Title: Dynamic: a sequel to Progressive.

Rating: Even slightly more M than last time.

Warnings: I don't like to spoil things so I'll just say there are very brief flashes of mild kinks but I doubt if you are here to read something slashy you have anything to worry about.

Spoilers: Nothing new, just up to ep 16.

A/N: Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your lovely reviews. You guys really know how to make a girl's day/tempt me into writing more. And this was meant to be just a bit of an epilogue, just fast and sexy but ended up just as long as the first part. It's smutty and playful and hopefully you like it! Tell me if you do or if you don't!

Of course Blaine would sing in the shower. Of Course. Kurt could have guessed that. If you'd asked him yesterday he could have conjured half-formed images of Blaine naked and wet and crooning away that would have made him blush and half-heartedly chastise himself for entertaining such voyeuristic thoughts. But now voyeurism doesn't seem like such a terrible idea because not twenty feet from Kurt Blaine is actually, really, wet and naked and in the shower. Granted, not so much crooning as belting and rather making a mess of it and wouldn't David and Wes be mortified to hear this?

Kurt just keeps mouthing the words, "Yes, yes I do," silently and in between breathless giggles. He doesn't mind so much the slightly off-pitch, slightly scratchy rendition of 'Do You Think I'm Sexy'. Sure it would be amazing with the layered backing vocals of the full set of Warblers and Blaine all straight-laced in his blazer and buffed shoes and jumping on the furniture but perhaps not as amazing as this. A hand curls around the doorframe to the bedroom and Kurt's head follows as he dares to look in. He allows a moment's glance at the rumpled bed they've just…what to call what they've just done?

The technical pornographic phrases come to mind but they're not particularly pretty words and certainly aren't about to comfortably roll off the tongue. They don't even begin to convey the reality of it either. But if Kurt closes his eyes, even just an extra second as he blinks, he remembers and, fuck…how had he ever doubted any of it?

The moment of fond (hot) remembrance over, his eyes skip over where his discarded clothes are lying in a heap topped with Blaine's shirt and to the half-opened bathroom door through which light and steam and continued rough musical notes are escaping. He allows himself a half-grin and debates just how inappropriate this is, just how badly it could go. Because he's still wearing just his underwear and they are sticking to him and extremely uncomfortable and rather gross and Blaine is in there naked, unsuspecting and they haven't really talked about what happened nor what will happen next nor what it all means. Not that Kurt's worried. Coming in his underwear and then feeling Blaine do the same has to be the best experience of his life to date bar none and it should have been awkward and embarrassing but it just felt way too hot and good and Kurt has never managed to come that hard on his own. So, no, Kurt's not worried. And with that little internal dialogue over, Kurt is left just wanting.

With sudden determination he crosses the room and slips, just fitting, through the half-open door without a sound. The steam hits him at the same time as the stark light of an overly white room. The image follows a second later of the blurred outline of Blaine completely naked, his back to Kurt and his head angled up into the water. Smoked glass makes the details impossible to discern but the outline is enough to make Kurt's eyes widen and his breath stop.

He hasn't really thought this through and now he kind of wants to run away because this is just plain weird and over-stimulating and what the hell was the plan here? There's no way to announce his presence without scaring the crap out of his boyfriend and there's no way for him not to come off as inappropriate because as much as he wants to run he kind of wants to stare a bit more and so he does. Even blurred he can see the hard lines that make up his boyfriend's body, can guess at the contours of it all and, as Blaine turns slightly and Kurt thinks for a second he's about to be caught, he can see the superb curve of his ass.

He's not singing anymore. Having run through the entire song, twice, he's settled for the occasional hum as his hands skim his body and his head bops to the music in his mind. Kurt thinks his eyes are probably closed and again feels panic rising in him as he debates a suitable course of action. And no matter how hard he tries to convince himself this is a terrible idea and he's a complete idiot and Blaine is going to kill him he can't stop staring and wanting and, oh well, if Blaine does kill him he'll die relatively happy and a little turned on.

