Carly, Paige and I sat by the fire pit which was basically just logs we had found the boys put up the 3 tents, looking over at them I sighed knowing that 3 tents means I would be sharing with Nick and Dalton "Who forgets to bring a tent on a road trip?" I ask my best friends as I take a drink from my beer bottle, my 3rd beer bottle.

The two girls laughed knowing exactly who I was talking about but also knew I was joking "he's like the puppy that follows you home and won't leave you alone" I joked as I looked over to Dalton who was trying and failing to help the other boys.

Frowning I failed to see Nick helping the others but my worry faded when I saw said love of my life walking over to the camp with his hands full with beer bottle and a chair, he lit up a smoke before he saw me looking at him and sent a wink my way making me smile.

"Yeah don't help us or nothing" Dalton said sarcastically to Nick as he finished carrying stuff back and forth to the cars but Nick just waved him off as he continued to sit on his own isolating himself from our group.

"Oh Yeah" I hear Blake call from inside his tent and turn to see him coming out with a football I snuck a glance over to Nick but he didn't move or try to join in, not that he had since he lost his football scholarship.

Blake and Wade started teasing Dalton by not passing him the ball or throwing it over his head "Pass it! Pass it!" Dalton yelled as he ran to each man as they threw it back and forth.

"You don't wanna… Too slow, too slow!" Blake laughed running around Dalton who was still trying to get the ball, Dalton was not one of the fast athletic type but he tried to fit in.

Blake turned and tried to pass the ball back to Wade over Dalton's head but it was a little too high "Touchdown-Ahh" Wade called as he reached for the ball but it went over his head and it landed straight between Nick's feet "Oh shit" I muttered as Carly looked at me just as worried about what might happen next.

Wade put his hands up silently asking for Nick to throw the ball back to him but Nick ignored him and pretending like he didn't even know the ball had come near him, Wade sighed and walked forward to the ball but Nick had dropped his cigarette and picked up the football.

Nick launched the ball away from Wade and into Blake's chest harshly making him grimace quietly giving Nick a look "Nice Arm, I can see why they gave you a scholarship" Wade huffed with his hand on his hip looking pissed at Nick for still being a dick to him.

Nick just scoffed "Yeah it's a real tragedy, aint it?" he answered mockingly whilst putting his hand up and discreetly flipping him off but we all saw it "Come on" Carly whispered to me as she grabbed my arm pulling me over to the two boys who looked ready to throw down.

"Yeah it is" Wade hissed moving a little closer to Nick as the boys stood face to face, Carly shot forward standing in between her brother and her boyfriend as I stood behind them with my arms crossed feeling my resolve coming undone.

Breathing heavily I tried not to think about the memories and thought plaguing my mind pulling me back into the darkness I was born into, the screaming and shouting, the hurt and the pure evilness of my past, as the alcohol I drank hammered away at my mental defences.

"Wade, Help Dalton, okay?" Carly begged but the two boys were still staring each other down "Please" she repeated but we both knew what she was really saying was 'he's not worth it, I'll deal with him'.

Wade sighed heavily and walked away making Nick smirk like he'd won "bye Wade" he called sarcastically giving a little wave as Carly looked at him angrily "You can be a prick to me, that's fine. But he didn't do anything to you" Carly said defending her boyfriend to her twin brother.

I stood and watched the twins glare at each other before Nick lets out a little laugh "So you admit that you did something" Nick said smugly thinking he had caught Carly out of her lie.

I rolled my eyes not believe he was still on about this "I admit, according to you, I did something sure" Carly answered looking like she was tired of arguing about the same argument and never getting anywhere.

"You dimed me out" Nick yelled at her as she rolled her eyes "I did not dime you out!" Carly scoffed back crossing her arms "When the sheriffs asked where you got the car, I said I didn't know. I didn't even know it was stolen… you're blaming that on me?" she shouted looking offended and annoyed.

"You could have covered for me huh?" Nick huffed raising his voice at his younger twin sister who just sighed sadly she could never win with Nick "You get caught stealing, it's my fault. You're resisting arrest and it's the cop's fault." Carly snapped as Nick laughed "he took a swing at me".

"You got kicked off the football team; it's the coach's fault. Mom and Dad kick you out of the house, it's their fault. You can't keep a job for two weeks; it's every manager's fault" Carly ranted as I bit my lip knowing each of those had happened and knew Nick blamed everyone for his downfall.

"I'm surrounded by idiots" The older twin claimed easily as I raised my eyebrow at him disliking the fact I had just been called an idiot "thanks Nicholas" Nick looked me with a frown "not you" I just rolled my eyes again for like the 20th time.

"So why did you come? to piss me off?" Carly whispered looking up at Nick who face hadn't changed from the glare he had been giving her "Don't you get it? You're the good twin. I'm the evil one" Nick announced using that old excuse again, the excuse of being the evil twin so he didn't even have to try.

"Grow up. You are so afraid to take things seriously". Carly scoffed as she had enough a Nick's crap just like everyone else "Yeah. As afraid as Wade is of leaving good old Gainesville? 'New York City. Well, I hear they got buildings as tall as the sky'." Nick mocked as Carly looked at him wide eyed.

"Okay" Carly whispered looking hurt, Nick had officially pushed his sister away just like he was doing to everyone else but I knew the truth, somewhere between loosing his scholarship and jail Nick started to believe that he was bad.

He was so insecure that Carly had been thriving in life that he assumed the role of the 'evil twin' thinking that his badness was the only way to be, I looked up to see Nick watching Carly walk away with something that looked like remorse on his face.

"Your are such a dick to your sister" I hissed but seeing the look on his face made my anger fade away "It's for her own good" he replied gently kissing my head whilst pulling me down to sit on his lap and passing me a beer.