Chapter Two

"Ranar, wake up." came a familiar voice

Ranar opened his eyes, what he saw was impossible, he'd just left this place this morning, and the two lions in front of him were supposed to be long dead.

He cocked his head at the lioness, who had been the one telling him to get up, "Mom?" he asked, not believing what he saw

The lioness nodded, "Good morning to you sleepyhead." she remarked

"Morning? It's past midafternoon!" the lion beside Ranar's mom said

Ranar smiled, "No dad it's not, you're lying." he retorted

His dad motioned toward the opening of their small cave, "Go and see for yourself, half your day has been wasted!" he joked

"And didn't you and Kyla have something planned today?" his mom asked

Ranar gave his mother a puzzled look, Kyla was his only friend in the pride, she would be the only one he would make any kind of plan with.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot!" Ranar answered

"More like you almost slept through it." His dad commented, a sly grin on his face

Ranar's mom shook her head and sighed at him, "Nadu, leave him alone." she said

"Yes Risha, I was only teasing the boy."

Ranar got up and walked to the den opening, the midday sun temporarily blinding him as he took a step outside, it was toward the end of the dry season, and it definitely showed it in the temperature.

"There you are! why are you always asleep when we plan to do things?" A familiar female voice asked from off to his right

Ranar turned and smiled at Kyla, she rolled her hazel eyes in faked annoyance, "Is it because you're lazy?" she added

He laughed, "Well, you're in a good mood today Kyla, what's up?"

"The usual stuff, what's up with you?"

"Well, I'm standing up, does that count?"

"Good one."

"Thanks Ky, I try."

"Will you stop calling me that?"


"It's sorta annoying, that's why."

"What would you do if I kept calling you that, Ky?"

Kyla pounced on Ranar, pinning him to the ground in a flash, "Any further questions?" she asked with a cocky smile

Ranar looked back at her with an equally cocky smile, "Yeah, just one, will you let me up?"

"Sure, get up."

"Ranar, get up." a strangely familiar voice said as Ranar slowly woke up

Ranar looked up at the other cub, "Kyla? What are you doing here?" he asked

"Well, I wasn't about to let you leave on this crazy trip alone now was I?"

"I'm sorry about what happened to your mom and dad."

Kyla shrugged and seemed to be indifferent about it, "Now we actually have something in common, don't we?"

Ranar changed the subject, he didn't like to think about what had happened to his mom and dad for too long, "So how did you know where I was going?" he asked

"I followed you."

"Say what?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty good at being quiet."

"I can see that"

Kyla smiled and looked out to the horizon, "So, do you know where you're going?" she asked

"Dad said Pride Rock was north, he just didn't say how far north."

Kyla began walking away, "Well, let's find out then, I'm all for getting out of this place."

"Me too." Ranar agreed as he joined Kyla

A/N: Oh dear, another short chapter. I needed to give Ranar some backstory (Parents names, etc.) and a traveling companion. (Kyla)

I promise the next chapter will be longer, and I'll try and get it up here quicker.

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