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Shattering Love

-A One Piece fan fiction


Crystal Blue Fox


School Escapee

1. Chapter


Those Sweet Memories


It was weird how weird feelings could be. This thing that they called lovecould even get completely out of your hands, if you didn't have the mind to control your feelings. But who could control it, when being utterly deeply in love?

He looked up as the heaven opened itself above him and let down the heavy cold rain. Closing his eyes he hummed and enjoyed the cooling sensation against his heated skin. Rain. It reminded him of him. It caressed his cheek, snuck under his collar and tickled down his chest and back. It was almost hypnotising to stand there, get deaf by the storm, drenched to his very bones and forgetting everything else there was happening around him. Just like when he was together with his blond. Sanji's hands could be just as caring as the soft summer rain, his legs as harsh as the mighty hurricanes, his laughs just as thrilling, his moans like a dazzling rain and their sex as harsh and soft as a heated storm.

When he told him this, Sanji laughed –funny how much he actually had come to love hearing that sound of his-, kicked him and told him that he was completely out of his fucking mind. Poetry had never been his strong side; he had always been a man showing his feelings and meanings in actions. Sanji had been smiling his cocky smile, back then, motioning him to come and show him what he really meant about him, and them. Zoro hadn't hesitated; licking his dry lips hungrily he had literally attacked the smirking blond like a starving predator attacking its prey. They had kissed, roughly, almost ripped the clothes off each other, mouths attacking skin, tongues licking sweat, breathing in the lust of each other, before Zoro had showed him nirvana.

Yes, Zoro was in love, deeply, if not madlyin love within Sanji Merbleue*.

A mannone the less.

He had never once ever dreamedabout to live the rest of his days together with a man, always it had been women, but those relationships had been short-lived or mere one-night-stands. The longest he had with, was with a woman named Nami; a fierce red-haired money-greed woman, who surprisingly enough did have a good heart, deep down inside of her, somewhere. She only showed her feelings for those people she loved and cared for, like her lover, friends and family. Now they were only friends, but both were cool with that.

And then Sanji suddenly had entered his life. He'd never known what tricked him to hate that fierce blond so much; they'd just been at each others throat from the very beginning. Nami once pointed out what it could be, but Zoro immediately killed that idea, called it nonsense and sick, almost disgustingly. She only pulled her shoulders at it, but held onto what she'd said.

Then Zoro had started to really lookat him, when the man wasn't looking his way and were just being himself.Sanji had once caught him in looking, and asked what the fuck he was staring at. Then the wind had blown and pulled up his hair. Zoro had have a hard time to shut up, but the laugh-attack came none the less as he saw the ridiculescurled eyebrows going the same way and not mirroring each other as he had thought.. The blond had turned beat red, almost eaten his glowing cigarette while he kicked the hell shit out of him. Zoro couldn't even chew his food and was damned to eat yoghurt and soups the next two weeks! Later, much later after he had gotten the ability to chew and think without the brain felt like it would explode or goose out of his ears, Zoro realised that it was those he would love the most –but they still did look ridiculous… ridiculous beautiful, no matter how many times the blond man said the opposite.

Slowly, and frightful enough, he realised that the woman had been right all the time. Zoro had immediately done whatever he could to forget, delete, erase those stupid sick thoughts there made him feel almost sick within himself. And then again a part of him didn't care. Not even his hardest muscle-burning training had helped, not even the coldest icy showers in the mornings, afternoons and nights could stop a part of him from rising, whenever seeing that blond in his mind.

It was driving him mad… and then again a part of him didn't care. He swore that that blond would become his death…if not hekilled himat first!

He tried to ignore how the sound of his laugher could warm up his whole body, make his stomach make a flip whenever he saw that smile of his. He tried to hurt himself when he found himself gaping openly at the blond, staring at him as his lips moved over melting ice-cream, one hot summer day, licking it away from his long slender fingers, eating the ice-cream on the most sensual way Zoro ever had seen before. How flabbergasted he had been, watching how he always treated those hands of his, even how he always held his cigarette lazily in his mouth, how those lips hugged the filter while still maintaining to smile that wide smile of his. And then there was his mind-blowing cooking. It should have been forbidden to even being able to cook a meal there'll make you moan in pleasure like you were experiencing the most wonderful sex ever. Zoro had immediately ran out of the house with the whole table full with their friends staring shocked after him, and a cook laughing at him the whole way out. Even when he'd come back home he still could hear that mocking laugh of his.

He reallyhadwhished to die right then and there. Never to be found, just die lonely and rotten away… and then again not.

Zoro tried to stay away from the blond, whenever he saw him come; he immediately went the other way. Whenever he heard that Sanji was coming to a special party or just for a night in town, he immediately found an excuse for not coming along. Sanji soon sensed this absence of his was because of him, and immediately searched him out to confront him. he had never seen the blond that mad before. He had never even seen the blond usinghis precious hands before as he hammered the one fist after the other, taking Zoro by surprise got some well placed hits, while screaming his lungs raw about how he dared to show such a disgust of him. Bad words had hit hard, stupid things had been said and done. Zoro had pushe back, sending the blond over the soda and through the glasstable in front of it. The fight had eveloped from there, and they had almost broken down Zoro's apartment. Neighbours had called the cops and gotten the both of them arrested before they would start to tear down the whole apartmentcomplex.

Since then Sanji kept away as well.

It was only then Zoro started to think, long and hard, soon he came to the conclusion that this separation, this no ability to not being able to see the blond, was driving him mad.

One day Nami called in for a party, she didn't take a "no" for an answer, else she would've increase his already high loan triple. Against his own will, he came. But apparently the same did Sanji. Not even an hour into the party they were once again on each others throats. They were both send outside before they would make a ruin out of Nami's house.

But something was wrong.

Zoro realised this as they fought. Occasionally a leg would slide up against his own leg, not harming, but caressing, or a hand, his delicate fingers touched his skin just a bit too much at one place or another, lingering just a bit too long. Then their tights accidentally bumped into each other, their lower parts touching each other. But as the blonds' heated breath had bathed his face when they came a bit too close, Zoro couldn't take it any longer and had grabbed the blond, thrown him into the wall, and before any one of them had could protest or think clear about the action, he had shown his tongue down his throat, shutting off the other from speaking. Sanji had stiffened, Zoro, realising what he'd done, barely dared to breath. Now, at any moment he knew, he had known, feared that the blond would soon throw him off, curse at him, beat him, and even spit at his disgusting being for suddenly turning into a filthy faggot, the moment he would return to his senses. Then he realised that Sanji then would leave them again, but this time forever. Never returning back, never letting him see him again. The thought alone, he realised, for not ever being able to see the wonderful blond ever again –yes, he waswonderful, he couldn't lie about that anymore-, was shattering his heart.

Just there Zoro realised that he hadn't only fallen for the blond, a manto booth it too, not only been in love in him, no, he was directly madly, almost sickly in love in the blond man, to the end where one would call it unhealthy and dangerous. He didn't want to be separated from him again, he didn't want his anger but his love, his accept. He wanted to be together with him, hold him, kiss him, be with him, make love with him –his pants had already started to feel too tight then and Zoro had almost turned white as bones from a corpse. He'd never been so scared, fired up, embarrased and horrified all at the same time. His own mind was starting to scaring him off. He begged to that the blond hadn't looked down, or for that sake felthis growing member, since they stood almost glued up against each other.

But to his surprise, Sanji did none of what he had feared the man would do. Instead the blond had grabbed his shirt, tossed him around, up against the wall and had deepened their kiss, tongues tasting, searching, exploring his mouth. Sanji was a wonderful kisser there could make his legs melt like butter in the glaring sun. Sanij had pressed on, pressed his own slim body up against his, nudged him to fight back. Zoro's tongue had then moved as well, tasted, explored the others mouth, then they started to fight for dominance, licking, caressing each other lovingly, lips kissing with longing need. When they finally pulled apart, almost out of breath, Sanji had for a moment looked like someone who had been fighting for not to cry, but had then chuckled, blue eyes gleaming with a deep rare happiness, making butterflies flutter in Zoro's stomach, butterflies that Zoro himself neverwould admit out loud that he had, not then, perhabs now. Those strong delicate fingers had run through his short green hair, and then that special smile, which he never had seen before and in the future would make him fall in love in the man all over again, came to life.

"Took you long enough to realise," the blond had whispered and had then kissed him again, this time with more passion. Some when they had wanted more and started to pull at each others clothes to feel more skin, to touch the other more. That had even been the first time when he and Sanji ever had have sex, and he had thanked whatever god there might had been up there in heaven for not letting any of their friends to come out and see if they had killed one another. Zoro could remember their first time as had it been yesterday, the feelings, the smell. The grass had been soft, a bit chilly in the shadow of the house, the sounds of the world around them had disappeared, he only could hear Sanji, his voice, his begs, his lovely moans. His body had been warm, his hair silky, his smell intoxicatingly. His blue eyes shone with lust, the sea inside of them was at the same time heated and calm. They loved, they fucked and they both had been lost it in a world of wonderful sensations, in the backyeard of Nami's hou-

"Hey! Wake up bro! You're stoning again!" He was harshly being ripped out of his daydreaming as his blue haired colleague pushed him so hard just to tease him, that he almost fell first head into the mud.

