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The run to Mystic Ruins went as smooth as Sonic thought it would go. Lately, the media seemed to be less and less interested in him. He wasn't complaining though. It was a sunny day and the last he wanted to worry about is getting mobbed. The crisp air welcomed him as he slowed down as if to say that there would be peace. That was probably his imagination.

He looked up to see Tails' workshop. He arrived there for a reason. The night Sonic accidentally stayed over with Amy, made him realize something. She was the first to fall asleep from the both of them as they talked. He, on the other hand, meant to leave the moment he was very sure she was fast asleep, but couldn't bring himself to do it. He didn't want to leave her alone. As he sat on her bed, he thought of a way to be there whenever she need him to, but he needed Tails' help for that.

Sonic took a deep breathe and knocked on the door. It took a few seconds before he could actually hear anything from the inside. The door opened and revealed an oil stained fox. "Hey, Sonic!" the young fox greeted. He opened the door wider."Hey, buddy," Sonic greeted back with a grin.

"Come in!" Tails said as he stepped aside to let the blue hedgehog inside his home. "I really wasn't expecting you to come today," he said with a nervous laughter.

"Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but I need you to do me a favor," Sonic said, not beating around the bush. He wanted this done as soon as possible. The blue hedgehog casually walked in.

Tails blinked twice. It's been a while since he's asked him to do any favors. To ask one so suddenly made him go dumbfounded. He shook his head lightly to snap out of his state. "Um, sure! What do you want me to do?" Tails asked.

Sonic looked to the floor. In a way, this wasn't easy for him to ask. "Um…" He gathered his guts and looked at his friend. "I need something for Amy…something for her to call me whenever she gets in trouble," he blurted out.

Tails grabbed his chin with the index finger and thumb to think. "You mean like a cell phone?" Tails asked, kind of joking but serious at the same time. Why would he ask for something like that? Didn't both hedgehogs own a cell phone?

"No! I mean something small she can easily access," Sonic said, trying to be more specific.

"Right! A cell phone!" Tails said while shrugging at his own response. It was that obvious that he was talking about a cell phone. He wiped some of the oil that began to drip down his forehead.

"No! Something she could wear!" Sonic practically shouted. He made it clear the first time that he wasn't talking about a phone, didn't he? "She sometimes doesn't take her phone with her," he lastly added.

"Oh!" The young fox threw one fist onto his other hand. "Like jewelry?" he asked just to make sure he knew exactly what Sonic was talking about. If he's going to do Sonic a favor, he should know exactly what he's talking about.

"Right!" Sonic said, happy that Tails now knew exactly what he was talking about now. Of course, he didn't know exactly what he was talking about himself! 'That's why Tails is the genius,' Sonic thought. Which was true. No matter how well Sonic did in school, it didn't compare to Tails' knowledge.

Tails closed his eyes to think. 'What could I invent…' he thought. He crossed his arms and thought harder. 'Something that would let Sonic know Amy needed help…' His brows furrowed as he thought deeper. His eyes shot open and a huge grin took over his lips. Of course, it seemed more of a devilish grin. He put both hands on his hips and nodded at the now confused blue hedgehog.

Truth be told, Tails' grin did scare him a little. He knew that tails had something is his mind but something about that grin…what is he planning. "So, uh, what do you have in mind?" Sonic asked as he nervously smiled at him and a sweat drop formed on his head.

The grin on the fox's muzzle didn't subside. "You'll just have to wait and see," he said as he began to walk back to the workshop. Small spits of laughter escaped his lips at every five step he took. He couldn't contain it. "I'll have it done it about three to four hours," he said letting that information slide. He didn't look back as he walked through the metal doors that led to the workshop.

Sonic stayed where he stood. He didn't know whether to follow his friend or just to wait until the end. Usually, though, Tails waits until he gets his inventions done to show him. He looked up at the ceiling, 'Of course thinking about it…he hasn't shown me anything at all recently.' Sonic looked back at the metal doors that just closed and smirked. He had an idea as to why.

"So that's how you met Cheese?" asked a cheerful pink hedgehog. Amy was in the city park walking alongside with Cream and Cheese. She's been wanting to get to know Cream. You know, it never hurts to have too many friends. Vanilla trusted Amy and let Cream go with her that day. Knowing this much about the young rabbit seemed like a lot though…Amy thought she had it rough, but Cream and Cheese, well they didn't exactly have the best life in the past.

