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So, I wrote the last story in past tense first person alternating POVs...I kind of prefer writing in third person. It would be weird if I just totally switched over, so I'm going to sort of still write some in past tense first person alternating but I will write mostly in past tense third person. Gradually step away from first person, yenno?...

Oh No...

Third Person POV...

December 2nd rolled around and the weather was starting to get too cold for anybody's comfort. SSA David Rossi sat at his desk in his office at the FBI Academy in Quantico going through the paperwork Strauss had given him. As much as it irritated him he could never stop himself from smiling when he looked up. Dave was never one to show too much of his personal life through objects in his office and he had only one framed photograph on his desk, facing towards him, not the door. The photograph was a close-up of two teenage girls with dark hair and eyes, fifteen or sixteen by the looks of them giving each other a hug. On the left was a girl wearing a cheerleading uniform and her hair tied up in one of those ponytail holders they give them with a red line painted on one cheek and a black line painted on the other. On the right, was a girl who was obviously not a cheerleader; her straight black hair had the ends of one section of her hair turquoise blue, and it was down. Her face lacked any paint in support of their high school team.

The two girls in the picture were in fact fifteen years old and they were his twin daughters Haylee and Harper Rossi. Harper, the twin born thirteen and a half minutes after her sister, was the cheerleader on the left. Haylee, the older twin, was the girl with the funny hair on the right. Haylee was on the soccer team, but the soccer season had not started yet that year.

Dave had only had custody of the twins since May 2nd which was exactly seven months ago. Their mother, his third ex-wife, decided she didn't really want them anymore. Up until then, he had never known about his daughters. Luckily, he was adjusting well to his new role as father and the girls seemed to like living with him in Virginia. He was grateful for that, considering they lived on the other side of the country in Ten Sleep, Wyoming before relocating.

Currently, both girls were sophomores at Brooke Point High School in Stafford, Virginia. Haylee was an unofficial genius- there was no IQ test to prove it, but just looking at her grades and her AP placement could support an argument for it. Harper was also an intelligent girl, but she wasn't in all AP classes like her sister. Harper was also the more rebellious of Dave's two daughters. That fact was proven the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Harper had snuk away to an unsupervised teen party shortly after Dave got home from work. She had called him while she was completely wasted and he picked her up before any local police got involved. When Dace came to get her he was almost positive that she was also high but he didn't interrogate her until they got home. She tried to convince him to let her stay home from school Monday because of her hangover, but he put his foot down and made her go anyway. Rightfully so, he grounded her until Christmas break started. Dave didn't plan on sticking to it for that long- maybe he's let her off a week before break. But the holiday break didn't start until the twenty-first, so Harper still had a long way to go.

David was distracted out of his focus on the paperwork when he heard a soft knock on the door. "Come in." He said distantly.

"That's it, Daddy? No, 'how was your day?'" One of his daughters asked as she walked in.

Dave reached under his desk and grabbed a can of Pepsi like he did every time Haylee showed up after school. "Well then, 'how was your day?'"

"It was awesome. I had lunch with Vitya, Bianca and Lindzi today. There's a new student from Scotland- Kara Cruikshank- so Ellie wanted to talk to another person from the UK." She paused then changed from calm to extremely hyper. "Ohmigosh guess what?"


"Like, the funniest thing happened at lunch today. Okay, so like, Vitya and I were sitting across from each other and we were like, play-arguing over who has the weirdest-looking face. He was making a dig about hose nose so he pointed at it- and this random apple flies across the cafeteria and pegs him right in the nose! Both of us were laughing so hard for like, ten minutes!"

Dave laughed, despite the fact that he didn't like Vitya very much. Vitya Lazarev was an exchange student from Yekaterinburg, Russia. He was the same age as Haylee and on his first day attending school in America he had befriended her. Since then, they had been tutoring each other in their languages. Vitya's English was becoming rather fluent and he had even learned to make his accent less prominent, whereas Haylee was starting to speak Russian well enough to get around. By the time Vitya returns to Russia, Dave was sure his oldest daughter would speak the language much better. Because if the lessons, Haylee was decent in German (her second language when she lived in Wyoming), Spanish (her language in Virginia), Russian and was excellent in sign language.

Again, despite the fact that Dave didn't like the boy teaching her, he was proud of her. It wans't the fact he was Russian that bothered him- no, he thought Russia was cool. It was just; any man with a foreign accent cannot be trusted around his daughter!

Haylee finished her Pepsi halfway before telling her father the real reason she showed up after school. She usually doesn't come to the BAU on school days. "So, Lindzi's birthday is on Christmas Eve and Amy and Jaden are going to take Lindzi and some of her friends out to dinner tonight for an early birthday thing. Can I go?"

Dave agreed immediately. He trusted Amy Sweetwater, no exceptions. "Of course."

Haylee took another sip of Pepsi before offering the rest of it to Dave. "I promise I don't carry diseases."

He took the Pepsi. "Have fun, kiddo."

"Thanks Dad." She said before leaving the office. She said 'hey,' to the other BAU agents before going down the elevator.


That's what grounding felt like to Harper Rossi. No laptop, no going out with friends, no extracurricular activities besides cheerleading and absolutely no cell phone use unless it is between 7:00 and 8:00 PM or it is a call to one of the numbers on the 'trusted' list. So basically, her father, his team, Amy Sweetwater across the street and Ife White, Harper''s best friend Masara's mother.

"That's the last time I go partying." Harper said to herself. "And get caught." She added in a mumble. She laid on her bed, hair dangling off the edge tossing a tin foil ball into the air and catching it repeatedly. It wasn't like there was anything else to do. Except maybe cook dinner. She ordered Chinese and I should be here any-

Ding dong!

"Hallelujah! A human!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands into the air and leaping off her bed. She nearly tripped down the stairs.

"Harper Rossi?" The delivery guy asked.

"That's me." She said sweetly. She recognized the guy as Justin Feng, a classmate of hers. "Justin!"

"Oh! Hey Harper." He said, handing her her order.

"Hm, I guess I have to give you and extra large tip." She said, taking a few steps back to the kitchen counter. She opened up a jar with moeny in it specifically for tipping purposes and grabbed a ten dollar bill.

"You don't have to-" Justin started.

"No, it's okay. We're friends- sort of. And also...it's my Daddy's money." Which just made Justin laugh.

"Still grounded?"

"Still grounded...see ya."

"See ya."

That was about all of the human interaction Harper got outside of school.

A man put out his cigarette and looked up at the man sitting in the driver's seat. "Bro are you sure you want to do this?"

"Shut the hell up! I'm sure, of course I'm sure, I'm always sure!" he lit another cigarette.

"Okay, bro! Bro chill."

"Why ask?"

The younger stumbled to find the right words. "Well, I uh...well because. We've been killing girls and junk since we was teenagers. Don' cha think it's time to stop?"

"Hand me the pictures of the girls."



"Sure thing." He handed him the photographs of two brunette girls, two sisters. The pictures were taken while stalking each girl separately around the mall.

The man grinned. "These targets are perfect..."

I had the eventual abduction planned from the start of the fic :/ Can't wait to actually write it.