Harriett Potter: Light and Shadow

Book I

Harriett Potter was born to James and Lilly. She survived thanks to her father's love, but something else resides within her. It is a dark and violent shadow that will do anything to keep her safe and fulfill its ambitions for her.

Disclaimer: This belongs to J.K. Rowling and so many other people it's not funny. None of the characters or world situations are mine.

WARNING: This story contains dark and disturbing elements including rape and bloody violence. It also includes at least one character fantasizing about pedophilia. The author does not condone any of these violent acts and asks that anyone who is squeamish about any of these topics to please depart immediately. Read at your OWN RISK you have been warned.

Warning II: This Story also contains lighthearted elements and fuzzy feelings. If those disturb you feel free to move on to ZOMG Harry Potter Evil Bastard I'm sure there must be one somewhere…


"Please…" she begged him standing at the bottom of the stairwell blood in her eyes and her wand hand sheared off. He looked at the revolting woman as she tugged at his robe hem, "Please not my daughter, not my husband. Please let them live…"

He kicks her in the face and raises his wand using her blood as a catalyst for the spell he whispers, "Imperio" and allows his magic to draw the runes in her blood. He whispers the spell again and her blood is changed into a tattoo on her side. She isn't pleading anymore, no her face is turned into that the blank slate of a worshipful follower.

He smiles darkly at her and says, "Go my little bitch, go to Snape and follow his every order. You are my payment to him for my victory tonight."

He hands her a small button from her gown and doesn't even need to whisper the words in order to create a portkey from a button on her blouse. He hands it to her and with a snap of air she is gone and he is walking up the stairs.

The delay down stairs means James Potter is ready for him, but the man's defenses are meaningless to one of such skill as he. Spells fly and blast apart the upper level of the house, but by the time the battle is over James is bleeding next to his daughter's crib. The man's blue eyes look at him with anger and then look to the child with love. "I won't let you hurt her…I…."

Those are his last words and then a green light slams into him and he falls dead. Triumphant the wizard stands over the child's crib. He raises his wand and speaks two words, "Avada Kedavra"

The pain seers into his flesh and he tries to escape. His soul is tearing one part escapes fleeing in pain and agony while the other is drawn into the girl searing into her forehead and shaping itself into a single scar. From there all he can do is wait and watch.

Soon enough an elderly man comes and he knows it is Dumbledore, the fool, the obstacle he desperately wants to wring his neck, but nothing happens. The body is picked up and he looks at him with a sad face, "Oh poor Harriett we shall have to bring you somewhere safe."

A bottle is placed on the body's lips and she gladly drinks while he screams in defiance. Then she is handed to Rubeus Hagrid and taken on a motorcycle. The trip is agony in and of itself and then the body is placed on a doorstep and time passes. A woman looks out the door and stares down at the little baby in the crib, "Oh shit, a little freak. I won't have it I just won't…."

But, she is wrong about that. She reads a letter and finally brings the child into the house. He watches her with searing hatred. This muggle dares to place hands on him….she dares….he screams mentally, but it does naught but make the girl cry and then she is fed again.

Fed and changed, then fed and changed again. Her cries often went unheard and unlamented in the night and during the days. Food and clean clothes are rationed for her. Days and weeks go by and then months of the same hell while he watches from his viewpoint watches and plans.

Over time he cannot help himself and he begins to grow somewhat fond of the girl. By the time she is five she is cunning and tricky, she walks and talks in a silent self defense. She finds food in the cracks and crevices and leavings of her so called family. When she is alone or even doing chores she manufactures happiness and fun from the depths of boredom. Her mind is an engine of thought exploring, discovering and learning everything it can.

After another two years have come and gone he has become enthralled by her. While he watched she became a servant in the household. She is made to clean and soon after to cook. She is in the eyes of the people she lives with, a house elf, and he screams at the indignity of it all. On the other hand she takes it all and finds her own happiness, finds solace in experimenting and discovering the world. She even finds enjoyment in making meals in different ways and experimentation. Unlike him she has survived the tormentors by ignoring them, letting it slide away from her. Unlike what he did she has simply forgiven them for being bigoted idiots and moved on.