"Yeah! Now he waits for me outside of the school yard everyday I go to school, don't you Cheese?" asked the equally cheerful rabbit. At the age of 12, anyone would have thought that her life was all smiles and laughs. But no. When she was younger, she and her mom lived alone. Her dad died before she even had a chance to recognize his face. The school she used to go to was tough. The books weren't new and many of the teachers slowly began to quit to many of the classrooms were very tight. She would fake a smile just to see her mom happy.

It wasn't until she met her best chao friend, Cheese, that she truly began to be happy. It seemed that Cheese brought her and Vanilla a lot of luck. A job opportunity opened up for the older rabbit and they both moved to Station Square. Cream transferred to the elementary school in the city. The culture shock affected her for a few days, but she quickly got used to her new school, new city, new life. She graduated from the school was moving up the Station Junior High.

"Chao!" exclaimed the very happy chaos that was on top of Cream's head.

Amy giggled at the chao. A thought suddenly popped into her head. She knew that Cream was young, but it never hurts to get her opinion about something. "Um…" she started, struggling to get the words out. "What do you…" Cream looks at her friend confused. "How did you meet Tails?" Amy blurted out. That's not exactly what she wanted to ask her, but maybe…

"What?" Cream suddenly became red. The question cause her to turn her head sharply towards Amy and Cheese to fall off her head. Luckily , Cheese's quick reaction saved him. "Uuum well…" she began as she laughed nervously. The shade of red grew deeper as she thought of the day she met the fox. "After a week we moved here, I met him at school!" she said as she looked down. Cheese flew back onto her head.

Amy glanced at the sky. She tried to imagine them first meeting, first sharing a smile, first everything. The pink hedgehog looked back at Cream. "How did you know two had a genuine relationship?" she suddenly asked.

"Genuine relationship?" Cream said as her whole head turned red. She put her both hands on each cheek and she smiled even more. "I wouldn't cal it that," she said sheepishly and she moved her head side to side. "Tails and I are just really close friends!" She was definitely embarrassed. She couldn't stop her from moving her head nor blushing. The small chao on her head tried his best from not falling off her head again.

Amy gave her a timid laughter as a sweat drop formed on her head. There is that word again: friends. "How do you know that what you feel about him is true?" At this point, Amy felt bad. She felt like she's trying to pry information out of Cream.

"Feel? What are you talking about?" Cream said in defense as she began to wave her hands in front of her. "I only like him as a friend, nothing else!" she said. Her actions, though, were saying otherwise.

Amy laughed. "Okay, whatever you say!" she said as she smiled at Cream. "Well, if you did like him, how would you know?"

Cream looked at the sky. She held her hand in front of her and point at the sky, as if she was a college professor giving a lecture. "If I did, which I don't, I would have a feeling inside of me every time I look or thought about him." The rabbit's facial expression relaxed but also became serious. She lowered her finger slowly. "Not a giddy feeling, more like a tickling sensation. I wouldn't feel obsessed over him, I would let him live a happy life without me messing that up…" she paused for a while. Her blush was long gone. The chatter of everyone in the park was the only sound they could hear. "Um, the rest is kinda hard to explain."

Amy's eyes had widen once Cream started to explain. But hearing that… "Really?" she said in a low voice. A huge grin took over her muzzle. "And all of this coming from someone that denies to like someone!" she said in a teasing manner. The blush came back on the rabbit's face. Amy couldn't help but laugh. "Admit you like him!" she said as she smacked her on her back, forcing Cream to fall on the ground.

Cream looked back up at her pink friend and gave her a sheepish smile. 'I wouldn't tease if I were you, Amy,' she thought to herself. Cream couldn't say that to her Amy, not yet. The rabbit looked at a small watch she wore. "Oh jeez! It's almost four!" she said as she hastily stood up. "I have to go, Amy. I'm really sorry!" she quickly said.

"Oh. Do you have to go somewhere with your mom?" Amy asked, suddenly confused. She thought that she was going to hang out with Cream the entire day. Vanilla didn't say anything about this at all earlier.

Cream dusted herself off and gave a short, quick bow to Amy. "Uh not exactly…" she said. She turned back to the direction the pair came from. "I'm sorry I have to go like this! We can hang out again tomorrow if you want!" she said as she began to run away with Cheese still on her head.

Before Amy could reply, the rabbit was already out of sight. 'Damn…she can sure run!' Amy thought. She sighed and continued to walk through the park alone. Friend…friend…friend! That word! How come most relationship start out with just friends? Amy grunted. She shook her head in fury as the word took over her mind. How could that word help her understand what she's feeling?

