"What are Sour Patch Kids, Abby?" Gibbs was intrigued and had a strong curiosity as to why she had not opened the pack of them on her desk.

"They are a sour candy, Gibbs! And I'm conducting an experiment, but I need yo…someone's help," that was a close one. Abby was thought as she was trying to keep from blushing.

"What kind of experiment, Abs"

Oh god. He really needs to stop breathing down my neck, it is not helping!

"Oh, there was a rumor flying around online about how the spark one gets, as they share a piece lady and the tramp style, actually rises the sexual tension between the two."

"And who would be the perfect one to help you with this experiment of yours?"



Oh god. Not the ear. Stop nibbling on my ear. I can't take it.

"Oh, I think you already know, Special Agent Gibbs."

Gibbs didn't notice Abby opening the pack of candy.

"Here," a piece of candy sticking out of her mouth, offering it to him.

Gibbs took the offer.

With the kiss and the candy, there was a spark. The light jolt was sent throughout their bodies.

Lust started to take over the experimental candy kiss.

"I think that your theory just proved true, Abs."

"Yes, it did, because that is definitely not your badge."

"Think we should move this to the futon Abs?"

"You know Gibbs, I really don't care if we move this to the director's office as long as I can finish off the candy."

Next thing Abby knew was she was on the floor with Gibbs above her holding the bag of Sour Patch Kids, most likely thinking of where to put the next piece.