Funny Royal Loving

Prince Wolfram looked in boredom at the numbers of suitors before him. They looked worthless, unattractive and total idiots. Where his mother got these fools was a mystery to him. "The first suitor may step forward…" One of the royal guards announced beside him. A shaggy brown haired man with brown eyes walked up to the small platform, kneeling before Wolfram and missing the eye roll from said prince.

"Your Highness…I am Prince Derek von Bell and…" The young man started before being interrupted. "And…I don't really care. NEXT!" Wolfram shouted, waving his hand in a dismissing gesture. Prince Derek gaped in shocked horror at the rude Prince so long that the guards had to take him away. Prince Wolfram just returned the look mockingly, sneering afterwards. It was stupid how the man looked as if he had thought he had a chance. 'Humph…no one has a chance with me…' The next man was dealt with the same attitude as before the other and so on until each suitor had been gone.

"Well…I guess this is over now…" He said, getting up and dusting invisible dust away from his fancy robes before walking away. "Wolfram von Biefield, don't you dare move!" His mother said darkly, scaring a few of the guards and servants at the dark aura admitting from her. Her son quickly sat down, knowing how his mother was in this state. 'I must be in it deep…' He thought mournfully, wondering what punishment he would get this time. "Wolf – chan, why do you hate your mother so?" Cecile said sadly, erupting into big tears afterwards. "M-Mother, I don't hate you…" Wolfram said weakly, sweat dropping at the tears. His mother was so emotional at times. "Wolf – chan, you never call me mama or mommy anymore…" His mother cried out, looking pitifully at him with her identical emerald eyes which were filled with big tears.

"I-I'm sorry Moth…I mean Mama…" Her son replied, ready to make a run for it if she decided to hug him. The woman could hug the life out of something; she even hugged the life out of a teddy bear! 'My poor teddy…' He thought sadly. He had loved that teddy. "Excuse me…is Prince Wolfram's hand in marriage still up?" A suave voice called out suddenly, causing both the queen and her son's head to snap towards the owner.

Prince Wolfram gaped at the young man who had cute written all over him (not literally). From his black shiny hair, to his big black eyes that had innocence in them, to his black school uniform which had a few tears and rips in and patches but looked almost good on him.

He, unfortunately, was so engrossed in checking out the new arrival that he was not prepared for the ear breaking girly squeal from his mother and so suffered two seconds of deafness. "Ouch…mama that hurt…" Wolfram whined, pouting a bit. Cecile ignored her son's whining and answered the young man's question with a happy "YES!". The young man smiled happily which earned identical thoughts of 'Cute' from both the prince and queen.

"That's great news to hear your majesty…now my friend can get a chance to ask for his hand…" The young man said, looking joyous. This caused a freeze in everyone around the queen however as the dark aura came back bigger and darker around her. "Young man, are you telling me you got my hopes up that you were going to try for my son's hand in marriage for nothing?" The young man cringed at the dark voice and stared horrified, having not believed that was the same sweet lady he was just speaking to a few seconds ago. 'Her husband must have it tough…'


Startled again, the cute young man nodded and got on his knees, apologizing over and over. "I'm so sorry your majesty but my friend was so interested that I thought of helping her out…and I did not think of asking as I am nothing of worth to the Prince…" "Your wrong you wimp! You are of worth to me, you stupid idiotic and goddamn cute henachoko!" the Prince yelled out, having risen from his chair before saying his statement.

Everyone except the prince stared shockingly at him, quite baffled that the rude prince who had turned away more than 400 rich and handsome suitors in a year could say such a…kind thing. "Then it is settled, my son and this young man is now engaged…" Cecile announced, getting over the shock faster than the others. "Wait….what?..." Wolfram and the young man yelled in union, gaping at the queen in shock. Cecile giggled at their looks and turned to the cute young man, wishing she was as lucky as her son to get such a man. "So young man, what is your name?"

"My name…is Yuuri Shibuya…" The young man now identified as Yuuri said weakly, still a bit afraid of the queen. How a sweet woman could look and act that way…was now additional to the wonders of the world. The queen, oblivious to Yuuri's thoughts of her, nodded and ran off somewhere to announce it to her other sons, big hearts and flowers flowing magically after her.

"What…just happened?" Yuuri said aloud to himself, wondering how he ended up in such a predicament. "You wimp! Look what you made me do…listen you wimpy bishonen, I am not engaged to you so forget the idea that just popped into your head just now…I am not falling in love with you no matter how hard you try!..." the Prince yelled at him, stomping off in anger after saying his statement. Yuuri sighed and nodded, running off quickly out of the palace before the guards noticed he had left.

God knows, he does not want to return to an angry queen who discovered he tried to run away. 'And besides I need to inform my best friend who wanted to marry the prince that I had accidentally gotten engaged to him…actually now that I think about it, I'm screwed…' He thought sadly, wondering if God would make his best friend not beat him up. 'That would be a great miracle…'

Meanwhile Prince Wolfram was suffering from hugs from his mother's helper, Günter von Christ. News had traveled pretty fast in the castle and now everyone knew he was engaged to the cute but wimpy brunette. 'Now I'm really in hell…oh well, at least no more love meetings by mother…' He thought happily, groaning at the name of the meetings. How he could have found love in such suitors would be the greatest miracle of all time and probably the nuttiest thing his mother thought he would find.

