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"Come on mom! I really want to go to the museum!" Ahy whined.

Hathor looked at him in disgust, "Where the half-blood is? Not a chance."

"But I want to see- you know what never mind."

"You wanted to see who?" Hathor smirked.

"Why do you always assume it is a person? Besides, it's no one you would know." Ahy said walking away.

"I see. Well I'm going to talk to Sekhmet about this." She said to herself after Ahy had left

Hathor quickly walked up to her sister, who was playing cards with some other gods. She always loved to visit her sister, not! Sekhmet turned her attention to her sister after Set pointed her out. Hathor sighed and walked over to their poker table.

"Hey guys." Hathor said in an annoyed tone

"Why so grumpy Hathor? Lost without your other half?" Set teased.

"Not in the mood Set! So Sekhmet I came to speak to you, not 'the others', and I would you like to speak to you in private."

"Sure…After this round." Sekhmet replied focusing her attention on her cards.

"Not after this round…now! It's about Ahy." Hathor snapped

"Why would I wanna hear about YOUR son!"

"Myleea! Myleea! Your dad and Tilly are going to be in here in an hour! Hurry your butt up and get down here!" Seibaruhs yelled at her daughter.

"I know mom! I'm hurrying, I just have to finish making my bed then we can go to the museum!" Myleea yelled from her room upstairs.

"Okay lets hurry down to the museum now that you are ready!"

They had barely gotten through the doors of the museum when Anubis and Tiluleah teleported in. You could see the resemblance of the sisters to their father as they both had red eyes. Seibaruhs on the other hand had gold eyes and natural gold highlights. The one of the girls that looked most like Seibaruhs was Myleea because Tiluleah (Tilly for short) Had jet black hair that were pulled back into long pigtails.

The museum jumped to life as Rilee and Avery climbed out of the Roman Empire. Octavius watched his children climb out and followed them. He found out they were going to visit Jake and Anna, Jedidiah's kids. Karly jumped down from the stepstool Larry had set out for them.

"Hey, you realize we trust them now right? No more fighting." Karly said to her husband.

"Well-maybe but-I'm sorry Karls."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! You tell me that every day! No matter how much I tell you that I trust Taylor and Jed you still don't! You don't have to be that kind of over reactive daddy." Karly yelled and went back to the Roman Empire.

"Karly…" Octavius sighed

Back at the frontier the two Roman kids walked into the house of their mom's friend Taylor and her husband Jedidiah. Anna and her 15 year old brother sat at a table drawing. Anna looked up to see her best friend Rilee standing by her.

"Jake they are here and I am going to the Empire! Ok? Tell mom please!" Anna said walking off with Rilee.

Ahy stood by his mom while she and his aunt fought. He didn't like it when they fought but they did all the time. Not that his opinion mattered to them in any way, shape, or form. They just argued and argued no matter what he said. He always felt invisible around them.

He sighed and grabbed his PSP he checked on his game he played with Tilly. Good, she's on! He thought when he saw Tilly's name pop up. He started a new game with her. He knew she would always win but he wanted to keep trying. After all she was the goddess of destruction. His thoughts drifted off to her beautiful sister Myleea. Her bright red eyes sparkled when she was happy and her face was always perfect and distinguished. Her expressions looked exactly like her mother's.

The way Myleea looked at him made Ahy immediately perky and happy. She should have been born the goddess of happiness not dance. Maybe, beauty. She was gorgeous after all. Ahy sat there his thoughts drifting between his game with Tilly and his favorite girl Myleea. You could say he had a crush. Or you could just simply say she rocked his world. Both would be correct.