Later he will argue he was a bit drunk off the adrenaline of the night.

Kurt crosses the large bathroom silently, barely sparing a moment to appreciate the size of the shower and the minimalist design of just kind of cutting half the room off with a shadowy piece of glass and leaving space and water. And then he's at the glass, letting his hand brush the edge of it as he dares to look around and dropping his towel to the floor there.

Whatever he thought about the blurred version of naked Blaine, the sharply defined version is about ten different kinds of better, more. And Blaine still hasn't seen him, still manages to have his back to him and Kurt aches and flushes with the urge to just reach out and turn him around and look him over properly.

"Don't freak out." Probably isn't the best thing to say, though whatever Kurt might have said Blaine was going to react this same way. Saying 'Don't freak out' really just adds some dramatic irony to the situation.

Blaine's eyes were closed but at the sudden sound of his boyfriend standing pretty damn close, they spring open and then close again quickly at the harsh spray of water. He angles himself even more away from Kurt reflexively, showing him the expanse of his back and both his hands have flown to cover his crotch. Kurt's actually trying pretty hard not to smile and stare at his spluttering boyfriend who has moved out of the water and is looking over his shoulder while rapidly blinking to get the water out of his eyes.

Kurt's torn between thinking about just how scorchingly hot Blaine looks naked and shifting from one foot to the other under the very freaked out glare directed his way.

"Kurt?" Blaine asks, voice high and uncertain. Kurt makes no move to respond and his eyes are slowly slipping down Blaine's back again. "What are you doing?"

"How was I meant to resist?" he replies rather absently and he's chewing on his bottom lip and most certainly not giving Blaine any kind of eye-contact but staring elsewhere.

"Close your eyes," Blaine snaps just a little harshly because he'd been feeling great and now this is ruining it and maybe he's being silly but who the hell sneaks up on you in the shower?

Kurt huffs and finally meets Blaine's gaze over his shoulder. "You can't seriously expect me to believe you're self-conscious."

"Why not?" Blaine hisses, trying valiantly to ignore the spark in Kurt's eyes and the way the spray of the shower off his back and the walls is slowly wetting Kurt's own skin. Trying to stay angry at the intrusion even though he suspects most of that anger came from surprise.

Kurt answers without seeing any of the internal debate in Blaine's eyes. Mostly because he's staring at the two punctuating dimples at the base of Blaine's back and trying to imagine how well his thumbs could fit there. "You look…" he struggles to find words that aren't altogether too brash or crass for him to speak. "I mean, look at you. And we just..." Again his vocabulary lets him down. "What we just did kind of means this can't be awkward. Doesn't it?"

Eyes back up, because he's not sure he's right and there's an edge of doubt to his voice and he hates that he can't express himself because he's always been so talented when it came to using words. Of course, Blaine recognizes the doubt there and hates the idea that the temptation for Kurt to retreat back into himself is still there because that's the last thing he wants.

So he says again, much more gently, "Close your eyes."

Kurt's lips purse as though he's still trying to come up with a way to argue his way out of this, perhaps apologize, but he acquiesces.

Now or never, right? Blaine could slip past and grab a towel and leave. He turns, eyes glued to Kurt's closed ones and steps through the spray so that it's running down his back again and not clouding his vision. And then his own eyes slip down and he is already amazed he could be stupid enough to want to escape and he's taking in every inch of smooth pale skin again and marveling at the tiny droplets of water clinging to the hair on Kurt's chest and running down his stomach and soaking his underwear which is leaving even less to the imagination now than before and Kurt is hard just from looking and any doubt Blaine still had evaporates.

He moves so fast that it makes Kurt jump a little because he hadn't dared to entertain thoughts of this eventuating. One of Blaine's hands stretches out to wrap across Kurt's jaw and the other grabs the waistband of his underwear and both drag him in. They are flush and pressing and Blaine kisses him for all he's worth. Kurt's eyes spring open for only a moment but by now Blaine's are closed and then Kurt's only concern is kissing him back.