'When I first got here everything felt the same as before,' Amy thought as she continued to walk blindingly through the large park. 'It wasn't until I met Jay that night that everything started to change…and all my friends began to pair me up with Sonic.' Of all mobians in this entire planet, why that jerk-hog? So he was her best friend, that didn't stop him from messing with her. But then… 'Why do I still hang out with him as much as I do?' A small tickling sensation began to take over her stomach. Her eyes widened. No…impossible!

"He was seen heading this way!" a female voice said that snapped Amy from her thoughts.

Amy stopped walking and looked at her surroundings. As she was deep in thought, she didn't notice that she began to walk deeper into the park. The surroundings were unfamiliar to her, but she was very sure she would be able to get out of there. Walk in one direction can help, right?

"You think that's why there were so many paparazzi suddenly ran in here?" another female voice said in a suggesting manner.

The pink hedgehog looked to her right. Four girls were standing together giggling as that statement was said. She immediately knew exactly who they were talking about. Sonic. They looked to be around her age and developed a lot more than the pink hedgehog. They weren't afraid to show it either. Their clothes seems to be too revealing.

"We'll definitely catch his attention," another one said.

Amy turned her head back in front of her. She couldn't be caught eavesdropping so she slowly walked away from the group. The pink hedgehog couldn't help but snicker at the girls. She knew Sonic like the back of her hand. Skimpy dressed girls didn't make his head turn at all.

'Now that I think about it…' She stopped walking. 'What kind of girls is Sonic attracted to anyway? I never saw him check out a girl…not even once!' she quietly gasped and a sweat drop formed on her head. 'Is he gay?' Because she was lost in her thoughts, she failed to notice that she didn't walk far from the group of girls.

"Hey! Mind your own damn business!" one of the girls shouted.

Amy was brought back to reality and looked back at the group of girls that were drooling over Sonic earlier. They were looking directly at her. She was confused. Of course Amy was minding her own business! Why would they think otherwise? "Me?" Amy asked as she pointed at herself.

One of them stepped out. She was a cheetah. "Yeah you!" she shouted as she pointed at the pink hedgehog. "Just because we're in the park, it doesn't give you any reason to eavesdrop into our conversation!" The cheetah lowered her hand onto her hip.

Amy glared at them. "What makes you think I'm eavesdropping?" she shouted back. The argument caught the attention of the other mobians around them. Most of the guys around them stayed in hopes of the girls starting to physically fight, while parents that had children walked away not wanting their children to hear the argument. "If I wanted to listen in on your conversation, I would hide somewhere than to just stand here like an idiot and just listen," she said as she shrugged.

"I know you are lying, you bitch!" the cheetah yelled. Clearly, there was no getting the truth to her head. She took a menacing step towards Amy, threatening to attack her at any moment.

"Bitch?" Amy growled. The step didn't intimidate her at all. Instead, the motion to fight made the pink hedgehog want to take out her hammer. Before she could, a hand held her wrist. Already fumed, Amy glared at the mobian who dared grab her while. Her eyes softened as she saw a pair of emerald green eyes looking at her.

"What are you doing?" he asked. It was Sonic. She couldn't clearly see his face but she knew it was him. He wore a light green short sleeved hoody. He wore the hood over his head to cover up his face just so the reporters wouldn't see him. How could anyone not recognize him? He held a strong grip on her wrist. "It's pretty pointless to fight her, you know," he told her.

Before Amy could say another word, the angry cheetah pushed Amy. The pink hedgehog was caught of guard and fell back onto Sonic. That caused the hood to fall down, revealing the blue hedgehog's face. He rapidly looked around to make sure no reporters were nearby.

"Sonic!" Someone yelled. Suddenly the crowd around grew bigger every second they stood there. Some of the mobians muttered to one another and pointed at Sonic.

Amy looked up at Sonic and had an apologetic expression. She then looked around and saw that the crowd had tripled in size. 'Wow…news sure does travel,' she thought as she scanned through the crowds to look for a way out in a panicky way. Mainly for Sonic.

"Damn…" Sonic muttered under his breathe. He knew that at any moment, he would be in the grasp of the paparazzi's' grasp. He wasn't worried about himself though, he was more worried about Amy. She wasn't exposed to the media at all, and he wanted it that way. Thinking fast, he took off his short-sleeved hoody only to reveal a light blue shirt underneath, and covered Amy's head with it. The action caused Amy to fall back again, making Sonic's plan a bit easier.

He picked up the pink hedgehog and quickly ran towards the crowd to find a small opening. Getting through the crowds was the easy part. To find a place to hide was hard. As he held Amy is his arms she swiftly ran past the fans and their own cameras, to the only place he knew was secluded enough that no one would be able to find them.

