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Micheal slowly made his way to the library where he could get some reading done and rest his body after the physical abuse he put it through just to keep that stupid girl alive. But…why was the trap activated? Alchemist protocol states that any visitors in an alchemists stronghold should never come to harm unless in defense and thus all traps should be disabled until the visitor leaves. So why was that trap on?

"I better check the others just in case. Thank goodness they are all one shot traps." Micheal hissed a bit as he felt stabs of pain. Though the rejuvenation paste patched up his wounds the skin was still tender and could rip open if he over extended himself or did anything stupid.

He found his way to his favorite comfy arm chair in the library and sat down with a sigh of relief. Peace and…

"Come on Lewis just tell me why Lorenzo brought that girl. I'll give you fifty bucks." Rei said in her nicest voice.

Micheal sighed knowing what was coming next he heard Lewis say, "No...but if you tell me your age ill tell you."

"Alright seventy-five." Rei said no doubt meaning seventy five dollars not years…but….

"There that wasn't so hard now was it?" Lewis said no doubt with his famous grin on his face.

Silence and then a...WHACK!

Micheal turned to the aisle where their voices were coming from. Rei stomped out growling profanity and other insults about a certain perverted alchemist. Lewis stumbled out into view himself a hand to his head, no doubt over a reasonably sized lump. He grinned and Micheal saw he was now missing a tooth and he had a black eye….again.

"You look like a hill billy." Micheal simply said as he took a book form the bookcase next to him.

Lewis looked in the mirror, opening his mouth wide and yelled, "AGGH! MY FACE MY ADONIS LIKE FACE IT'S RUINED!" He fell to his knees and whimpered.

"Lewis. Shut up, I've had a rather annoying and painful moment of my life and I would like some quite and peace for the next hour or two before dinner."

Lewis snapped from his self pity and looked at his friend, "What happened mate?"

"It was nothing. Fiona just walked into one of our traps in the marionette room."

"WHAT! OH GOD IS SHE OKAY! OH GOD SHE ISN'T DEAD IS SHE!" Lewis grabbed Micheals robes and began to shake him, which caused the American alchemist to punch his friend.

"Get a grip on your self. No she isn't dead I managed to get her to the ground before the spikes killed her. But I wasn't so lucky." He rubbed his shoulder.

Lewis rubbed his cheek then looked at Micheal, "Well you're still alive so I guess its okay."

"Wow thanks Lewis I feel so loved." Micheal said sarcasticly.

"Oh come now mate you know I care about you. You're a brother to me, come one big hug. BIG HUG" Lewis grabbed Micheal into a tight bear hug.

"Lewis…let go…before I use you in my next lightning experiment." Micheal threatened. Lewis quickly complied.

"Still its strange you know. Why were the traps on?" Lewis thought on that for a moment, "You think we should re-check them all to make sure no others are one?"

Micheal sighed and closed his book he had just barely even started on, "Yes. Now…leave me alone till dinner." He re-opened the book and began to read.

Lewis stared at his friend for a moment….then walked away, "Daniella! Are you around here!" Lewis ran off to find his favorite maid. Oh how he wished Lorenzo would have her wear one of those maid outfits he had bought at the anime convention last year. They were…so kinky.

'Maybe I can convince her myself.' He thought and that thought propelled him to run as fast as he could to find her.

Micheal sighed, glad he was at last alone, 'That man is a massive horn dog.' He thought though he was no mind reader he was sure Lewis's search for Daniella involved some kinky stuff, and no doubt the homunculus wouldn't even know what was going on.

"How he can be obsessed with that incomplete thing I will never know."

Unknown to Micheal that little remark was over heard. By a certain maid who stopped her dusting and frowned.

'Incomplete? I am….Incomplete?' She thought…and the thought made her cringe inside and made her feel sick. Was that why her master ignored her, she was….not perfect. But…but he said she was….she was the perfect woman...but…was she?

Daniella started to the kitchen to get dinner ready. But each step she thought 'Was she perfect or incomplete?'

Fiona gulped as she looked at the ringing phone. She slowly reached for it and brought it to her ear. She heard what seemed to be…slurping, and breathing…very difficult breathing. She took it away from her ear and listened as someone said, "Fiona…"

'Who is this? And how does he know my name?' Fiona was afraid…someone knew she was in this part of the castle when they called the phone and that person knew her name…was she being watched…and if so…by who?

"Who is this?" She asked.

"You must pay attention now, Fiona," The person said, "Be wary of Riccardo…Your Azoth…" With a hiss the line went dead.

