then meeting Gambit. She tells him, carefully censoring the details, about their meet ups, and how he made her feel like she mattered. Finally, she talks about yesterday; the Advice Centre bombing, him coming to check on her, and her leaving with him. She stops there, not sure how to talk about this morning. Logan squeezes her hand in silence, waiting for her to finish. She shakes her head and squeezes back.

"There are people after him," she whispers finally, her voice hoarse from the explanation. "They're the ones who blew up the Mutant Advice Centre; they were trying to draw him out. They know he's here now, and if they find him, they'll kill him."

Logan nods, accepting this as easily as she did earlier. They both have far too much experience with near-death to question homicidal tendencies much anymore.

"That don't tell me why he's knocked out on your bed, Kid," he says, speaking for the first time since she started talking. His answer comes not from Rogue, but from Remy, who groans and shifts on the bed, waking up finally.

"Anna?" he asks groggily, raising his free hand to his chin and rubbing at the sore spot. "Damnit, that's the second time you've hit moi today," he mutters. Logan raises an eyebrow at her. She blushes and releases his hands, brushing her hair behind her ear so she doesn't have to meet his eye.

"I woke up and he was leaning over me. I panicked."

He nods; he had much the same reaction once, leading him to stab her through the chest. He knows exactly what she's talking about.

"So, Gambit," he asks, turning to the man who is slowly working his way to a sitting position. Rogue turns and helps him. He leans back against the wall and exhales shakily, glaring between the two sat before him.

"Oui, M'sieur?" he asks casually, wincing as he moves his jaw to speak. Logan glances at their still clasped hands and shakes his head.

"You can't ever make things easy, can you Kid?" he asks Rogue. She chuckles.

"I learned from you."

He grins at that, then turns back to the Cajun. "Why did Rogue feel the need to knock you out? Were you running?"

Rogue recognises that tone, and it doesn't bode well for Gambit. She shakes her head.

"Not like that, Logan. He was being stupid, trying to protect me."

"Nothing stupid about that," Remy argues, his eyes glowing. Rogue tightens her grip on his hand just enough to tell him not to try leaving again. He sighs and leans his head back on the wall. "There are people after moi; I think they saw Rogue. I'm not gonna let them hurt her."

"And I ain't gonna let them hurt you," she says, ignoring the way Logan is looking between them. "Going after them is suicide. I won't let you."

"Well, I can't stay here," he snaps, turning his attention to Logan. "The people coming after moi are Assassins," he states bluntly. "If I disappear, they're gonna go sniffing round to find out where I've gone. Rogue may be invulnerable, but there are a lot of kids at this school that ain't. You willing to put them at risk to protect a mutant Thief who's been sleeping with your Kid?"

Rogue glowers at him. He's trying to make Logan mad enough to throw him out. "You idiot, Remy," she barks, but the damage is done. Logan speaks over her.

"Don't talk to me like that, boy. I know what you and the Kid have been getting up to; it doesn't bother me. You stood up for her; you put Drake in his place. I like that. You made the Kid smile – I like that too. Not saying I like you, but you make her happy, and that's something she needs. Now, tell me this; were you playing Drake down there, or did you mean it?"

"Mean what?" Remy questions warily. Rogue thinks she knows where this is going. Logan glares.

"Are you in love with her?"

Rogue feels herself blush heavily. Remy squeezes her fingers, swallows, then nods. "Oui. I love her. That's why..."

Logan cuts him off, turning to look at Rogue. "What about you, Kid?"

She nods, looking to Remy and smiling. "Of course I do."

An odd look comes across Gambits face; a mixture of relief and pleasure, swiftly followed by a frown. She's making it harder for him to leave by telling him how she feels, which is why she didn't say anything before. Now, she'll shout it from the roof if it means he doesn't go.

Logan sighs, an air of long-suffering about his person. "Then stop behaving like spoiled brats. Gambit, the Kid's right, you're an idiot. There's a way out of this without you going looking for them."

Gambit opens his mouth to argue, but Logan doesn't let him speak. "But you can't stay here. Either of you."

They both pause and look to him. Rogue feels her eyes go very wide. He sighs and pulls her into a hug.

"Go. Both of you. Get out of the city. Let them see you someplace far away, and run like hell."

