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So the one story that I am going to work on is a story that is based off of the novella and movie Coraline.

the book itself was written by one of my favorite authors Neil Gaiman, and the movie was directed by the same guy that directed 'the nightmare before Christmas' NOT TOM BURTON, he only produced the movie, he didn't direct it, so why they put Tim Burton's nightmare before Christmas is a total blank for me, the real guy that deserves all the real credit is the guy who actually directed the movie Henry Selick. So no offence to any Tim Burton fans but, I like him too but the thing is he does not deserve all the credit.

FYI to all the people that tell me it was Burton's idea... QUIT BOTHERING ME ON THAT! I DON'T CARE AND I AM STANDING BY MY OWN DAMN OPINION!

So I just really wanted to do this and well I thought why not make a Coraline Zim thing? So I thought about it and I think I will create maybe three coraline things.

One with Dib, one with Zim and one with Tak maybe, but right now I will try to see how the Zim one comes out and if it is successful then I will just continue it...and just leave Dib and Tak for something else entirely, like maybe another movie story or something, but right now I just need the reader's help on whether or not I should keep this story only focused on Zim or if it should be changed to Tak or Dib.

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"Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten." - G.K. Chesterton.

Chapter one

The Pink Palace.

Zim stared out the window, watching the scenery of trees, mountains and mud.

Zim didn't want to move... he actually liked Michigan, well except for the cold, but still Pontiac, Michigan is the place where his friends where.

To move to Ashland, Oregon was a little too much for him to handle, his new home was basically placed in the middle of nowhere!

And what kind of a name was Ashland?

Everything here looked so dull, grey and mute.


Zim looked at his older brother who was stuck in a white neck brace.

"Would you calm down already Red? It's not like I'm going to crash, like a certain someone." said another voice, this one being more high-pitched.

"Shut up Pur." growled the other deeper and stricter voice.

"Oh hey look, the movers are here." said the higher pitched voice.

"WOAH!" squeaked Zim as the car suddenly beeped twice and made a sharp turn into a drive way, barely missing a collision with the moving truck and scaring some guy that was on the roof. Zim could hear the man curse at them in some random language.

"JEEZ! PUR YOU COULD HAVE- OH MY NECK!" complained the deeper voice.

Zim just stared at his older brothers, Merah and Viola, who are mostly known as Red and Purple due to their eye color and outfits.

Merah, who was the oldest, always wore the colors red and black. ALWAYAYS. A bright red T-shirt and some black skinny jeans and wristbands. His twin brother, Viola on the other hand, had an obsession with white and purple and would always be easily annoyed. Viola always wore a purple shirt with white skinny jeans, and white wrist bands.

"Ugh, come-on let's bring the stuff inside..." groaned Red, fixing his neck brace with a great deal of annoyance.

"Wow! This place is great!" said Purple clasping his hands together.

Zim came out of the car and looked up at the huge pink Victorian house...

"Pink Palace huh? doesn't really look like a palace." said Zim with a glum expression.

the Pink Palace was a huge house with an overgrown garden in the back with huge old trees...

Zim had come here before, and already knew some details on the house. He knew the entire thing wasn't going to be used by his older brothers, it was too big, instead it was split into three units, the basement belonged to some guy named Chewy Rodriguez, the one that cursed as he almost fell off the roof, and the basement which was occupied by some old lady and her crazy husband... what was their names? ah, yes, Mrs. Lucille Bitters and Mr. Slab Rankle, what kind of a name was slab anyways? but enough about that.

this place was old, and it belonged to some guy named Roger Membrane.

"come on Zim-roo time the bring the things in." grunted Red.

"I am not little." said Zim scrunching his face.

Zim hated the idea of staying with his brothers for six months. it was stupid! just because his mother had to work, his mother Miyuki, a successful business woman had to go to Paris, France and his father Spork had to go to London, England in order to sponsor a new growing company. Grr, stupid jobs.

"we're here! time to muscle up." said one of the movers.

Zim went inside and took his belongings into the house while the movers brought the furniture inside.

"Hello Zim!" said a voice coming from below.

"eh, hellos Mr. Rankle... how are you?" said Zim with a rather annoyed expression.

the old man was apparently walking his three perfectly black terriers, Hamish, Jock and Andrew.

"why don't you come by Zim, we can play a game of cards!" said Rankle with a smile.

"sure Mr. Rankle." said Zim bowing his head a little, as he brought his things inside, immediately Red and Purple plugged in their computers and started typing up their new garden catalogs, and articles. They were always busy and they rarely paid attention to Zim.

"Okay thank you," said Purple trying to close the main door where one of the movers apparently asked for a tip.

Zim shook his head as he heard the mover groan in frustration.

Purple had only given the mover one dollar as a tip.

Zim quickly went up the stairs and picked out his room, he liked it more than the other two rooms and was sure that his brothers would not mind him taking this one; it was a simple room with large windows and several shelves on the walls.

In the hallway there was a large mirror and Zim being who he is just had to look at his 'amazing' reflection.

Zim then frowned.