Wet and hot and fierce and Blaine steps back, dragging Kurt with him under the spray and then his hand's slipping into Kurt's underwear and wrapping around him and stroking. Kurt's mouth pulls away from Blaine's to groan and that's probably the loudest, most open, most raw sound Blaine's heard emanating from him to date. That thought makes him shiver as his lips just cross his cheek, kissing still as he continues to stroke, desperate to pull the noise from him again. Kurt's mouth finds his though and his teeth are across the bottom lip even as Blaine's other hand moves down and pulls the underwear away from his hips, shoving them down and then Kurt's hands move to help and eventually they both hear the sodden material hit the ground with a slap and Kurt kicks them away.

They press together. And it's a tangled mess of limbs and sounds and fuck this is not going to take very much at all because they can feel each other – all of each other – and Kurt's hands have found Blaine's ass and Blaine's are at Kurt's hips but then they slip down and he was right about Kurt's ass being amazing because it is all firm smooth muscle and he digs his fingers in just a little and pulls him closer.

They both faintly realize that the all-encompassing feeling of flesh on flesh and water and heat is punctuated by sharp awareness: Kurt's hips digging in just above Blaine's. Blaine's fingers curling around Kurt's ass. The scratch of thicker hair against Kurt's chest and down his belly. And it isn't just the press of ubiquitous flesh and mouths and fingers, Blaine can feel Kurt's erection against his, moving against him and it feels just as good as before but more raw and open and Blaine's matching Kurt's sharp movements and standing just slightly on his toes and Kurt, perhaps, has bent his knees just a little to ensure the contact and their hands are everywhere.

Still kissing, though with no real finesse, and the speed of all this would be embarrassing if they weren't in it together. But…Blaine's hands move back to Kurt's hips and push him away, not far but far enough and he's pulling his lips away and dipping his head even as Kurt whines his name is annoyance and need and Blaine's growling back because that tone does something to him. "Just wait, I wanna look at you," he mumbles, shocked at the roughness of his own voice but immediately distracted as his eyes adjust to the bright light of the room and he lets his gaze slip down Kurt's body.

Kurt manages to bite him playfully on the shoulder before his brain catches up and his own gaze wanders and the seconds pass as they both just stare, hands mostly dormant, resting on opposite hips or shoulders or waists. Seconds that move slowly and quickly at once and Kurt's not entirely sure he'll ever get sick of looking at this but Blaine notices the subtle tilt of his hips towards him, unconscious, and moves. Slowly, deliberately, still entranced by the angles and curves in front of him, his hand finds his own length and wraps around, knowing Kurt is watching, reveling in it. Strokes a couple of times just to hear the catch in the other boy's breath mingle with his own and then steps the half foot forward and catches both cocks in his palm. It's a miracle that Kurt's hips rocking instantly forward doesn't ruin the symmetry, Blaine's hand holding and squeezing, encouraging the rub of hard-soft flesh for the briefest of moments as both boys stare.

Blaine can't find words and this doesn't feel as good as before – the movement too restricted – but the spectacle makes up for it. Kurt's forehead just balances on his boyfriend's shoulder and at some point the water's gone from steaming to lukewarm but neither one of them cares because they're no longer standing directly under it. Breath heavy, eyes wide, Kurt can only whisper in wonderment "Oh my god, Blaine," into the air between them and then, "This is…fuck."

And Blaine's head snaps up and his hand drops away and Kurt's back hits the freezing tiled wall before he even realized Blaine is pushing him. Arches away from the cold and into the heat of Blaine's body pressing over his and a searing kiss that catches him unawares even as Blaine's hands scratch down his sides and hold his hips steady as he grinds against him. The wall is still cold but the heat in front of him makes up for it and the spray of the now-cold water is two feet away and Kurt kisses him back until Blaine's mouth moves to find more, moves over his jaw and down his neck and he's sucking and nipping hard and it stings and feels marvelous at the same time and Kurt feels himself groaning, thinks to cut it off but then thinks better and let's the sound shudder out of his throat so that it vibrates against Blaine's mouth. Feels Blaine's hips buck against his, out of control, a second later.

