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How the Pridelands got to where they are now

After Kani took the throne of Pride Rock with the help of his mysteriously resurrected parents, Kiara and Kovu and his aunt Vitani and uncle Ra, the Pridelands pride of lions grew to an unheard of population of 127 lions and lionesses, becoming the largest pride on the entire continent. Kani's adolecent dream of rebuilding the lands past their former glory had come true.

Kani's mate Lea bore him 4 cubs in a single litter; 3 females and one male, he named them: Asari, Tamara, Luco, and Li; Kiara bore Kovu, Kani's father one more cub in this same timeframe, a male by the name of Nadaru.

Nadaru resented his older brother, thinking that he didn't deserve the throne because he didn't kill Tano, the lion who killed Kiara and Kovu to take the throne for himself, Kovu did. Which Nadaru used to reason that he was the rightful heir to the throne. He met quick resistance from Kani's son, Li over this, which eventually led to a rebellion by Nadaru and several other lions he'd convinced to join his cause, the battle was ended by the return of Uasi; the bastard son of Tano and Ra's original mate, Sara. Uasi killed Nadaru, saving Li's life in the process.

Soon after the battle, Vitani gave birth to her and Ra's only cub, a male that they named Asha, Asha was an overconfident and arrogant lion as he grew older, eventually winning the hearts of three different females, one of which ended up 'accidentally' killing him.

Kani grew sickly in the final years of his life, resigning the throne to the last lion that anyone expected him to: Uasi, Uasi did not take a mate during his seven year reign of the lands, wishing the deranged blood of his father to die out with him.

Li's sisters were all three killed during a massive earthquake, it would be something that would haunt him for the remainder of his life and four year rule, during which he had seven cubs by the same female.

The Pridelands pride continued to swell in numbers, eventually exceeding 300 lions and lionesses. Li's oldest son, Savanu ruled over the pride in this most prosperous time, he quickly saw the need for the Pride's boundaries to expand to meet the swelling in population. Declaring war on three neighboring prides at the same time, Savanu showed the true military might of the Pridelands, tripling the pride's territory.

It was Savanu's ruthlessness on the battlefield that would eventually be his undoing, he was seduced by a lioness named Anya, who hated Savanu for killing her mate, one of the rulers of the three conquered prides. Anya slit Savanu's throat in his sleep, but her method of revenge backfired. Anya gave birth to Savanu's son months later.

For reasons unknown, a vast majority of the Pridelands pride died off soon after this, and those that remained fled to the southern unknown territiories, in search of the storied 'Paradise' that was rumored to be out near Mt. Kilamanjaro. Anya and her son were among the survivors that fled.

Re-discovering the place once known as "Paradise Rock" the Remnant pride settled down and tried to return things to normal. The eight surviving lions elected Anya's son, whom she had named Simba, after the legendary ruler of the pridelands, as their king.

Simba ruled for 10 years, overseeing his pride's reconstruction, he had one cub by an older female.

The next 900 years were relatively peaceful for the stabilized pride, kings and queens came and went, the population of the pride stayed a comfortable twenty or so lions, and there was enough food and water to get by.

That changed about two months back, the lionesses went from bringing plenty of food back, to none at all.

Now the pride is on the verge of rebellion once again, with half saying they should look for food and water elsewhere, and the other half (The royal family included) wanting to stay and see if the herds and rains return.

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