Piece of time

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Chapter 1 – the first meeting

"I know you didn't want us to move here, but I honestly think that here in Chicago we will be able to find you a better suitor" my mother reasoned with me. We'd recently relocated from Washington State to Chicago, Illinois. My father was offered a job at another law firm here and the pay was higher, therefore we relocated.

"mother, I'm only 17. I'm not looking to marry until I'm at least 19, maybe 20" I know it's unusual young ladies now a days would go so long unwed, but if I am begin forced to be a home-maker I may as well wait as long as possible.

"Isabella! You will do no such thing! We will begin looking for a suitor as soon as you turn 18" My mother rolled her eyes, and began brushing crumbs that has strayed from her plate at the breakfast table. We'd only moved into the house not two days ago and had barely unpacked so the house was a mess. Luckily with my Fathers new job, we have been able to hire Charlotte, our cook, Maria our house-made and Peter our butler. Maria was unpacking as fast as possible along with Peter, even though that's not his job. My father had already left for his first day at the law firm Masen and Co.

"mother, that's only 3 weeks away!" I complained. I had finished with my studies a few weeks ago, so now my mother wants me to learn from Charlotte, Maria and herself in case my future husband isn't as wealthy as she hopes he will be.

"well we need to start looking as soon as possible. If we leave it too long, all the wealthy suitable men will either be married or at war, and no daughter of mine will turn into a woman like Mrs. Cope" She all but yelled at me. Mrs. Cope was our neighbour back in Washington. She was over 30 years of age and had not married and had children. She was treated like a social leper, never invited to functions or dances. Its likely to say that now she will never marry. They only unmarried men of her age range now would be the dirt poor or the criminals.

The conversation ended there, due to Charlotte entering the dining area asking if we wanted any more to eat. We both declined, and I set to my room to dress. I decided to dress in my forest green dress with the white ribbon the wrapped around my waist. Maria had neatly styled my hair, leaving a few curls loose like she knew I liked. After being made presentable for the day, I retreated to the parlour to read. The parlour furniture had been the first room to be completely unpacked. The lounge seats were soft and comfortable, perfect for retiring to read a good book.

"oh Isabella! There's more to life than reading nonsense in books. You need some good fresh air, your looking dreadfully pale" my mother complained, she didn't understand my fascination with literature. She didn't have enough patience to complete a book.

"mother I'm enjoying myself, this is what I chose to do with my free time"

"well when you have children and a husband, you will not be allowed such luxuries" she tried to reason

"so I should revel in them now" I giggled, whilst my mother rolled her eyes and huffed.

"the house needs some flowers, we're having guests for dinner, go down to the marker and buy some for me"

"guests?" I asked my eyebrow rose with suspicion

"yes, I asked your father to invite the Masen's over. I think it's only polite after they gave your father such a wonderful job that has raised our living standards so dramatically" she smiled. My mother liked to think of herself as high class now we are able to afford our own maid.

"i don't know the way to the market" I argued. We'd moved only a few days ago and only my father had really been out to see the new place we were residing in.

"oh, it can't be that hard to find. You'll be fine, now go before they close the stall." She gave me a few dollars and pulled me towards the door.

Our new neighbourhood was very pleasant. All reasonably large houses, with blue shutters and wrap around pouches. An elderly couple smiled as I passed their home. The sun was shining and left a beautiful heat on my skin. The wind however, was chilly, so I was pleased I wore a long sleeved dress, as in my opinion, goose bumps were not attractive. I pulled my shawl tighter around myself, to ensure as much warmth as possible.

I'd been walking for at least 30 minutes and could see no signs of the market place. I'd only passed through more neighbourhoods and had no clue how to get there or back home again. My only option was to stop and ask. Only, there was no one about. The winds had stilled and now and the temperature had risen incredibly. I was beginning to worry about 'glistening' as my mother would say. I walked about three more streets before I spotted another person. A young woman was sat on her pouch drinking lemonade. She was dressed in a beautiful blue dress, with a matching hat, that would keep the sun out of her eyes. She noticed I was looking at her and gave me a smile which I returned. This gave me the encouragement to walk towards her. I lifted the latch on her front gate and began walking down the path to the pouch where she resided. As she noticed my approach she placed the book she was reading on the small table, next to her lemonade and sat up straighter, with a larger smile.

"Excuse me Ma'am. I'm new in town and I'm afraid I'm a bit lost. Would you be able to point me in the direction of the market place?"

"what's your name dear?" was her only reply

"Isabella Swan"

"Swan, you say? Well I'm Elizabeth Masen. My son Edward is on his way to the market place, he can escort you"

"Mrs. Masen I really don't want to be a bother, if you could..."

"...I will not hear of it" she interrupted. She rose from her seat and walked into her house. I waited a few moments, admiring her garden, whilst she was inside. The garden had the most beautiful flowers of all colours, giving the garden a vibrant life to it.

"Isabella, this is my son Edward" Mrs. Masen's voice brought me out of my admirations. I turned towards the voice, when my eyes connected with the most beautiful emerald eyes I had ever witness. This boy was the most handsome man I had ever seen. His features were so well defined and perfectly symmetrical. His hair was a strange bronze colour, which fell messily on his forehead.