"T-the heck, Franky?" he almost stuttered, completely startled and cursed the growing feeling in his pants. Fuck! It wasn't any good idea to think about the blond and their sex when being at work.

Franky only laughed at the youngster's surprised look, and pointed over his shoulder with a thumb.

"Boss said that we have to finish our job, if we don't want to get drowned in the upcoming storm."

Zoro looked sceptically at the large man beside him. "Arent youthe boss here?" Franky, who was the boss of the lumberjack corporation together with his brother Iceburg, blinked at him, then realised something and bellowed a big loud laugh, as he clapped his friend on the back, this time the smaller man slipped and lost his footing, the axe landing only a few inches from cutting his ear off.

"I almost always forgets that, when bro Iceburg are the one doing the papers!"

Zoro sputtered and almost gagged when the mud got down his throat. "YOU FUCK-HEAD! WILL YOU WATCH IT, MAN! Urgh, gharg, bwadr!"

"Hey hey! How are you talking to your boss, huh?"

"Fuck you!"

Franky only laughed and pulled up the sputtering man from the mud.

"So, you'll be back next year too?"

Zoro didn't look up from examining the blade of the axe, "Dunno, don't think so. I'll be off doing something else." Franky nodded knowingly, and watched as the much younger man cut through the tree.

"You up for some beer tonight?" The younger man halted, thought about it and then shook his head.

"Got work to do tomorrow morning." He grabbed tighter around the shaft, as the axe's blade cut through the big tree's thick branches like a knife through cheese. The wood barely managed to splinter. They only needed to cut down a few more trees, then they would be done and out of here.

"Hey kid, don't strain yourself too much." Franky said as he laid a hand on the younger man's shoulder, and then lowered his voice, so no one else could hear them, though it was already hard enough to hear one another this close when raining so much "He might be a great man and all that, but is he really that much worth sacrificing so much for? Remember; you're only a human." Zoro didn't listen; he didn't want to, they'd have this conversation too many times to begin with already. Franky sighed as he didn't get any response, he patted his shoulder as he turned around and left him be. When the large man was gone, Zoro's thoughts were once again at a certain blond. He cut another branch off, twice this time to get through the stubborn tree. Two days. Only two days more, and then hewould come back home. His smiled widened and he cut off the last branch off the tree.


His whole body shook as he let out a loud laugh, making the man opposite him laugh even more.

"Duskojarfanmedmig,right?"** -You'refuckingkiddingme,right? Sanji Merbleue, a young blond half Swedish, half French man in his mid-twenties, chuckled. He threaded his fingers through his hair and grabbed it tight, as would the motion stop him from laughing too much. He had been back visiting his homeland, Sweden, for some Cooking Contest that he had been picked out to be one of the judges for, and to have some Cooking classes with some wanna-be-cooks. Mostly ladies entered, and even so that he would have been flattered, it hurt him deep down to his very bones how horrible those delicate hands handled their utensils and the cooking ingredients. It was pure horror, so terrifying that he literally had caught himself in wanting to kick one of those women or yell at them. He was a gentlemanfor crying out loud, and gentlemen didn't lay a hand, norraised their voices towards a lady. Way too often he had to break up, leave them to themselves with excuses that he needed some air, or didn't feel all too well.

Zoro would have been on his throat if he had known how many cigarettes he had smoked on just one day, yet alone two freaking months. The man was sometimes too much of a hypocrite, but who could blame him, when he had first handed lived and seen his own father die of a lung cancer, caused of the same things the blond chef put into his mouth every freaking day? No wonder that he had been so bitching about them. That was why he had tried to level down to only a half pack a day… unfortunately he had been thrown back in to smoke two packs a day, ever since he stood as a teacher in front of such… people. There hadn't been anything else other than those sticks to occupy his lonely mouth with, in all that time.

He hadn't realised that he had lit himself yet another one before it came just into his view. He stared at the smoke tangling delicately around his hand, rising up and disappear into the very air they breathed in. After almost being hypnotised, and not even remembering what they had spoken about just two seconds ago, he crushed the cigarette into the ashtray in front of him, wincing a little as there had been a bit more than a half of it left.

First thing when he got back home was to take 'enkoldtyrker' as those Danish called it, a cold turkey, meaning cutting off harshly, no smoking anymore. He gulped at the mere thought of it. Zoro better had to appreciate that, because now he had to occupy his mouth with something else. Just the thought of it made Sanji smirk and lick his already lonely lips.

The black haired freckled man sitting opposite him looked rather shocked, as he saw the blond Swede killing one of his lovely cigarettes so violently. An amused smile threatened to appear on his lips.

"Atjegnogensideskullelevetilatsedigslukkeenhalvcigaretdetværeethistoriskøjeblik!" -ThatIevershouldlivetoseeyouputoutahalfcigaretteitmustbeahistoricalmoment!Said the raven, eyes wide, honestly surprised. Sanji groaned and told him to shut the fuck up, not caring that he had turned over to his American language again, but his friend had only chuckled and clasped his shoulder a bit too hard. The blond glared at him, but couldn't keep his anger on him for too long at a time. Ace, as this man's name was, was a fire worker, born in Italy, raised in a place called *'Holsterbrowhere the heck thatnow where-, and had come to Sweden to have vacation with his energetic little brother. They had been living on the same hotel, almost next doors. Could have said that it was his dearestlittle brother who brought them to know each other, as the monkey had raped his room for anything eatable at all. Who know where he was now? The bar they were sitting at wasn't that far away from the restaurant, and he hadn't heard the cooks in the kitchen yell and curse at someone… yet!

"Så,todage?" -So,twodays? the raven asked before gulping down the rest of his CaptainMorgan.

Sanji smiled at him, holding up his own glass high. "Yups!Två dagar och dä har jag min röv långt härifrån." -Yups!TwodaysandthenIgotmyassfarawayfromhere.And with that said he chucked down the drink, feeling the alcohol burning its way down his throat -no wonder that Zoro liked these-, and hammered it down onto the bar to punctuate his words. Damn, he might have been around the swordsman far too long; now he even was actinglike him when he wasn't around. There could only be one explanation for that.

I'm drunk!


It was Saturday, and as normal in an airport, it was busy. People almost jumped on each others shoulders; pushed, showing each other away, just to be the ones standing in front of the crowd to meet their family or friends with open arms. Zoro choose not to be mashed like a potato and placed himself at the exit, arms crossed, legs too, tired eyes scanning over the place for a golden top of hair for soon to arrive among all the other heads. The loudspeaker buzzed, telling that the plane from Hamburg just had landed, people crowded even more, if possible, around the entrance where the travellers would come.

Then the steam came. You could hear them before you even could see them; voices, footsteps, rolling suitcases and children screaming and laughing. Then the voices got louder as the awaiting people saw those who they had come to pick up, and even from this distance, Zoro was close to be knocked down as many more people filled the hall. A thick man with a large beard, who almost had knocked the young man to the ground, filed away as he reserved a dangerous growl and a glare from said man. His thin woman, whom apparently had been there to pick up her husband, whistled through her nose how rude young people these days were.

Well of course.

Should just let yourself being pushed, smacked and hit, for then to apologize for the oldergenerationto stand on the wrong side of them.

Yes, yeah and Amen.

Fuck them!

"Oh, you're thathappy to see me again, huh?" He looked up when he heard the too familiar voice. Dropping his jaw as he tried to say something, he instead ended up with just staring into that magnificent ocean-blue eye, there looked back tired, almost annoyed at him. His heart made a flip. Even as the blond was exhausted from the travel, clothes a bit in disorder, hair tousled just a little, he still looked damn hell sexy. He barely realised that he was glaring, before Sanji pointed that fact out. "Stop glaring a hole already, you just scared a kid away, you know." Zoro blinked, then pulled a menacing smile.

"Good, can't have kids watching, now can we?" Sanji raised a brow as the man before him motioned him to come closer, seeing that smile grow even wider, he almost had an idea of what thoughts went through that thick skull.

"What the heck you talking about, moss-head? Turned senile in the meantime I was gone?" He stepped closer though. Zoro looked down at the suitcases in his hands.

"Let me look at those suitcases,"

Sanji's brows almost hit his hairline. "Suddenly got a fetish for suitcases?"

"Just move them up a little so I can read what they say,"

The blond furrowed his brows "You have gotten senile in the meantime," but none the less moved the suitcases up so the other could see. Zoro watched them, then stopped the hands from moving any further up as the suitcases reached their hips. Before the blond could ask about anything else, he moved his one hand up behind the smaller man's back to pull him closer, as the other hand searched down to cup his groin.

