"Hey you!" pointed the boy.

"T-the president..." the president was so shock.

"He found us again."

"How many times do I have to tell you that you should be at your classes during class hours?"

"Pres, we're sorry."

"We-will go to our room now."

The students ran to their room.

"Guess they won't change their attitudes." Uttered the president, leaning his forehead on his pam while shooking.

The boy is walking through the halls to the guidance office.

-at the guidance office-

"President Yukiya, good afternoon." Greeted the staffs.

"Hello guys." He sat on his swivel chair, resting his head on the headrest while looking at the ceiling fan. He took a deep sigh before speaking. "First year students really have to be trained."

"President, chill... we know that you can do it."

"As the president of this school's guidance council, I should do it."

-the next morning-

"Good morning, ma'am." Ayase greeted the teacher lively.

"President, good morning."

"Ma'am, it's alright if you don't greet me back."

"No. It's all thanks to you that this school's students are changung their attitudes a little bit."

"Ehehehe... maybe ma'am because I'm strict to them."

"No matter what." The teacher smiled.

"Okay, ma'am. Bye!

Ayase and the teacher parted their ways.

Ayase passed by a student. His uniform buttons were open and his tie was just hanging up to his neck.

"Ehem..." Ayase cleared his throat.

The student glared at Ayase and Ayase glared back. He's so tall and big like a beast so Ayase has to look up to him.

"Will you fix your uniform? That's not the uniform of the Kazemachi High. I bet you're an intruder?"

"Who are you?" The sudent was pissed off.

"Don't you know me?"

"I'm the one who should ask that. But yeah, I don't know you and I don't care about you." That's it and he continued walking.

Ayase was left, feeling like he wanted to kill that person.

"Don't you know that I'm the president?" He turned back to confront the student but he failed. He is not in sight anymore. 'Hmmm... that's quick!'

-12:15 pm at the guidance office-

"Good aftie, pres."

"Yoh..." he sat on his chair.

A student walked to him.

"Pres, there's another report about the gang in our school. It said that they have beaten a gang from another school."

"Again?" Ayase sounded worried.

"Yes pres..."

"Don't you guys really don't know something about the gang in our school?"

"Sorry president."

Ayase released a deep sigh. "Guess it will take a long ttime to solve this problem."

"Don't worry pres, we will help you." said the vice. "Right, guys?" talking to the staffs.

"Yeah!" They all cheered up.

Ayase smiled to them.

-7:05 pm-

"Uhm... president, it's time for us to go." Said the vice.

"Oh... sure Tsusaku. Goodbye! And to all of you.

Then the staffs went home.

Ayase is the president so he should be the one to continue the unfinished works of his staffs especially the secretary who has many works to rewrite so he can't finish some of his works. But Ayase is so understanding so he's going home late at night just to finish the work.

-10:43 pm-

The school is dark and quiet. He turned off the switch, closed and locked the door. H'es not afarid anymore of the ghosts because he himself proved that there's no ghost because it's been a countless time he's going home late.

He passed by the room 4-B. He can'tunderstand it but he can feel something bad about the room. He heard some chuckles. It made his heart pound very fast. 'It's so scary.' He walked faster that when he turned left, his heart almost jump out from his chast because he bumped into someone.

"Shit!" Said the person.

Ayase looked up. "You?" He's really sure that he knew the guy standing in front of him. 'What are you doing in here by this time? You should be at hime by now."

"Are you really sure that you're talking to me? I'm bigger than you."

"As the guidance council president, I order you to go home now."

The student did not listen to him and just pass by him.

"Matte!" Ayase said.

The student continued walking.

"I said... wait." He shouted. His voice echoing on the walls.

The student turmed to him and so he did.

"Why are you not respecting me?" He took some steps so that he'll get closer to him. "I don't want to boast that I'm the president, but why are you pushing me to do it? You're the most hard-headed student I have ever met. Why are you like that? Don't you know that all the teachers' comments about the hard-headed students are dumped on me? I thought only first year students are like that, but I did not know that a fourth year student like you-"

"Do you want me to kneel in front of you and say sorry,... huh?" His bangs were down to his eyes. "You know what, you're nothing but a 5-year old kid to me. You're really thinking that you can make me obey you, don't you? Well," he gets nearer to his ear and whispered, "let me tell you that even my father couldn't make me the way he wanted me to be." He sighe and stood up straight. "So, will you stop bothering me? You're always on my way." Then he left Ayase.

-the nxt afternoon, at the guidance office-

Ayase entered.

"Good afternoon, president." Tokigawa, the secretary greeted him.

"Oh, Tokigawa..." He sat on his chair. "Where're the others?"

"Maybe their classes are not yet over, pres."

"I see."

Tokigawa stood up and went to Ayase's desk.


Ayase is looking something in his drawer. "Yes?"

Tokigawa's hand caressed Ayase's face. It made him stop from what he is doing. "T-Tokigawa-kun?" he was shoked so he absent-mindedly slap Tokigawa's hand.