'At least Gwendal and Weller don't know…' At the same time, his brothers stepped into the room, Gwendal with as much as a smile he could get and Weller with a very amused smile on his face. 'On second thought, maybe I should pray for the ground to swallow me whole…'

"Wolfram is it true…you actually found someone?" Weller said concealed laughter in his voice. Wolfram groaned mentally and nodded with as much dignity he had, whimpering as his pride was shot down by his brother's laughter. "I am glad you find this amusing Weller…" Wolfram hissed, glaring darkly at his brother. Conrad shook his head and waved off the sentence, a small smile still on his face. "It is amusing but…I'm very happy that you found someone…"

"As am I…" a rough voice announced behind Conrad, stepping out to reveal a man with orange hair and a big impish grin on his face. "We fiancés can talk secrets with each other…" Conrad laughed at his fiancé's words and kissed his cheek, wrapping an arm around him. "Yozak…what kind of secrets may those be?" He asked a small blush on his cheeks.

"No, no, no…it's a secret between the princes' fiancé's…right Günter?" Yozak said, winking at Günter. Said man, nodded in affirmation, looking as if he wanted to laugh at the stare he got from his fiancé. "If you two are done with flirting…can we get back to my problem? Being I don't want to marry that wimp…" Wolfram said angrily, shooting his mother a pleading look. Cecile ignored it successfully, wounding her son's pride even more. "You are going to marry him Wolf – chan, whether you like it or not…" She scolded, squealing as the thoughts of her son in a dress entered her mind. Her son would look as wonderful in it as he looked identical as her. Wolfram groaned in frustration and went into his sulk mood, earning him a laugh from Yozak and a stab to his bleeding pride.

"But where is his fiancé?" Gwendal asked, looking around for any sign of him in case he was hiding. "Actually I haven't seen him at all…" Günter admitted, smiling sheepishly. He had been fantasying about meeting Wolfram's extremely lucky fiancé that he had not realized that he wasn't in the room. "I left him in the throne room…the guards must have brought him up by now…" Cecile said, concern etched in her face. Everyone except Wolfram, who was happy, murmured their concern about the missing fiancé. They were so busy worrying over him that they did not notice the door opening and the guards entering the room with Yuuri in hand until Yuuri yelled out his protest. "Oi let me go this instant! I have rights!"

Everyone's heads snapped at the sound, silencing the brunette with their intense stares. "Um…hi…" Yuuri said weakly. After that, hell broke loose…with laughter! Poor Yuuri was thrown question after question, hugs after hugs, scolding after scolding. It was just too much. "People stop suffocating my fiancé! I can't marry him if you kill him…" Wolfram yelled out over the commotion, silencing everyone at once. Yuuri shot him a look of appreciation which earned him a blush and a glare from the fuming prince. "Wow…I guess this is the real deal…" Yozak said suddenly, breaking the silence again, earning him twin eyebrows from Wolfram and a still restrained Yuuri.

"You may be right….oh I am so happy that the prince has such a fiancé at last!" Günter cried out, earning him sweat drops from everyone as flowers appeared around him. "B-But…I don't want to be engaged to the prince…my friend does! I'm worthless…I have been told many times that by others…" Yuuri said, still trying to wiggle out of his hold.

"You henachoko, how many times do I have to say it? You are not worthless, and who ever said that to you has to answer to me. And since whatever you say you are still engaged to me, you better well get used to the idea…" the Prince shouted back, glaring angrily at nothing in particular. Yuuri blinked dumbly at the prince before smiling brightly at him, nodding. Wolfram caught the smile, blushed and looked away before he could get caught. But unfortunately he wasn't fast enough for one person. "Oh my…little Wolf – chan is blushing…" The queen squealed out happily, embarrassing her son and enjoying herself at the same time.

She was so relieved and happy that her son had feelings for his fiancé. She thought it would take a lifetime for him to like his chosen fiancé. Yozak and Günter laughed at the increasingly redness of Wolfram's face while Conrad and Gwendal chuckled at their misfortune of their little brother, not wanting to seem rude. After that, everything seemed to go smoothly. Yuuri was released but was kidnapped by Günter and Yozak, much to their fiancés' amusement even Wolfram who shocked everyone again that day by chuckling.

'I have never seen Wolfram so alive…and his fiancé hadn't even done much…' the queen thought happily next morning at breakfast, once again amused by Yuuri as he tried to eat slowly and failing. Wolfram was scolding him for eating fast, teasing him endlessly by calling him a wimp. It was so cute how they flirted that Cecile felt almost bad for interrupting them.

Almost that is….

"Well, now if Yuuri and Wolfram would be so kind as to quiet their flirting…I have a wonderful announcement!" Cecile said happily, giggling at the twin blushes she got from said men. They were cute indeed. "My sons and their fiancés will be going to the wonderful white marble castle by the sea to enjoy some relaxation…it is a small present to Yuuri and Wolfram's engagement from me…" She said the relaxation part with a wink to Yuuri and her son, giggling when they blushed brighter than raspberries.

It was obvious by the wink what the relaxation part meant. She could see the grandchildren from them now. "Any how…you will leave this afternoon to get a head start there…as you will be spending a month to relax and elope together. And no need to thank me yet for when you come back, I will give you a real surprise…"

After all was said, and the breakfast was finished, the brothers and their fiancés went to pack their things. It would have gone smoothly of course if Wolfram hadn't caught Yuuri talking to a maid and thinking they were flirting and chased the poor girl with a giant fork all over the castle (Don't ask me where the fork came from). But luckily with a few bruises, some scolding/flirting and some hard snogging from Günter and Gwendal, the brothers were on their way to the marble castle to enjoy some relaxation.

-Cue eyebrow wiggle-

End of Part One

Author's note

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