Another passes and he continues to watch her. With her silence and obedience she has somehow triumphed against the muggles. By refusing to allow them to get to her she has won in a way that he could have never conceived. Then one day while experimenting in her cupboard she finds her magic. It calls to her as a brilliant core of light within and she wields it to make her chores easier. She uses the pure white and he screams in pain and yet she draws him. He stays with her despite the pain of he cannot help himself because he has fallen in love.

He never admits that it is love insisting to himself that it is ambition. It is simply a vast ambition for the girl who is his host. Maybe it is even an ambition for the girl he would call daughter, but he does not ever admit that it could be love for her. Even so he vows to somehow protect her, to save her from this hell and be her shield. That vow is put to its highest test when she is nine. She has once again made the breakfast with her magic, but this time her uncle has seen. This time one of her family has seen her perform magic and he is very angry. The large fat man slams a fist into her side and she falls against a chair, then her shirt rips. Fat sausage hands are on her body they rip and tear at her clothes and she screams, she begs and pleads. For a single moment it is a brief reminder of another woman begging and then there is pain so much pain and he refuses to allow it.

With pure rage hate and malice he rips out of his containment and takes control. He rakes her nails along the fat chest drawing arcane sigils of the blackest arts ever known to wizard kind. The fat pig barely notices in his rutting, but that matters not. The sigils are drawn and he calls upon his power and thus the magic lights the sigils up and then the fat man takes notice.

He stands up and stares at the sigils, "What have you done you freakish bitch!"

He looks at the fat as he stands his hair and clothes waving in a tempest of arcane power. He holds out her hand out in a twisted claw. Words of insane power flow from her mouth in an unintelligible mass and then she says simply, "You will never do this again."

The man looks at her as if ready to pounce, but it is too late for him. His chest is slowly ripping itself from him and dropping to the floor in little pink gibbets of flesh. He screams in pain and agony as each vessel slowly pulls off and disappears. He claws at it desperate to put himself back together, but he fails. The magic takes him utterly and completely. In her body he steps forward and traces a few more arcane sigils with her fingers, and then he uses a knife to prick her finger and drops three bits of her blood on the ruins of what was once Vernon Dursley.

With that he takes her body to the shower and cleans her up. Once she is dressed he walks her to the cupboard under the stairs and he lets her go. She wakes there without any memory of what was done to her or what she has done. Even so her aunt comes home and screams, and then there are police and questions she cannot answer.

A strange old man comes; he has a beard and asks her questions too. He asks questions about magic and dark arts, but she cannot answer him. All she knows is Vernon attacked and then she woke in the cupboard. When the old man stands to leave her aunt begs the man to take her away, but he does not. He says that it is the best protection for Harriett to "Live with family". The green eyed girl doesn't correct the man or even attempt to tell him that Petunia and Dudley are not her family. He scares her too much for some reason and then he is gone.

From that day on her aunt and her cousin treat her with severe trepidation. Oh, they still make her do the chores, but neither of them ever lifts a finger to her and even when they do order her around they do so with a polite voice.

-Chapter 1-

She is hidden in a small room, but she is his. Her softness and her curves are always there and always available to him at any time day or night. She debases herself for him, she says anything he wants and fulfills his every need. He wishes there could be more that she could be at his side ruling over the world with his master, but that dammed Potter had to mess it up. Somehow the infant child had killed his master and left him behind with the others, but oh he was smart.

He had gone to Dumbledore before the attack and lied. Told him that he feared the dark lord would kill Lilly and so he was no longer his servant. He begged for forgiveness and joined the 'so called' forces of light. The old fool had bought into the lie and he was a perfect double agent for Voldemort or would have been if his master hadn't perished. Still, lie after lie had saved him from Azkaban and now he was teaching miserable brats at Hogwarts instead of in some palace making potions for his master and their cause.