"Hello? Hello!" Fiona asked, "Are you there?"

No answer. She hung up the phone. Confused, again this Azoth, "Azoth…?" Fiona however had little time to think on all that had happened because Hewie gave a low growl and pushed Fiona's leg with his head. A sign that she should get moving. Fiona began to walk back to the Marionette room, glad that the trap was deactivated now. Hewie kept growling and pushing her to get her moving faster. Fiona could not understand why…till she heard a grunting from the distance. Debilitas, he was coming.

Fiona did the only thing she could. She ran.

Micheal sighed in relaxation. This was the life, a book on alchemical formulas and procedures, his comfy chair and a nice hot cup of tea. Daniella might be a homunculus but she could make a good cup of tea…actually everything she made was good.

"Got to give her that much." Micheal said as he sipped his tea, just the right amount of sugar.

Micheal felt that…something was off. The formulas in this book were different from the usual ones he practiced. They seemed a bit…dated. He turned a page and blinked at what he saw… formulas to use the azoth from a Temple Animal.

"This…book has formulas that were used by the ancient alchemists…but…I've never read these kinds before…" Micheal read them carefully confused and feeling a slight sense of…dread.

The book seemed to have ways of creating things that no good alchemist of the current era would make, things that would create too much attention, Cadaver Gatherers, Flesh Golems, Chimeras. As well there were rituals and procedures to draw the last drop of azoth from Temple animals, and the remnants of azoth from freshly dead corpses.

"This is….this has to be a book from Lorenzo's private collection. How did it get here in the library?" Micheal was confused, no one in their right mind would put such a rare book in a place where any alchemist could…steal it for his own collection of knowledge.

It was a mystery. He looked more…then threw the book from him in disgust when he saw what was next. Rituals to re-gain youth, by taking the azoth…from a young, healthy living human being of the same blood line.

"Oh God." Micheal said in horror as he got to his feet and picked up the book, "That is why Fiona is here…it has to be."

Micheal knew Lorenzo was getting on in his years. He figured that was why he took Rei, Lewis and himself as his apprentices so his knowledge would not die with him. But…if what he was reading was right…that might not be the case.

"No…no no no come on Micheal…you're jumping to conclusions." Micheal shook his head, "Lorenzo wouldn't do that."

Micheal took the book and rushed to his room, even if it was full of illegal formulas it was a rare find and he intended to keep it. He stored it away with his other books, well under a pile to keep it hidden. Once that was done he proceeded to Lorenzo's office.

'Alright just come out and ask him. I'm sure this is just all in your head.' Micheal told himself as he approached the door and knocked. No answer.

Micheal blinked and knocked again, "Uh…Lorenzo?" Still no answer. Micheal tried the knob…the door was unlocked. He slowly pushed it open and entered the room. It was no doubt the room of the lord of the castle long ago but now it had been rearranged for Lorenzo. But no Lorenzo.

"Uh…Lorenzo." Micheal looked around and saw no sign of his master.

"You know it is terrible manners to enter someone's room without permission."

Micheal turned and saw Riccardo sitting on the couch with a smirk. In his hand was an old pistol.

"Riccardo…what are you doing here?"

"I am here because you are here."

Micheal blinked and backed away a bit, "What do you mean?" He was getting a bad feeling.

"I mean…you have stumbled upon something that my father did not want you to know."

"The youth ritual." Micheal said.

Riccardo chuckled, "Yes…that ritual. My father is planning to use Fiona to re-gain his youth."

"So…I was right." Micheal said, slightly disappointed that he was an apprentice to a mad man now.

"Yes. But I don't intend to let him use Fiona in such a way. I have…other plans for her."

Micheal blinked, "What plans…exactly?"

Riccardo smirked, "I will use her…to be reborn in a perfect body."

"You…intend to get her pregnant…and transfer your consciousness to the developing child." Micheal said piecing together the plan. The procedure was a…while not illegal activity it was frowned upon.

"Yes." Riccardo said.

"You think Lewis and I are just going to let you do that. Do you even think the Council will?" Micheal reached for the revolver he kept in a small pocket of his robe.

"I am prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve my rebirth. And you…are not going to get in the way." Riccardo aimed his pistol, just as Micheal pulled his out and aimed.


Micheal felt his body go light as he felt himself fly backwards…into the window. The sound of breaking glass seemed to fill his ears and the small pieces glittered in the rising moon light. Things seemed to slow down as he fell…for a moment he thought he saw Riccardo starting down at him from the room, holding his arm as it bleed from his shot. Then…everything went black.

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