"AAH?" People turned around to see what the sudden scream was about. Sanji turned beat red as he saw strangers watching them, and tried to help himself out. "Ah y-you got to be kidding me!" he made a nervous chuckle, and choked a second moan there threatened to release, as the hand down below literally moulded his dick through his pants. He moved a knee up to stop him, to push him away, but with no such luck.

"No, not kidding at all, cook," though it should have been impossible, Zoro's sick smile widened, as he both clapped his back friendly –making people turn them their back, thinking it just were two friends fooling around- and grasping the blonds' lower parts in a fiercer grip.

Sanji swallowed, then glared at him. "We're in public," he whistled through his clenched teeth.

"So? No one can see it," he pointed out; nodding down to the suitcases in the blonds' hands, there blocked the sight from the most of the world.

Sanji swallowed again as he felt his pants tighten. "Stop it!" he whispered, as he saw a mother with two kids watching them with suspicion.

The green-haired man leaned in close to whisper the blond back into his ear, whom literally shivered as his breath bathed his ear "Beat me," with that said he released him and turned on his heel, leaving a cursing blond behind his steps, who almost fell from the sudden loss.

The two men strolled out to their awaiting car; a blue Nissan Qashqai. It was actually Sanji's own car, since the blond didn't dare to place his foot inside of Zoro's old junk. He would like to live many more years, he once had told him, instead of ending life in a rusty box there barely could manage to keep itself together. Zoro loved his old Ford Mustang; it was a good car with a history in itself, a legend, and it wasn't unstable or rusty, he didknow how to keep his car up-to-date, safe and clean, thank you very much!

They threw the baggage in the back. Getting into the car, throwing a quick glance around to assure that no one was in the near to look their way, Sanji grabbed the man's jacket and yanked him in to a passionate longing kiss, before the other barely made to close his own door. Zoro snorted into the kiss, amused by the rough treatment, but responded none the less, opening his mouth for the other to explore, letting him memorize the knowing place.

"You're a fucking teaser, marimo," the blond panted as they parted, their foreheads leaning against each other. Zoro's brow moved up.

"Marimo? Is that my new nickname, shitty cook? Should I feel offended?" Sanji chuckled.

"Who's the one to feel offended here?" he gave him a teasing hit to the shoulder "You decide,"

"Hmm," the green-haired man hummed, nuzzling his nose against the blonds', while he brushed his lips just barely touching the needing lips of the other, and whispered in a deep voice, that always sat Sanji's mind on fire. "I think I'll let you slip with a warning, cook," he said and caught the lips in a heated kiss.

Moaning loudly as that wonderful tongue pressed its way into his mouth, the blonds' fingers worked over the others chest, up to his shoulders, pulling him flush against him, feeling the others muscled chest against his own slighter frame. Sanji sighed in pure delight. He breathed in the familiar scent that he had missed so much, wished for in so many nights if he just could have fallen asleep to that addicting scent of pure Zoro… falling asleep into his naked chest with his strong arms around him. To hell with how gay he was sounding like right now, if anyone had dared to point out howgay he was acting or thinking like sometimes, he would have killed them right on the spot.

Sanji loved this man, deep into his very soul, and wasn't ashamed of it, just a bit… carefulof speaking it out loud, since not many people that they knew of, could accept their love to each other. Some even found it rather disgusting. Sanji too had once been one of those who thought the same. The mere idea of two men being together had always crept the hell shit out of him and making him almost gag at it… that was, until he met a certain green-haired stubborn oaf, there both could make his blood boil in anger and piss him off like no one ever have been able to, but at the same time making his heart flutter when looking into those dark eyes, and his pants extremely suffocating to be in.

Zoro had been an overwhelming personality. He was strong due to that he was training so much, a man there always had the most 'heaviest' of jobs. No rich ass, but he was rich in his love and caring for his friends, there meant the world to him. He always took good care of them, protected them, but would kill the man who dared to refer himto be nice. Sanji did that once, when he caught the oaf in one of his secretly hiding moments, when he actually helped someone outside a street-fight. Zoro even had freaking blushed at the thing being found out by even him, then a second later they had been at each others throat. One time had been extremely bad when Sanji had seen one of Zoro's rare happy smiles, there didn't include him in smiling satisfied after beating someone to a pulp, the situation to that smile he didn't really remember, but he remembered that Zoro had laughed too, and that had made something flutter inside of the blond. To rub that feeling away, he even had told the green-haired man that he had looked cute. That word had almost sent the blond to the hospital. Good thing that they had a doctor among their friends. But that didn't mean that Zoro didn't get badly hurt as well, after Sanji with a satisfied smirk had succeed in breaking one or two bones in the man's body.

Who should have known that those two, two completely straight men, one day, would sit in a car, hiding from the rest of the world, hearts beating in sync, and kissing each other with big need and lust, like there were no tomorrow?

Sanji chuckled just at the mere thought of it and pressed on, wanting to explore the other's mouth as well. Their tongues touched, caressed against each other, licking each lips, searching for every part to taste, longingly, needing, and then Zoro finally opened his mouth for him to enter. He sighed, the fingers released the tie to thread through strands of blond hair instead, and deep dark eyes closed to enjoy the wonder of his blond kissing him. God, he had missed this man so much. Two freaking months was inhumanly long. He would never figure out how soldiers could leave for monthsfrom their love and family, to go into war, and maybe never return back. It was cruel, actually, if you thought about it.

Asking Sanji himself, he wouldn't abandon his family, friends and love to go into war for his country. He would rather stay at his family's side, and fight his own war to protect them, and to make them happy, even if thatwould have become his death. You could call him a traitor for his country, he wouldn't care, and he wouldn't even do it for Sweden. No one had ever done anything for him, beside the man he loved, and his friends and the old man he called his 'father'.

And he knew that Zoro was just the same; Not a man for entering the war for his country, only a war to protect his friends in the nearof them, just to make sure that they were safe.

Sanji panted, completely out of breath as they pulled apart. He stared into those warm brown eyes, those mysterious eyes there always had captivated him, looking at him as he did just now, always made his heart flutter. Adding in the soft smile there now grew on this man's lips, always made Sanji fall in love in him, all over again. A smile he would fight for to see as often as possible, though he never would admit that out loud.

"Hi!" came the innocent greeting from the muscled man.

Sanji chuckled, running his fingers through soft strands of green hair, and smiled back. "Hi!" it was sweet how cute this oaf could be sometimes, when you last expected it.

"Missed ya,"

He placed a quick kiss on the corner of the others lips, and squeezed his cheek.

"Missed ya too, Marimo."


It had only been a month and six days since Sanji returned back home. It was disturbingly how accurate he counted every single day, hell, even the hours and minutes! He had counted every freaking day when Sanji had been in Europe, and now he counted the days since he returned back home, almost like he feared that the blond would travel away again really soon, and the counted days then would match up higher than the days he wasn't there… or something like that. Even Zoro himself couldn't understand his own way of thinking sometimes.

He knew that if he had told Sanji about this disturbing side of him, the blond might have reconsidered sending him to the lunatic-department.

Zoro chuckled just by the thought of it, earning a weird look from said chef there sat right next to him with a beer in his hand. He turned to face the blond man with a broad smile, and moved a hand up to thread his fingers through those soft golden strands. He was so beautiful that it was impossible not to love him. Sanji quirked a brow at him, and widened his visible eye as he saw how close the man was getting to him.

"We're in public," he whispered nervously. This time it was Zoro's turn to quirk a brow, temptingly.


Sanji tried to think, those soft lips was getting closer to his.

"We're in public," he repeated, his brain not able to think coherently when the others heated breath bathed his face and send shivers through his whole body. Zoro chuckled, his lips brushing against his as he spoke.

"You already said that, stupid,"

"People-" 'canseeus' was what the blond would have said, but was cut off as those intoxicatingly lips pressed softly against his in a gentle kiss. He gasped by the sudden move, and was immediately being invaded by Zoro's tongue, there wouldn't let him have time to think just a bit straight. Zoro would normally never do this, not when people were around them, where other people could seethem. He had always been a careful man about their love in public, which was why it shocked the hell shit out of the blond when said man kissed him, not giving a shit to the world and its weird stares at them.

'Well,therewentthesecretblowingtohell,' he thought, and tried to push the other away as he saw Nami turning around to face them, staring with them with a disbelieved stare, though she was one of those few who knewabout them.

"Zoro, not here," he tried to say, while pushing the muscled man away from him. Zoro groaned in return, wanting to stay where he was. People started to react, as they confused saw Nami's staring face in the other direction, and slowly turned around. "Move it!" he said panicked, and since the other didn't do a try to move away, Sanji did the only thing he could think of, and stepped down hard over his one foot.

That had worked.

Zoro wheezed and cursed under his breath as his head made contact with the table instead, just in time as the others now looked their way, and grabbed his sore foot, while glaring up at the blond. Said blond licked his lips, his eyebrows furrowed.

"The hell was thatfor?" the green-haired man wheezed at him, still cursing under his breath about his foot being broken or something.

