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We had finally got back to camp and it was starting to get late so we set the tents back up so we could spend yet another night in the middle of nowhere. Me and Paige were looking through some CD's whilst Nick and Dalton were pissing against the tree.

"Oh, dude, I had to pee so bad, man" I heard Dalton say to nick as they were still peeing, nick pushed Dalton shoulder making him nearly fall.

"Come on, dude" he moaned trying not to get any of his pee or nicks for that matter on him. I saw Blake walk up to them and lean forward to talk "Hey, you guys gonna have sex?" both boys look disgusted at what Blake was saying and shook their head slowly. "What?" Dalton shouted shocked I laughed to myself at the look on his face.

"Because me and Paige are. So you three go pick them up" Blake told them cockily. I turned to Paige who was still looking at her CD's oblivious to what Blake was saying, either that or she just didn't care. I put the CD's down and looked at the boys who were still talking

"So have you decided to tell him about it or not?" I asked her bluntly she turned to me with a questioning look on her face, so I nodded to her belly. She turned her head to Blake to see if he had heard or seen what we were talking about.

"No not yet and to be honest I don't want to, I mean Carly's pushing me to but I just think about what if he doesn't want it or what life will be like after we have the baby"" Paige looked confused but reading between the lines all I can hear is me me me. She doesn't want to be stuck with a baby on her own and she doesn't want the baby to 'ruin' her life.

I got up sighing "you have to do what you want to do Paige but I'd do it soon, you're going to start showing and he'll be pissed if you keep it from him until then" she looked up at me sadly and looked as if she was going to say something but Blake walked over and she quickly wiped away the tear she had in her eyes.

"Hey, Paige" he said to her and nodded to me, she looked at him and smiled "Yeah?"

Blake pointed in nicks direction "Nick, Dalton and Ash are gonna go get them" I looked at nick confused "Are we?" at the same time I heard Paige say "Why? We can go" she got up and stood next to me.

Blake shrugged like a child "Oh, baby. Come on, I'm tired of driving" he pouted and I snorted making them all look at me "Yeah i'm sure sleep was the first thing on your mind" I turned to Paige and gave her a small hug and whispered in her ear "Don't forget what I said" she nodded at me and we all walked over to Blake's car. I saw nick hold his hand out for the car keys but Blake just laughed at him "Why don't you let my man drive" he told nick and dropped the keys into Dalton hands who was looking like Christmas had come early "Really?" he said shocked but soon smiled seeing the look on nicks face. "You heard him. Move." he said to us, I raised my eyebrow and smirked knowing that nick was about to put a world of hurt on him somehow.

Dalton looked at me suspiciously until nick grabbed his nipple and twisted "Give me the damn keys" he said slowly and held out his hand, Dalton started to breathe heavily from the pain and reached out to give nick the keys. "Okay. Very slow. Thank you" when nick let go of Dalton nipple he got in the car and Dalton turned to me with a sad face rubbing his 'poorly' parts. "You knew he was going to do that" I started nodding and laughing "Yeah" I got into the backseat and heard Dalton mumble "Mean" under his breath. Nick turned on the car "So where are we going?" I asked whilst he was fiddling with the GPS "some town not far from here called Ambrose. I looked out of the window and saw nothing but trees and dirt. I can't wait to go home.

I don't think this is cool, just coming in like this" Carly said nervously watching the door of the garage as wade looked through the fan belts, they had made it from the House of Wax and to the town but Bo was still nowhere in sight and wade didn't want to wait anymore.

"What? Look, the door was unlocked" wade pointed to the door acting like they were doing nothing wrong " He said he'd be half an hour, he's been 45 minutes. I'm sure he won't mind" he said trying to ease Carly's nerves.

You know, if your brother and his yes man hadn't come along we would've fit with Blake. None of this would've happened"

Carly sighed tiredly having heard this rant one too many times "Once again, that's not my fault"

"I don't understand his beef with me. I've tried to be cool with him, his own girlfriend is cool with me and she's got bigger issues than he has" Wade told Carly desperate to understand why nick still treats him like shit.

" Nick's got beef with everybody. You just can't take it personally" she told him encouragingly, It hurt her so much to think that the love of her life and her twin brother couldn't get on even for his sake. Ashley once told her that its because nick's just being the older brother but Carly believe he's just turned into a massive asshole.

"Yeah, I guess" wade shrugged still looking through the fan belts.

Nick and I always used to stick together,and then when we were in junior high and Nick would get into trouble here and there and our parents would always, like compare us. I was the good twin and Nick was the evil twin, as he likes to say. He kind of got this image. He totally played it up as if that's what he had to be or something" Carly was always upset at the fact that people always compared the two, she and nick were definitely two different people. She looked outside and saw that the sky was already turning a dark blue, night was falling. She grimaced "It's already getting dark. I hate the winter." she muttered to herself and wade but mostly herself.

"He's got everything but a 15 -inch. I'll just have to use a 16-inch. I'll just have to make it work somehow" wade grabbed the 15 inch pissed that the guy has everything except the one thing that he needs it's almost as if fate made it this way. A voice at the door made both Carly and Wade jump "You plan on stealing that?" Bo's southern voice drawled.