She pulled at his pants and her mouth kissed down his length as she said, "Please don't be sad. Let me take your mind off things."

Long ago he had ordered her to distract him after a certain number of minutes in such contemplations, but it felt like spontaneity and her lips were so very good. He sighed happily as she worked on him and smiled. He had everything he wanted and there were even rumors that the Dark Lord would return some day. He would be there for that and she would be with him, still bound to his command forever and forever. Who cared if when you looked into her eyes you saw a silent agony and hatred? Who cared, certainly not him. He had his Lilly and he would never give her up.

At the same time in Hogwarts Dumbledore looked at the first letter that would go out. Harriett Potter would be invited to attend Hogwarts and he was sure that it was all about to begin. His plans were in place, plots and procedures for the greater good. Yes, those were in place and now all he had to do would be to send the invitation and decide who would introduce young Harriett to the Wizarding world. He considered Hagrid first, but remembering that awful moment with Vernon's death by accidental magic perhaps a large man might be inappropriate. He nodded to himself and decided that Professor McGonagall would be best.

He sent the letter and summoned her to his office. Soon enough the elderly lady was there, "Ah professor I have a task that I hope I can entrust to you."

"Of course, what is it?"

"I would very much appreciate it if you were to guide young Harriett in her first foray to the Wizarding world. Perhaps bring her by her vault, purchase robes and that sort of thing?"

The elder lady nodded and said, "Of course sir. When do you think I should arrive?"

He smiled at her and his eyes twinkled, "Oh not long I should think not long at all."

-Chapter 2-

When the owl arrived with a letter addressed to her she smiled lightly and said, "Why thank you."

She took the note and cracked open the seal her radiance and purity were pure pain for him, but he watched anyway as she performed the simple task. He watched her as she read to herself and nodded once, then looked to her own shadow and said, "Well shadow I guess we should say yes. After all it is a school of magic and we are obviously magical."

She was talking to him of course, but he wouldn't answer. Couldn't answer and just buried himself deeper so that her purity would not be smirched by his darkness. She looked off, then skipped away to find a pen. Soon after she had the device in hand and was writing on the back of the letter.

Once she was done she walked out the door and whistled. A little blue jay popped out of a tree and flittered to her. She smiled at the creature, shrunk her letter with a wave of her finger and said, "Could you deliver this to Mr. Dumbledore?"

He didn't even rage at the name caught up as he was in her enchantment and love of so many things. The blue colored bird took the letter and flitted off and although it was eaten by an Owl at the school the letter was delivered nonetheless.

A few days later she walked to the door and smiled at an elderly lady who introduced herself saying, "Ah hello deer I am Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Minerva McGonagall. I have been tasked with bringing you to Diagon Alley in order to get your things for school today."

He sneered at the old lady wanting to rip her and slice. Desperate to curse her, but his host just smiled her brilliant smile and said, "That will be excellent. I am Harriett Potter, most people just call me Harry, and I believe I would enjoy the expedition."

That calmed him some and he settled back down to watch her and see her keen mind at work. Minerva in the meantime had a brief moment of fear as the girl's shadow shivered slightly and looked menacing for a brief moment and then it was gone. He green eyes stared at her and her lovely brown hair blew in a gentle breeze. She was the picture of a young innocent eleven year old witch. "So can you tell me about my parents?"

Minerva looked at her and smiled saying, "James Potter was an honorable man excellent at Quiddich and Transfiguration. Lilly was a sweet girl she excelled in all subjects especially charms and potions. They were heroes to many people defying the Dark lord three times before he finally…"

Minerva trailed off, but Harry's smile hadn't gone away from her face. The girl looked up at her and said, "Wow, they were great people. I wish I could have met them."

Minerva nodded and said, "I wish the same, but I hope your aunt and cousin have treated you well."

