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Summary- What if Drew and Misty had turned up during Pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea? What if Ash was not the only hero of this movie? What if Manaphy thinks Drew is his dad and May his mom? What if Drew felt May's sorrow in her separation with Manaphy? What if Misty and Ash take over mom and dad duties when May and Drew cant meet Manaphy anymore? What if Manaphy makes May and Drew and Ash and Misty grow closer? What if I never stop saying what if? My version of Pokemon Ranger and The Temple Of The Sea- Pokemon Movie no 9. Pokeshipping, Contestshipping.



"Human Speech"

'Pokemon Speech'


Chapter 1- Prologue- EOP

Our world- their world, it IS a Pokemon world. Filled with the most amazing creatures imaginable. They fill the oceans, thrive in the mountains, soar high over the horizons and share the sparkling landscapes of the cities. Try and count them if you dare, but then, try and count the grains of sand on your favorite Beach. Mankind and Pokemon alike have long journeyed together to experience the thrill and challenge of the Pokemon battle. Living and learning together as teammates; sometimes opponents yes, but ever friends.

Yet, there are those who blindly take advantage of a Pokemon's trust to further their own selfish, egotistical ambitions in the name of Darkness. But; as the pendulum swings both ways, There are the Pokemon rangers as well, whose job it is to protect Pokemon and protect nature; reflecting the balance that IS nature.

Nature also happens to hold in its protecting arms a young man we know as Ash Ketchum of Pallet town who, along with his beloved Pikachu has set his sights on becoming nothing less that a Pokemon Master. Sharing his dreams are Misty Waterflow from Cerulian City, who aims to be the worlds best water Pokemon trainer; May Maple from Petalburg City, who aims to be a Top Coordinator; Drew Hayden from La Rousse City, who also aims to be a Top Coordinator and is one of May's formidable rivals because of it; Max Maple also from Petalburg City, who has yet to begin on his own Pokemon journey and Brock Pewters from Pewter City who aims to be the worlds best Pokemon breeder. A microcosm of the vast world of Pokemon and people together. Experiencing the sort of things we expect, or not, but living their dreams none the less. For; this IS part of the journey, this IS the journey and the world of Pokemon is about to present our heroes with a new role, a shift, a journey up until now for them, unimagined.

The scene was dark blue. It had slight ripples and looked suspiciously like deep in the middle of an ocean. A little speck of a lighter shade of blue was seen floating forwards. A light cry was heard. The cry was melodious yet lonely. This shape was guided by water currents and many numerous water Pokemon.

As the light speck got closer it could be seen more clearly. This thing looked suspiciously like a Pokemon egg. It was Light blue and had a red circle in the middle. The circle was surrounded by several white smaller circles. The cry, melodious and lonely, was yet again heard as the Pokemon egg drifted about in the sea.

A bunch of Romoraid were seen guiding the egg along its mysterious path. The scene then went downward towards a line of Corsola as they walked or rather hopped over a cleft on the bottom of the ocean. Cries of 'Corsola, Corsola' were heard as each Pokemon jumped one step further. All the Corsola jumped in sync. Not one jumped too early or late. They all moved ahead jumping lightly.

Suddenly the egg drifted in between the cliff, and startled the jumping Corsola, causing them to bang into each other. A Quilfish that seemed curious, eyed the egg wearily as it drifted along.

The egg landed on a closed Clampearl's shell as it quickly opened it to see what landed on it. The egg bounced off the shell with extra energy due to Clampearl's boost and floated over many other water Pokemon's heads.

The egg got caught in a group of Luvdisk and drifted further suddenly falling onto a Horsea's head after the Luvdisk swam ahead. The egg bounced off the Horsea's head onto a Seadra's head in turn bouncing off of the Seadra's head onto a Kingdra's head.

The egg bounced off the Kingdra's head as well and landed on a Mantyke's back as it drifted forward with the aid of the Mantyke who in turn was traveling around with its heard of Mantine and other Mantyke.

Suddenly there was a disruption. The Mantyke and Mantine left the egg and fled deeper into the ocean. The whizzing of some helicopter's blades disrupted the peace of the ocean as the egg was left floating near the ocean's surface under the Helicopter's searchlights as all three helicopters pointed toward it.

One of the men piloting the helicopters looked into the dashboard as the egg's shape was drawn out on it in an eerie green colour as if it was being scanned it. The man obviously pleased with his discovery spoke into a headset he was wearing, "I have target confirmation currently riding the tide and heading South-east."

The scene switched back to the egg as a school of Luvdisk and Romoraid were seen fleeing from something. A Starmie was seen trying to make a getaway as a large shadow approached the egg. Numerous Pokemon fled from the large intruder who was obviously considered dangerous by the Pokemon.