"You're drunk," he said barely loud enough for the two of them to hear "you never get drunk,"

Zoro snickered; chin resting on the cool wooden table. "So, what if I am?"

"The hell is wrong with you? You've acted so weird lately, doing things you normally never would do. Getting drunk to Vivi's party is nota thing you normally would do," He wasn't angry when he spoke to him, only disappointed by his lovers doing. Zoro had acted weird lately, more daring with their relationship, since he had come back home, like… well, he couldn't put a finger on it, but it was like he was afraid of somethingand it was worryingly.

"Sanji-kun? Would you mind to make the dinner?" the blond princess, as she only could be described as being, called at him. "The grill's heated up just enough as you said it should be!"

"Just a minute, Vivi-dear!" he called back at her, flashing her one of his warm smiles. Then he looked down worried at the mess of his lover, who sighed heavily.


"I'm sorry," the other breathed out, "Fuck, I'm sorry. The hell went into me?"

"Alcohol, too much of it, you oaf." he slapped him teasingly over the head, as he registered that Zoro was pulling himself together now, then tousled his hair, earning a growl from him. Sanji chuckled and stood up to leave. "Need to make us some food. Want me to make you some marsh meet?"

"Fuck you!"

The blond chuckled again, he loved teasing him. He stroked his bare neck with a single finger, as he stepped around him, and squeezed his shoulder just a little "I'll be back right after" he then said, and left him.

Zoro watched the blond as he ran up to the awaiting ladies, phrasing them before he started to grill the spiced food, he already had prepared before the grill had been started. Sanji chuckled at something they where speaking about, it was a nice sound listening to, his laugh. His smile was lovingly. Zoro's heart made a little jump, as said blond turned just enough to flash it his way, without anyone else noticing it. He smiled back, but dropped it as soon as the blond head turned away. The guilt for his action almost choked him. Sanji was right; normally he never would have got himself this drunk, and he normally never would kiss him in the public. Some people hated it, and he would never forgive himself if anyone outside of their 'group' found out, and started torturing them with threats, abusing of their apartment or cars, being stalked on the streets, yelled at and crap like that. He neverwould let Sanji experience such cruelty. He had seen the horror there could happen, and it wasn't a nice sight, even though that they were living in freaking 2011.

So why had he slipped this time? There was only one name popping up in his head as in answer, and it made him groan in annoyance.

Ace D. Portagas.

Ever since Sanji had returned back home, he had talked about this man almost none-stop, like he was some kind of an idol or such. And somehow that name made his alarm-clocks go crazy.

A man and a beautiful looking woman sat down at the other end of the table he sat at. They greeted him happily and Zoro was polite enough not to growl at them, and mumbled somewhat of a greeting back, before the two of them went into a conversation of their own. Zoro laid his arms on the table, chin propped up by one hand, as he tried to solve what it was his mind was trying to tell him, as he stared intensely at his blond there stood by the large grill in the backyard of their old friend Vivi's house, chatting and laughing with the host and several others. From what he could hear even from this distance, the blond was once again telling excited about this freckled man.

"…honestly, the one time I really thought the man was dead. Right in the middle of his SundayChopshe dropped his head into it, fast asleep. It freaked the hell shit out of me!" he flipped a beef on the grill, then another one as he told on "And then he suddenly just wakes up and eats like nothing ever happened, food all around on his face. Really, that man can eat like there's no tomorrow, only outdone by his younger brother, who got a stomach like an empty pit."

They laughed, not aware of that a certain green-haired man didn't find it funny at all. None realised with how much passion the chef talked, when talking about that man. Zoro growled, and moved up to leave, feeling just a bit tipsy and unsteady on his legs, as he walked away from there, needing some fresh air, despite that they already wasoutside, and some alone-time to think. None really gave him any attention, except a certain red-haired woman, who looked worried after her friend over her shoulder.


"You missed out the big party, oaf," A click of a lighter sounded in the darkening world. Zoro didn't have to turn around to know who it was, there plumped down beside him on the grass. A plate was placed in between them with two large warm burgers on it. He answered him with an uninterested grunt, and stared back up at the lake and the forest there decorated the landscape behind their friend's family mansion. He could feel the chef's eyes on him, searching, looking for some evidence on what was wrong. "You okay?" Had he really looked like someone who wasn't okay? No, it was just the cook who was good at reading his face.

"Just needed some quiet time,"

"For a whole three hours?" the blond asked, eyeing the empty cans of beer around his lover with a sceptical but worried look. He had been drinking again. 'Why?'

"Two and a half," he corrected him, almost in a whisper. Sanji groaned at the seemingly childish answer.

"Doesn't matter shit! What matters is, that you weren't there, and I, sort of… missed ya,"

"Oh?" Zoro raised a brow, and looked straight into the one single visible eye "Looked for me like you had a damn good time; chatting and laughing about your dearest friend there."

"Who?" Sanji asked, truly confused. Zoro rolled his eyes.

"That Ace-guy," he said, throwing his hand to the side, like wanting to throw the subject out the window as well.

"When the hell have he become a dearestfriendto me?" the chef said annoyed, taking a drag on his second cigarette of the day, "I've just said that he's a good friend, that's all,"

"Sounded to me like you where about to get engaged,"

"Hey, whoa whoa whoa!" The blond protested, waving his hands in front of himself to stop the man in his one-sided-track "Where the hell did thatnow come from? You completely out of your mind? I saidhe's a good friend! What the fuck, Zoro?"

"Well, how should I know?" he snapped, anger growing in his guts, as he turned fully around to face the blond. "You're babbling about him the whole damn time anyway!"

"I do not! That's bullshit!" Sanji said furiously. Not aware of that he was raising his voice. But Zoro had seemingly only got started on the yelling part as well.

"Hell you do! You almost don't speak about anything else but that freckled idiot!"

"He's notan idiot, well yes, but not like that! Ace is a really good friend, and I know that you would have said the same if you knew him well enough!"

"Like hell I would! I don't walk around talking about people like I've been fucked by them!"


Sanji was none to ever use his hands in a fight; he treasured them well too much to mistreat them like that, because if harmed, he would not be able to cook. Therefore as it wasa hand there smacked the green-haired man directly in the face, he couldn't stop himself from staring shocked up at the man he loved so much, who now stood above him, hands closed into fists, his whole body trembling in anger, as he stared furiously down at him.

"Don't ever, and I repeat," he said in a dangerous low voice, and then raised it in a roar, not caring a shit about that the people from the party behind them might would be able to hear him "EVER talk like that I've been cheating on you,ZoroRoronoa! 'Cause then you're fuckingoutofyourfreakingmind!"

His fingers heaved over the abused place where the blonds' hand-print without any mistake was, but didn't touch the stinging flesh. Guilt suddenly flushed through him, and almost choked him. He looked down, ashamed, and breathed out heavy.

"I'm sorry," what right did he have to accuse the one he loved so much, to directly cheat on him? Didn't he trust the blond enough to know that he neverwould do such a thing? The hell went into him? 'Alcohol,toomuchofit,youoaf.' he heard the blonds' earlier words repeat in his mind. "I'm sorry," he repeated, more ashamed than ever. Sanji nodded, without no doubt feeling hurt in his pride for being thought of like that.

"You should be," he whispered around his cigarette, and killed the rest of the cancer-stick under his sole. He sat down, shoulders sunk, arms laying lazily over his bend knees, as he stared in the direction his lover had been staring at just seconds ago… or was that minutes? He glanced his way, feeling a bit guilty from even slapping him over the face, but the moss-head had no rights to accuse him for such things. "Hey," he said, trying to make up the mood again, and pushed him lightly with his shoulder "stop giving me that beaten puppy-face, and eat your food before it'll get too cold." Zoro only made a noise in answer, still ashamed like hell, and Sanji hated the situation for ever happening, as the man took up his one burger and bite in it. After his third mouthful he first started to speak again.

"It's good," he said around a mouthful of meat, vegetables, cheese, bacons and bread. Sanji flashed him a smile.

"I know, right?"

Zoro chuckled, "Smug bastard,"

Sanji laughed heartedly, it was hard to be mad at this man for too long at a time.


This, though they were on good tracks again, was the first time ever since that they had been in a relationship together, that they've been in a fight like this; bitching, yelling… Sadly enough it would not even be their last, and Zoro knew it, before the times ever would come and show it up in his face. He already knew that he had lost, but refused to believe it, and kept on fighting.


For the first two weeks, Sanji barely spoke about his so called friend, and sometimes didn't even mention him at all. Zoro had felt relieved; things had even come back to normal like they never had been havingthat fight at all at Vivi's place. But three weeks after their fight, Sanji got a call from the last person Zoro ever wanted to know of. It was Ace. Apparently they had been sharing phone numbers as well, but it sounded weird that they only now would be talking with each other, after such a long time. Sanji told him that it was because of that the man had been hospitalized for a pretty damn long time, after some kind of an incident at work for about one and a half month ago. Cell phones weren't allowed in the hospitals, and Ace hadn't remembered his number either so he couldn't call him.

