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It's been two months since school had started. Every student felt happy and excited once the school had open its doors for them again. Finally, they could see their friends as often as they could as well as make new ones along the way. One student, in particular, dreaded the start of the school year. Every day he would end up being bothered, and get a lot of attention that he did not want. Since the day Sonic saved everyone, he couldn't get a single break from his peers or the media. Luckily for him, he did sometimes blend in with the other students.

The skirts that all of the girls wore were black with a thin red line on the edge, but the tops were different. The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors wore a brownish-grey long sleeved sweater. It had a V-neck to reveal the white blouse underneath, while the small red bow hugged the neck line perfectly to the middle point of the line. The seniors wore a brownish-grey vest that covered most of the white blouse underneath, only to expose the brownish-grey cuffs of the white blouse only for seniors. A small red tie complimented the entire attire.

The boys, one the other hand, almost wore the exact same uniforms. Freshmen and sophomores wore brownish-grey pants and jacket on top of a white undershirt with a red tie around their necks. Juniors wore the same colored dress pants with a grey sweater vest over a white, long-sleeved undershirt with a red tie. The senior's was completely different. They wore black pants and jacket, while a white undershirt was held together with the uniform by a black tie.

Each uniform top or jacket had the grade of the owner embedded to determine which grade everyone belonged to.

During the springtime, though, the girls could take off their sweaters and vests while the guys can take off their jackets

To make matters worse for the blue hedgehog, a few days after school started, there was another crisis. The typical building catching on fire. Well, unfortunately for Sonic, the building was on the way towards his job interview. Many of the cops and fire fighters begged for his help because a few other residents were trapped in the building. He ended up saving the people and losing the job opportunity for being late for his interview.

As he walked through the hallways, many of the girls swooned at his presence. The young fox beside him gave a weak smile to Sonic.

"Seems like you became even more famous than before," he said to Sonic, nudging him with his elbow.

"If that's even possible," Sonic answered. He shook his head, making his quills waver along. He loosened the black tie around his neck. Both he and Tails were assigned senior uniforms because of the sudden transfer of juniors, the uniform supply lessened.

"Meaning this year will be a lot different than the past years," Knuckles hinted, slapping the blue hedgehog on the back.

As the trio made their way for the lunchroom for a bit of breakfast, they were immediately stopped by the assistant principal of the school. She was an older looking brown bear, with a kind face. She seemed to enjoy her job very much. Her square glasses slid down her nose a bit, forcing her to slid them back up. She gave the three a very friendly smile.

"Mr. Hedgehog?" she said in a frail voice, her age could easily be guessed by the sound of her tone.

Sonic gave the bear a warm smile of his own. "That's me," he answered, placing his hands in the pocket of his pants.

"The principal would like to talk to you," she said to him, her voice still frail. Her smile never subsided.

Sonic nodded, telling Knuckles and Tails that he would meet up with them later. He and Tails had three classes together while Sonic shared P.E. with Knuckles and his younger friend. Following the bear, they made their way to the main office where he was immediately greeted by two Siamese cats, both wearing the exact same attire. The two females couldn't help but let out short giggles as Sonic returned the handshakes that they offered him.

The blue hedgehog sat down on a chair that was placed across from the principal. The entire room was large enough for a group of ten people to have a meeting. A large bookcase opposite of the wall he currently faced.

"Hello, Mr. Hedgehog," the principal greeted. The otter gave him a big smile to the trio in front of him as the assistant principal left the room, leaving an almost eerie silence. The two cats placed both of their hands on the rim of the chair that Sonic sat in, sending an alluring but still sly smile towards him.

"Uh, hey," Sonic replied, immediately feeling trapped inside the room. The strange feeling made him move around his seat, but was only stopped by the four hands that were behind him. He looked towards the door, hoping that he could make a run for it, but was only trapped and frozen still by the icy stare that one of the cats gave him. Bead of seat dripped down as he tried to find any other exit. How come he felt so trapped?

"These two lovely felines would love to ask you a question," the principal said, his smile never subsiding. It was as if he wasn't aware of the strange atmosphere around them.

"Well, Mr. Hedgehog," one of them began, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"We are representatives from 'Underwater Life', the largest aquarium in Empire City," the other said, sounding as if she was proud to say that. Even her facial expression told Sonic that. "And we are wondering if you could give us the pleasure of making a celebrity appearance there."

Both cats looked at the blue hedgehog, smiling down on him. Their smiles could almost pierce through him. Sonic, on the other hand, was frozen. His eyes displayed fear, as he stared at the principal in front of him. No matter how hard he tried, Sonic couldn't move from the chair he sat in. It wasn't because the felines' grip was keeping him from moving, it was because of the offer he was given.

"No!" Sonic immediately answered after finding his voice. He heard about that aquarium. The only thing that divided the visitors from the water was glass. The mobians were offered the feeling of being underwater while they enjoyed the view of the sea life as if they themselves had gills. Sonic couldn't imagine himself there, being surrounded by water; knowing that at any moment the glass could crack and he would more than likely drown. He could feel himself shaking as the image replied over and over again in his head.