Has to ask because that thought has occurred to him several times in the last two months: "Is this my voice doing stuff to you?" What an ineloquent way of phrasing that question but with his hands against Blaine's chest, caressing through coarse hair made soft by the water, Kurt's impressed he can form words at all.

The still-roughened quality of it is there though and Blaine's insistently pressing his cock against Kurt's, rutting hopelessly, just wanting release. And mostly ignoring the words.

"Blaine, please," Kurt presses, making his voice just that little bit higher, slightly keening, slightly pleading for a response. Maybe all a bit on purpose. "I want to know."

And he gets to watch the play of torture over Blaine's face as he forces himself to slow his hips slightly and rein in control because now, now, Kurt wants to be inquisitive. "Of course it's your voice. It's all of you. But your voice does something to me, I didn't even really realize it until you said 'fuck' when you came and then said it again in here and it's the same as me: you don't swear outside the bedroom and I didn't expect if from you because you are always, always so fast and witty with the words and then now you're not at all. And the sounds you make, Kurt you have no idea how much it turns me on to hear you like that."

"You do that to me," Kurt says, hands across Blaine's cheeks and his voice almost shy, as though he's admitting to something they didn't both already know. "But I…" he cuts himself off and it's doubly ironic for the situation and what he wants to say. Blaine's stilled entirely, waiting and pressing light kisses to Kurt's collarbone as he lets his breathing level out. "I'm so used to keeping quiet when I touch myself and when I come."

That image. That voice. Blaine's eyes flutter shut and he groans into Kurt's shoulder.

"It's a habit you're going to have to break." Kurt's smiling and Blaine sees it and notes the playfulness in his voice and the flush to his cheeks.

"Is that meant to be a challenge?" Blaine throws back, voice husky with untapped potential and himself still slightly amazed he's managed to get this boy to this state, looking like he does, talking like he is.

Kurt just manages the coyest of shrugs which isn't all that coy since they're still naked and a bit wet and Blaine's just looking at him like he could eat him up at the drop of a hat.

"Fine," Blaine whispers, leaning in for another kiss and then turning off the water and plunging the room into unexpected silence. "You cold?" he asks, all rather endearingly, as he walks, raised slightly on his toes, around the glass partition and pulls a towel from the rack.

"No," is Kurt's distracted answer because his head's still spinning a bit and he can't imagine where Blaine's gone but then he's comes back with the towel over his shoulder and not even a little abashed and Kurt lets his eyes wander before he remembers his confusion.

"You trust me?" Blaine asks, voice low again, his own eyes wandering.

And in the past that would have been a trigger for Kurt, something that sent him into a panic but at some point that's changed and even though they still haven't really talked about it Kurt finds himself saying, "Always."

"Just tell me to stop if you want to," and now Blaine sounds a little unsure and a hand has drifted to Kurt's abdomen and is pushing him back against the wall, holding him in place without any real insistence to the touch. The towel is dropped to the ground between them and still Kurt just looks confused and Blaine kissing him hard and with promise doesn't answer the obvious question of where this is headed but when his lips slip away with a wet sound and Kurt's eyes flutter open, Blaine's fallen to his knees in front of him and that question has been answered.

Even if he wanted to speak (because that was meant to be the plan, wasn't it?) Kurt couldn't at this point. Because this is so much more than he set out to achieve tonight and he's not sure he's ready but then he hadn't planned any of this and why should they stop? Why? The warmth flooding his body at just the idea of what's going to happen speaks volumes against stopping so any such rationale is pushed to the back of his mind.

Blaine's staring up at him, waiting, patiently, actually fighting off the urge to do something rash because he actually really wants to do this even though until tonight it hadn't been very high on his list of things to do. Something's changed. But he does not want to push Kurt. Never wants to be that guy.

