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Alex Rider was a boy who had it all but fate had other ideas and took that all away. Now here he was in a poorly lighted room with tears running down his face. He had finally had enough.

No more missions, no more MI6…no more pain. He knew that where he was going he would hopefully be reunited with all the people, who had helped him along the way.

Alex held the gun to his head; even though he was broken he held his head high…in the end he still was Alex Rider the best agent MI6 had ever had. Never giving up, never looking back, never giving the people who ruined his life the satisfaction of seeing him crumble.

In the end he was himself a 17 year old who had lived his years even though they were short. He smiled and looked up seeing the room for what it was, his Uncle's room.

His uncle's room held many memories that many people would never imagine. Here Alex slept when he would have a terrifying nightmare. Here he would spend with his Uncle watching movies or just hanging out. Here…he held a dying Jack. Here held every important moment good or bad.

Knowing he only had precious seconds left he whispered a goodbye…and pulled the trigger, dead before he hit the ground. Just then Mrs. Jones busted into the room with many agents guns raised thinking there was a threat by the sound of Alex's gun going off.

They all bowed their heads as they saw Alex dead. Those who knew him silently cussed out Blunt and Jones for driving Alex to suicide. Those who knew of him were horrified at what they saw before them. Another life gone because of MI6.

She looked at the body before her and smiled a bitter smile, knowing that she had a hand in what drove Alex into doing this. Shaking her head she first called Blunt and told him that Alex was dead...she was too late.

At that moment she took out her phone and called the funeral home and planned the best funeral she knew Alex would have wanted. Simple brief and with those who knew him, Alex Jonathan Rider was finally put to rest next to his family.

Alex watched as the funeral came to a close and smiled. Knowing that he was finally free he turned towards a group of people behind him. Walking over he was swallowed in the love he had always craved.

K-unit, Ian, Jack, Ash, Yassen, John, Helen, and Tom all smiled at Alex as he smiled back, and for the first time in 3 years...He meant it.

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