Harry shrugged and said nothing to that instead opting to question, "So, what happened to the dark lord after he killed my parents?"

The question surprised Minerva, but it was obvious curiosity and perhaps a bit of longing in the girl's voice. The elder witch knew that she would want to know if it had been her and said, "He died Harry, no one knows exactly how, but he died at your crib and gave you that scar."

She reached up and touched the lightning bolt shaped scar and he fled far back so as to avoid notice. She rubbed it gently and he could almost feel her touch in a way he craved it and yet he knew he was not worthy. She was pure and innocent and in a way his daughter, he so desperately wanted to apologize and yet contact might darken her. So, he fled as far as he could to avoid the touch and still kept watch over her.

It took near thirty minutes before McGonagall was finished answering questions and finally she said, "Harry we must be on our way. You will learn much more in school I promise."

Harry nodded, McGonagall took the young girl's hand, then side along apparated directly to Diagon Alley. There they started their expedition at Gringott's bank. The young witch seemed to enjoy the cart ride and accepted McGonagall's suggestion as to the amount of money they would need. After that they went to find her a robe and met up with Lucious and Draco Malfoy.

The young blonde boy saw Harriett enter said, "Oh you must be Harriett Potter, pleased to meet you. I am Draco Malfoy."

His hand was extended and so she took it and shook. "Hello there."

He felt him too and only saw a sniveling coward, then her eyes moved up and she was greeting the father. Lucious Malfoy had been one of his, but there was none of the sycophantic need to please in the man's eyes as he looked at Harriett. No, it was clearly a wish to do her harm and he would have none of that. Anger seethed in him and he missed the conversation end. She was out in the alley and munching on a sweet confection. Her happiness and wonder flooded him with pain and even so he wanted more.

Soon she stepped into Ollivander's shop smiling happily. The man sized her up and tested a number of wands until he handed her a different wand. It was eleven inches long made of holly with a Phoenix feather core. She held it in her hand and it sang with her magic a perfect match and he shivered slightly. Ollivander spoke saying, "Interesting that this wand would choose you when its brother chose someone else. He did great, but terrible things with his wand Harriett and yours has a similar ability for greatness."

She smiled at him and went to her place, the same place she went working dull chores, the same place her pure power came from and said, "Thank you Mister Ollivander. I do not know about greatness, but I will use this wand only for good sir. I wouldn't wish terrible things on anyone."

She placed her money down and walked away. He watched her with awe and respect for her power and commitment. That respect went up again while she was in the bookstore collecting her necessary books for the year. There she managed to add numerous volumes of additional spell lore and learning to her pile with a sweet smile and simple requests. Her ability to be devious, tricky, and yet pure of motive and intent once again bowled him over.

By the time the day was done she had numerous books, her wand, a few trinkets and candies, as well. The only thing that might have been strange was the fact that she had not bought a pet of any sort. Although that could have been explained when she looked at her shadow and said, "Hmm Shadow I think one pet is enough don't you?"

It galled him for a moment that she thought of him as a pet and yet he suffered it and once again tried to back away from her notice. She shrugged to herself and finished shopping. When she was done and at her house she said her goodbyes to the Deputy Headmistress at her door and then brought her things to her room. After that she walked downstairs and without a word began making dinner for her Aunt and Cousin.

-Chapter 3-

It had been a relatively simple matter for her to exchange a single knut for English Pounds and she arrived at the train station via Taxi. At first the driver had balked, but her simple explanation of her need to go to school for the year and the fact that her parents were dead gave him all he needed to take her where she needed to go. She walked off into the station and looked at all of the people there. It took very little time at all for her to note the weirdly dressed people walking into the barrier between Platform 9 and 10. So, she simply took her things and walked through as well.

She smiled and nodded at other people and quickly boarded the Hogwarts Express. Once on board she found an empty cabin and put her things away. She then sat in a seat and thumbed through a book on spell theory and sighed to herself, "You know shadow it says here that one should not be able to transfigure anything or levitate and move things without a wand. I will absolutely have to examine more books at School as this one is obviously rubbish."