Amy, on the other hand, was taken back by Sonic's action. Her instincts told her to remove the hoody once it completely covered her head, but the action was stopped by his swift and fast movements. She could feel the wind brush up against her body as he ran to who knows where with her in his arms. It felt good, though. This wasn't her first time being carried by Sonic as he ran this fast, but this was the first time she actually felt the wind at this speed.

He suddenly stopped and gently put her down. "Huh…" Amy said as she finally took the hoody off of her head. The scene ahead of her stunned her with awe. "Where are we?" Amy asked as she lowered the hoody slowly. The park lake in front of her welcomed her by glistening in the sunlight. She looked around to see if anyone was with them, but saw no one. Distant conversations of the mobians in the park could be hear.

"We're still at the park," Sonic said. He was looking out towards the lake. A small breeze ruffled his quills as he lowered himself to the ground.

Amy felt the gentle breeze. A thought suddenly popped in her head. She moved back farther away from Sonic until she felt a tree trunk behind her. The pink hedgehog grunted as she tried to climb the tree.

Sonic looked back at the pink hedgehog. A sweat drop formed on his head as he saw her struggle to climb the tree. "What are you doing?" he asked her.

"Trying to get away from you! You probably have something setup here to embarrass me again," she said as she still tried to climb the tree. A few days ago, Sonic messed with her as she had lunch with Rouge in the small diner she was now fond of. It wasn't a big deal, but scaring her as she drank her soda really did annoy her a bit. Having soda come out her nose as she also spat it out did hurt. Since then, she's been on alert everywhere she went now knowing that he is still at it with his usual tricks. Sadly, though her tree climbing attempts failed.

"Not today, Ames," Sonic said as a huge grin appeared on his face. He really thought that she wouldn't fall for that scare, but he was glad she did. He really liked her reactions. The blue hedgehog turned back towards the lake.

Amy hesitantly looked at Sonic and lowered herself back on the ground. As her feet her the ground, she slid down all the way on the ground to sit. She took another look at the view in front of her. The view from here was priceless. Though it was odd…she never saw Sonic calmly sit down and admire anything. A small blush appeared on her muzzle as another small breeze ruffled the blue hedgehog's quills. 'He looks different…' she thought. "Uuhhh…" Amy looked away from him, "So why are we here?" She moved the green hoody in her hands to occupy her attention.


Sonic didn't answer. He slowly stood up, not taking his eyes off of the lake. Hesitantly, he turned his head towards the pink hedgehog. A sheepish smile appeared on his muzzle as he walked towards her. "I want to give you something," he said in a low voice.

Amy eyed the blue hedgehog as he lowered himself beside her. "What do you want to give me?" she asked.

Sonic reached in the pocket of his white pants. As he pulled out his hand, a golden chain peered out from his fingers. He opened his hand to reveal a gold necklace. The chain held a heart shaped pendant that had a silver 'A' embedded on it.

Her eyes widened at the gift. She reach for the necklace and caressed the jewelry. 'He wanted to give me this?' she thought.

Sonic scratched the back of his head. "It's actually a tracking device," he admitted. "It was Tails' idea to make it that way, " said as he thought back to when the fox handed him the necklace. Right after Tails was done with the invention, he handed it to the blue hedgehog while having a sly grin on his muzzle.

"A tracking device?" Amy looked down at the jewelry. 'Looks like a normal necklace to me,' she thought as she twirled it in her fingers.

"Uh yeah." Sonic pointed to the side of the pendant to reveal a small button. "That button has a scanner to identify your finger print. So once you press that button, it will only work for you," he said as he sat back to his spot.

Amy inspect the pendant again. "Why are you giving me this?" she asked while she looked at the blue hedgehog in confusion.

Sonic put his hands on the ground behind him and used them as support. "When you got kidnapped by those bastards a few weeks ago, it made me realize that I wouldn't always be there to save you whenever you get in trouble…" he said hesitantly. "I just got lucky that day. So I thought that I'd get you something that would call me every time you need me." He looked away as he said the last statement.

Her gaze went from the necklace in her hand to the blue hedgehog. Every time she needed him? Memories of the night he stayed at her dorm flooded back to her mind. She really didn't mean to sleep on his shoulder, but she couldn't help it. 'He made me feel so comfortable…just like when he comforted me when I cried,' she thought. Being in his arms just made her feel so very safe. "How will you know I need you?" she asked him, not taking her eyes off of the blue hedgehog.