Kurt smiles weakly and one of his hands automatically curls into Blaine's hair, still dripping wet but soft and within reaching distance. The other rests against the wall and he gives a small nod.

Permission granted, Blaine leans closer, a hand slipping around Kurt's cock and he's already basking in the familiarity of the fit, stroking slow and loose. His mouth finds the sharp edge of Kurt's hip and kisses lightly. Just pressure from his lips and Kurt's hips move slightly in response. More kisses, still just lips on skin, across the smooth skin of his stomach, beneath his navel and across to the opposite hip. Kissing again. Pulling back, looking up and locking eyes. Smiling and it's a little bit wicked and a little bit seductive and neither one of them has any comprehension of where the power lies at this point.

"I'm new to this," Blaine explains, though Kurt knows well enough that they're technically on equal footing by now. "So you'll have to tell me," he lets the sentence hang and Kurt recognizes the playful manipulation for what it is.

Blaine's lips, back on his hip, another gentle kiss that moves across the same path to the other side and then back, all the while Blaine's hand limply stroking.

Kurt would be angry if he wasn't desperate and fascinated and still stupidly turned on. "Blaine," he says and it's rough just like Blaine likes it and a bit high and rather shameless. "Please."

Blaine swallows and smiles against the skin he's patiently kissing. Murmurs against him and feels a shiver beneath his lips, "Please what?"

"You're really going to make me say this stuff?" Kurt wishes he'd managed to make that sound as bitchy and unimpressed as he'd wanted, instead it just sounds like he's already rather resigned to it. Blaine just keeps kissing. "More. Please."

Blaine decides that the breathless quality is worth rewarding and he's trying very hard not to rush and not to reach down and touch himself because he so badly wants to. Gentle escalation. When his lips reach the hipbone this time the press of his mouth is anything but chaste, he lets hips lips slide across hotly and laps at the skin, tastes the water and sweat and listens for the low sound to escape Kurt's lips, wonders if it was conscious of it or not but loves it nonetheless. Is fascinated by the way Kurt oscillates between high and low pitch without any discernable pattern.

Laps across the skin, tongue dipping into his navel this time before moving on and at the other side his lips settle lower than before and he lets his teeth scratch and sucks until Kurt's hips are inches off the wall and another drawn out groan has been wrenched from his lips. Kisses back, nuzzling at one spot, nudging at the light trail of hair beneath Kurt's navel with his nose, licks at the skin again.

"Blaine," and his name is keened this time, drawn into a half a dozen syllables and Blaine can't help but touch himself just to relieve some of the pressure because he is aching for attention but not wanting to stop what he's doing, not at all because Kurt's panting, just a little and the hand wrapped in his hair is pushing him lower.

Blaine complies, kneeling low enough to press a kiss to Kurt's thigh, another nip rewarded with a growl and he's still not stroking Kurt anywhere near fast enough or tight enough to get him off and Kurt hates him for doing this but kind of loves it as well. Actually really loves it and will later try to work out why but right now he just needs more.

"Blaine," he tries again, still high and kind of almost begging.

Blaine just stretches out his back, moving up on his knees until his face is far too high for what Kurt needs and he's looking at him and asking, the picture of innocence, "Yes dear?"

Kurt just looks horrified, pulling a face and they both laugh because that is not one of their pet names and now is definitely not the time to try it out. The laughter dies but Blaine doesn't move.

Fine, Kurt isn't one to back down and what was meant to be atrociously fast has now played out atrociously long. "Blaine," he makes it low and breathy on purpose and watches Blaine lick his lips in response. "I want you mouth on me now."

It takes every ounce of will power for Blaine not to give in. Just responds sweetly, "That's what I've been doing."