Oh, so they hadbeen texting each other before then? Well how come that the blond had not told him about that? But then again; Sanji's friendships were his own business, and Zoro had no right to interfere in Sanji's private life... except if it was about cheating.

'Whoastop!WherethehelldidTHATsuddenlycomefrom?' Zoro thought horrified, as he sat in the sofa, looking on his blond who stood with his cell phone between his chin and shoulder while cooking, chatting with the fire worker happily. He only had some grey sweatpants on and his favourite pink apron with a panda on the front. It looked weird, but sexy as well. Sanji laughed into the phone. 'WhythehelldoIkeeponworryingaboutSanjiandthatAce-guy?It'snotlikeheis...hejustlikethatguy...justlikemeandChopper;we'reonlyfriends,sostopworryingsomuchandgettingstupidthoughtslikethat!'

"Oi, Zoro! Come over here," the blond suddenly said. Zoro raised a brow.


"Ace wants to talk with my envious friend,"

"I... wha... you... I am NOT jealous!" Sanji chuckled and reached the phone towards him, while stirring around in the frying rice.

"Sure you're not, just take the phone and say 'hello', or something. Don't worry little marimo, it wont bite 'ya,"

There sounded a chuckle from the phone. "Marimo?What'sthat?Alover'sphrase?"

Zoro immediately hated him all over again, and grabbed the phone with such a force, that he almost broke it. For that he reserved a kick straight into his guts, so when he spoke into the phone, his voice sounded rather squeaky.


"Ah, Mr. Marimo, I presume? What's that? You sound like you've just been kicked in the balls?"


"Ah," He held his hand over the speaker and cursed at the blond, who had a bright toothy smile plastered on his lips, and blew him a kiss. Zoro made a motion to grab after him, but the blond was faster to get out of his reach, second try his hand was slapped with a spatula, and on his third try where he was starting get a bit pissed, the blond just literally bend so far down backwards, that it even hurt in Zoro's back to watch him do that. Sanji only laughed even more, and made a sign for that hehad 'won the fight'. Zoro rolled his eyes, and mouthed without a word, that he didn't want to speak with the man, or rather, didn't know what the hell to say, since the man already had fallen into a conversation with himself.

Sanji pushed the phone far enough away from them, so he unheard could whisper with a dangerous sugar-sweet voice –Zoro hated when the blond spoke like that, because when he did, it meant that he was walking on deep waters- that if he wouldn't soon stop being such a baby about certain stuffs and grow some balls and talk with Ace, well, then there would be nosex, or anything referring to it, for the next one and a half month! That meaning not even a kiss was allowed, barely touching each other. The killer-look pointed out that he was deadly serious about it, and Zoro knew that he was under the blonds' mercy. He pulled the phone to his ear and spoke with much dismay and sending glares towards the smirking blond, who started on his cooking once again, happy about his second victory of the day. Damn, the cook was toying with him, that bastard.

But… if he had to be honest with himself, though Ace did sound to not be such a bad person to talk with as he first had assumed, there was still something deep inside of him there roared up that something wasn't right here, that he should be aware of… something, but he dismissed it right away and fought to convince himself that it was just him being stupid again.

He spoke with him -what, a five minutes?- before he cut the man off. He had been standing and watched his chef working in his truly element, entranced by his movements, charmed by his humming tones to a happy song as he tossed the food up in the air in a way that only he could do it, making it all landing back into the pan again. Then he turned around to cut some vegetables, his movements was like a dance, making his floating hair shine like white gold as the sun's rays fell on it, and make small pearls of sweat glitter on pale skin as well. The blond was completely entranced in his cooking, smiling as he enjoyed what he was doing. He always did. Sanji had once told him that, and Zoro loved watching him in this calm form, while making his creations in his sanctuary. Placing the phone on the countertop, he tiptoed over to said chef to go grab around his thin but muscled body.

"I'm cooking," he said, though there wasn't much irritation in the words, there really wantedhim to back away. Zoro hummed in answer, and just pressed himself even more up against the blonds' back. He loved to just stand like this, leaning his head on his shoulder to look down on his working creations. It was calm, relaxing to just stand there, and luckily Sanji didn't mind that, he even sometimes walked around in the kitchen with his living hanging plant in tow, and only kicked him out of his kitchen when he started to lay more of his heavy weight onto him, or just became too annoying to have hanging around.

"Ya know?" said hanging plant whispered teasingly into his ear, it was hard to keep his hands off him any longer, Sanji was a teaser, even when not wanting to be, and started nipping the blonds' ear "You look just so damn sexylike that," Sanji snorted.

"Its damn hell hot today, moss-head, so stop fucking –aah!" a hand had sneaked up underneath his apron and down in to his pants to caress his manhood, while a hungry mouth kissed from his ear and down along his throat. It was getting harder to keep his concentration on his cooking, and for safe he turned down the heat. Zoro chuckled while licking a trail of sweat away, sending shivers through Sanji's whole being.

"It's a freaking ten degrees today, you crazy cook. It's autumn, not summer."

"So? M'still hot!"

"Hell yeah you are," Zoro said and turned the chef around, the blond hair danced along in the air, letting him see the oh so forbidden hided blue eye. "You. Are. So. Damn. Hot. And sexy." He whispered against the blonds' lips, pulling him flush against him. Red was already colouring the slender man's pale cheeks.

"Shut uuup, not what I meant," the chef said, his voice raspy and slightly breathless, lips brushing against lips as he spoke, voice filling with desire. He stretched an arm out to turn off the heater so the food wouldn't get burned, and turned them both so his back hit the edge of the counter opposite where the food where, and smirked "but you're damn straight right, about that,"

Zoro chuckled "Damn arrogant idiot," and closed the space between their lips. He felt the slender arms wrapping themselves around his neck and pulling him in closer to the kiss. He wrapped his fingers more around the man's slowly awakening arousal and kept molding it, making the blond breathe heavy warm air into their sloppy needing kiss.

"Dinner's done," the chef panted with a raspy voice, as they pulled apart to get air. Zoro once again nipped his ear, still molding the now stiff length. The blond laid his head back, panting up in the air, and moaned as Zoro went down his throat once again, who knew his sensitive places of where to be licked. Just as he had foreseen it, said person shivered as he ran his tongue right under his jaw, nipping his Adam's apple as well.

"Hmm," Zoro hummed and rose up to meet his heated eyes "then can I have the dessert at first?" he removed his hand from the pants and lifted up the blond to good naturally point out what dessert that he meant. Long slender but strong legs wrapped themselves around his torso, arms laying lazily on his shoulders, as the blond chuckled lightly and nipped at his lip, sucking on it.

"You'll pay for this later, moron, for letting the food getting cold."

Zoro hummed again by the sound of the desired panting voice, as he moved the apron a bit aside and hooked his thumbs on the waistline of the others sweatpants, while kissing down his pale, smooth neck. Breathing in the heat of Sanji's clean skin, the scent made Zoro's heart pound even faster and made all the blood in his body rush to one destination; down south. He tasted the creamy skin, warm musk with a hint of salt.

Sanji sighed, feeling his blood rush through his body, the sound pounding loud in his ears. He grinded his hips towards the iron-worker, hurrying him to take off his pants, he wanted him… no… that was a complete wrong word… he neededhim right here and now. His hot mouth travelled back up his throat, giving his Adams apple a single suck and a lick, before tasting his way up to his jaw, kissing his little beard, the saliva making it wet. He shuddered as the other breathed at the wet hair and skin, feeling all at the same time the thumbs hanging loosely in the waistline of his pants, slowly pulling the clothes down his hips along with his shorts, as fingers ghosted over his ass teasingly as they passed by. He groaned, wanting him now, neededhim right now!Fuck the man was a teaser.

"I loveto pay you back," and then that heated erotic whisper there made his blood immediately rush southwards to his already twisting length –all the blood going from his brain down to his groin almost made him dizzy-, before same mouth kissed him again, passionately, lovingly.

Sanji chuckled into the kiss, fingers running through green strands of hair, grabbing it tight "you damn perverted marimo–oh, mmm~"

"Yeah," he whispered heated, and plunged his tongue into that lovingly hot mouth, and with big difficulty pulled his own pants down, to enter the needing blond.

God how he loved this man… though none of them aware of that they had the exact same thought…

…The case about Ace, totally forgotten in the heat.


"What? Shut uup~! You're kidding, right?" Sanji was once again talking with the freckled man in the phone, and laughed good-heartedly. Zoro grumbled, not liking that their Saturday movie-night was getting ruined once again by that freaking phone.

"Come on~," he whined, clearly annoyed and bored about being left alone in the sofa. Head lolling to the side so he could see the blond who'd moved out into the kitchen to be able to hear Ace above the loud noise from the T.V. "Cut him off and sit down here," he patted the seat beside him a bit too, motioning him to come sit now. Sanji glared at him, motioning him to be quiet and turned his back to him, to laugh into the phone again. Zoro growled and leaned his head back, seeing the back of the blond upside down. He zoomed out of the conversation, going into his own world and even cut off the noises from the T.V. as well.