Sonic looked back at Amy and lifted his right arm for her to see it. He revealed a silver men's watch. "Just push the button," he told her.

She nodded and gently pushed the small button. Seconds later, Sonic's watch began to beep rapidly. He moved closer to her and let her have a closer look at his watch. Like any other wristwatch, it showed the time to the owner. Amy wasn't impressed. The blue hedgehog then pressed a similar button on the side of the watch. The beeping stopped and the entire inside jewelry changed to a map of the city. A small blue dot flashed beside a red dot.

"The blue dot is you," Sonic explained to Amy. He sat back to his original spot. "So I'll be able to find you, no matter where you are," he said with a smile as he looked at his best friend.

Amy could only stare at the blue hedgehog beside her. He was giving this to her, just to protect her? Again, she could feel warmth creeping up her face. Luckily for her, Sonic looked back at the lake in front of them before her blush became visible. 'This feeling again…' Amy thought at she gently clutched the jewelry in her hand. Slowly, she place the necklace to the place where it was meant to go.

"Thank you so much," Amy said as she smiled at him. Her blush didn't stay long for Sonic to witness it. "I…I really do appreciate this, Sonic," she told him as she felt small tears form in her eyes.

Sonic's eyes widened as tears began to spill down Amy's cheeks. "This isn't something to cry about, you know," he said in a teasing manner.

Amy sniffled and wiped her tears, only to have more fall down. "I know, I'm just really happy…" she said as she brought her legs towards her body and hugged her knees. The green hoody fell onto the ground beside her.

A small smile appeared on Sonic's muzzle as he put an arm around her. He liked to hold her like this, just like the very first night he held her close to him. His gaze averted from her face to the bow on her headband. It was an old bow, but it still held the bright color like it was brand new. Sonic took his arm off around her and stood up.

"I need to go," Amy said as she sniffled and again wiped her tears away. "My mom wanted me to call her today, and I forgot to bring my cell phone." She embarrassingly laughed as she stood up from the ground. "Thank you, Sonic, for bringing me here."

Sonic looked from the lake to the pink hedgehog again. "It's no problem!" he said with a grin. "You can come here whenever you want," he told her as he began to walk towards the shrub right behind the tree they sat in front of. "I'll show you how to get here."

Amy followed the blue hedgehog as he made his way back towards the populated area of the park. He walked through the 'forest' without a doubt of the path he took. The voices of the other mobians began to get louder with ever step they took. Instead of showing her how to get there, like he said, he just told her to walk towards the center of the park as she entered the south park gate. Amy mentally took note.

Sonic then stopped. Before he took another step, he put on the green hoody that Amy held in her hands. "We've only been gone for half an hour at the most, so I doubt they stopped looking for me," he said as she put on the hood over his head. He stepped out towards the crowd with Amy by his side. No one noticed that it was him.

"Don't you get hot?" Amy asked as she looked at him.

"Yeah, but what else could I do? I came looking for you, so it's not like I can run away," he said as he placed both his hands inside his pants pockets. "Beside," he smiled at her, "some of them probably remember your face so I can't leave you alone until I'm sure you'll be fine on your own."

Amy let out a small grunt. 'He really is protecting me,' she thought.

Both of them cautiously walked through and out of the park. They held a small conversation as they walked through the city to the dorms. At some occasions, Amy whacked Sonic with her over some comments that Sonic had said. Usually he would end it with a smirk.

The pair reached the school dorms. Oddly enough, the area was like a ghost town. Taking another glance around, Sonic took off the hood. "So just call me, when ever you need to," he said with a smile.

Amy smiled back at him and nodded. "I will!" she said. "You know…when we were at the center of the park, it seemed like we were in another world," she said in whispering voice. "I'm glad you took me there!"

Sonic smirked, "I know you wanted me all to yourself, but you have to lower that enthusiasm."


"That's not what I meant!" she yelled at him. As she put away her large hammer.

Sonic was already used to the hits. He was lucky that he hasn't had a concussion. The blue hedgehog turned and walked away. "I'll see you later, Ames," he said as he waved.

Gathering up her courage, Amy ran up to Sonic and gave him a hug. She quickly let go and ran back to the dorms before he could say another word. She didn't want to here any other smart remark Sonic had to say, especially about that! As she made her way through the building's door, she gently closed the door behind her. She greeted the guards and ascended the stairs that lead to the hallway of her dorm.

Outside, the blue hedgehog stood there stunned. That was the very first time Amy had hugged him without crying. A smile appeared on his muzzle. "Almost…" he muttered to himself as he began to walk through the streets and back to his house.

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