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Chapter 19- Epilogue

Misty came to the window as well, "Ash! I'm going to kill you, going off on an adventure without me!"

Ash laughed, "Fine Mist but lets get back to the ship first!"

May just smiled thankfully at Drew as he smiled back.

All of them sailed back to the temple, the ship above the water.


Kyle, Ship, Meredith and Lizabeth were immersed in the golden light with the blue swirls as well. They jumped around and swam in the water with all the different water Pokemon.

Buisel also swam about with them as Ash, Misty, May, Drew, Max and Brock emerged from the water each of them in golden lights of their own. Pikachu was next to Ash in a smaller golden light as all of them dived into the ocean.

They all jetted in a line next to all kinds of water Pokemon. First was Brock to the furthermost right then Max then Ash then Pikachu then Misty then May and to May's left was Drew. All of them swam through the hoards of water Pokemon.

Manaphy came swimming between May and Drew as they smiled and laughed at it. Suddenly Manaphy made its antennas glow and May and Drew's -as well as Misty and Ash's- lights joined together.

May gasped as Drew held her hand and them they smiled at each other. Misty and Ash just grinned at each other awkwardly, then Ash took Misty's hand cautiously and when Misty smiled at him, Ash smiled back.

Manaphy circled May and Drew's light a few times and then swam off ahead. May looked at him and her eyes began to become misty with tears again, she knew their time together was almost over.

Drew squeezed her hand and May turned to look at him. His eyes were shaking with emotion as well. He knew what she was thinking.

Drew smiled at her and slung his arms around her shoulder as they weaved in and out of the water. Misty smiled and took Ash's hand and placed it around her waist. Ash blushed but pulled her closer to himself.

Many more golden lights came from the sea crown as they bent in different directions over the temple and formed the shape of a crown. The temple itself now looked like a golden crown.

"Oh so that's the sea crown!" Jackie said, looking at the temple and its lights while standing next to a half buried Phantom.

'Sea Crown..' Chatot imitated as Phantom tried to escape but couldn't because his mega suit wouldn't work anymore.

By the evening, the Sea Temple's barrier came back over it and it sunk down under the water again.

Everybody except Jackie watched the temple go down.

"And Manaphy's going too.." Ship said a bit sadly.

May and Drew looked sadly at the temple in the background, they had had so much fun with Manaphy. It had gotten the two of them so much closer. May smiled at Drew, at least something good came out of all this.

May had decided to travel with Drew from now on and Misty had decided to join Ash, Brock and Max on their journey. Max had not wanted to go with May and Drew stating that soon "All their mushy stuff would get to my head."

Its not like we kissed or anything.. May blushed at her thoughts, but we're quite close. We haven't admitted anything but I think he knows what I feel and I think he feels the same. I want to take this slowly, first lets travel together for a bit, then we might actually start dating, that is IF he asks me out..

"I hope we meet Manaphy again.." Max said breaking May out of her train of thought.

"I'm sure you will Max.." Lizabeth told boy.

"Me too.." Meredith agreed.

Kyle nodded, agreeing as well.

Jackie stood alone on Phantom's submarine as he looked at the setting sun, the sinking temple and peaceful atmosphere. He flipped open his phone, "This is Jack Walker here, mission complete!"

"Nice work Jackie!" The same girl answered as Jackie flipped shut the phone.

He looked out over the sea where the temple just sunk as he saw all the wingull disappear from on top of the area.

May's eyes filled with tears again as she looked down at the setting temple, "Bye.." she whispered as Drew put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

"Manaphy, take care.." Drew said his eyes shimmering as well.

Suddenly, Manaphy came jumping to the boat. May and Drew both spotted him. 'Mana! Mana!' It screamed as it jumped towards the ship.

"Manaphy!" May said quickly climbing down the stairs, Drew right after her.

'Happy!' Manaphy jumped in the air. May reached down and caught him in her arms as she spun around and rubbed her cheek against Manaphy's. Drew came down as well and hugged both Manaphy and May. Manaphy squealed, 'Mana, happy!'

"We're all proud of what you've done.." Drew whispered.

"And of you most of all.." May added.

'Mana!' Manaphy exclaimed happily.

"You wont forget us will you?" May asked, tears filling her eyes once again.

'Love you... May! Love you... Drew." Manaphy spoke slowly.

May's eyes began to shimmer even more. Drew's eyes began to shimmer a bit as well. "Guess that answers that.." Drew smiled at Manaphy.

May nodded, "We love you too.." she answered.

'Love you mama.. Love you May.. Love you daddy.. Love you Drew..' Manaphy said, cocking his head sideways as well. Manaphy's eyes had a bit of shimmer as well, guess it knew this was goodbye for some time.

One tear leaked from May's eyes as she nodded, Drew wiped her tear away and smiled at Manaphy, "Goodbye.. hope to see you someday.." he whispered.

'Mana!' Manaphy nodded determined and jumped back into the water. May put her hand over her heart as she watched him go. Drew took her other hand and held it between his own.

Ash, Misty, Max and Brock ran down the ladder just then as all of them watched as Manaphy jumped away into the distance.

"Gonna miss Manaphy.." Ash said rather sadly.

"And all its antics.." Misty smiled at some memory.

"Yeah.." Brock agreed quietly.

Max turned to his sister, "May, Drew are you both alright?"

