The following is my first fan fiction written for this site. the characters and names are property of the Namco company.

The title is derived from another classic arcade game, a pacman style tetris rip-off.


Earth: 20XX

The invasion seemed eminent at this time, all of earth's resources had been used up and all of our efforts had all ended in furthering this exhaustion. Our best efforts seemed feeble against the force of the aliens; their tech alone was enough to make even Steve Jobs blush.

The vast majority of the planet had lost all faith in human kind and seemed all to willing to meet their final destination. Lord knows, that might have been better. Those that had the slightest sliver of faith left took up arms in preparation of our impending doom. We were shipped away, away to what seemed more or less like a corporate block. Once we disembarked they told us that we would under go "training" to combat the alien fleet. Training, seemed more like torture, every day they would impose a mandatory PT, not your standard boot camp stuff either. Then was the chemical testing, Day after day we were injected with what was what they called the "PAC" serum. More and more of us were dropping by the day. At last it came to the moment where there were only about five of us able to stand.

They issued us, the remaining, into a new room; it appeared more as a class room than anything else. Five of us in all, we began talking amongst our selves, got to know each other real well.

Inky: a tough customer if you ever laid eyes on one. Apparently before the war he was real big into that anarchy stuff, and apparently he never gave it up. His face, as well as the majority of his body, was covered with cuts, scrapes, and bruises of every sort. When asked about them he refused to answer and rarely made eye contact with us. He had those light brown eyes that looked more like flames than anything else and he had red-rust colored hair.

Blinky: he was nice, he was always smiling, he even told a few jokes of his own from time to time. He always had that big goofy grin which played so well with those thick horned rimmed glasses.

Pinky: the only girl in our group. If I recall correctly she was fairly pretty, don't get me wrong she could handle just about any kind of weapon better than any man could, but, I don't know there was something wonderful about her. Maybe it was her fire and ice kind of attitude and her jet black hair.

Clyde: he was kind of a loner didn't really speak much, but when he did he was loud about it. He could get his point across from across a room. With an air of persuasion you could not say no to. He was nothing special to look at really, just a ginger with a soul.

And then there was me: I was born Packard, though now, more than ever, I go by the nickname the guys gave me. I'm not complaining it suited me quite well. Let me restart, and then there was me, the Pac-man. They called me this because, unlike most of the other test subjects, the PAC serum didn't affect me. Even Inky with his tough as nails spirit squirmed a little when he was injected.

The first thing that happened, once we wrapped up our little introductions, was a scientist with white hair came in and shook our hands. He started spewing some nonsense about us being the ideal subjects and the amount of PAC we took altered our bodies tremendously.

We had no idea what this old coot was saying, well frankly most of us were just happy to hear that training was finished. He led us into another in a series of rooms equipping us with strange devices which we put on without question. I couldn't help but notice the different colors of our new suits. Red for Inky, blue for Blinky, pink for Pinky, orange for Clyde, and yellow for me.

It was later that we found out that the colors were more than arbitrary. Each suit had hidden potentials. For instance Inky's suit gave him incredible speed and agility, Blinky's gave him incredible intelligence far beyond him alone, Pinky gained great accuracy and precision, and Clyde got a multitude of built in weapons. Try though I might I was unable to figure out what mine did. I tested it every witch way and then some, to no avail.

The day arrived and we went out to the battle field to meet our enemy head on. They arrived shortly thereafter. We charged in each with our new abilities, and, I've got to hand it to those lab technicians, they really did a good job. We were barely taking any blows and we were taking down ten of them at a time. Then without warning, a drone took out Clyde, then another took out Pinky and Blinky, I examined them and they were alive, merely unconscious, it was me and Inky left to fight the good fight. And we put up with them for a few hours, when a laser blast comes from nowhere nearly hitting me. I thought I was a goner, but instead of a hot stinging death I hear screams of agony. I open my eyes and there is Inky blocking the laser.

The beam ends and he falls. I look into his eyes and he looks back, he smiles and says to me, "finish them, and put them back in the box" and his eyes close barely alive. I look up and see just how many are left, tears fill my eyes and I am filled with a rage, a rage unlike any ever experienced I yell out in agony, as I do these tiny yellow dots start moving towards me and my entire body starts to glow. I look over at Inky then Blinky, Pinky and then Clyde. It became all to clear where these lights were coming from as I watched the light fade from their eyes. More and more come as I focus my rage on those responsible, the aliens. I take a massive leap hurling myself into the middle of them and in my rage I explode.

Well not me, my rage. I notice that all the ships and drones turn a deep blue color and then dissolve as if they were never there. Every last one of them, now gone.

I black out…