No. We didn't know how much longer you were gonna be and, you know, we didn't wanna interrupt again." Wade told him awkwardly "I left you money on the counter, but you don't have the right size. You don't have any 15 -inches" he said holding up the fan belt. Bo looked at him and said "I do at the house" but he still didn't look happy, Carly looked between Wade and Bo and tried to straighten out the misunderstanding "I hope you're not getting the wrong idea that we're in here" she said to Bo sweetly. He looked at her and smiled "No, it's okay" he stopped to take the money off of the counter.

"Does that cover it?" wade asked him hoping they could just get the fan belt and leave. Bo looked at him "It's close enough" he then turned his eyes to Carly "Why don't we get the one you need? It's only a couple of blocks"

She nodded still smiling, her mother always taught her to be polite even to strangers plus this guy had just buried someone he probably needs the company right now "Yeah, all right" they both stepped forward but wade didn't move "You keep fan belts at your house?" he asked Bo suspiciously wondering why he would do that when he has a perfectly good garage.

"I get things delivered there when I'm not here. If you wanna hold on to the 16

that's fine by me." he smirked at Wade "No, no, no. It's okay." Carly jumped in wanting to go home as much as wade did. They all walked outside when wade spoke up "Hey, you mind if I use your restroom real fast?"

Bo kind of stuttered as if he wasn't expecting that and couldn't think of anything to say. "Oh, up at the house. That one's out of order." wade looked even more suspicious but had to carry on for carlys sake she'll just think he's being jealous or crazy. "All right" they carried on walking in silence following wade up to his house. Wade remembered the poster he had saw in the town and tried to break the silence "So is it too late to sign Carly up for that beauty pageant?" Carly looked at Wade and laughed knowing his sense of humor.

"Now, unfortunately it is, because you would've won hands down" he told her charmingly making her blush "Thank you" Wade felt the jealousy bubbling in him but put it aside knowing they would be out of here soon and will never see Bo again so he tried to change the subject.

"That house of wax is pretty cool" Bo looked at Wade in surprise although Wade was unsure why "You went inside?" Bo asked sharply, Carly and Wade were taken back by his tone " Yeah. Yeah, it was unlocked, so, you know..." Wade muttered trailing off.

"Everything seems to be unlocked around you, now don't it?" Bo sneered a wade a little before putting a kinder tone on for Carly "Yeah, people used to come to see it from miles away and Trudy was the main...I guess "artist" is the appropriate word" he told them he had a little bit of sadness in his voice. Carly felt bad maybe it was family to him "What about Vincent?" she asked tentatively not wanting to upset him, he looked shocked at what she had said so she explained to him "I saw his name on a lot of the work"

Bo nodded and continued "He was one of Trudy's boys" Bo's answer was short but Carly wanted to know more, she was intrigued by the story.

"They still around?" she asked eager to know more, Wade gave her a look as to ask her to stop being nosy but she didn't acknowledge him.

"No, no. It's a horrible story. Trudy's husband, Doc Sinclair, he was a doctor in the big city until he got his license revoked for doing surgeries on the side.

Stuff that, you know, most doctors wouldn't dare do. So he moved him and Trudy out here to Ambrose...made a fresh start with his medical practice... and, you know, Trudy really found her calling with that whole wax-sculpture thing" He told them as they passed the house of wax "It was her dream to do something really incredible here. And then she had a couple kids,picket fence."

Wade looked at Bo confused "What's horrible about that?" Wade would love to get Carly into his hometown and have kids of their own. The whole white picket fence deal but she was set on New York.

"Trudy got a cyst in her brain. She just started rotting away. Couldn't work no more, and she went crazy. Things got so bad that Doc Sinclair finally had to strap her to the bed. The whole town could hear her screaming. Dr. Sinclair was so depressed that he couldn't save her...he blew his head right off." Bo told them this story in a sad voice but still looked totally unaffected by it.

"That's terrible" Carly said to him sadly, pitying the Sinclair family. She thought it was awful for the family to have to go through that.

"It was worse for the boys, left alone like that. They both ended up in foster homes. Hey, why don't you two hop in. I'll go get the fan belt and I'll give you a ride to your car" Both wade and Carly protested, wade because he didn't want to spend any more time with Bo and Carly because she knew Paige and Blake were picking them up.

"No, actually, we've got friends picking us up where the road's washed out" Carly told Bo kindly, Bo nodded but still looked determined to take them somewhere. "I'll give you a lift. Least I could do for making y'all wait" Carly and Wade looked at each other and could find a reason to say no so they nodded.

"Cool, All right" Bo opened up the door of his truck and Carly jumped in, wade was about to get in after her when Bo stopped him.

"Hey, you need to use the facilities, right?" he said to wade, wade nodded and looked at Carly who just nodded at him. "Yeah. Thanks" Bo lean into the car and looked at Carly "Need to use the can?" he asked her smiling his charming smile, she laughed at him "No, it's okay. I'm fine" he just smiled at her and shut the door.