"No?" One of the cats repeated as if she didn't hear his response the first time. Her eyes narrowed as a sly smile took over her muzzle. "Well, of course we don't expect you to answer to this request right away," she said leaning very close to the blue hedgehog.

The other cat walked over to the wall near the door and leaned on it. Her expression the same as her pair while she looked at the teenage hedgehog. With her arms crossed up against her chest, she let out a sigh. "We recommend that you think this over for the next three days and we'll meet up again in here." She moved her hand over to the door knob and slowly turned it without opening the door itself. "Only then will we take your answer seriously."

"You seem to be doing a bit better than last year," a large brown dog said. A small but still sincere smile on his lips as he looked at the pink hedgehog that stood in front of him as she awaited for her test to be given back to her.

Since her previous math lessons from Sonic, Amy has begun to understand the subject little by little. Every once in a while she would get stuck in a problem, but like any other student she would try her best to do it on her own. Amy's eyes sparkled as she heard the good news from her new teacher. Her previous math teacher made sure that this year she would have the attention needed to do better; to make sure that this time she would pass without much difficulty.

The dog handed her the test, the smile still on his muzzle. Amy politely took the paper from his hands and immediately looked at the grade that was written on the very top. Her eyes widened, he eyes never lost the sparkle.

"I got a B!" Amy announced to the entire class without meaning to. She practically hugged the test paper as she walked back towards her desk, receiving odd glances from the rest of her classmates. Being engrossed in her test grade, she was oblivious to the strange looks that were given to her.

Being in a new grade, Amy quickly adjusted to her new classes. She was also assigned a new locker; one that was farther away from all of her classes, but closer to the dorm. Because of this, she mentally kid herself saying that she wouldn't have to do any excises for a while. She became very attached to the new school uniform since it easily complimented her body well. It wasn't too revealing but at the same time she wasn't too covered up. Some of the girls complained about the uniform to deaf ears though.

Amy sat in the row that was more towards the middle, making her feel like she wouldn't miss a single lesson in her new math class. The fights and drama of the previous year were all behind her now, aiming to do her best in school while trying to keep herself out of trouble. Though she really appreciated Sonic for worrying about her, she didn't want him to worry too much and depend on him every time she needed help. Especially when it came to her school work.

As the class ended, she happily exited her classroom with a huge grin pasted on her muzzle as she held her book and test tightly near her chest. She was very proud of that grade. Amy was oblivious to everyone around, sometimes bumping into the different Mobians that roamed the hallways towards their lockers or next class.

A sudden gust of wind rushed past her, knocking her books down while her test flew into the crowd of students. She let out a gasp as she watched the paper land right in the middle of the hallway. Her brows furrowed as she bent down to pick up her math book and binder. Luckily for her, none of the papers flew out.

She whipped her head towards the direction the sudden wind headed off to, knowing exactly who was responsible for her joy kill. The moment she finished picking up her books, she stomped towards the hallway, picked up her test, and headed towards a very familiar locker.

"Sonic the Hedgehog!" she growled out the moment she saw her blue friend standing right where she knew he was going to be. Using her books as a weapon, she smacked the back of his head in annoyance. It didn't do much damage as her Piko Piko Hammer, but she was satisfied with just knowing that she inflicted some kind of pain.

Sonic rubbed the back of his head as he let out a groan. "Aw, jeez, Ames! What the hell was that for?" he asked, sending a glare at her direction. He didn't grab any of his books and his head was just inches from the locker door.

"Don't you ever watch where you're going whenever you 'jog' through the hallways?" she asked, put air quotes on the word jog. She placed on hand on her hip as she put pressure on one side of her body to show that she was not in a good mood at the moment. Her glare didn't subside as she looked at her best friend. "Anyway, what's up? You usually don't run through school; not even when you pull pranks on me."

Sonic stopped rubbing his head. He felt his eye twitch and his body begin to tremble when he thought back to the morning. "Uh…" He didn't know why, but he couldn't even tell her the reason. Just thinking of the word made him feel nervous. "I-It's nothing," he said, failing to sound convincing.

"You know you can't convince me with that," Amy said, making her hammer disappear and doing her best to folder her arms across her chest to at least show she was somewhat annoyed by Sonic's actions. "No out with it; what has gotten you so nervous?"

Sonic have her skeptical looking, wondering how she was able to tell that he was nervous. Sure they were closer than ever, but that didn't explain how she would all of a sudden be able to read him like a book. His brows furrowed. He knew that Amy wouldn't leave him alone unless he told her exactly why he ran past her, making her drop her books to the ground. His eyes traveled to their surroundings and noticed the audience that they attracted.

While some of the students looked at them with curiosity, some of the girls looked at Amy with envious looks. How is it that she was able to talk to him with him running away? The majority of the school knew of their friendship; but since there had been new transfers, new faces appeared and were now questioning their relationship. Sonic tried to create any type of rumor that involved Amy to keep her safe the world of paparazzi.