He hated being the little shorty that he was, with his black skinny jeans and his lose hot pink t-shirt. He hated wearing the stupid hot pink shirt his brother Red had gotten him, who in the right mind would get their brother a pink shirt? Not that it looked bad, Zim just hated the color.

In the distance, Zim could hear thunder... it was raining.

"oh great!" he squealed with sarcastic glee walking back to his new room, and placing a picture that he just found of his friends down on his new nightstand.

He huffed at how boring this place was, so grey and dull. Zim wanted a few colors; some Purple and maybe some pink, gold and greens...

as Zim walked downstairs to the kitchen in his brother Red typing away at his black DELL laptop.

"hey, Merah." said Zim as gently as he could.

"Zim, I am really, really busy right now, I need to finish this catalog ASAP" said Red pinching the spot where his nose should be.

"but you're always busy," said Zim

"yes Zim, I am, and right now I wish you were busy as well." said Red returning to his typing. "have you finished unpacking?" he asked.

Zim rolled his eyes and gave his older brother a frustrated look knowing that Red would answer his own question with a request.

"Look, you can also help by getting some of these boxes out of the way." said Red not really noticing that Zim didn't ask him if he could help with something else. He was just giving a request, just as Zim predicted.

"I almost tripped over one this morning." said Red typing away furiously at his laptop. "could you also move that box over there next to the others?" he asked.

"okay..." said Zim with a sigh.

Zim moved the boxes rather lazily toward a corner, where he knew his brothers would probably not harm themselves.

"moving boxes is boring." huffed Zim. "can I go outside now?" he asked Red with a hopeful look on his face. He did hate the rain, but he had glue and his new Purple rain coat his mother gave him, so it would be okay, and besides he wanted to explore the garden.

"NO. it's raining outside, rain creates mud and mud means cleaning and I don't have time for either. If you're not going to finish unpacking then why don't you explore the house? or go see your brother or something, but please stop bothering me right now!" said Red in a harsh tone rubbing his temples.

Zim looked a little hurt at his brother's actions... but it was okay...

"fine." he said plainly.

"IM BUSY ZIM! go check on your brother!" said Red not really noticing that Zim was already gone.

Zim walked into a smaller room that was located by the stairs and the heater. the thing he hated about Viola or Purple is that he had a tendency to be a pack rat. Right now he was typing on a really old 90's computer.

"hey Vi, whatcha doing?" asked Zim a little curious to see what he brother was typing.

He could clearly see that his brother tensed and was not pleased.

"Zim, I'm kind of busy right now." said Purple in an exasperated tone.

"busy with what?" asked Zim, who was bored and now annoyed with his brother. "Talk to me Pur, I'm so bored." he said with a sad tone, hoping it would work on his brother.

Purple sighed as he kept writing, "alright Zimmers, if you're that bored, why don't you explore our new home?"

Zim annoyed over the fact that he was asked to do the same thing twice, gently pulled his brothers antennae, kind of how like someone pulls on a strand of hair.

"OW! ZIM!" growled Purple. "Look, Zim maybe you could finish your unpacking now?" he said going back to his typing.

"but I'm tired of unpacking."said Zim plainly.

"if you're not going to unpack then why don't you help me out by stacking those two newspaper piles up for me?" Zim looked around the room and sighed. there weren't any newspapers, so Zim decided it was worth the risk.

"Purvi, can I go outside?" he asked.

"I am not a Perv! Did you ask your brother?" asked Purple, one of his antennas twitching.

"Yes." said Zim plainly raising his fists up.

"and... what did he say?" asked Purple.

"don't even think about it Zim Vasquez." He growled.

"well, there's your answer Zim." said Purple.

"hey look it stopped raining. can I go out now? I would like to meet our new neighbors." said Zim.

Purple growled and shook his head. "Fine, fine, fine! Go already." said Purple in a harsh tone, but Zim was already gone, and was going out through the kitchen door which led out to the garden.

"finally I can get out of this boring house." he mumbled.

a few nights ago Zim had played cards with the old couple downstairs, apparently they used to be great actors in their time and eventually got several odd jobs, such as being a teacher or a mall cop.

As he walked along he couldn't help but notice a nice old bush growing by the garden gates. He smiled as he took a good branch out, stripping it of leaves and such, and decided to use it as a dowsing rod due to the fact that Ms. Bitters had informed him that there was an old well nearby. He had to go see it and he had to explore his new back yard.

First was the garden, it was huge, probably as big as the house, maybe even bigger.

In the very back of the house was an old tennis court, but no-one played tennis and the fence around the court was rusty and had holes in it, and the net was old and rotting.

Then there was the rose bushes that were basically dead and had flies venturing around it, the rockery, which was full of rocks, the old barn, which just had a bunch of old hay and smelled of wet wood, the green house, which was grey, and looked dirty, with the glass all stained and some of it broken here and there... Then the fairy ring which had these spongy toad stools that would smell if someone stepped on them.

Ew. this entire place was horrible and old. not much of a palace at all.

Zim also explored for animals that might appear along the way, he found a small little brown hedgehog, a snake-skin, but no snake, and a rock that looked like a frog and a toad that looked like a rock.

