Pieces of Time.

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Chapter 5 - the party.

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I began playing with the hem of my shawl, that was tightly wrapped around me, as the breeze was slightly chilly. Edward's gaze had finally turned to me, his intense bottle green eyes boring into mine, and I was lost in their depth. He had beautiful eyes.

"Bella... I know we haven't been courting for long, and I understand if this is moving too fast for you. It is fast. But it feel right, for me it does anyway, and I've never been interested in a woman romantically before, all these feeling are confusing and a little overwhelming, but I know how I feel. And it's love. I love you Isabella Swan... I love you Bella. I want to spend my life with you. I can give you a long, happy life...where you will always be loved. I'll give you all he children you desire and I can provide for you...I'll be able to give you anything you wish...you'll want for nothing...I can make you so happy. But you need to answer one question fist."

He got up from his seat on the bench next to me. I could see him take a deep breath, before he slowly dropped to one knee. I hadn't realised I was crying until a tear must have rolled down my cheek and dropped onto my hand. A few people passing by stopped as soon as they saw Edward on one knee, big happy smiles on their faces, wanting to watch our engagement unfold. Not many people got engaged in public and not in private. I always thought that I would prefer a private engagement, but now that Edward was actually proposing marriage to me, everything was actually perfect. The setting, his words...him. I wouldn't change any of it.

"Isabella Swan" he started, holding one of my hands in his "Will you do my the immense honour and be my wife? Will you Marry me?" he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. It was a maroon brown and was battered and a little scruffy. The box looked old and I knew it was either a second hand ring, which would still probably be too expensive for him, or a hand-me-down.

But once the box had been opened by his long, slender fingers, the tatty box no longer mattered. The ring was the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. Unlike the box there was nothing old or scruffy about it. It sparkle was bright and the diamond twinkled in the sunlight, obviously been freshly cleaned and buffed.

"yes!" I cried out. The people witnessing us began to clap, but I paid no attention to them, as Edward slid this magnificent ring onto my finger. I didn't care if public display of affection were improper, and I didn't care if news of it would get back to my Mother, I leant forward and gently kissed Edward's lips. He froze against me, but soon began kissing me back.

Like the few kisses we'd shared before, this kiss was chaste yet it still made shivers run through my body. He pulled back after a few minutes, his cheeks were flushed and his lips pulp from our kissing. We smiled widely at each other, but I pulled my gaze from his as I admired my beautiful engagement ring. I could see from the corner of my eye that Edward, who was still kneeling in front of me, was watching my expression as I took in this sentimental piece of jewellery on my finger, where it will stay for the rest of my life.

The ring was utterly magnificent, simple and yet I knew he'd spent way more than he could afford.

"my mother offered to let me give you my late grandmother's engagement ring...and I considered it, it is a beautiful ring, but I wanted you to have your own, something that was meant for you. However all the rings I wanted to get you were grossly out of my budget...so I had to buy a second hand one. But I promise once I start work at the hospital and I buy you a house, I'll get you one of those big fancy engagement rings, and you can show all your friends and be proud of me..of us"

"Edward" I sighed, shaking my head slightly "I love this ring. I don't want a new one. This is perfect and I can tell you spent way more than you should have on this one let alone a new one. And I would be more than proud to wear this ring and tell people of our engagement"

his smile was as bright as the sun "I love you Bella Swan" he whispered as he kissed my cheek.

"I love you too" I whispered as he began to pull away. I didn't think it was possible but his smile widened and his eyes danced with his happiness. I felt light and giddy...who knew love felt like this?

"Let's get you out of the cold. Besides we should go tell our families of our good news" Our walk back to my house didn't seem to take nearly as long as the trip to the park.

Once we'd returned home, Maria opened the door for us. She smirked slightly seeing not only my new ring but the huge smiles on our faces.

Both of our families were sat in the parlour, sipping tea and laughing lightly. As soon as we entered the room, big smiles too over both my mothers and Mrs. Masen's faces in anticipation of our news.