A large machine came into view as its movement caused tremors all over the seabed. The machine was ugly and has two large turbines spinning, probably helping the thing to move forward. As the machine moved forward a sign was seen painted on it. This sign was in the shape of a swirl with something that suspiciously looks like a shark's upper fin sticking out of its top.

The same symbol was seen on a hat that belonged to a man. The man had a long blue beard and a smirk plastered on his face, probably something huge had happened. His beady black eyes sparkled with obvious happiness yet they had a strange eeriness about them that made you think that this man is up to no good.

The man was sitting on a chair that seemed to be suspended from the roof of the room and he had a staff in his hand. He was sitting in a room that seemed to be the control room of the Machine that was disturbing all the Pokemon, as many more people were seen controlling and navigating the strangely shaped submarine towards the egg. These people were all dressed similarly in black with a top that had the same symbol as the Man's hat and the submarine did, on its back, probably some kind of uniform.

Suddenly the screen in the room changed as a voice was heard, "Distance to target, Fifty, Forty.." The screen now showed the egg floating alone in the water ahead of the submarine. It seemed to be getting closer by the second. "Thirty.." The man sitting in the chair who was obviously their leader, his smirk widened into a frightening chuckle. The type you will see villains have on their faces when they have found their treasure.

The leader spoke and his voice was harsh and rather cold, "Recover now." He sat up in his chair anticipating something.

A man looking at something and steering the submarine, probably the first in command after the leader held a similar grin on his face. He looked intent on his task as he spoke, "Roger!" The leader was seen in the background watching the screen with a scary and sinister smile on his face.

The first in command started pressing many numerous buttons on a control board as a annoying Chatot landed on his head and spoke, 'Recover now! Recover, Recover, Squawk!'. The man growled, obviously irritated by the Chatot's imitation of his leader and the fact that the Chatot seemed to be making fun of him.

The submarine moved forward steadily as a group of Romoraid follow it. Suddenly a hole opened in the submarine scaring a few Romoraid away as a tube sort of a thing was eased out of it with a glass case probably made for the egg judging by the size and shape similarity.

The tube extended itself towards the egg and opened once it reached it, trapping it inside as it closed again almost immediately. The tube then moved back into the submarine with the egg in its case, the case being quite a bit bigger than the egg. The opening closed as the tube fully went inside the submarine along with the egg.

Back inside the submarine the first in command spoke pressing a few buttons and navigating the submarine; the annoying Chatot circled above his head, "Recovery complete, surfacing to retrieve helicopter."

The leader's gruff voice answered, "Gaylen!" Making the first in command's name as being so, "Remember, there are two types of men in this world.." He stepped off his suspended chair as it seemed to lower itself automatically. "Those who have unlimited desires and those who do not!" He came closer with each word he said his eyes covered by his hat. At the last word he lifted his head showing his eyes which were full of mischief, passion and evil.

A group of Wingull that were floating above the water moved aside hurriedly as an area seemed to get higher and higher until the submarine burst out of it, sending lots of water flying everywhere as it bobbed on the waves before settling quietly and starting to drift calmly on the ocean. The three helicopters all flew towards the newly appeared submarine.

Back in the submarine a group of six men were standing around a glass display stand, one of them twiddling around with some buttons on a dashboard attached to the display. Suddenly the egg appeared in the display case along with a lot of air bubbles, still trapped inside its former case. The man drained the water in the display case as the egg along with its case landed on a perch obviously made for it.

Suddenly the doors opened as the leader came in along with the first in command, Gaylen. All the six men in the room became erect as the leader walked in with his staff on which the annoying Chatot was perched.

The leader walked to the egg as the glass case lifted so that the leader could see it. He handed his staff along with the Chatot to Gaylen as he spoke; his eyes sparkling, "This is sure to give me that what I desire... wait for me my sea crown.." He followed his speech with evil laughter as he reached out to grab the egg and its case.

Surprisingly, somebody's hands reached out and grabbed the egg before the leader could even touch it. Even the leader seemed to be surprised as he looked to see who had grabbed his precious egg from him.

One of the six men seemed to be holding the egg above his head out of everybody's reach. The leader was furious, "Who are you?" He barked.

This man had blonde hair as he walked backwards slowly saying, "You want this to satisfy your selfish desires." While all the while holding the egg over his head. He walked back till he was against a wall and them he brought the egg down and wrapped his arms around it protectively, "Not happening!"

The leader was seething with anger, "Seize him, now!" was his command to his underlings as his Chatot imitated him saying 'Seize him, now, Seize him!'. The men all ran forwards as the mystery blonde jumped onto some slightly jutting out piece on the wall to avoid collision with one of the men as the man banged his head on the wall. Another man tried to grab him but only succeeded in grabbing thin air as the mystery man ran along the jutting out piece towards the door.

He reached the door in record time as he turned around in-front of the door holding the egg, "Bye!" was his cheerful farewell as he ran out of the door with the egg still in his arms.