Eyes narrowed, hips trying to force the friction against Blaine's hand, Kurt groans for show and then just says exactly what he's thinking, no longer caring how stupid it might sound. "No, you're teasing me, you're actually kind of being a cocktease which I always suspected you of. And I'm actually kind of loving it but at this point I really, really need your mouth on my dick. I need you to make me come and I promise if you just fucking suck me – because that's how it works isn't it? – I will talk to you and groan at you and growl and hum and sing and whatever you want. Anything." And his voice breaks a little, losing it's grip. "But I need you to make me come, now. Please? Oh god, Blaine, please."

And Kurt's a little bit impressed with how well he managed to get all that out and is refusing to think back over what he's said for fear of blushing down to his knees and is a bit scared of making eye-contact with Blaine but kind of has to so he does.

Blaine's just staring up at him and then reaching with a hand up and somehow coaxing Kurt down far enough to kiss him hard, swallowing another needy sound. When he releases him and Kurt's back straightens against the tiles, Blaine's hand has tightened, is stroking harder. Still not enough and Blaine would like to say something witty now but it's all just too tempting and Kurt just called him a cocktease and demanded he suck him and hearing all that is an unbelievable turn on.

He's never done this before but the way Kurt's hips are rocking, the length of the wait, the teasing, Blaine hopes it won't be too difficult. He considers, feels the blood thrum in his veins because he thinks he might want to do this just slightly more than Kurt wants him to and then presses his lips gently to the tip.

Kurt's hips snap forward and Blaine reels back quickly to avoid a collision. Kurt's saying "Oh fuck I'm sorry," and it just makes him hotter. Both Kurt's hands are in Blaine's hair now, tangled, pulling, edging on annoying. The hand not holding Kurt's length comes up to press against his hip, holding him flat against the wall.

Again, he presses a kiss to the tip of Kurt's cock, again Kurt's hips rock but now more controlled, mostly by Blaine's hand pushing him back. Blaine looks up, his lips resting there as he breathes in, considering the scent and the look in his boyfriend's eyes. Kurt just groans at the image and begs a little more.

Slowly, still deliberately, still wary of the danger of Kurt's hips, Blaine lets his lips slip down over the head of Kurt's cock, tastes him – salty and sharp and already leaking – remembers to keep his teeth covered and his other hand wrapped around the base.

Kurt's swearing again, breathless and desperate and saying Blaine's name over and over as Blaine experimentally slips his lips up and down a few inches and dares to lick at the underside with his tongue. Sucks and Kurt sounds wrecked above him as he chokes through a breath. More bold, still no technique, Blaine pulls his lips off with a wet pop and runs them down the length, tongue licking the same path over and over and then slipping back over the head to suck. Back down and he nuzzles at the dense hair at the base and strokes and licks, lips moving to Kurt's balls and pressing open-mouthed kisses there as well. Can't get enough.

Kurt's breath rattles and then his voice cuts the air again, "Blaine I am so fucking close."

Blaine just moves his own hips in response, though there's no friction to be had, and smiles and runs his lips up the length again but Kurt's hands grip at his hair too much, pulling and he's demanding, "Get up here," and Blaine would do just about anything he's told at this point, scrambles to his feet. One of his hands still stroking as Kurt angles his lips into his and kisses and then slips a hand down to wrap around Blaine and talks against his lips, small noises escaping with every other breath.

"Oh god I want you to come with me," he begs and it's almost a sob, a delicious sob that vibrates over Blaine's lips and he doesn't have to be asked twice.

"Harder," is all he says and Kurt's hand holds tighter, stroking faster, more friction, more heat. Blaine tries to match the tempo with his strokes, fails magnificently but it doesn't matter. He's on the edge from this taking too long and being too much and listening and touching and feeling Kurt in his mouth and against him and everywhere. He could let it all go at any second, begs Kurt back, voice low and catching, "Come for me. Kurt I need you to come for me."

A cry escapes Kurt, surprise mingling with the intensity of every inch of him tensing deliciously as his gaze finds Blaine's and holds and his back arches, the heat inside him coiling too tight and then breaking into a million pieces as he lets his hips rock in short sharp bursts into Blaine's hand, coming hard and splattering Blaine's stomach and cock and his own hand where he's stopped stroking but it doesn't matter because Blaine just thrusts one final time into the tightness of Kurt's curled fingers and growls his own release, mirroring the friction and rocking hips and the splatter of come across his boyfriend's body.