She set it aside and instead looked through her potions text. He sat back and thrilled as she sped through the text and just as if it were a cook book at her own house she began thinking of ways to shorten steps and make things easier and possibly quicker.

Sometime later a red haired boy stepped in the cabin and looked at her. He began to speak, stopped himself, and then walked away. She shrugged and continued reading. Soon enough the train was on its way and not long after that another young girl with bushy brown hair stepped in the cabin and said, "Have you seen a toad?"

She looked up from her book and said, "No is there some pertinent reason I should have seen a toad?"

The other girl smiled at her and said, "Well Neville has lost his and I volunteered to help him, so have been searching through the cabins asking around."

Harry stood and smiled then said, "Well there is a spell we could use. Why don't we try that as well as knocking on doors and bothering people?" She held out her hand and with youthful cheer said, "Harriet Potter, but most people call me Harry."

The other girl took her hand and said, "Hermione Granger are you really her?"

"I'm not sure what you mean exactly?"

"You know, the-girl-who-lived, the slayer of Voldemort and savior of the Wizarding World." There was some awe and curiosity in Hermione's voice.

Harry simply shook her head and said, "Well I am Harriett Potter as for the rest it seems a bit overblown to me. After all I was only a little child in a crib. I don't see how anything I could have done on my own would have defeated Voldemort."

She was right and he knew it too. He wasn't sure what it had been, but strangely he was now happy that it had occurred. He was strangely happy that he could share her life and watch over her. He had great ambitions for her and he wouldn't want them to collapse after all. "Well, what spell do you think might work?"

Harry stood walked out to the hall, held up her wand and said, "What was that young boy's name again?"

"Neville" Hermione provided.

Harry nodded and with a swish and flick of her wand said softly, "Acio Neville's Toad."

Down the hall a door made a thump sound and a voice said, "Crikey where did that frog come from?"

Hermione smiled at Harry and said, "I bet that must be it."

The two witches walked down the hall to the door and knocked. The same red haired boy Harry had seen earlier opened it and she smiled at him saying, "Have you seen a toad?"

He held up an unconscious toad and said, "Yeah this thing came out of nowhere. I thought it was a frog."

Hermione took it out of his hands and said, "The best way to tell the difference between a frog and toad is skin texture. The toad tends to have dry and bumpy skin. The frog conversely has smooth skin. This, of course, makes the statement 'Slimy Toad' a misnomer."

The red haired boy stared at Hermione in shock and so Harry interrupted the silence by saying, "So shall we return the amphibian to its rightful owner?"

Hermione nodded and the two witches walked off looking for Neville. As they walked the two stumbled into a young blonde haired witch. The boy smiled at her and said, "Harry how nice to see you again. I hope everything went well on your first excursion into the alley."

Harry nodded and said, "Quite well thank you Draco."

By then the boy was glaring at Hermione and said, "A word of advice Harry. Pure Blood's like ourselves do not mingle with Mudbloods like her. It would behoove you to pick your friends wisely."

Harry's green eyes glowed lightly with some inner mirth and she said simply, "I shall take that advice quite seriously. Thank you."

With that she walked off and Hermione followed. The bushy haired girl did not need to be told that Harry was cutting Malfoy by departing with her in tow and yet she still needed the extra reassurance and so stopped her when they had gotten out of ear shot, "What did you mean Harry?"

Harry looked at her and smiled a secret smile saying, "I am taking his advice seriously and I think it obvious that I will wisely choose to be friends with a nice young girl like yourself instead of some stuck up boy with bigoted ideas."

He was unsure what to think about the two. The Granger girl was a mudblood and yet he himself had been a half-blood. The entire idea of superiority had simply been a means to gaining power and besides the boy was connected to his father. They were connected to the Death eaters and a dark miasma of power. If he wanted his daughter to remain pure, to remain so lovely she could not be associated with them. Thus, it was clear that she should ally herself with the mudbloods. He just hoped she would not be foolish enough to trust Albus Dumbledore.