"miss Isabella, I would be honoured to escort you to the market" his voice was a smooth as velvet and made me forget my bearings. I must have looked like an imbecile standing there, mouth agape with no reply for him. However he merely smiled and offered me his arm. I slipped my hand into the crook of his elbow and we began walking. We were both silent whilst we walked down the path and out of the front gate.

"you really don't need to escort me. I'm sure I could find my way" I'd finally worked up the courage to speak. I didn't want him to leave, yet the thought of him walking me when he didn't want to disturbed me.

"nonsense. A lady shouldn't be walking the streets in Chicago unaccompanied. Have you not heard of the crimes that occur. Besides, it's not everyday I get to accompany a beautiful lady into the market" he chuckled, causing me to blush a violent red.

"so you moved from Washington?" he asked. I knew his mother must have told him everything I'd informed her about myself, yet I was too polite to mention such a thing.

"yes, my father acquired a new occupation here, at a law firm" a slight smile tugged at his lips

"what?" I asked. Was this something amusing?

"nothing. I'm just interested, Isabella" his smooth voice replied.

"Bella" I corrected, earning a raised eyebrow from him in question.

"I prefer Bella, but don't tell my mother, she says that a proper lady should be called nothing but her correct name" my mother's etiquette rules about how one should be, where starting to become very improper.

"ah, well, it shall be our secret" he chuckled. We fell into another silence, however it was peaceful and comfortable.

"so your mother is a very proper woman?" he suddenly asked. The smile on his face told me he wanted light conversation.

I giggled "you could say that. She says I must find a husband as soon as I turn of age"

"and when will that be?" he inquired.

"no less than three weeks" I said whilst rolling my eyes.

"so soon?" he asked laughing loudly now. "so you must have finished your education now then?" something I had learnt about Edward Masen was his inquisitive nature.

"yes, I am fully prepared to be a successful home-maker, although Mother wants me to keep learning from the maid and cook so I'm fully prepared for marriage"

he began laughing uncontrollably "you're mother sounds delightful"

"what about you? Are you continuing school or going into a trade?" I asked.

"well at first I intended to go to war as soon as I turned 18, however, when I came of age I decided I would rather study medicine and become a doctor. That way, I figured that I could work towards the greater good and help people"

"that's...amazing" was the only reply I could conjure up. I'd noticed he'd told me he was of age, and made a mental note not to mention him to my mother. Who knows what lengths she'll go to for me to marry a doctor.

"well, here we are" he gestured with his free arm, towards to market stalls. "what was it you were buying?"

"flowers for the home" he began pulling me towards a stall with a lot of flowers on display. There was a young man stood. He had dirty blonde hair, and dark grey eyes.

"well if it isn't Edward Masen, and whose this?" his voice was rough and cold, the opposite of Edward's.

"this is Isabella Swan, she's new in town. She would like some flowers for her home please." he replied shortly.

"not going to introduce me? My names William Abramson. I was in Edward's class at school" his eyes ran over my figures which made me very uncomfortable, and without realisation held onto Edward's arm tighter.

"what flowers did your mother want?" Edward asked me. He could clearly see how uncomfortable I was around this vile man.

"daisy's would be fine, I'm sure" I almost whispered, trying to hide behind Edward. Edward picked up some daisy's for me, and before I could stop him, he paid the one dollar. I would have complained had I not been desperate to leave this place.

"was that all you needed?" he asked as we walked away from William's flower stall.

"yes. What did you need?" I asked

he smiled "nothing"

"your mother said..."

"well of course she did. You wouldn't have allowed me to accompany you otherwise" he shrugged his shoulders leading me back away from the market.

"so this whole trip has been a waste of time for you" I concluded as he placed my hand back on his arm.

"oh defiantly not. I got to talk to you didn't I? How could that be a waste of time" he replied causing me to blush once again.

"what is your address?" he inquired

"oh, 17 Fuller Street" I answered, and he nodded in response. I knew it was rather far from his home, and felt rather guilty causing him to walk all that way, but I knew arguing would be pointless.

"So how do you know William Abramson?" I asked. I knew he knew him from school, but there seemed to be more to the story than that.

"William Abramson, is not a gentleman. He treats ladies in a improper manner, and that's all I'll say, but please, promise me you'll stay away from him. He's trouble, and you are too precious to be associated with such a being" I promised him and he seemed appeased with me answer.

We soon slipped back into easy conversation, laughing most of the way home, like we had travelled to the market place. I hadn't realised we'd made it to my home until he had stopped.

He pick up my hand that was resting on his arm, and brought it to his lips, pressing firmly for a short moment. "It was incredible meeting you Isabella. I'm sure we'll be seeing each other very soon" he had a mischievous grin consuming his face, causing me to giggle.

"goodbye Edward. Thank you for escorting me"

"my pleasure Bella. Any time you need escorting I hope you think of me" and with that he began walking away, and I stepped inside my home, with the flowers.

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