Ace was a nice guy, fun talking with and so. Zoro even started to like the man, but not when he called at times like these; when he and the blond had their rarely lonely moments with each other, since they both had jobs there needed them to work late –one would almost think that the man was psychic and did it on purpose, just to annoy the hell shit out of him. Sanji even had late-night-shifts sometimes, what leaved them every so often to not have any time with each other at all.

More often the fire worker would even call the blond in the middle of the night, even when they freaking where doing it, the blond would grab the phone, kicking Zoro off and leave him to speak into the phone. It was almost like he was engaged with that phone, or even bewitched by it, and Zoro caught himself in wanting to drown it in the toilet and flush it out. But, the chef would most likely kill him right after that, since the phone wasn't one of the cheapest kinds.

It was getting too much, all this was slowly making him crazy, and he was on the brim to pull his hair out and roar up into the skies. He wanted his Sanji to be with him,alone, no phones, no freaking Acecalling at the most idiotic of times, just he and him, cuddling in the sofa as they had done just moments ago, breathing in the wonderful scent from the blonds' hair, enjoying it, just as he always did when he was in the near of his chef.So, therefore as the blond was chatting into the phone, smoke in one hand –Sanji had promised to cut off smoking, but Zoro had learned what it would mean to be with someone cutting off smoking straight away, and had told him that cutting off a littlewas okay, but not stopping completely.

Zoro had made his decision and stood up straight. Sanji didn't hear him as he arrived from behind him, nor sensed him, not before the phone was literally ripped out of his hand.

"Sorry Ace, but Sanji can't talk right now," Zoro almost growled into the speaker. Ace, apparently sensing that something was wrong, gave him a good-natural laugh, but there was something about the sound of it there made his skin prickle, and Zoro hated it.


He halted for a moment. There was something about that voice right now, which he hadn't heard before, and disliked very much. The following creepy out-of-place chuckle as he spat the word "What?" into the phone, made him hate it even more. The hell was up with him all of a sudden?


"What are you-"

He paused, realising. His hesitation made the other chuckle in the phone, as he stared up at the blond, who just stood and gaped at him, asking him what the hell he was doing, or something like that... he didn't really pay any attention, Ace's words had captured the whole of it.


Then the anger came, and Zoro almost crushed the phone in his hand as a voice deep inside of him yelled 'Itoldyouso!'before he slammed the phone shut and went for the window. He knew it! He had damn hell known it all along that Ace was too good to be true. He fucking knewthat that fuck-head was up to something!

'HewantstotakeSanjiawayfromme,thatbastard?' so did he know about him and the blond as well? He must have, else he wouldn't have said those words. But if he told Sanji this… he would never believe him… that was for sure. The blond would just think that it would be one of his sad excuses to make him stop talking with him, therefore there were only one solution for that answer; the phone must go! He knew this would be his doom no matter of what, but he could take the screaming and yelling there for sure would come. The phone made a cracking sound as he clenched his fist even more, his vision red of pure anger. 'Thatbastard!'

"Oi Zoro! The fuck you think you're doing?" The blond roared, and only now moved, as the man started to opening the window, his phone in a death grip in his large hand, in danger to crumble into small pieces in any minute. His face paled. "Oh no you don't, marimo! Don't you dareto do it!"

"I'm sick and tired of you and him always chatting like freaking women for hours, every fucking day!" he roared back, 'andbecausethatfuckingbastardwanttotakeyouawayfromme,'and thought as well, so much wanting to say the words out loud, but knew it would be useless. He pulled the phone back over his head, ready to throw it out to Neverland*¨, where only good children with happy thoughts could get to.

"Zoro! Stop!" There was horror in his voice. "You know how much that I-phone cost me?" Zoro didn't listen as he backed a bit away, and then made a run for the window, phone ready to leave the safety of his hand. "DON'T!" He had almost tumbled over the windowsill as the blond had rocketed into him from behind, grabbing the hand holding the phone. His heart jumped out of his throat as he looked down into the death fifty-five feet underneath them, Sanji's legs the only support holding both of them back from getting killed down on the street. Suddenly he was ripped back, landing unceremoniously on the hard parquet-floor, with a fuming blond above him, a pale hand shivering as it held the I-phone in a death grip. "The hell, was that about, you fucking ape…?" his voice was shaking dangerously, Zoro knew that when the blond spoke like that, he would be in big shit. "HUH?" And just as he had predicted, the foot came slamming down in an axe-kick, almost leaving a crater where his head once had been; it would have send him into a long coma, if it had hit him.

Zoro rolled away, scrambling up on his feet to face the blond, who came storming towards him, next kick already ready to send him to either paradise or hell. He moved an arm up to stop the kick, and pushed the leg away. Stupid mistake, because then the next kick only would come right after. He dodged that one just in time as well.

"You're fucking hanging on that phone all the freaking time!" he yelled back, since no calm talking would help here, and grabbed the foot there would have come slamming him right in his kidney. "You're too damn naïve!"

"Not true! And the hell you talking about, you jalousie algae-head?" the blond protested, trying to yank his foot out of the others grip. "Let go, so I can fucking crush your stupid face!"

"You're even stopping in the middle of our fucking just to talk with that… man!" His hand stopped the second kick as well, leaving the blond to land on his hands, both legs trapped.

"That was once,you imbecile gorilla! It was after he had been running into a burning house, and almost getting himself killed!" He grabbed Zoro's legs, making the mountain of muscles to come crashing to the floor, and kicked him under the jaw, making the man seeing stars for a long moment of time.

"And you believe that fuck-head? Hell, I'm indanger every freaking day as well, working as an iron-worker, balancing high above the ground on those bloody buildings, just to make for a living!" he kicked back, but the blond managed to get out of his reach. Zoro crawled after him and grabbed his leg, yanking him down to his level and punched him right in the face "And yet you don't fucking care a shitabout that, just saying that it's stupid!"

"Because it isstupid!" the blond roared, kneeing the man in the stomach, who in return gave him a nice blue eye "Construction-builder, Fisher in the North Sea, Truck driver through Canada, Lumberjack, and now as a shitty Iron-worker! The fuck? Is life too boring to get a normaljob?"

"Well, excuse me for not having such a nice education, and my ass propped with money as you and your freaking friend does!"

"I didn't tell ya to get a high-educated job, you moron! That would be too much asking your stupid brain for! And leave Ace out of this!"

"There you go again! Always Ace, Ace, Ace, freakingACE!" His fist slammed beside the blonds' head, who in return kneed him in the guts.

"You're sick! What's wrong with that I'm talking with him?"

"Because you're talkingwith him almost all the freaking time for hours!"

"You jealous!"

"Hell I'm not! But it's fucking annoying! And he's not fucking trustworthy either!"

"The hell you saying, huh?"

"Stay away from him! Stop calling him, damn it! Stop talkingwith him!"

"The fuck? I'll talk with whoeverI want to, wheneverI want to, and that's none of your shitty business!"

Limps flailed around as the two men wrestled on the floor, punching, nails scraping, kicking each other as they rolled around, fighting for whom to be on top and give the other a good old beating.

It was Franky and Tilestone –a large muscled loud-speaking lumberjack, who had muscles like a mountain, but no stronger than his boss Franky- who came and pulled them apart from each other, before they would kill one another. Apparently it had been Usopp, the engineer-student from underneath, who also was a friend of them, there had called Franky for assistance, which then had pulled Tilestone along with him, when hearing what had happened. It took them a whole hour to cool down the two young men, and Zoro grabbed his jacket, not speaking a single word after the fight, glancing at the blond before he left the apartment to go jog outside in the cold night, to get his mind on the right track again.


"Lu wants to talk with you," the I-phone was literally thrown in his face, as the blond tossed it over his shoulder towards him. Zoro grabbed the phone, and stared sadly at the angry form of his blond, before answering the phone.

"Hello?" Sanji didn't turn around to face him as he cooked the dinner for the two of them. Actually it had been rare for the two of them speaking with each other lately. When they finally spoke, certain subjects would come up and they would be on the head of each other again. Franky and Tylestone was way too often being called by a nervous and pretty worried Usopp to stop the two of them from ripping the head off each other. Once the engineer-student hadn't been home, the other neighbours had then called the police to drag Zoro away from him. Later that night he had returned home, Sanji was gone leaving a note about that food stood in the refrigerator, and all around in the apartment ruined furniture's was to be seen. Next day the blond had always bought them some new ones there looked like the old ones. Luckily the blond only kept to destroying the stuff there was easily to be replaced, Zoro had realised that the tempered cook neveronce broke any of his Japanese-looking furniture, and that somehow comforted him on a weird way.