-Chapter 4-

With toad delivered Hermione and Harry sat with Neville discussing potential classes. The young boy told them all about his grandmother's garden and shared some simple gardening tips. The food cart came by and they ordered lightly and ate in a companionable cheer. Soon enough the train was slowing down and coming to a stop and they were ushered out into the rain. Apparently their bags would be magically transported to their rooms, but first they had to cross a moat in small boats.

A huge man with a beard put an arm on her shoulder. He was alert to her sudden fear and ready to pounce ready to take her away and keep her safe while he did what was necessary, but she calmed down. It was only that giant fool Hagrid and he was nearly worshipping his daughter. Vile imprecations and rage filled him, but he let it be as the young girl was obviously uncomfortable with the attention and made haste to scurry into a boat and away from the giant man.

Soon enough they were in the great hall waiting to be sorted into their respective houses. The hat sang a droll meaningless song and time passed. Then her name was called and Harry Potter stepped up and sat in the chair. The hat was placed on her head and it spoke to her, "Well now what do we have here. Intelligence and curiosity, but not a simple devotion to it. Loyalty and friendliness enough for any Hufflepuff. But, oh is there a dark shadow in you Miss potter a shadow of blackest night and cold cruel ambition. Yet at the same time you have a purity and courage rarely ever seen in my days."

"Gryffindor!" The hat shouted and she walked to that table while he sighed in relief. She would be safer here, protected from the darkness and her light would shine. He would make sure of that and woe be it to any who would even consider harm to her.

-Chapter 5-

He wondered if he should call himself shadow now. It certainly seemed appropriate he was her shadow wasn't he? If he left she would have no darkness at all and yet how could he leave her to that. How could he allow any darkness to stain her soul if he was gone and how would he ever see her fulfill his ambitions for her? No, best to be here, and take in the darkness accept it as his own. He mused as she stepped into her Defense against the Dark arts class.

Then he felt something new and she looked upon Quirrel. It was the other piece the other part of what he had once been and it was here in that man. Even as she looked an attack lanced out, but he caught it pulled it to himself and she felt nothing. He grasped the lance of power and sent his own blast back directly towards the source. Everyone in class was surprised when Professor Quirrel fainted after simply turning away from the class and writing on the board.

She shrugged and departed the class with Hermione and Neville. The three passed Ron Weasley and Seamus Finnegan and sat in the common room to talk. Not long after that Ron and Seamus came in along with the rest of their year mates who had been in class. It was Dean Thomas who said, "I hear he was all stutter and flustered, but fainting just because he saw Harriett," she frowned at him, "err Harry here. That's just silly."

Harry shrugged and the rest did as well leaving it as some strange one off occurrence. This is exactly what it ended up being, because by the time the next defense class occurred Quirrel made very sure to keep the back of his head from pointing anywhere near Harry.

-Chapter 6-

She sat down in his classroom her hair a perfect shade of auburn and her eyes the same green as her mother's. Ohh her mother the thought alone roused him with desire. She would be waiting at his house, waiting for him to return and then ohh the things he would do with her.

He shook his head a moment and stared at the young Potter girl, she was only eleven and yet her hair was like her mother's and her face a perfect circle with small pink lips and brilliant green eyes. Eyes alive with spark and vitality that Lilly had lost so long ago, his mind remembered back when they were young. At eleven Lilly had just two small umps and yet it had made him wild even then, he bet her daughter would be the same and under her robes she would be wearing white panties. He shivered with delight at the idea.

The class sat in silence as Snape stared at Harry finally he pulled his thoughts together and began his standard first year speech. He looked at the Potter girl and realized detention would solve what he wanted, detention and obliviation. All he needed was an excuse.

