I hate A/Ns I really do. But, this one's semi-important.

I was reading through Rossi's Girls yesterday and I was like, wow! Major typos, errors, plot errors- blah. Just blah. Then I looked at this fic and was like, okay, a little less blah.

I wrote Rossi's Girls when I was like...12 (yes, yes I know, on FF a year before I should. SUCH a rebel.) I know I can write better than that and I feel my writing has improved.

I've decided that revising it won't be enough to fix it. Really, it just won't. So, what I'm going to do, is completely rewrite it. Maybe break it down into more fics, maybe not. I just kind of feel like I owe it to myself to actually sit down now that I'm 2 years older and write a good fic. Delve into the characters more, just do...something, you know?

So, after I come up with a decent title- for which I am drawing a complete blank- I'll get to it. Most likely tonight. The first chapter will be very much the same as the original fic. I'm keeping the original up as my basic guideline until the re-write is finished, then I'm going to delete it. Then I am going to rewrite this. For this fic, I might be able to just revise the chapters since they're not all that bad. Either way, I'm keeping this one up until I finish the Rossi's Girls rewrite and then decide what to do from there.

I'm also going to try and find a beta for the rewrite, but I've sent a few nice and polite beta request PMs in the past and nobody ever replies. I mean, I have a beta for one of my Hunger Games fanfics, but he actually offered. Maybe sending nice PMs isn't the way to do it.

Ah, well.

*Wracks brain for title ideas*