The vice and the treasurer went in. They stopped for a awhile because they knew that something is wrong between the two.

Ayase and Tokigawa also git shock.

"Pres, thank you for continuing my work last night. And sorry for the problem I caused you." Tokigawa changed his mood directly.

"Huh?... Ah... yeah. You're welcome."

"President, good aftie." Greeted the newcomers.

Ayase smiled to them.

Tokigawa went back to his chair, starting the report.

"Tsusaku, do you have some information about the gang?"

"Eh? Pres, I'm sorry but I think the gang is very secretive. But I have a report."

" Again." He said calmly. Seems like he already knew that it's a bad news.

"Hai. They,AGAIN, have beaten a gang from another school."

"Did you notice some students who have bandage on their arm?"

'No, pres, not even a band-aid on a student's arm."

"Maybe they are absent from school." Suggested the treasurer.

"Ah, Tokigawa-kun, will you go with me tio ask the attendance records of all the teachers?"

"Sure. And besides, I'm almost done with these papers."


After finishing some business, they started to roam around the campus and collected the attendance reacords of the teachers. Ayase assigned himself on third and fourth year rooms while he assigned Tokigawa on first and second year classrooms.

After almost 3 hours of collecting, Ayase was about to enter the lsat room, 4-B, when he met Tokigawa who has already finished collecting. He is carrying with him the records.

"Pres, are you also done?"

"No, but the room 4-B will be the last room I'm going to enter."

"Good. I'll come with you, then."

Tokigawa knocked the door 3x before opening.

'Good afternoon, ma'am!" Ayase smilingly greeted the teacher whi's in the middle of the class.

"President Ayase." The teacher also greeted him. "What's with those things?"

"Ugh, ma'am, we're here to borrow your attendance record."

"What? But why?"

' Tokigawa interrupted. "Ma'am, last night, our school's gang fought again with the other's school's gang."


"And if the members are absent today, maybe we can trace who they are."

"Hmph... good idea. Your problem about our school will be lessen. Okay, I'll cooperate with the other teachers."

The teacher went to her desk and looked for her attendance.

Ayase roamed his eyes around the classroom and on the students. They're very noisy. But a student, in his serious face, caught his attention. That was the student from last night. He was glaring at him. Ayase just stared back. It seems like they're the only being inside an infinite ark room.

"Pres?" Tokigawa put a hand on Ayase's shoulder.

Ayase was back in the real world again.

"Are you okay? We're going."

"How about the record?"

"I got it already." Showing it to the blonde.

"Okay!" Then they headed to the door. "Uhm... ma'am, thank you for your cooperation. Goodbye!"

As they were about to close the door...

"Wait, you're carying many things, let my student help you." Then she called for a student. "Kanou Somuku, help the president carry the things."

"Why ma'am, is the kid can't carry those?"

Ayase glared at the said student, who's not respecting him as always.

"No ma'am, it's okay." Then they walked out.

After taking three steps, someone opened the door of the 4-B room and it gave out Kanou.

"Hey!" Kanou called for them and walked to them.

Exactly after facing the person who's calling them, Kanou was already in front of Ayase. And he grabbed all the records from him.

"What are you doing?" Ayase asked in a half loud voice.

"Are you blind? Can't you see I'm helping you?"

"Hey, hey, why are you talking like that to the president? You're not respecting him." Tokigawa said angrily.

"No, it's okay Tokigawa-kun."

"See? It's okay to the kid."

Tokigawa glared at Kanou who passed by them walking ahead of them.

The three of them are silent until they reached the guidance office.

Ayase opened the door. He saw that the other staffs were already there. And a child, the little brother of the P.I.O, Asuhiko.

"Pres, good afternoon." They greetesd them.

"Ayase-oniichan, hello." The child ran to him.

"Hi, Akiko..." He rubbed Akiko's hair.

Akiko is chuckling. He liked it very much when Ayase is doing it to him.

"You're so cute, Akiko-kun..."

Akiko is just a 5-year old child. His hair is blue matching with his green-colore eyes. He is with his brother sometimes in going to guidance office.

"Ehem..." Kanou cleared his throat on purpose.

Ayase remembered about Kanou upon hearing him.

Akiko looked up to Kanou... and he is afraid so much that he hid behind Ayase.

"Don't be afraid to this 'person...' And oh yeah, kindly put those on my table, there!" he pointed to his table.

Kanou did. He also read the name that was written, 'PRESIDENT AYASE YUKIYA' after putting, he imediately went out of the office.

When he disappeared as the door closed, Ayase ran outside to chase after him.

"Matte!" He called for him.

Kanou stopped and turned to him, "What?" There's a little irritation in his voice.

"Even though I hate you and your attitude, it's still improper not to thank the person who helped you."

"Tsk! What a dramatic person.' He turned and continued walking.

"But I really... really... REALLY hate you!" He yelled at him.

Ayase went back to the office, Kanou could tell. Then a little smile was drawn on Kanou's face.