Remy makes a sound of protest, but Logan silences him with a glare before he can make any coherent noise.

"The X-Men can take care of themselves, and anybody wanting to touch those kids is going through me first. You can't stay here; if they're as bad as you say they'll keep at the mansion 'til we're all dead. But you can get out while they're still 'sniffing around'."

Rogue nods and lets go of him, turning to Remy. He closes his eyes and swears quietly, but nods.

"Oui. Fine."

Logan rolls his eyes. "Finally." He brushes a kiss across Rogue's hair, levelling a glare at Gambit as he stands. "Take care of her."

"Oui, M'sieur," Remy nods. Logan nods back and turns to Rogue.

"Call me when you're safe. And for god's sake, never make me have a conversation like this with you again."

She grins at him. "Yes Logan."

He turns and leaves the room, shutting the door behind him. Remy groans and swings his legs off the bed.

"Are you sure about this?" he asks her. She sighs.

"Stop trying to talk your way out of it. If you don't want me with you, that's one thing, but if you think I'm just gonna sit here and let you die, you have another thing coming."

She runs her hand over his cheek and kisses the end of his nose daintily. "I love you, you idiot. I'm not going to let them hurt you, and I'm not going to let you hurt yourself."

"It'll be dangerous," he says, once again trying to warn her off. She snorts at that.

"I'm an X-Man; so many people have tried to kill me, I've lost count. Besides, I'm invulnerable. You're more likely to get hurt than I am. I get the feeling I'll be spending quite a lot of time patching you up."

She scratches her fingers along his abs as she speaks, making him sigh and lean against her. He grins and kisses her forehead.

"Fine, you talked moi into it," he says grudgingly. She smiles at him.

"Good. Now, what are we taking?"

Fifteen minutes later finds Rogue back at Gambit's apartment, searching for the 'emergency bag' he claims is here. So far, she's searched under the bed, in and on the wardrobe, and has now moved into the living room in case he's dumped it in here someplace. No luck. She shakes her head.

"Why can men never leave things in the right places?" she asks the room in general, striding back into the bedroom. In his hurry to leave earlier, he left his cell phone on the bed. She picks it up and dials the mansion, massaging her temples. To her great surprise, Logan answers the phone.

"Yeah? What?"

Typical, she thinks, rolling her eyes. The man can't start a civil conversation even over the phone line.

"Logan, it's me. Patch me through to my room, would you? Gambit's hidden his bag, and I can't find it."

He grunts, and the next voice she hears is Remy's, sounding utterly confused. "Bonjour, Rogue's room."

"Remy, where did you stash this 'emergency bag' again?"

She hears his grin even over the line. "Anna! I told you, it's under the bed."

She huffs and eyes the rumpled duvet, irritated. "I looked under there, and all I found was dust bunnies. Ever heard of a vacuum, sugar?"

He snorts. "There's a loose floorboard by the head of the bed, right hand side."

Rogue sighs and rubs her temples with her free hand. "You have to hide things, don't you?"

"I'm a Thief, chérie. Makes moi a little cautious with my own belongings."

"Yeah yeah," she says dismissively, pushing the bed aside with her hip to clear the area he indicates. She kneels and probes the area with her fingertips. Sure enough, the floor shifts. She lifts one large board and espies the elusive bag beneath it. With a sigh, she tugs it from the hole and throws it over her shoulder. "Got it."

"Bon," he says, sounding smug. "Bring my cell back with you, hein? I got a wad of cash in the box in the living room too – metal thing, kinda ugly."

"When did I become a delivery gal?" she asks incredulously, trailing into the living room to find his box. It's sat by the television. She picks it up and turns it in her hand, looking for the lid. "How does this thing open anyway?"

"You can lift that?" he asks, amazed. She smirks down the line, hearing the pause before he chuckles. "Stupid question, huh. There's this complicated lock, but never mind about that. I was never too fond of that box."

She grins and clenches her fist, squashing the box until it cracks and falls into three pieces. She drops the bent metal onto the floor and picks up the roll of notes. She doesn't need to count it to know that she's holding more money in her hand than she's ever had in her life.

"God, Remy, where did you get all this?"

"Thief, chère," he chortles. "That's it from there I think. Nothing else I can't do without, anyway."