But Zim still felt a little lonely... he was still a kid anyways, and he just wanted something or someone to play with...

After a while, Zim's loneliness turned to fear once he heard something move in the forest.

"Hello?" he called. "who's there?"

Zim then looked suspiciously at the forest and with all his force he threw a rock into its trees hoping it would scare the monster away...only it was the opposite, instead it made it angry, to the point where it let out a small growl. Zim not really expecting that gasped and ran for his life, going a little beyond the apple orchard.

Eventually it led him a little up the mountain. he could see his house from there... Zim sighed and looked around.


"CHEEZITS!" screamed Zim turning around only to see a black cat standing on a tree stump.

"you scared me half to death you mangy thing!" hissed Zim throwing his fists up. "I'm just looking for an old well... know it?" asked Zim.

The cat only nodded simply and squinted it's Red eyes.

"not talking huh?" said Zim shaking his head and raising his dowsing rod. "this better work." he mumbled. "magic dowser, magic dowser, show me...the well!"

in an instant Zim turned around to see two kids with binoculars on their faces and these black trench coats that hid the clothing that lay underneath, which of course scared the living snot out of him, especially now that the female was charging at him.

"get away from me you piece of filth! I am not going to be vampire food!" cried Zim attempting to hit the female with his dowsing rod, only she grabbed it and tripped Zim, making him fall into the mud.

"let me guess you're from Texas or Utah? some place dried- out and barren right?" asked the male kid who was walking up to Zim and his sister. He sure did have a strange hair cut; it looked almost like a scythe.

"I heard about water witching before, but it doesn't make sense. I mean it's just an ordinary branch." said the boy taking off his goggles or binoculars, whatever they are and smirked as he adjusted his glasses.

"it's a dowsing rod!" said Zim smacking the girl's hand and grabbing the dowsing rod.

"hey!" she complained removing her binoculars as well, she had pretty little Purple hair and seemingly closed eyes.

The boy then smacked Zim behind the head.

"stop it! I do not like being stalked or hit, not by psycho nerds or their cats!" said Zim pointing at the cat that was still standing on the tree stump.

"oh you mean MiMi? she's not our cat, she's feral, you know wild?" said the girl.

"Well, of course we did name her, and feed her and sometimes she'll come to our room and bring us little dead things." said the boy petting the cat behind her ears.

"Look I'm from Pontiac." said Zim, with a sigh of pure annoyance.

"Huh?" asked the two children.

"ugh, Michigan?" said Zim annoyed, "and if I'm a water witch then where's the secret well?" he asked stomping his foot, not really noticing the hollow thump.

"you stomp to hard and you'll fall in it you moron." said the female child, crossing her arms.

"OH!" Zim quickly jumped away from the spot he was standing on. not really noticing the fact that the well had a little ring of mushrooms growing around it.

the boy then started digging with his hands at the dirt and revealed wood underneath.

"see?" he said knocking the wood, which emanated a hollow thump. "It's supposed to be so deep. that if you fell to the bottom and looked up, you'd see a sky full of stars in the middle of the day." said the boy, wedging a stick into the wood and lifting it, to reveal the full entrance to the well and its location.

"huh." said Zim looking at the well and running his fingers on the wood as he knelt down into the mud.

"I'm surprised he let you move in, my father, he owns the pink palace. Won't rent to people with kids." said the boy.

"they're just my brothers, I'll only be here for a few months, and what do you mean about that no kids deal?" asked Zim with a huff.

"we're not supposed to talk about it." said the female child.

"I'm Dib by the way Dib Membrane." said Dib shaking Zim's hand.

"and I'm Gaz, Gaz Membrane." said Gaz waving.

"Gaz?" asked Zim quirking a brow.

"short for Gazlene, not my idea of course, what ya get saddled with?" asked Gaz.

"I wasn't saddled with anything. I am ZIM!" said Zim rather proudly.

"Zeem what?" asked Dib.

"ZIM! Zim Vasquez." corrected Zim annoyed at their mispronunciation.

"Hmm. it's not real scientific, but I heard an ordinary name like Vasquez can lead to ordinary expectations about a person, Zeem is just dumb." said Dib petting MiMi once again.

Zim then grumbled and scrunched his face.

"DIB, GAZLENE!" said a male distant voice.

"I think I heard someone calling you membranes." said Zim.

"what? I didn't hear anything." said Gaz.

"oh I definitely heard something no- brains." said Zim glaring at the two.

"DIB, GAZ! COME HOME!" said the voice again.

"Dad!" said Dib gesturing towards his sister that it was time to leave.

"well, nice to get to know a Michigan water witch." said Dib running off.

"but, I'd wear gloves next time Zeem," said Gaz with a wicked grin.

"why?" asked Zim glaring at the female.

"because that "dowsing rod" of yours? It's poison oak." said Gaz running off after her brother.

"EW!" Zim immediately dropped his dowsing rod and stepped back sticking out his tongue at the two Membrane children and looking down at the cat.

MiMi just shook her head and walked off...

Zim who stayed behind then looked at the well one last time and decided to drop a rock in it.

he counted to thirty before he could hear the satisfying 'plop' as the stone hit the water.

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