Two of the men ran to the door but almost collided with a third as they wasted some precious moments before opening the door and following the mysterious egg taker out.

The egg taker meanwhile ran around the submarine with the egg tucked safely in his arms. He seemed to know the way well as he turned surely around a corner with many men following him. Suddenly he looked up to see more men coming from ahead. He was trapped in a thin tunnel with men on both sides. A faint "Traitor!" was heard as the men closed in on him.

Mystery man took off his bandanna and revealed his blonde hair as he jumped onto a chain going up to get himself out of this mess and said, "Excuse me! I am no traitor, I was never on your side!" He traveled upwards as the chain took him, the men trying to reach his legs unsuccessfully from below.

Mystery man jumped off as he reached another floor and gave a mighty kick to the railing at the end of it to make it crooked so that the next person coming through the same way would get hit hard on his head. Sure enough the man to come next did get badly hurt as well as the next few who had come.

Mystery man looked back grinning yet still running ahead. He took out a kind of cell phone from his pocket and flipped it open and said, "Hello there headquarters, this is Jack Walker here checking in."

A female voice at the other end replied, "Well, well Jackie, you're late!"

Jack turned into a room that came on the way and said, "EOP confirmed!"

The female voice sounded slightly confused, "EOP? You mean Equal Opportunity Publications?"

Jack picked up a brown sac he found lying in the room, "No, Egg Of the Prince! So...? Pretty cool name huh?"

"You cant just make up names!" The female on the phone sounded slightly tired.

Jack answered while slipping the egg into the sac, "Look, first I get stuck on this ship, scrubbing stinking floors for a solid month, couldn't you think of something nicer to say?"

The scene changed to show a young woman in an office surrounded by many machines. The woman had on some kind of a suite as she wore thin spectacles. She had reddish hair. She also had a headphone on her head and a microphone attached to it. Obviously she was the one speaking to our Jack Walker. "As soon as the mission is through. There is a lot left, You man enough?"

"Ha!" Jack exclaimed back in the ship, walking with the bag over his shoulder and the phone in his other hand, "I don't know the meaning of failure!"

"You don't?" The female spoke back as many men appeared behind and in-front of him, "Would you like to borrow my dictionary?"

Jack closed his eyes and smirked, "No thanks" and shut the phone as the men got ready to pounce on him. He jumped up landing on some kitchen utensils tossing them on-top of all the men on one side, blinding them for a short period of time but enough to escape them.

Jack them ran out of the room knocking over a basket of potatoes on his way out for the men to trip over. More precious minutes were wasted by the men as they stumbled and feel on-top of each other.

Jack climbed a ladder and open a door on the submarine that lead out into the open. Suddenly the door next to him also opened as many more men came out and pointed to him yelling, "There he is!". He started running again as many men again started chasing him.

Jackie ran across the length of the submarine and jumped over a hole that opened up in the ground as the leader came out of the hole with his staff, Gaylen and two other men who along with the ones that were chasing Jack before surrounded him as the leader released two Pokemon saying, "I'll just take that off your hands now!" The Pokemon revealed to be a Parasect and a Pinser. "Give it up!" He said menacingly as his faithful Chatot repeated his words, 'Give it up, Give it up!'

Jackie shut one eye and put his finger up shaking it about and said, "I don't know the meaning of the phrase give it up, Kapish?"

"Really?" The leader drawled, "I'll lend you my dictionary."

Jack jumped up taking something out of his pocket saying, "Keep it!" He ran along to the edge of the submarine and spotting a Mantine nodded and holding the thing above his head, the bag still in his hand, yelled, "Capture, On!" he released his top from the capture styler which circled the Mantine several times before successfully capturing it. "Capture complete." Jackie drawled in a smug voice and turned to see the men come running up behind him.

Jackie posed in the sunlight as he turned his head in the direction Mantine was in and called, "Now Mantine!" Mantine jumped out of the water as Jackie walked on a tilted surface before jumping onto Mantine's back with the egg safely in the bag on is shoulder.

Mantine dived underneath the water as Pinser fired a hyper-bean where he thought Jackie was. After the hyper-beam hit the water the Mantine, with Jackie appeared out of the water, jumping over the submarine letting out a pink light from its two antennas.

The men all put their hands in-front of their faces to block them from the light as Gaylen spoke with closed eyes, "That's Mantine's confuse ray!"

When the light went off all the Pokemon were rolling about with swirls in their eyes. Gaylen spoke again, "And it works great."

All the crew looked out over the edge of the edge of the submarine as Jackie seemed to have disappeared along with the egg. The sun was just rising and actually the sight was quite beautiful what with the sun's rays being reflected off the calm water.

Suddenly the Leader smirked brightly, "Pokemon Ranger, eh?" While under the water Jackie was shown escaping on the Mantine with a breathing device in his mouth.


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