"ZORO!Hi!Howareyou?" came the late but pretty loud and happy reply on the other line, almost making the iron-worker falling off the sofa as he had dazed for a moment, falling into old memories where the blond normally would have watched him with a happy smile, teased him with unspoken words, came over to sit with him, teasing him to hold his cool while speaking, while Sanji himself kissed him, tickled him, licked him or did other erotic things. Once he had let out a loud moan when he had his boss in the phone, fucking embarrassed at the situation, he had haunted the laughing blond right after, and tickled him until he screamed up, pleading him to stop, and then the naughty business would come, though none complained about thatpart. The teasing moments while he had been on the phone, he had found rather annoying at times. But now, now he missed the contact with his blond so much that it hurt him deep in his heart thinking about it. He almost could feel it being slowly ripped apart.

He needed his drug, he needed his Sanji, his oldSanji, not this cold lifeless body, there only lived up for the matter for yet another phonecall or when their friends came by.

"Sorry?" He hadn't heard the next sentence the kid had literally yelled at him.

"Isaid;youknowwhatwe'regoingtodonextweekend?" He could almost see the kid jump up and down while speaking in the phone, impatiently to tell the rest. Luffy, Ace's little brother, was a person far from his older brother. He was fun, only called Sanji to talk about meat and how much he missed eating his meat, and of course talking about other stuff as well. But he didn't mind Luffy, somehow, though he never had met the kid, he trusted him. The kid was simply too innocent than to want nothing but peoples friendship… and Sanji's cooking, but who the hell wouldn't? When Luffy finally called, what was rare in comparing to how much his older brother called Sanji, the kid always wanted to talk with Zoro, no matter of what, and if he wasn't around, Luffy would call every freaking five minutes to hear if he had come back home. A pretty pissed Sanji had told him this, and told him to give him his number instead, so the kid would stop torturing him by asking after him.

Zoro had only chuckled at this and said that the blond had deserved that, while he had ruffled his hair, leaving the golden top into a mess. Sanji always had half-heartedly kicked him for this.

"Zooorooo,you'renotlisteningtodaaay!" the kid whined. Damn it, he had to stop falling into deep thoughts all the time. He glanced up at the blond, who had throw him a quick glance to see what he was doing. Zoro could swear that there was a worried look in those eyes, before the head had turned away fast.

"Sorry, m'just a bit tired today." He apologized, running his fingers through his short green hair. "So, no, what are you going to do next weekend?" Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the blonds' body freeze. He raised a brow in question, but didn't ask.

"Youdon't?Man,IthoughtthatSanjihadtoldyou!" he could almost hear the pout in the boy's voice. This time he couldn't stop himself from looking straight at the blond, who's motion with cutting the garlic had went down to snail-speed.

"No, Sanji hasn't told me anything at all," the cook was trembling now, and his breathing had even become unsteady, like he was either nervous or scared. Why was he scared? "So, what's up?"

He could almost hear the smile through the kid's voice "Me and Ace and Dad and Gramps and Uncle," he could almost see him counting them all on his fingers when he also went through the list of their maids, butlers and cooks. Honestly, this family had their asses so full of money that it was crazy, and yet the two brothers would have normal low-paid jobs, just because they wanted to be among 'normal' people. Zoro could understand them. Luffy, though he always referred him to being a kid since he mostly acted like one, was now a graduated math and English teacher of all things.

"Hey,youlistening?" The young teacher asked suspiciously, Zoro almost chuckled at that, but kept his cool face as he stared at the blond cook.

"Yeah, I'm listening, it's hard not to hear ya, ya know," Luffy laughed good-heartedly and pointed out that he actually had been zooming out a couple of times by now. Zoro told him to shut up and go on with the subject.

"Anyway,weareallgoingtomovetoNewYork!Isn'tthatcool?" Zoro froze, his breathing even stopped. He saw the blond look nervously over his shoulder as he hadn't been able to move his lips to speak for a long time now, while Luffy literally had screeched up about this and that they were going to do when they finally all would meet.

"That's…that's good to hear… Luffy," he wasn't even paying much attention to him anymore, though he never would mind Luffy for coming, even moving up to the same city as them, if even the same street or building, but it was Ace. He had mentioned Acewas coming along with them. Ace! Why couldn't he just not had stayed over there in that freaking little country called Denmark, and play his daily role as a fucking hero?

The cold and empty feeling there once had paralyzed his whole body and mind, now slowly was filling up with a heated feeling of anger and betrayal. Whyhadn't Sanji told him anything about this? For how long hadhe even known about this? His hand holding the blonds' phone started to shake dangerously and threatened to crush the poor phone into crumbles.

"Luffy… I have to go now," he said, doing all what he could to not sounding as angry as he felt right now, but somehow Luffy caught on that something was wrong with him, and he literally heard him frown in the phone.

"Zoro," he said seriously, it was rare to hear him like that, Zoro only had heard him like this only once before "Don'tdoanythingstupidyouwillregret."

"Sorry," was the only replay he could give him, before he turned off the phone, and laid it carefully down on the sofa table in front of him, almost afraid of that any fast motions would ruin or destroy anything. He stood up to face the blond completely, who now had turned his head away from him to turn off the fire underneath his cooking, and laying down the knife, away from the two of them, before he turned around as well with a determined expression on his face.

This… this would become one of those days again where Zoro would have to stay at Usopp's place for a couple of days, until things would get cool between the two of them again, mostly because Sanji hated to waste food, and wasted it would be again today. It was sad, Zoro had even sensed that they might would have had a nice day today, without any bickering, without any fights, might even had been able to watch a movie together. But all that was ruined now, all that was destroyed, and it even gave him a pang of guild and sadness in his chest, as he opened his mouth to ask. Why did he even take it this bad? Couldn't he just not ignore? Couldn't he just not accept Sanji's new friend? No he couldn't, because said friendwanted to take hisSanji awayfrom him. Noonewere evergoing to take hisSanji away from him. He knew it sounded sick, wrong, but he would rather live like cats and dogs with him, than not having him by his side at all.

Sanji already made his stand, ready to fight, ready to defend. But to Zoro's own surprise, he only closed his mouth again, shook his head sadly, reserving a suspicious but confused look from the blond, as he turned around, shoulders low and defeated. "I'm not hungry," he managed to choke out, before he grabbed his jacket and sneakers, and ran out into the night. Running always made him think clearer, and he had been running a lot lately, both physically and mentally speaking.

He missed his old Sanji, he missed his old self… he missed the time before Ace, before all of this shit happened. He missed to be able to be in control with his own self, with his own desires. He knew that if he saw Ace right in the moment, he would have killed him. 'Concentration,' his father once had said that their part of the family, when they finally fell in love in someone, they were cursed with the sickening way of loving someone too much. His uncle once ended in jail for catching a stranger looking at his wife the wrong way and had litteraly smashed his face in. His aunt had screamed that time, told him to relax. Uncle was sick, she often had told him when he was a kid, he was sick, but a good man. Aunt died two years later because his father had fully lost it, when she'd kissed another man on the cheek. Five days later he found his uncle laying dead in the apartment. His father had said that Zoro have to learn to control his feelings, never to let them overrun him. "Don't make the same stupid mistakes as your uncle. You'll regret it all in the end." Zoro had been able to control his feelings, always had, just like his father who wasn't as bad 'hit' as his uncle. But then when he had realised his feelings for a certain blond man, it had all slowly started. The curse, the blinding rage at anyone for looking wrongly at his blond, the feeling of having an ownershipof the blond. He didn't ownhim, Zoro more than knew it, but his stupid fucked up mind told him otherwise 'Damnit!Concentrate!' he have to learn to trust his blond. He have to learn his mindto trust him, to not be so stupid. But Zoro was in love, madly,more like sickinglyin love in the blond. 'ButI'mnotuncle.I'mnotlikehim.Neverlikehim!'

He came home late that night. Sanji had already gone to bed, meal stood prepared on the counter with a film over the plate, with a note on it saying 'ForShittyMarimo'. He smiled a little, but didn't feel the happiness in it. He warmed the food in the micro, ate it slowly at the counter, enjoying the taste exploding in his mouth. Even though that it had been re-heated, Sanji's food always were good, but of course it was at its best when it was served right after the preparation.

Washing the plate and the cutlery, he then went to the bathroom, taking a fast shower. He tiptoed into the bedroom where Sanji laid fast asleep, looking like an angel as he slept. His heart wrenched at the sight and found himself looming over the blond not two seconds later, running his fingers through his soft strands of hair. Sanji moved in his sleep, and smiled happily at the familiar touch, but didn't wake up. Zoro even dared to lean down, breathe in the familiar but now forbidden sense, and kissed him gently on the top of his head. Sanji moaned in his sleep and whispered his name. The pain grew inside of him; he was split between go into bed with him or go out on the sofa, which lately had become the iron-workers second home. He moulded over the thought, getting more and more tempted to lie down beside him, but thought the better of it, and turned to go grab his clothes, but a hand in the night grabbed his wrist, stopping him. Zoro froze and held his breath, as he dared to look down, and met two blue eyes looking sleepy, pleadingly back up at him.