Kurt leans back against the wall, no longer cold at all, and Blaine leans in against him, a wet lazy kiss lasting only a second before they both realize they're too breathless for that and they just stand gulping down air. They should be exhausted, they kind of are, but they're also grinning and still running high on the adrenaline.

For whatever reason, Kurt drags a finger over a droplet of come resting on Blaine's abdomen, spreads it in a circle. "I would have finished, you know," Blaine says, catching Kurt's wrist and holding his hand still against his stomach. Kurt looks confused, again. "I kinda wanted to," Blaine admits and, before he has time to over think, he lifts Kurt's hand to his mouth and sucks the smeared finger between his lips, lapping at the liquid, tasting Kurt and liking the implication, the ownership, if not entirely decided about the taste.

Kurt stares and licks his own lips and tries not to focus too much on the lap of Blaine's tongue at his finger. Reaches his other hand down to his own stomach, runs a finger across and then sucks it into his mouth. Blaine's watching, pulling Kurt's finger out of his mouth, and suddenly feeling the intimacy of it all.

Kist just smiles around his own finger, unable to tear his thoughts very far from the fact that he has Blaine's very essence in his mouth. Makes a big show of pulling the finger from his lips with a pop and swallowing all too audibly and giggling at Blaine's expression.

"Can we kiss after that?" he wonders out loud.

Blaine just laughs again and pulls him forward, sharing a kiss that isn't heated or chaste but experimental, mouths opening and tongues caressing and tastes exchanged. They pull back still smiling and Blaine speaks first. "It's weird, right?"

Kurt nods. "Weird but kind of hot."

Blaine laughs. Again. And none of this is uncomfortable, it's all just perfect. "Another shower?"

Kurt's already turning the taps, testing the water. "We can have showers together now," he points out sounding strangely proud of that fact.

Blaine joins him under the water, not touching but watching. "As long as we're not in a hurry."

"You were the one that dragged that out," Kurt points out, watching Blaine back, hands on auto-pilot as they skim over his skin.

"That's not how I see it at all!" Blaine counters. Kurt just laughs more and runs a hand down Blaine's chest.

The shower is quick, their legs unsteady as they towel off, eyes still insisting on lingering on the other. Blaine's hand finds Kurt's once they're dry and pulls him back into the bedroom, dimming the lights and pulling back the covers as they arrange towels over the pillows to keep their wet hair from ruining them. He climbs in and Kurt follows so that they're facing each other, the covers pulled up tight and warm and only the whisper of fingertips and knees touching.

"I want to talk about all of this," Blaine says because he isn't really sleepy and they need to.

Kurt murmurs his agreement, eyes still sparkling and sharp. "I'm happy," he says simply and Blaine grins. "But yes, lets chat. You can explain to me this strange talking kink we've uncovered."

Blaine looks mildly outraged at the accusation but Kurt just laughs at him and waits for his comeback. They banter for a few minutes, testing the relationship, searching for a change in dynamic and not really finding one. The conversation turns to the night's events, the developments and mostly they just find themselves letting silence stretch between them as they think. Much later, Kurt asks Blaine a pointed question about his knees and gets no response, waits and listens to the breathing and realizes he's asleep, can just make out the shadows of his eyelashes against his skin and the smile on his lips. Reaching out, Kurt laces his fingers through Blaine's, closes his own eyes and seconds later, joins him in slumber.

So that was meant to be 2000 words. It was meant to be all short and sharp and fast and it just didn't happen. Oops. Anyway, hope you've enjoyed the sequel, I certainly enjoyed writing it even if I can't listen to the Warblers rendition of "Do You Think I'm Sexy" without giggling like an idiot any more. As always your feedback makes my day! It really, really does. So pretty please leave me a review!