"Nope.." May answered.

Drew looked at the worried little boy, "Dont worry we will be.." he smiled at him.

Max smiled back at Drew. Somehow Drew made him calm down. It was really good, Max felt like he could trust Drew completely.

All of them looked out over the sunset, smiling at various degrees. Underwater, Manaphy returned to the Sea Temple just as it disappeared.


In a never ending journey, the road is split apart,
A chapter closes in a story, finished you are start,

They had almost reached the shore, Ship's three traveling buddies were waiting for them to come back and waved at them as they came. The ship came into sight as the three welcomed it happily, waving frantically.

And even though it feels like the end.. my friend,
You know it's only the beginning (It's the beginning),

Ship and Lizabeth waved at them from the ship. Kyle and Meredith just smiled as Kyle guided the ship back to shore. May, Drew, Ash, Misty, Max and Brock waved to the three as well from another part of the ship. After all, the three old people had helped them have this adventure.

Together We'll Make a Promise,

To never forget it all,

Near the half destroyed submarine, in the place where the Sea Temple had been some time ago, Ranger ships had been called and they were scouting around searching for clues, hints and survivors.

We've only scratched the surface,

Of worlds we'll come to know,

Jackie was talking on his phone as he and Officer Jenny watched the other police people find all the people in the submarine. Gaylen and Phantom were sitting in jail, behind bars with long faces.

Together moving forwards,

Even though we're far apart,

Back in a quaint little house in a green area, everybody was gathered together. Our heroes were helping the Marina group rebuild their RV. It was much bigger and much better than before. It had a intricate design of Water Pokemon and other marine life.

So safe and sound inside our hearts,

We keep our word until we are together once again,

After finishing the RV May, Drew, Ash, Misty, Max and Brock took leave of all the others. They walked on their journey ahead, ready for the challenges they knew would come their way.

They reach the next bunch of crossroads. May and Drew headed right while Max, Misty, Ash and Brock headed left. Both groups waved to the other, walking backwards.

And if you hear me in a raindrop,
I'm not that far away,

Somewhere high up in some mountains, a Zapdos was flying about wrecking havoc. A capture styler circled around it and captured the Pokemon successfully, calming it down.

You can see in your reflection,

The other side of me,

Jackie jumped up and climbed up on the Zapdos's back and petted it. They flew back to Zapdos's island to return it to its territory.

And even though we say goodbye (goodbye),
We will never be alone (no we're not alone),

Three pairs of eyes were seen as two were high up and one pair was much lower. It was really dark and nothing much could be made out.

Together We'll Make a Promise,

To never forget it all,

Suddenly all three pairs of eyes looked at each other as a rumble was heard and they were sprouted out of a Whailord's blow hole. The three people turned out to be Team Rocket as they flew through the air again disappearing into a star.

Together We'll Make a Promise,

To never forget it all,

May and Drew were participating in a tag team battle. They were battling with Glaceon and Flygon. Both of them pulled off a Sandstorm, Blizzard combo attack causing the Pokemon and humans opposite them to shield their eyes. Once the attacks cleared both Pokemon from the other side were knocked out and three X's appeared on the judges screen.

We've only scratched the surface,

Of worlds we'll come to know,

Ash and Misty were battling each other in a clearing. Max and Brock were sitting and watching them battle. Misty's Azurill and Ash's Corphish both used bubble-beam and a huge explosion took place from the sheer force of the two attacks. Both Pokemon were knocked back onto their trainers as Brock and Max laughed.

Together moving forwards,

Even though we're far apart,

Manaphy was jumping through the fountains inside the Sea Temple. It sat up on a pillar and sang the 'Love's with us' tune as all the other Pokemon gathered around it swaying to the melody.

So safe and sound inside our hearts,
We keep our word until we are together once again,

Lizabeth, Kyle and Meredith were giving another performance. Lizabeth was jumping from one bubble to another with Gorebiss and Huntail. They had a big crowd around them and everybody 'oohed' and 'aahed' at their performance. Ship sat on a booth grinning up at their popularity.

So goodbye to you and everything we went through,
We made it to the ending and the other side of the moon,
Goodbye to you, we'll hold on to the memories of the good times,

May and Drew were walking down the road, the horizon and sunset ahead of them. May smiled sadly at the sunset and Drew slung his arms around her shoulders comfortingly. Suddenly May grinned and dragged Drew by the hand and inside a restaurant.

Together We'll Make a Promise,

To never forget it all,
We've only scratched the surface,

Ash, Misty, Max and Brock were lying down looking at the sunset from a different city, Ash had his arm around Misty's shoulders. All four of them were remembering all their adventures together. Brock got up and stretched deciding to prepare dinner and Ash started drooling at the thought of Brock's cooking. Misty slapped him upside the head and Max laughed.

Of worlds we'll come to know,
Together moving forwards,

Even though we're far apart,

Elizabeth sat outside the RV looking at the sunset as well. She had her chin cupped in her hands. Ship came and sat next to her and she smiled at him. He smiled back and turned to the sunset as well. Kyle and Meredith stood at the top of the RV watching the sunset from there.

So safe and sound inside our hearts,
It's all inside our hearts,
Together We'll Make a Promise to never forget it all...

They'll all meet again and they knew it.. Someday... Somehow... Somewhere...


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