A/N: Shush Doctor, I'm busy...(mumbled voice is heard)... No, you can't come out yet... Because I said so! Ahem. Hello! So, I started this story in a random notebook a long time ago... well, yesterday, but it felt like a millenia ago. Here's my line/lines of thought for this story: 1) I'm convinced that the "Dream Lord" is actually the "Master". Why? When the Doctor says "...only one man could hate me that much..." or something like that. Obviously, that one man would be the Master. Also, I know at the end of "Amy's Choice" the Doctor claims the Dream Lord was him, but the way he looked at the Dream Lord's reflection in the console, I was convinced that he was the Master. 2) I'm not totally convinced that the Master would kill the Doctor if he was put in that situation. Sure, the Master is definetly evil. Sardonically evil almost, but I think the Master is mostly bark, a little bite. It reminds me of a brother-like relationship: Two brothers could despise each other, but would they really kill each other? Well, enough of me boring you with my conspiracies- onto tormenting the Doctor anyway we can!

Summary: While alone in the Tardis, the Dream Lord returns, resulting in the Doctor trapped and injured. Is the Dream Lord working to destroy the Doctor, or is his bark truly worse than his bite?

Disclaimer: No matter how much I'd like to have complete ownership of the lovely, brilliant Doctor, I, in no way, own Doctor Who. The rights all go to brilliant BBC. I only own the plot.


The Time Lord and The Dream Lord

By Trinaluv33

~Chapter 1~

The Doctor absent-mindedly fumbled with the Tardis controls. He had just dropped Amy and Rory off in an evil-fish-free Venice for their honeymoon, and was already beginning to feel the pressure of lonliness and excessive boredom. The Doctor moved to punch in some coordinates, but stopped mid-stride. How could he go on an adventure without Amy and Rory? Sure, he had gone on several adventures solo back when he was Ten, but now that he actually had companions, he couldn't bare to go alone. The worst-possible scenarios flew through the Time Lord's complex mind at fifty miles a second. What if he embarked on a dangerous adventure, resulting in the need to regenerate? Amy would be devasted- or worse! What if, during said dangerous adventure, he wasn't able to regenerate, resulting in his death? Amy and Rory would be stranded forever in ancient Italy!

The Doctor groaned, wiping those terrible thoughts from his mind. He stood up and gave a long yawn. "What to do, what to do?" The Doctor looked around the console room for something to satisfy his unquenchable boredom. He spotted a gaping hole in the grating of the Tardis. "Hmm...I'd been meaning to fix that..." Shrugging, the Doctor meandered over to the hole, peering down into its blackness. Bigger within than without wasn't an exaggeration. The hole seemed to go on forever. The Doctor grimaced. If anyone were to fall in there, they'd have a heck of a time getting out- and that's not even taking into account the numerous injuries they might aquire on the way down.

The Doctor sniffed the air. Something was wrong- something felt...off. The Doctor spun around on his heels in a heart beat- or two, considering his physiology. There, in front of the Doctor, was the Dream Lord. The Dream Lord was perched on the controls, absently fingering a button or two. "Why, we meet again Doctor. We really must stop meeting like this."

The Doctor took several furious steps toward the Dream Lord. "What do you want now? Last time wasn't enough for you? How am I even able to see you- I don't recall falling asleep."

The Dream Lord laughed loudly. "You are very much awake, Doctor. After our fun little game with Miss Amelia Pond, I practiced my trade and found that the dreams I played with strengthened me. I've come to have some more fun with you, Amelia, and her little fiance-"

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "That'd be her little husband, actually."

The Dream Lord made a show of peering around the Tardis. "Your companions don't seem to be here, actually." He fake-gasped. "Is the poor Doctor left alone?"

The Doctor only glared at the tiny little man, anger building in his deep, blue eyes. "I know who you are- you're fooling no one. Your games are ludicrous and childish. You won't win- you never win... Master." The Doctor spat the name with anger.

The anger in the Dream Lord suddenly seemed to radiate strongly thoughout the Tardis. He jumped madly from the controls and began walking toward the Doctor. "You know nothing about me. I am the Dream Lord- you are nothing! You have no power against me Doctor." As the Dream Lord raged, the Doctor- almost fearfully- began to back away from the madman. As he walked backwords, eyes fixed on the Dream Lord, his ankle twisted painfully as his heel hit only air. With a startled cry, the Doctor fell through the hole in the floor of his precious Tardis. The Dream Lord stood stunned as the Doctor fell into darkness.


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