"Great, I'm coming back then. How're you doing with my packing?"

His reply is said in the most self-satisfied tone she's ever heard. "You didn't need anything other than lingerie, did you? 'Cus in that case, I'm all done."

"Ha ha," she deadpans, shaking her head and wondering if he's serious. She knew getting him to pack for her was a bad idea, but he needs his clothes too, and there was no way she was letting him out of the mansion without her to chaperone. So, she gets to play courier. Fun. "Please tell me you're kidding."

His reply is lost when her sixth sense suddenly goes haywire. She shoves the roll of money into her pocket along with the cell phone, makes sure the bag is secure on her shoulder, and heads for the window. Whatever's coming is not good.

The door breaks open with a thud as she reaches the window. Gunshots echo around her, and she feels one bullet hit her in the shoulder, but it doesn't do more than annoy her. It takes a lot more than a handgun to hurt her now. She snorts and spins to face the three men standing in the room with her. One of their bullets hits her in the forehead; she scowls and rubs at the impact.

"That one nearly hurt."

The gunfire stops, and the three regard her with confusion and caginess. She smiles at them sarcastically.

"You must be the Assassins. Sorry, Gambit's not here right now. I'm Rogue; can I help you?"

The three look at each other, then the youngest looking raises his gun and shoots again, hitting her in the chest three times. She sighs, flies over, pulls the gun from his grip and squashes it in her fist, allowing the twisted metal to fall at his feet. He looks at it, then back at her, pale. She tuts.

"Apparently, you can be stupid and still be an Assassin. I guess you don't need a brain to shoot people."

The man to her left drops his gun and jumps at her, a knife in his hand. She floats backwards. He misses her, and the knife rams into the shoulder of one of his associates. She shakes her head.

"Yeah, that ain't gonna work either."

The phone in her pocket has been making consistent muffled sounds since the guns started; she thinks Remy is probably yelling into it. She sighs and pulls it out so he can hear what's going on properly.

"Well guys, it's been fun, but I really have to go now. There's this hot Cajun waiting on me, and I don't want to worry him. See you around."

She waves casually at the stunned men before her, then flies straight through the window without bothering to open it first. Picking glass out of her hair, she rearranges the bag on her shoulder to make it more aerodynamic and heads back to the mansion at top speed. Remy is pacing around her bedroom when she alights on the balcony a few minutes later, running his fingers through his hair. It is sticking up wildly in all directions; she suspects he's been doing that since the fighting started.

He sees her and grabs her into a brief embrace, then pushes away and yells.

"What the hell were you thinking, Anna? Those were Assassins! You don't stand there and trade insults; you could have gotten shot!"

"I did," she says casually, poking her finger through a hole in her shirt. "They don't aim as well as I thought they would. Are you sure they kill people for a living? Looked more like hobbyists to me."

She shoots a grin at him. He sighs and shakes his head, calming down. "Yeah, real cute chère. I hope you know what you just got yourself into. Now they're gonna be after you too."

She kisses the end of his nose. "Well then, I guess that means you're stuck with me."

He grins and pulls her into a quick kiss. "Come on, before the trigger-happy bâtards get here."

He pulls the bag he's packed for her off the end of the bed. She raises an eyebrow at it in question, and he laughs. "There are actual clothes in there."

She's not sure whether she believes him, but with the roll of cash in her pocket she can buy a whole new wardrobe several times over, so she guesses it doesn't really matter. She nods and throws his bag into his arms also, scooping him up bridal style into her arms as he tries to balance them both. He yelps in surprise.

"Whoa! You got this backwards, chère; the man supposed to carry the woman like this."

She just grins and levitates them both to where she left his bike. He stashes their belongings and swings his leg over, shuffling forward so she can settle behind him. She does so, scooting close and pressing against his back. He grins over his shoulder at her as he starts the engine.

"You're like a bullet-proof vest that's actually comfortable," he quips. She pushes his chin so he's looking forwards.

"Just drive, Cajun."

"As the lady wishes," he says, revving the engine before taking off down the driveway like a bat out of hell. Rogue whoops as they go. She has no idea where they're going, but if he's going to drive like this the whole way, then it's going to be one hell of a ride.

She can hardly wait.