"Not now, Ames," he said, trying to dismiss his pink friend. He leaned in closed, covering the side of his mouth with one hand so their 'audience' won't butt into their business more than they already had. "How about we talk later?"

Amy could only blink. Was it something very important that he couldn't talk about it during school? She could only nod in response

If Amy laughed any harder, she could be heard throughout the city. After hearing Sonic's story, she would have never believed that Sonic the Hedgehog wanted to strongly refuse to go to an aquarium because of water. Sure she knew of his fear, but to the extend of not wanting to visit an aquarium? She couldn't help but laugh."Shut up!" Sonic exclaim, trying to hide his embarrassment.

The pink hedgehog tried to conceal her laugh, but ended up failing by only laughing harder. She never would've thought of her former bully would have such a weakness. "I-I-I'm sorry!" Amy said in-between the laughter. Sonic didn't say a word. He couldn't. Even though he admitted to liking her to the extent of enjoying hearing her laugh, this was embarrassing.

"But seriously, Sonic," Amy said, while she tried to contain her laughter again, resulting in light giggles. "I say that this is a way for you to get over your fear.""Oh yeah?"

"Yeah! I mean, this is the only aquarium that is mainly built with only strong glass and various steel beams that keep the water from gushing out at the visitors. You'll be fine! You won't be alone."

The sunlight that passed through the only window in Amy's room was momentarily blocked by a passing cloud. While Sonic was uncomfortably sitting on the edge of her bed, Amy laid beside him not caring that the only guy that would think about harassing her in any way possible was right beside her. It was already after school, and Sonic immediately thought that talking to Amy in her room would seem more ideal. Though they had their 'secret' spot in the park, it was too public while his own home was out of the question.

He couldn't think straight at the moment. He couldn't say that he hated being a celebrity. Heck, it didn't even bother him; it was just annoying sometimes.

"So?" Amy's voice broke through his thoughts. He turned towards the pink hedgehog, a look of confusion evident on his face. "I say you should do this. I'll even go with you!"

Sonic's ears lowered a bit as he looked with Amy with a skeptic expression. "You just want to see how I react to all of this."

Amy couldn't help but giggle a bit.

"That and think of it as some sort of revenge for all those times you've pranked me until now."

She sat up on, placing both hands on the edge of her bed and used them as support. Her looked softened as she smiled at the blue hedgehog, wanting to show her support. Though she really thought this was karma's way of getting back at him, she was still his friend. She wanted to see Sonic get through this phase. Having a phobia was something that could seem like a hassle to have, but with a bit of pushing little by little, the phobia was sure to slowly disappear.

"I really want to talk to you about something though," Amy said, not dropping her smile but managed to look serious. "It's about something…important."

Even though Amy talked to him with much seriousness, he couldn't help but feel like she was going to tease him about his phobia a bit longer. He couldn't drop his guard around the girl.

"What about?"

"About your relationships."

The topic threw Sonic off guard. Coming from Amy, he was somewhat expecting this, but at the same time he didn't. He, of course, wanted to talk to her about the same thing, but still felt like it wasn't the right time. The timing seemed off and too soon. They were just starting to build their relationship and he didn't want to scare her off. He wanted to make sure that she felt like she like him as much as he liked her.

"What about them?"

Amy's smile dropped. "I know that you haven't been in one for a while now, but… we're close friends, right?"

That questions baffled Sonic. He rose a brow, as if mentally telling her that that was a stupid question to ask.

The pink hedgehog laughed as soon as she knew what the expression meant. "Okay! Okay! I'll get to the point." She placed one of his hands in hers, giving it a light squeeze. "Promise me, that the next relationship you're going to have will actually be meaningful."

"You're telling me this as if I should understand it," Sonic laughed. "'Meaningful' as in what?"

Amy pulled her hand, letting out a pout. "As in you should actually care for the next girl you go out with as much as she cares for you! There's not point in going out with a girl without liking her!" She finished by placing her hand nears his, her pinky sticking up.

Sonic stared at her, then at her finger. "Amy, you're not doing what I think you're doing.""I know this seems childish, but it's the only way I can think of at the moment that you'll be able to keep this promise."

The blue hedgehog looked away. He knew that he shouldn't be thinking twice, but something made him. He didn't know if it was his own conscious or the fact that it was Amy lecturing him about relationships. Heck, he knew what she's been through.

Thinking back about Jay, he mentally cursed. He couldn't think someone would go as low as to try to break her heart that way; lying to her just to get out of a problem. A scowl took over his face. The past was something he didn't want to remember. His eyes found their way back to Amy, waiting for him to respond to her promise. Sonic couldn't help but smile. She's helped him a lot. Making this promise was the least he could do.

Completing the promise with his own pinky, he smiled at the pink hedgehog, receiving one in return.

"Alright, I promise."

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