"Stay," the blond whispered, his voice raspy, full of sleep and hinted with a bit of sadness "…please…?" Zoro chewed at the inside of his mouth, before he nodded. Sanji moved further into the bed, making room for the other to lie down. Zoro, hesitating for a moment, fearing that this was just yet another teasing dream, that he must have fallen asleep on one of the benches in the park, since this looked too god to be true, dropped his towel on the floor.

Sanji blinked, both eyes visible in the night, the white ray from the bright moon gleamed in the depths of the blue sea in those eyes, drank in the sight of the naked iron-worker in front of him. The muscles flexed under the tanned skin as he moved, the white light giving the man a somewhat magical appearance, almost ghost-like. The chef sighed as the iron-worker moved in beside him and draped the covers over the man.

They lay there for a moment, none of them saying anything or doing anything, they just laid there and listened to each others breathings in the silent room. Zoro felt uneasy about this, almost like they were two teenagers who were going to have their first sex ever. He didn't know what he could dare to do, touch him? Hold him? Kiss him? But then again his heart protested against him to do anything beside that. It couldn't take it, not yet, not before he had cleared out some things.

He hadn't felt the other move beside him, not sensing his worried eyes searching his serious face for any answers, which was why he almost freaked out as the blond man suddenly loomed above him, long slender pale arms planted on each side of him, while ocean-blue eyes watched him, only now he saw the worries in them. Sanji defiantly looked like an angel, his pale chest looking almost white in the light, his hair shone like a pale crown or a halo in the night. Creamy skin, so tempting to touch, to kiss, to taste, but he refused to move, he simply just couldn't, so enthralled was he at the sight above him that he could do nothing but stare.

"Zoro," his name was whispered out, gusted through the room like a serene wind. He only made to blink once, twice, before soft lips pressed against his, kissing him ever so softly. He tried to restrain himself, but couldn't as Sanji's mouth work him into the mood, make him response ever so hungrily, needing to feel the softness that he haven't felt for such a long time. He allowed his fingers to run through those blond strands of hair, pressing him further down to deepen the kiss. Sanji didn't protest, and only kissed him more fiercely. His slender body now flush against his, elbows on each side of him, while needing fingers moved in his short hair, each holding a wad of hair for dear life, almost like he was afraid of that he would disappear if he didn't hold on tight enough. He moved his head up just a little, a string of saliva connecting their mouths, hot breath of air bathing their faces, before he turned his head to get another angle and dove back down to kiss him, and Zoro drank it all, never being able to have enough of his blond. The taste of Sanji's lips was like a drug; the more he had, the more he wanted.

"Sanji," he panted heated into their kiss. Sanji groaned, their kissing getting sloppy, more needing.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, while still kissing the man underneath him, and moved his hips against the other. "I'm sorry," Slender fingers moved down along Zoro's sides, kept moving down, while the blond kept on apologizing, and suddenly a hand moved in between them. Zoro gasped as talented slender fingers stroked his manhood, while the blond still kept on kissing him. His hips moved on their own up to get touched some more, but he refused to let this go on, and grabbed the blonds' shoulders to push him away.

"No, don't," he said breathlessly, but sternly, though his mind yelled and cursed at him for stopping the blonds' act. Sanji blinked confused at him and was about to say something as Zoro cut him off. "We can't… not now… maybe… maybe tomorrow, or so,"

" 'Or so?' Why the hell not now? Damn it, I said that I was sorry already!"

Zoro moved to sit up, Sanji still on his lap, and stared into his eyes without saying anything. Sanji, realising that he hadn't said out the words correctly, ran a hand down his own face and groaned.

"Fuck," he said into his hand. His fingers grabbing his own hair tight, as he leaned forward, head bumping into the iron-worker's muscled chest. The blond shuddered as he took a deep breath of air "…fuck… I… I'm sorry, Zoro, that I, that I didn't… urgh! Why the hell is it all so damn complicated?"

"Because you're makingit all so damn complicated! Why didn't you tell me?" Zoro pointed out calmly. Sanji sighed heavily, leaning his head back and stared up into the ceiling, as would the right answer be to find up there. Not long after he looked seriously into his lover's dark eyes.

"Look, I'm sorry. But honestly, Jesus, you're acting like I've been cheating on you or something,"

Zoro furrowed his brows. "Then whydidn't you tell me about that Acewas moving over here?" he asked again, the name already tasting like shit in his mouth.

"What? It's not like I wanted to cheat on you or something, I-"

"Why do you keep on repeating that word then?"

"Because you're acting like I want to jump the man the moment he'll land with the plain!" The blond roared, angry at Zoro for not accepting his apologise, and only kept on with… this. "You're so fucking annoying and thick-headed! Why can't you not just accept Ace?"


"You never answered my question," he chose to say instead.

"Well youdidn't answer my question either, damn it!"

They stared angrily at one another, and after a few seconds with no words, Zoro sighed and pushed the blond off him. Just as he made to stand up, he was immediately grabbed from behind, pale arms holding around him, standing out strong against Zoro's tanned chest.

"Wait, just…" Sanji sighed, his breath bathing Zoro's ear from behind. "Look, I'm sorry, just… just don't go again I… stay here…?"

The blond chef had no idea of how much he wanted to stay, how much he wanted him, forgetting all this shit, but his mind was a stupid thing, and he moved again to stand up, mumbling a silent no to him, but couldn't move as Sanji held on tight onto him.

"Please…?" the blond then tried, not wanting the other to leave. He couldn't get it why Zoro was so jalousie at Ace, it wasn't like that he… but he knew how Zoro would have taken it if he had told him that Ace would move over to NY, then again; what did he think? That Ace could sneak into the country without the iron-worker ever noticing it? Hell, he hadacted like someone who wishedto cheat on the one they loved. He groaned at his own stupidity, and held on tighter on the man he loved so much. 'Iwouldneverbeabletolivewithoutthisidiotwhenwillheeverunderstandthat?'

Closing his eyes, Zoro sighed heavily and finally let himself being brought back down into the bed, but didn't turn around.

Sanji felt a pang of guilt hitting him hard in his heart, as it only was the others back there stared back at him. He wanted to feel him, him to "Hold me…?" he asked carefully, surprised that he even said that out loud. Zoro held his breath, but still didn't move. He lifted his hand to touch the strong-looking back, but almost didn't dare to make the contact. "…please…?" he almost whispered out.

Zoro chewed the inside of his mouth, Sanji never said please this often, unless he had a bad conscience about something. But he turned none the less around to face him, and just as he moved his arm up to hold around the skinnier man, the blond at once snuggled into him, sighing at the contact. They did nothing but lay there; Zoro with his arm around Sanji, who tried to get as close as possible into his chest, almost like he tried to melt into him. Soon the night was filled with quiet breathings as the blond finally had fallen asleep.

This wasn't unusual for them, they often fell asleep like this, or sometimes the other way; where Zoro fell asleep in his arms. He dared to move his arm up a little to get a better look of his sleeping blond. His fingers stroked through the blond strands of hair, toying a little with it, while he just looked at him thoughtfully. Of course he could never stop that Ace from coming. But what was he afraid of? Didn't he trust Sanji enough to let him go out with that man, who the blond saw as nothing but a friend? IfAce would have ever tried something, he knew that the chef would kick the hell shit out of him, until the man barely could walk again. He had done that once before, Zoro had seen it. Another man had tried to flirt with Sanji, and the moment the hand had touched him the wrong place, the man laid flat on the ground with several dangerous injuries.

"I only turned gay for you," the blond had back then told him, pointing a smoking cigarette at him. He couldn't even remember whathe had said to him back then, since he had been saying those words "remember that, you fucking ungrateful pain-in-the-ass moss-head!"

Zoro chuckled at the memory, and made it more comfortable in the bed, pressing his blond closer against him. If Ace ever dared flirting with him, if he ever managed to make the blond to like him just a bit more than a friend, Zoro would fight back. He would never give up. As long as there was hope he would fight, until Sanji had made his final choice. Ace would never be able to steal the meaning of his life away from him. Sanji meant the world to him, and he would fight to the end.

Determined by this, Zoro relaxed just a bit more, holding even more around him, as was he afraid of his 'treasure' in life would slip away from him if he didn't hold on tight enough.


He leaned down and kissed his blond hair, before settling back to fall asleep.

"I love you… shitty-cook…!"




Love can be a cruel thing…

Hold on tight on it, if you don't want to loose it…!


*Merbleue; 'mer bleue' is French and means; sea blue.

** In Denmark it's known that the most of true blond people with blue eyes, mostly comes from the neighbour-country Sweden. So we allowed Sanji to have the elegant side of him and the great cooking from France, and the look from Sweden. ^c^

*' 'Holsterbro' is a town laying 16 miles from Jylland's west-cost, in Denmark

*¨Neverland; from the story 'Peter and Wendy' by J. M. Barrie, (novel written 1911, story later known as 'Peter Pan and Wendy', and lately just as 'Peter Pan')