The Quiet Game: Please play with caution.

Implied SasuHina. Don't own.

Neji went first because, as we all know, all Hyuugas have a gambling problem.

He slammed his money and sake down and took a seat. Kiba was up. After one minute he couldn't get the Hyuuga to say a word. More money added to the pot. Shino went next. After the reverse-psychology silenct treatment didn't work, Naruto went. Yelling in Neji's face also seemed to fail. When the money pile was huge and all hope seemed lost, Sasuke went up.

He sighed, took a seat and rested his hands on his palms.

"Remember those bite marks Hinata had last week?

…They weren't from Akamaru."

Neji jumped up and choked Sasuke to death. I hear the funeral was quite lovely.

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