Complete Summary:

The Teen Titans were never real. They were just another scary story that parents would tell their kids to stop them from running away; some dumb kids form a super hero group, they end up disbanding and falling into ruin, the end. At least, that's what most people thought. But to Mar'i Grayson, they were a group of teens who cared for each other; their tales were those of people who fell in love; tales of people who were painfully oblivious. Funny stories, sad stories, scary stories, happy stories, and love stories. Well now she's uncovered her powers, and this is the start of a new bedtime story.

Parings (aka the parents, aka not really relevant to the story more other than the fact that they're parents):

RobStar, Raeast, Flinx, Cybee, Speedy/Cheshire

(There's also pairings between the kids but those'll come in later and I haven't even decided on those yet so wow)

Hello! I'm rewriting this story. I really do like the premise of it and I feel bad that I abandoned it because it sucked. I'll let you get onto the chapter, since you're all probably skipping this anyway, but let me introduce some people first (Don't worry, everyone else comes in the next chapter!)

Richard "Dick" Grayson~ Robin/ Nightwing

Kori Grayson (Anders)~ Starfire/ Koriand'r

Garfield Logan~ Beastboy

Rachel Logan (Roth)~ Raven

Mar'i Grayson bounced on the large couch in her family's living room—one of the things yet to be taken by movers—and she grinned as her mother, Kori Grayson, sat down next to her. "What story would you like to read tonight, my little bumgorf?"

Mar'i gave her mother an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes, "Mommy, I am actually almost six and a half years old. I'm not little anymore and I'm too grown-up for your silly nicknames."

"Oh, well then," Kori dramatically held her hand to her heart, "If you have enough of the grown-upness to injure your poor, old-"

"Mommy, you are not old."

"-Your poor, super ancient mother's feelings, and much too old for nicknames, than you must not want a story." Kori pulled a stack of books from behind her back and sighed deeply, "What a shame."

"Mommy, no! I wanna hear a story! I'm not too old!"

Kori laughed, patting Mar'i on the head, "I thought not. Now, what story shall it be?"

"Not any of those! I wanna hear a Titans story! Please?"

Kori sighed, "Your father doesn't want me to tell you those anymore; you know that."

"But I… okay mommy," Mar'i pouted and dramatically wiped her eyes, "Snow White then?"

"… Fine, I'll tell you a Titans story, but it has to be quick or we'll both be in trouble."

Mar'i squealed with delight as her mother cleared her throat. "Once upon a time… the Teen Titans were in charge of a city, far, far, far away-"

"Like the one we're movin' to?"

"Yes, Mar'i, almost exactly like the one we're moving to," Kori cleared her throat again, "Anyway, they were in charge, but then all of them grew up! It was like magic, one second they were all best friends, and the next, poof! They had become totally different people, each with their own life away from the group. But they were still a group for a while. Fighting crime and taking out bad guys and-"

"And then they all fell apart and the group disbanded," a voice from the doorway deadpanned, "The end. Now you need to go to bed, Mar'i, you've got a long day ahead of you tomorrow."

"But dad~ I'm not tired!"

"Shush, dear, your father is right. Time for bed, goodnight."

Mar'i sighed, "Goodnight."

As Kori left the room, she avoided her husband's gaze. This tactic worked until they were up the stairs and well out of Mar'i's earshot. "What were you thinking Kori? We're moving to Jump City. They have monuments dedicated to the Titans, they have days in their honor, and the T Tower is a museum! How do you think that she's going to react to her favorite heroes being real?"

"I, personally, would be ecstatic! And since our daughter has an eighty-six point four percent chance of getting my powers, we'd have to tell her sooner or later!" Kori was more annoyed than ashamed now. "So, Richard, was your plan to just give her some pamphlet? One titled 'Your parents are really superheroes and everything you know is a lie! Congratulations!' maybe? I think it's much better this way, easing her into it as a bedtime story."

"Whatever Kori. Goodnight."

And so, the Grayson family settled in for a tense night of rest before a hectic day of moving. The next day, they drove for three are-we-there-yet?-hours downstate to a suburb of Jump City. When they arrived, Mar'i was permitted to play in the grass with some of her toys while the movers brought everything inside. She was having a great time until someone stepped into her light.


Mar'i squinted up at the blond boy in front of her, "Your eyes are purple."

"And yours are green!" The boy laughed, "What are you playing?"


"Can I play?"

Mar'i was outraged, "Of course not! Boys don't play with dolls!"

The boy laughed and held out his hand to her, "I'm Jake Logan, and I love playing with dolls."

She shook his hand, "I'm Mar'i Grayson, and I think you're lying."

"What, about my name?" He didn't notice Mar'i rolling her eyes at him, so he continued, "Nope, that's my real-"



The children looked up to see their parents running towards them. Both children waved at their respective parents as they were picked up, while the adults stared each other down. The Logan's were the first to break the silence.

"Ha ha, hi! You must be the new neighbors," The skin around blond adult's forest green eyes crinkled as he gave them a toothy grin and extended his hand, "I'm Garfield Logan, and this is my wife Rachel and our son Jake."

Kori took his hand and firmly shook it, a slightly sad smile on her face, "Kori Grayson, my husband Richard and daughter Mar'i. It is a pleasure to meet you."

They stood in silence for a moment before Mar'i began wiggling. "Daddy, put me down," She whined, "I wanna play with my dolls!"

"Oh oh! Mom, can I play with Mar'i's dolls too?"

The parents released their children and watched as Mar'i attempted to keep Jake away from her toys.

"Nice hair, Dick," Garfield chuckled before continuing, "…It's nice to see you two again. Would've been even nicer if you had, oh I don't know, called or sent emails or letters or anything to let the rest of us know you were alive."

"Look, we're… I'm sorry, BB," Richard ran a hand through his hair, "I just… I wanted Mar'i to grow up like a normal kid, and to leave all that behind."

Rachel laughed dryly. "Well there goes any chance of that. I'm assuming you guys got the message too? That's why you're back?"

"We indeed also received the threatening letter, but he will not have the success. Not when we're around."

Hope you all enjoyed that because wow that was fun to write. I missed this fandom. Next chapter I'm either going to skip to when they meet the next New Titan (whispers about the Flinx children) or to the mysterious danger that the parents must face, because I'd really like to get this thing done in less than a million chapters, and that would mean I can't go through all their childhood years. Unfortunately.

In case you were wondering, lookwise: Mar'i has green eyes, long black hair, and a tan complexion. Really, just picture Nightwing as a chick. Jake has blond hair (did you know that BB was a blond before his powers?) and purple (amethyst) eyes, and he's really pale. Like not Raven pale, but pale nonetheless. Kori looks exactly the same, only older (and, of course, she's given up wearing belly shirts). Rachel looks the same, but with longer hair that she dyes black. Dick has long hair. He has the mullet that he's always dreamed of and everyone else (besides Kori) hates it. Also, in case you didn't know, his eyes are baby blue. Garfield has a necklace that sucks the pigmentation out of his skin, and thus just looks like a regular blond-haired, dark green-eyed guy.