"Are you sure?" Matt glanced up from his Pokémon battle and checked the airport once more. "It doesn't look like it."

"I wouldn't fucking lie to you." Mello snapped at him, causing people around them to jump and stare at him; As if it wasn't enough that they were on America's and England's Top Wanted list. Mello had gotten a letter a few days ago stating that he was offered a new successor to work for him. Matt had refused, but Mello told him that it was his choice.

"Is that her?" Matt paused his game for only a moment to point out a girl standing by a row of chairs, looking nervous.

"I guess so. Let me check." Mello stepped over to her. Her appearance wasn't very plain, and many bystanders looked at her with suspicion. She had bangs the color of golden to her eyes, and the rest of her hair was a darker color of yellow. Her eyes were a bright jade green, and her skin was a deathly pale color.

She picked at a fray in her neon orange gloves and looked up when Mello walked to her. "Who are you looking for?"

"Mello Keehl. I'm looking for Mello Keehl." Her words came out and Mello had noticed how white her teeth were.

"Well, that's me. You're going to be my new successor." She picked up a hand bag and slung it over her shoulder.

"Okay." She said, looking down at her feet. Mello started to walk back to Matt, and the girl followed.

"Come On, Matt." Mello tugged at his arm and pulled him beside himself. "Be nice to her for a few hours, and then you can be yourself."

"What the hell does that mean?" Matt hissed at him.

"Many things." Mello snickered, and then stepped in front of him as they reached the front door.

"Fine." Matt rolled his eyes and looked back down to his PSP.

Moments of silence followed the conversation. As Mello started driving - Matt in the passenger seat, the girl in the back- the girl leaned forward. "So, what is your name? I mean, I know Mello's obviously, but I still don't know yours."

"Matt. Matt Jeevas." He faked a smiled and turned to his game. "And yours?"

"LiAnn." Mello gripped the steering wheel hard, and turned into a left.

"Last Name?"

"I don't know. I went to the Wammy House since I was five, and they never told me what my last name was." LiAnn sighed and sunk into her seat. "But, it isn't like it matters."

"To Kira it does." Mello mumbled, and Matt gave him a look.

LiAnn crossed her arms and looked out the window, but didn't say anything. The silence was comfortable, at least to Mello and LiAnn. Matt was devastated that now he would have to share his boyfriend, but it wasn't like he would have to share the rest of him. Just the appearance part.

After what seemed like hours, they had finally arrived to the apartment. The one just down the street, letting anyone in. Mello keyed in the elevator, and then level five. The apartment on the very top.

"Welcome to your new home." Mello said plainly, and pushed open the rotted door to the apartment.