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The lecture hall was in a hubbub. It was almost time for midterms (I wasn't looking forward to them in the least), and our old, witchy-bitchy professor hadn't shown up yet. Secretly, I was glad that she didn't decide to show her pruny and old-fashioned face and clothes yet. Dressed in lace and granny pants that looked suspiciously like bloomers, she wasn't really pleasing to the eye.

God knows how she managed to survive so far with that taste in style.

I idly tapped my pencil against my laptop. Oh, how I loved my laptop, my one friend in the painful world of homework and essays. It was my precious baby…the backup to my lifelong story. I had every file duplicated and sent to my second one, just in case this one crashed. But it didn't seem likely…only in the event of a horrific catastrophe, right?

My green apple laptop winked at me, the fluorescent lights of the lecture hall reflecting off of its shiny exterior. I glanced at the clock in boredom. Class was supposed to have started 5 minutes ago. Where was she? She had never been late before. Why start a third of the way into the year?

I turned to Haruno Sakura, the genius girl. She got on my nerves sometimes, but she did know everything. Her hand was always the first to shoot up after any question, and she enjoyed letting the world know of her god-like mind and intellect. Occasionally, I barely refrained myself from calling her a "know-it-all-teacher's-pet." But this was COLLEGE. I was supposed to be more mature, so I kept my mouth shut.

Sakura turned to look at me. We were friends, I guess. Not only was she smart, but she was pretty too. In an exotic sort of way, I suppose. Her green eyes flashed behind her $200 frames when she made eye contact with me.

"Do you know why she's late, Tenten-san?" she asked, looking worried. "I hope nothing bad happened to her."

I snorted. "No, I truly have no idea." Wow. For once, Miss Genius didn't know everything...so kind hearted and a tad naive. While she was actually watching out for that hag's safety and well-being, I was hoping she had tripped and fell down the stairs, retiring early and never coming back. But in reality, she probably got held up by the Janitor or something.

I swear. If they got together, they would make the world's most ugliest and oldest couple.

I heard the door creak open, and inwardly sighed. She was back. My hopes dashed, I slumped to the table as the room hushed. It was eerily silent.

…That was really weird. No background noise at all—the talking had immediately subsided. Normally, some whispers would still be fluttering around, but not this time. It was as silent as a tomb. Why was it so quiet?

I looked up as a guy entered the room. Late. He was the reason for the hush.

Probably new transfer student or something. Scanning his face quickly, I backed up my conclusion with the fact that I had never seen him before. If I did, I was pretty sure I would have remembered him.

Definitely new.

I looked to Sakura on my left who had a dazed look in her eyes; the green having completely misted over in a look of…was that adoration? The look in her eyes was completely focused on the new student. I followed her gaze, letting my own eyes rest on him.

Yeah. I was NOT complaining.

Coffee-brown locks were tied up in a sleek, elegant hair tie at the base of his neck, right between the shoulder blades. His skin was, albeit a bit pale, but still tinged with a slight peachy hue. His face was structured perfectly, slim lips placed into a pressed line, long bangs outlining his cheekbones. Dark framed glasses accentuated peculiar eyes of lavender and silver. I let my eyes trail downwards, and discovered a body of lean muscle (not bulky, just enough to be noticeable), and long legs in a set of slim, black pants.

Those looks were…inhuman. Godly. How could someone with looks so perfect come to our school? I never thought that I would encounter someone who looked so… flawless.

He looked straight at me, and I averted my gaze so it looked like I wasn't interested in the first place. And I so totally wasn't interested.

...Alright, maybe just a little. He was pretty good looking...

Which probably made him stuck up and egocentric. I knew his type. He probably was like most of the other guys here—good looking, but 100% brainless. I made up my mind that he would just be a nice piece of eye-candy to look at once in a while. Nothing more.

This student was dressed impeccably as well. Clean-cut white shirt, dark pants, and messenger bag—everything was precise.

Oh, sure, try to impress the girls with your sophisticated side. I get it.

I watched as him as he walked in long lean, casual strides to the—wait. He wasn't coming up into the stands of the lecture hall to sit with the others. He wasn't sitting down in just any random seat—it was the teacher's seat: the leather plush swivel chair behind the desk. What did he think he was doing?

Sakura's face was in pure shock, mouth agape and large enough to swallow a grapefruit.

He set down the case that he had strapped to his shoulders, opening it and showing it wasn't only filled with his laptop or notes, but papers. Written, MLA style papers, like the kind that we wrote on a regular basis. And then he was walking to the whiteboard in the front of the room, grasping a slim marker in his pianist fingers and writing in perfect penmanship upon it in green marker.

He turned back to face me, his gaze seeming to penetrate my very soul.

Sounds pretty deep, right?

But I felt chills run up my spine. Not from attraction, or the cold, or anything cheesy like that...but from intense dread.

"Hello," he said in a rich, tenor voice as smooth as silk and as rich as chocolate fudge. I fidgeted with my bangles as he continued to look at me. It was almost hypnotizing. For some reason, I couldn't tear my gaze away. But in a second, the connection was broken as he continued with his introduction and he looked away. "I am Hyuuga Neji, your new instructor."

At the very moment he finished his sentence, my computer froze. I panicked, trying to move the mouse, but to no avail. And then, it crashed—the screen lighting up in a multitude of rainbow clashing stripes, a horrible spitting noise coming from the speakers. I could see all my information (figuratively speaking) leaking out of my precious laptop, never to be seen again. The screen finally turned black, and the power light winked off.

Only in the event of a horrific catastrophe, right?

Inwardly, I screamed.

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