The Time Lord and The Dream Lord

~Chapter 27~

By Trinaluv33

The Doctor's body felt paralyzed with fear as the voice of all his current problems wafted over him. Despite this fear, his curiosity overwhelmed him, forcing him to glance up to a mirror image of himself- at least, it would have been a mirror image of himself if not for the cheap black suit the Valeyard chose as his new regeneration's style.

"You look ridiculous," the Doctor scoffed, observing his menace's apparel. Tweed is so the new black.

The Valeyard rolled his eyes, arms held coolly behind his back. "You're one to talk. Bowties are so 1980's."

The Doctor somehow managed to push himself up to a tentative standing position, leaning against a sleek electronic dashboard for support. His various injuries spiked in pain, but he was desperate to distract the Valeyard. "Take that back!"

Ignoring the irked Time Lord, the Valeyard walked towards a large monitor on the wall, his back to the Doctor. Any fool could see that the drenched and dying Doctor was no longer a threat. The Valeyard leaned on his swirly chair, absently swaying left and right.

"Now, I wonder where that pretty blonde of yours went. I could have a lot of fun with that one- it'll give me a chance to express my creative side."

The Doctor's voice was so low and menacing that an inkling of anxiety appeared in the Valeyard's chest. "I won't let you hurt her."

The Valeyard's face showed a cockiness he didn't feel. "What do you plan to do, kill me?"

"By the time I'm done, you'll wish that I had killed you," he promised.

Despite the Doctor's obvious disadvantaged state, the Valeyard didn't doubt him. However, when a pained look crossed the Doctor's features, his worry dissipated.

"Oh, look at you! Miserable, pathetic- why, you can barely stand." The Doctor's face was white as snow as he collapsed weakly against the dashboard behind him, left hand ghosting over the dashboard. A trembling hand clutched his chest, his over-exerted left heart pumping furiously for two. "What's stopping me from just ending your worthless existence right now?"


The Valeyard tensed as the hate-filled voice echoed through the room. Near the door stood a fearsome apparition, radiating hatred and pure unadulterated anger. The Valeyard subconsciously took a nervous step backwards. That single word contained all the hardships and fear and pain he was forced to endure, and he was sick and tired of taking the pain lying down- Rory the Roman was there to kick some alien butt.


Her systems were in a flurry of panic and a haze of confusion. Glitches caused her to spontaneously vibrate. Pain consumed her every being, stemming from the damage of the evil one's Vortex Manipulator. However, that pain was insignificant compared to the pain she felt for her thief. Their mental bond surged strong, and the TARDIS could feel her Doctor's aches and pains, but most of all, his terror. Her Doctor always tried to plaster on a brave face, for the benefit of the human companions he surrounded himself with, but she could feel the truth. It plagued her day in and day out, and she yearned to take the pain and the all-encompassing fear from him. How she wished she could offer comfort, or even the simple companionship the humans provide, but she could not. She was just a semi-sentient machine, simply Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. It was a common misconception that TARDISes were unable to express feelings, but if one wandered into the sub-level semi-artificial garden, they would be surprised to find a torrent of rain flooding the celery patch.

The TARDIS could feel, and at that moment, she felt and intense sadness for her thief. Her lights were dimmed in melancholy, occasionally flickering in despair. Her never-ending halls were cold as ice, except for the console room, where the Orangey One was seated on the hard grating beside the strange man of dreams. The console room was heated to a comforting degree.

The TARDIS may not be able to help the Doctor, but she could protect and comfort his companions. For if the companions were happy, so was her thief.


River's heart swelled with joy at the sight of the Doctor's blue beauty. The TARDIS gleamed like a long lost dream, once again within reach. She could feel the TARDIS calling out to her, begging River to help her Doctor. River's connection with the time machine wasn't as strong as the Doctor's, but nevertheless, she felt the TARDIS's pain. Perhaps the reason River's bond with the TARDIS felt so strong was that the ship's pain was River's, too.

River Song took off in a run, the TARDIS and her mind acting as one. She reached the old-style police box doors in record time, pulling them open without hesitation- not even considering they should be locked. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the TARDIS had unlocked the doors herself. Usually, the TARDIS didn't operate herself, but when her Doctor was in danger, the rules change, almost vanish completely, and pure instinct fuels the TARDIS.

Taking a deep breath, River steered her features to display a calm she didn't fell and a seriousness the Doctor deserved. It was time for action, and River planned to bring her A-game.

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