A/N: Welcome! This is the new drabble series I'm writing about the BAU team, which will mostly be centering around our two favorite boys, Hotch and Reid. I don't think there will be a proper ending to these any time soon, as I'll probably just keep adding them whenever I feel like. So enjoy!

Warnings: A bit of swearing here and there, possible suggestible themes, and pre-slash. Meaning that even though there might be implied inklings of slash, that it's still safe to read even if you don't like the pairing.

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The Days of Great Minds: Dust

"Aa-aaa-…ACHOO!" Reid sneezed unceremoniously, as the dust from a twenty year old case file rose thickly into the air.

Morgan and Prentiss snorted and bit back their laughter at the sight of the genius waving his hands frantically in front of his face, desperate to protect his sensitive nostrils. Several rows down in the file archive room; Rossi and Hotch were smiling and shaking their heads, thoroughly entertained as Reid continued to flail about.

The team had been assigned (by Strauss) to document old case files that had yet to be put into the system, resulting in three annoyed agents, an excited genius, and a frustrated Unit Chief. Though it seemed as though the tables had turned, and everyone but Reid were biting back smiles at the sight of the youngest agent sneezing up a storm and trying to avoid the large clouds of twenty year old dust particles.

"This is ridiculous," Reid scowled, snatching a tissue from a snickering Prentiss and furiously blowing his nose, "why haven't these been taken out of storage yet? They're probably carrying around some deadly mold or disease by now!" He exclaimed to his fellow colleagues, who were shaking with laughter by now.

"I thought you were so excitedto dig up these ancient things, pretty boy!" Morgan teased, as Reid covered his mouth with the tissue and coughed rather pathetically.

"I am! I'm just not very fond of toxic dust clouds!" He exclaimed, rubbing his nose and itchy eyes, annoyed that the rest of the team were not even slightly bothered by the layers of old dust and cobwebs.

Hotch rolled his eyes, though the slight smile never left his face. He picked up two boxes full of cases and made his way through the musky aisles, careful not to bump into anything, "Come on, Reid. Let's get you out of here before you start to convulse and suffocate, the two of us can start sorting these in my office."

Reid pouted at Hotch's joke while the others giggled like middle schoolers, but quickly followed the elder agent out of the room and up to his office. He did not want to be subjected to any more of the filth that caused his allergies.

Once they entered Hotch's private office, they placed the filing boxes on the floor and began to dig through them. Reid was overjoyed that he didn't recall some of the cases, and was eagerly soaking up all of the knowledge the old notes and reports had to give him. He was perfectly content…until Hotch opened up a new box, and a new formation of dust rose into the air and blasted Reid in the face.

"AAACHOOO!" He wheezed and coughed, having inhaled the pesky particles into his lungs as well as his nasal cavity.

The papers that Reid had been looking at flew everywhere as the young genius uncontrollably sneezed again. Hotch looked up from his desk, surprised to find that it was raining paper. He raised an eyebrow and glanced at Reid fondly, with further amusement dancing in his dark eyes.

Suddenly JJ and Garcia came flying into the room, "What on earth was that noise?" JJ and Garcia inquired, both confused as to why papers were scattered all over Hotch's office, and why Spencer was looking startled and a bit red in the face.

"Spencer is allergic to the dust that's all over these files," Hotch snorted, as Reid blushed and began scrambling for all of the papers he had dropped.

"…it sounded like a bomb went off, and you mean to tell us that it was Reid sneezing?" Garcia asked, raising an eyebrow rather skeptically.

"Oh come on, you are completely over exaggerating!" Reid said from somewhere on the floor.

"No, no," Hotch chuckled at his subordinate, as he ruffled the boy's long hair, "she's not over exaggerating too much; it did sound a bit like a bomb going off."

Reid rolled his eyes, his retrieved papers folded protectively to his chest, "Yeah, well I think you guys are full of it…aa-….aaaACHOOO!" He sneezed, causing papers to explode everywhere around the office yet again, leaving Garcia, JJ, and Hotch howling with laughter.

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