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Twelve years ago, a Nine-tailed Fox suddenly appeared. Its tails lashed out, crushing mountains and sending tidal waves crashing to the shore. The ninja rose up to defend their village.

"We need to hold the monster back! "

"It's getting closer; don't let it near the village!"

The ninja used their strongest jutsu but did nothing to hurt the beast. The Fox unleashed a terrifying roar that shook the earth below its claws. One swipe of its claw sent ninja to their deaths. Its tails crushed the ground creating fissures. Suddenly a huge puff of smoke appeared close by the Fox revealing a giant toad with a pipe in its mouth and a katana on its right hip. There was a man on top of its head with golden blonde hair wearing a Hokage's Robe.

"Well, well, it's been a while since you summoned me, Minato," the toad said.

"I know, it has been a while Gamabunta. You feel up for a fight?" Minato asked.

"Well it has been boring lately, so why not."

Gamabunta drew his blade and was ready to strike. The Nine-tails laughed.

"You pathetic human! Do you really think you and your toad can stop me from destroying your pathetic village?"

"You're not touching the village anytime soon. Let's go Gamabunta!" Minato yelled.

"Here we go!" Gamabunta leaped into the air and slashes downward. The fox dashed to the side, causing Gamabunta's blade to sink into the ground. The Nine-tails tackled Gamabunta to the ground and sank his teeth into his shoulder. Gamabunta grunted in pain, and then he punched the Fox in the face. The Fox released Gamabunta and rolled away from the toad.

Gamabunta retrieved his sword and sheathed it.

"Water Style: Water Bullets!"

Gamabunta fired balls of water from his mouth at the Fox. The Fox was fast enough to dodge them all and rammed Gamabunta into a mountain. The Fox then used its tails to lift Gamabunta into the air and slam him back down. This continued for five minutes until the Fox hurled the toad ten feet away. Gamabunta managed to get back on his feet. He was covered with scratches and bruises.

"Damn, that Fox is going to kill us at this rate," Gamabunta grunted.

"Gamabunta, I know how to stop it, but you're going to have to stall that thing for time," Minato said.

"I don't know if I have the strength, kid. It's taking power just to stand up."

The Fox smirked. "Well, it looks like you've run out of gas, you worthless toad."

The Fox dashed toward them. "Now die!"

Gamabunta drew his sword once again. "Damn it!"

Suddenly, a ray of blue light struck near the Fox. The Nine-tails skid to a halt.

"What the hell was that?" the Fox asked.

They looked in the direction where the blast originated, and noticed a figure. The figure had green scaly skin, dinosaur like features, and spiky dorsal spines on its back. The creature unleashed a mighty roar. The Fox glared at the creature.

"I know you. You're a creature who's said to be the King of Monsters. A creature that's never lost a fight. You're the Kaiju of Legend, Godzilla!"

"Wow, you mean he's not just a legend, he's real?" Gamabunta said stunned.

It is said that Godzilla: the Kaiju of Legend has never been seen by human eyes. He only appears when a Bijuu has awoken and is creating chaos. Those who have seen Godzilla were dubbed as crazy; because once the Bijuu was defeated Godzilla was nowhere to be seen. As if it was just a mirage.

Minato was stunned as well. He'd only heard stories about the Kaiju and thought it was only a myth. But here he was witnessing the King of Monsters himself. The ninja still alive were shocked as well.

The Nine-tails smirked. "Let's see if you have what it takes to defeat me, the Great Nine-tailed Fox Demon: Kyuubi!"

Godzilla roared and the Fox charged. Then he leaped into the air to tackle the Kaiju. Godzilla quickly turned and smacked Kyuubi with his tail sending him crashing into a mountain. Godzilla's spikes glowed and then fired his Nuclear Ray. Kyuubi quickly dodged and tackled Godzilla to the ground. Kyuubi was slashing the Kaiju with its sharp claws until Gamabunta punched the Fox sending it rolling away three feet.

Godzilla rose to his feet and grunted to thank Gamabunta.

"With Godzilla to help us, it should be easier to fight that fox," Gamabunta said.

"Yeah, now, I need some time to complete my jutsu. Please keep him busy until then," Minato said.

"You got it kid."

Godzilla fired his Nuclear Ray which Kyuubi dodged. Kyuubi dashed to avoid more of Gamabunta's Water Bullets, he then rammed Gamabunta into the ground. Gamabunta grabbed hold of the Fox so he couldn't escape.

"Release me you filthy toad!" Kyuubi growled.

"As you wish," Gamabunta said releasing his hold on Kyuubi, which resulted in Godzilla smacking him three feet away with his tail. Kyuubi's blood began to boil.

"All right you over grown lizard; let's see how well you match up to this!"

Kyuubi's mouth opened and a black ball of energy began to form. Godzilla began charging his Nuclear Ray. Kyuubi snapped his jaws closed and swallowed the black ball, and then he released a blood red energy beam from his mouth with Godzilla firing his Nuclear Ray at the same moment. The two attacks collided which sent an energy pulse throughout the area. Godzilla and Kyuubi's power were evenly matched. Suddenly, Water Bullets slammed into Kyuubi making him lose concentration and Godzilla's attack pushed back Kyuubi's. Kyuubi was hit by the Nuclear Ray and sent flying into a mountain.

"Minato, are you ready yet?" Gamabunta asked.

"Yeah, I just need to get close enough to the Fox," Minato said. A Shinigami Spirit appeared behind Minato.

"Kyuubi dashed toward Gamabunta and leaped into the air to tackle him, but was stopped by Godzilla's tail slamming him into the ground just close enough for Minato to use his jutsu.

"You're finished Kyuubi. You will never again see the light of day! Demonic Soul Sealing Technique!"

There was a sudden blinding light that consumed the entire area. The light vanished and there was nothing left of Kyuubi. Minato laid a top of Gamabunta's head unmoving. Gamabunta turned to thank the King of Monsters, but Godzilla was nowhere to be found. All that was left was Godzilla's roar in the distance.

One Shinobi faced the demon in mortal combat with the help of the Kaiju of Legend. He sacrificed his life to seal the demon inside a human body. This man was known as the Fourth Hokage.

-Prologue End-