For a Sick Boy

'To a Sick Boy'

"Hey, Hiyama."

Hiyama Kiyoteru looked up from his notepad in surprise. The notebook before him was filled with smudged blue biro notes- but the ink changed color to black half-way through when his blue pen had failed him. That didn't particularly matter, though. Hiyama Kiyoteru was a very well-organized person, and he always kept a few spare pens or three in the breast pocket of his sophisticated suit.

Everything about Hiyama Kiyoteru screamed 'anal retentive', from the neat just-so parting of his sleek black hair to his pristine clothes. Even his notes were faultless, despite the sudden color change half-way through. His notes were written in his unarguably neat hand; words like 'manic depression' and 'self mutilation' and 'attempted murder' cropping up again and again across the pages.

Kiyoteru had been jotting down (he didn't 'scribble') his notes uninterrupted in a corner of a small café. A cup of untouched, stone cold tea rested by his open note pad; a testament to just how long he'd been sat there, writing. It was growing rather dark outside, even though it was only three in the afternoon- although that was only to be expected, given February was fast approaching.

Hiyama Kiyoteru liked February. A lot of people didn't; they claimed it was a 'boring' season, just past Christmas but not quite spring. Kiyoteru, however, found it peaceful.

The woman who had called Kiyoteru's name- and, subsequently, snapped him out of his work-induced reverie- was a rather attractive woman with long white hair. She wore a dark coat over a fluffy white jumper; a jumper Kiyoteru had bought her for Christmas.

Her name was Miriam Stockley.

"You don't need to call me 'Hiyama'," said Kiyoteru, watching as Miriam shrugged her coat off her shoulders and- quite uninvited- sat down in the seat facing him. "We've known each other long enough already..."

"I guess- but this is strictly a business meeting, Hiyama," said Miriam, smiling mischievously. "We don't want to mix leisure and business, do we?"

Kiyoteru flushed. "N-no... I suppose not..."

"Good boy."

Kiyoteru looked down at his cup of untouched coffee, his fingertips trembling slightly.

Miriam had a... strange effect on him. She made him feel as though he were a child- almost as young as his Yuki.

There was something incredibly disarming about Miss Miriam Stockley.

Miriam called a waitress over- a pretty red-haired girl with a cheery-looking face- and ordered a cup of... something-or-other. Kiyoteru didn't know what Miriam liked to drink; she was so specific, and half of what came from her mouth when she asked for her order didn't even sound like Japanese.

Well, that was a given, considering she was British.

Kiyoteru didn't like drinking anything other than black coffee or Earl Grey tea. Anything else seemed so... excessive.

Miriam was different, though.

Miriam and Kiyoteru talked idly for a few minutes about Yuki and how she was doing in school. Miriam had stated it was a 'business' meeting- but Yuki was, in Miriam's words, 'simply too adorable not to bring up'.

Finally Miriam's mess of... whatever in a cup arrived. Miriam blew over the top of the honey-colored liquid before drinking; and, when she'd drained most of it, she placed the cup aside and folded her arms.

"Now. About our most recent case. Have you had any progress with L?"

Miriam was referring, of course, to Kagamine Len. In public the pair couldn't talk in great detail about their 'cases'; they were, after all, private. Kagamine Len had confided in Hiyama Kiyoteru, the renowned child psychologist, and it would have been unprofessional for Kiyoteru to broadcast the inner workings of Len's mind to the world. He could, however, tell Miriam. Miriam was a member of the NPA- the Japanese police service; and, given the nature of the Kagamine case, the police were working closely with Kiyoteru to help bring the Kagamine case to a satisfactory closure.

Kiyoteru sighed and took off his glasses, adjusting them slightly. Kiyoteru didn't need to adjust his glasses at all; there was nothing wrong with them. That was a habit he'd formed; something to keep his hands busy whilst he tried to arrange his thoughts.

And Hiyama Kiyoteru had been thinking about Kagamine Len a lot. His half-filled notebook showed that only too clearly.

"Oh..." Miriam's face fell, and she frowned. "No luck, huh?"

"He's being incredibly stubborn," said Kiyoteru. "I've asked him numerous times, and I'm always given the same story. I don't doubt that some of it is true- but the details don't corroborate too well with the material facts."


"L says he and R made amends. That nothing was amiss. However..."

Kiyoteru reached for his trusty black biro (a pen he'd had for about a year, which had yet to run out of ink- unlike that traitorous blue pen) and jotted down a quick note on Miriam's napkin.

It read: 'L's story still doesn't explain why R ended up in the hospital with third degree burns.'

Miriam's mouth opened in a small 'o', and she nodded her head- running her hands through her silver hair.

"He hasn't changed his tone?"

"No. It's always the same thing," said Kiyoteru. "In fact, at this point-"

Kiyotery reached for the napkin again, his pen poised.

'I don't think L is even aware of what he did. He tells his story as though it's true- and to him, I think it might be.'

"Denial?" asked Miriam.

"Perhaps. It's fairly obvious he has some deep psychological problems."

Miriam smiled at this- but it wasn't a cruel smile, or a taunting one. It was sad. Somber.

"I could have told you that and I'm not even a psychiatrist," said Miriam. "What do they pay you for, Hiyama? Do you just sit in your oh-so-smart office in your oh-so-smart suits drinking black tea and going 'I think this person might, conceivably, have a problem?' I could do your job. I could do your job with my eyes closed."

"I'm afraid you can't intimidate your patients to garner information; there are laws against that," said Kiyoteru, laughing- shaking his head. "I believe this case requires a more delicate touch, Miss Stockley."

"But you've already used a delicate touch," said Miriam, "and it's not working. Obviously you're not getting the full story."

"I fail to see how interrogating L further will change anything. He's adamant that his story is the truth. In fact-"

Kiyoteru didn't have to reach for the napkin this time; Miriam had already pushed it under his fingers. Kiyoteru gave her a small smile before he began to write. He was fast running out of space, even though his handwriting was so neat and tidy.

'L doesn't seem to realize he's talking to a psychiatrist either. He shows no indication that he understands what he's done.'

Miriam gave a low whistle.

"That sounds like a serious case of denial."

Kiyoteru nodded.

"Well. If what you're saying is correct- and I have no doubt why it wouldn't be, the expert in this field as you are- then perhaps... Perhaps questioning L will no longer help the police investigation," said Miriam.

"Mir- I-I mean, Miss Stockley," Kiyoteru corrected himself, "t-that girl has been through so much trauma. Surely you can't be suggesting we open up old wounds?"

"I am. It's been on the cards for a long time. Hiyama, that boy has been in custody for four months, and we've seen no development or change in his story whatsoever."

"I see..." said Kiyoteru. He tugged at his tie- another nervous habit. "I-it is a bit extreme, yes, but... B-but it might be our only option if L refuses to, or, for some reason, cannot, tell the truth."

Miriam nodded. Her eyes were steely.

"We need to talk to R in more detail. A more thorough investigation than last time, where she refused to divulge information. I don't care whether she wants to discuss it with the police or not. She might be the only one who really knows what happened."

Kagamine Rin.

She was the one who held the key to that mystery.

And perhaps she was the only one who knew what Kagamine Len really did.

The End

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