Edward cleared his throat, before beginning speaking. "Mr and Mrs. Swan. Mother, Father. Isabella and I have some exciting news we would like to share with you" our smiles were giving our news away and I knew that both sets of parents knew what we were about to tell them, yet they still waited on baited breath.

"I have asked Isabella to marry me, and she has agreed" Both women screamed at the top of their lungs, and both Edward and myself were soon in the middle of arms, crushing us to them. We both laughed as the two women began talking about dates, dresses and decorations.

Both Father's shook Edward's hand and congratulated him, whereas I received kisses on my cheek and their best wishes.

"oooh! We'll have to have an engagement party. How about tomorrow night?" My mother asked.

"It's a little soon don't you think?" My father grumbled.

"of course not! You remember what we were like at that age. We just wanted to get married and begin our life together. They obviously want the same thing too" My mother tried to reason, she obviously knew how both myself and Edward are feeling. I just wanted to get married and be happy. Sooner rather than later.

"I agree. Let's have it at our home, tomorrow night. We'll invite everyone. It will be lovely." Mrs. Masen agreed.

The Masen's soon left after that. Edward's mother saying she wanted to begin planning, and would telephone my mother soon to discuss arrangements. Edward and I were unable to have a private goodbye, so it was a simple kiss on the cheek.

As I lay in bed, I imagined what my life would be like being Mrs. Masen...Bella Masen. Isabella Marie Masen. My heart thumped loudly at the thought, and I found myself absent-mindedly fiddling with my ring.

The night brought little sleep, as my anticipation for the evening ahead. My mother had received a telephone call from Elizabeth Masen not long after dinner, and after agreeing on a number of guests my mother began inviting close friends. We didn't know many people here in Chicago yet having only been here a few weeks, so I knew most of the people at the party would be friends of Edward's family.


The next day passed with my mother brushing, plucking, picking and poking at me. I was honestly dreading the morning of the wedding, when my mother would be even worse. She forced me into one of my smartest dresses or as mother says my 'poshest' dress. It was a deep purple colour with black lace trim around the neck and chest area and at the bottom of the sleeve. She had asked Maria to twist my hair up into an elegant twist, with a few curls falling down around my face and neck.

I had asked Charlotte to prepare me some camomile tea to calm my nerves. I wasn't a fan of attention and I knew that today would be all about the bride. Grooms generally take a back seat at the engagement announcement and the wedding party, allowing the bride to have her moments...slightly unfair some may say, however that's the way that it is. Weddings and parties are generally more for a woman than a man.

My Father, Mother and I arrived at the Masen's promptly at seven o'clock. The sun had long set and there were a large numbers of auto mobiles donning the Masen's street, obviously Elizabeth had invited quite a few friends. My father finally found a place to park our auto-mobile but it was a good five minutes walk away from my betroths home.

As we walked passed their front gate, I could make out a figure stood by the door. I assumed it was one of the Masen's maids, however on closer inspection I was able to make out the silky bronze hair and sparkly green eyes of my Edward. He was dressed in a black evening suite. He wore a white shirt and black tie and waistcoat. He was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen.

He rushed quickly towards us once he had seen me. His eyes were fixed on mine, and I'm not even positive he saw my mother and father behind me. As soon as he was in front of me, his face began descending towards mine. I didn't care if my parents saw us, however my father cleared his throat in annoyance, and Edward's eyes widened slightly. Instead of kissing my lips, he pressed a tender kiss on my cheek, before greeting my mother and father.

Edward's hands felt cold, as he gripped mine to hold onto his arm, and I knew he'd been stood outside waiting for me to arrive for a while.

As he escorted my up the path towards his house, I watched him out of the corner of my eye, watching me with a large smile on his face. His happiness meant everything to me, and I knew I would attend a thousand engagement parties just to see him smile.

His hand held the door handle, but before he opened it he turned to me, a large smirk on his face. "I hope you're ready for this, my love"

he slowly opened the door, and I gasped at the amount of people in the Masen's parlour. All eyes turned towards me and my face felt as though it was on fire.

It burnt impossibly hotter as the guests began to clap as we walked in.

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