She didn't provide him one. She was calm and serene as he battered her with questions answering him on the difference between monkshood and wolves bane, not sure where to find a bezoar, but saying, "I believe it has to do with hair and can be found in a stomach, but I cannot recall what animal."

"A goat Miss Potter." He sneered and looked down at her finally turning and deducting ten points just for sheer spite. She calmly accepted it and went to her cauldron, there she stood across from Ron Weasley and gently corrected him as he worked. The boy yelled at her in frustration, but she shrugged it off and said, "Very well I will mind my own if that is your desire."

He deducted twenty from Gryffindor for the Weasley boy's outburst, but she just approached his desk just before the end of class, placed a potion on it and started back to her seat. He stared at the jar wishing it would have any errors at all, but knowing it for a near perfect draught. He clenched his hands in frustration and settled for hoping she would make some other mistake as his eyes roamed over her with desire.

After class she stood with her broom chatting amiably with Neville and Hermione. The young Longbottom boy had seemed shy at first, but after a few days he had become more animated. The bushy haired brunette said, to her, "I don't know the way Snape was looking at you and those questions the other day. He's a creep of some sort."

Neville nodded and said, "When he stood over me I couldn't control my hands and just dropped my ingredients in. It was terribly embarrassing and I think he enjoyed it. That man is evil"

Harriett pushed a lock of hair over her ear and said, "He does seem quite unpleasant. But as to his good or evil I really can't bring myself to judge. Perhaps he has some reason we do not understand for his behavior."

Hermione shook her head and said, "You do seem to try and think best of people," she looked at Neville as he nervously fingered a little ball. "Did you forget something Neville?"

The boy sighed and said, "Well it's lit so I must have, but I can't remember what it could be that I've forgotten."

Harry chuckled and said, "I guess that makes it the magical version of a string on your finger."

Neville and Hermione joined in the laughter and then the Slytherin class approached them along with Madame Hooch. They quieted down and set their brooms to the ground and then when Hooch asked they simply said "Up"

The brooms rose to their hands and they mounted as instructed. Unfortunately for Neville he went up too far and then fell off with a crash. Hooch ordered everyone to the ground and took him to the infirmary with a stern warning for anyone who would dare take to the air.

Draco, by then, had found Neville's rememberall and was prancing about with it. Hermione looked to him and said, "Give that back it isn't yours!"

The young blonde laughed and took off on his broom. "Come and get it Mudblood!"

Hermione looked to her broom pondering her next actions when Harry simply pointed at Malfoy and said, "Acio Neville's Rememberall"

Malfoy tried to keep hold of it for a moment and was pulled into a dive towards the ground. Seeing his danger he released the ball and it floated into Harriett's waiting hand. She smiled at him sweetly and he cursed at her, "You chose poorly Potter. Blood traitors and Mud blood lovers are not accepted in any polite society."

The young Potter girl just shrugged her shoulders and said, "You know I do believe Madame Hooch said not to be flying without her."

The young blonde smirked and said, "Who cares about that fat old lady."

Even as he spoke said fat old lady called out, "Draco Malfoy! That will be thirty points from Slytherin and two detentions for you young man. Now get down on the ground, you can sit out while the rest of the class practices."

After that the class went well and Harry along with Hermione went to the Infirmary where they found Neville recovering nicely.

Author's Notes: FF Net was giving me a strange error bug on Queen of Terra and I couldn't post chapters. I got bored and drifted and read around on Dark Lord Potter forums finding some neat stuff there. Then I had this vision of Snape getting Lilly and how that would work out. I started writing it, but at about the point where James was over Harry's bed I realized it was wrong it didn't fit the right mold. Mother saves Son's life so Father needs to save Daughter. Finished the prologue and realized I had a complete rehash.

Then I wondered what would happen if Voldemort did learn to care for someone. What would he be like? Would it change him or would he just be a psychopath in love. I realized that I had a chance to work with it here and thus this story was born. The words flowed right out of my brain at high speeds and I got lost in the little world I created.