Wade followed Bo to the house "So where you heading to anyway?" Bo questioned him, surprising wade who was wondering why he was being nice not that Carly wasn't here.

"We're just going to a football game" Wade told him shortly not wanting to tell a complete stranger where they were going or staying.

"The bathroom is right down the hall. Let me get out of this jacket and tie and I'll grab your fan belt." Wade looked to where Bo was pointing and turned to nod at him. "Okay. Thanks" Wade watched Bo climb the stairs never taking their eyes of each other.

I looked out the window of blakes car and shook my head we should have just stayed home, we only came because Blake wanted nick here because he's a 'badass'. I looked at my fingers they were twitching, my adhd was kicking in. I leant forward and started pressing every button that I could reach, Nick and Dalton were looking at me, Nick's was a knowing look and Dalton's was worried they both knew what was happening and knew how bad it gets.

"Just let me drive, bitch. He gave me the keys, man" I heard Dalton say to nick as nick grabbed my hand but my mind was still running fast, I stopped pressing when I heard what Dalton said and turned to him smiling.

"Yeah, because he thinks nick's the one who stole the car and crashed it" I told him in a friendly tone, I felt nick squeeze my hand. He was thankful that I believed it wasn't i'm when no one else would. I felt more calm now but still turned back to the buttons to keep me occupied Blake would probably kick my ass if I broke it but would he rather me trash the whole car?

"Whatever. You didn't have to cover for me, dude" Last year Dalton stole a car and took it joy riding, he was drunk obviously. Nick found out about it and covered for him and got sent to jail after resisting arrest. It was the worst couple of months but I didn't blame Dalton everyone makes mistakes.

"Your jacket's clean, all right? Mine's already got plenty of stains on it. One more's not gonna make a difference" there was a long awkward silence, I looked at the GPS the little arrow wasn't even on the road anymore it was like we were driving towards a ghost town. I pressed the buttons on the GPS to see if it was a glitch but it wasn't " Where the hell is this place? Town's not even on the GPS" I told the boys they both looked at the screen and frowned.

"That's weird" no shit...

Carly sighed as she saw it was even darker than before she was wondering what was taking them both so long she saw the radio and tried to get it to work but it was broken. Carly looked around and got out the car to stretch her legs she walked up the stairs and leant against the wall crossing her arms. As Carly looked out in the darkness the hairs on her arms stood on end when she saw the truck that she had just been sitting in was missing a headlight, just like the truck that Ashley had broke. Carly grabbed her cell and rang Blake hoping that he was close "Hey, it's Blake. You know what to do" frustrated and scared she left a voice mail.

"Guys, where the hell are you? Remember the truck that came to the campsite last night? I think we just ran into him"

before she could say anything else the front door opened and Bo stepped out, without wade. Carly hid her phone behind her back and noticed Bo was alone.

"Where's Wade?" she asked shakily, hoping that he was ok and was about to come out of the house any minute so they could get the hell out of Ambrose.

Bo looked confused for a minute "Oh, he's not out here? Guess he's still in the bathroom, then" he smirked walking down the stairs, he was holding a box full of car stuff.

"I got the fan belt. You're not in a hurry, are you? Because I wanted to load

the truck up with some stuff first" Carly knew something wasn't right she panicked and jumped back into the truck locking all the doors.

Bo came by the window looking confused again "What are you doing?" he asked innocently but Carly could see right through it and stayed where she was "waiting for Wade"

Bo threw the box of car parts and started circling the truck "Open the damn door. This is my truck" he laughed lightheartedly. Carly was getting more scared by the second and was praying for wade to come and help her. Bo was pulling at the door handles still trying to get into his truck.

"Hey, what is the matter with you? If you don't open this door, I'm gonna call the cops" but Carly knew different she knew Bo wasn't as Innocent and nice as he's putting on. She new he was the man from the campsite but she didn't know what he wanted from them.

"You're the guy from the campsite" Bo's face changed into something evil looking when he realized she had figured out who he was, he started to slam his hand and elbows into the window trying to get to Carly. He finally broke the window and grabbed carlys legs whom was still shouting for Wade.

"What are you doing? Get out of the truck. Stop it. I'm just trying to help you.

Give me the keys. Hey. Hey. Stop it, or I'm calling the cops"

In the midst of being grabbed Carly dropped her phone whilst trying to keep a hold on the car seat, Bo grabbed both of her legs and tried to pull her through the broken window. Carly remembered that the keys were still in the ignition and started the truck, she pulled the truck into reverse and pushed the pedal with one had and steered with the other. The truck backed up fast but Bo still had a hard grip on her legs she broke hard and Bo tumbled down the grassy bank she pulled her legs back through the window breathing hard.

Carly put the truck back into drive and slammed her foot on the pedal she could hear the wheels squealing and the smell of burning rubber entered her nose, the truck was stuck,she couldn't see Bo anymore, but just because she couldn't see him doesn't mean he's not there as she pulled the button to turn the lights on Bo slammed on the hood of the truck making Carly scream in surprise.

She opened the small window behind her and climbed out of it and into the back of the truck tripping over things as she goes, Carly doesn't even look back as she runs as fast as she can.