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From the moment Leroy Jethro Gibbs had found out he was going to be a father again he found himself baby proofing and criminal proofing his home and his life. His job was the first thing that was going to have to change. As much as he loved NCIS there was going to have to be some give way.

Firstly his boyfriend, and biological father to their soon to be child, Anthony DiNozzo, was going to have to finally move in with him. Tony and him had decided when the news came that a woman Tony had been with just before he and Leroy had gotten together was pregnant and refused the child that they would raise the child together. Tony had jumped at the chance to form a family that was based on love and want instead of the strict upbringing Jethro had and the absent parents he himself had had.

Secondly, he was going to have to give up his job as team leader. It put him in too dangerous of situations and he did not want to put his family in the line of fire yet again. Leroy had been through much in his life that to lose a second chance like this would be too much. Tony had been upset about the whole leaving thing but had gotten through it quite fast when Leroy had denied him for a few days. Leroy had taken another position, assisting teams as they needed that would mean never getting too involved and never going out into the field. The two rearranged their life and had all the paper work put together to receive their precious gift.

"Jethro, we still need to get dippers and bottles and..." Leroy looked around the small room that had been used for storage, now painted a light cream color and had a movie themed border (all Tony's doing). It was well lite and had a small dresser with clothes over flowing form the drawers and a toy box filled to the brim with all new toys. Both had been hand made by Leroy. Along the opposite wall was a beautiful crib with a worn but soft blanket draped over the side. This was also made by Leroy and the blanket was one of the last baby things he still had from his daughter. He found it fitting to wrap his new child in the one thing of hers. That way he would be holding them both.

"Are you even listening to me Jethro!" Tony had continued talking as he walked in a circle making lists in his head and slightly panicking. Leroy let out a soft gruff laugh as he moved to Tony's side. He pulled him into a soft embrace and kissed his lips lightly.

"Calm down Tony. I know what we need. You also forget that Ducky already said he would get them for us as his gift to the baby."

"I hate that she won't tell us what we're having. I don't like just saying the baby. I wanna know if they're our little Elizabeth or our sweet Kurt." They had discussed names and Tony was very set on those two. Leroy couldn't deny him much and he went with these. Secretly though he loved them both as well.

"And we will find out soon enough. It's late we have work tomorrow, let's go to bed and we will be a day closer." Leroy pulled Tony gently to their room and laid him on the bed and settled in next to him. It would only be a few more weeks and their family would be complete.

The two continued work and it seemed like forever until they got the call from Bethesda. It was time. They rushed to get there and sat in the waiting room for what seemed like days but was only a few hours. The nurse finally came out and called for them.

"Well, congratulations gentlemen, it's a beautiful little boy." The nurse brought a blue blanket wrapped body out of a room and placed it in Tony's arms. He looked down into the sweetest sleeping face he had ever seen. There was a mass of dark brown hair sweeping across a tiny forehead.

"Hi Kurt." Tony felt his voice break as tears welled up in his eyes. He looked at Leroy to see the same of him. He passed their son into his arms. The nurse returned with the birth certificate.

"She refused to put herself as the mother." She said as she gave it to Tony to fill out.

"Well than he won't have a mother." He said as he put his and Leroy's names down as the father. "Leroy, I wanna use both names."

Leroy looked at Tony than down at the small bundle.

"I think that would fit nicely. Kurt Elizabeth… perfect." Leroy brought a small hand up to his lips and kissed lightly.

"Gibbs." Tony said.


"Kurt Elizabeth Gibbs." Their eyes met and Leroy's face split into a large smile.

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