Glee: The Next Generation

Summary: It's thirteen years after McKinley High's Class of 2012 graduated and gone on with their lives. When Mr. Schuester gets a familiar face in his Spanish class, a new generation of Glee is brought about with plenty of teenaged drama.

Beth Corcoran shook her hair out from the pony tail she'd just undone and ran her fingers through it. Playing gently with the ends of her sandy brown hair, she studied her face in the mirror one more time before turning away and pressing the 'play' button on her iHome.

Rachel Berry's voice danced out of the speakers as Beth began readying herself for the day at her new high school. True, McKinley was no Carmel High, but her mother had always said that Beth belonged at McKinley more than she did at Carmel. Beth had had a fit about not being able to join the ranks at Carmel High and as such her mother, Shelby, had offered a truce.

Beth would spend her freshman year at Carmel High but come her sophomore year-and possibly her junior and senior years-Beth would spend her time at McKinley, if only to compare the two.

Beth had agreed sullenly.

So here she was, belting out the lyrics along with her favorite singer as she got ready for her first day of high school at McKinley High.

"Beth! Hurry up! You're gonna be late!" Shelby's voice called from downstairs, where the smell of bacon and eggs was wafting from.

"Coming mom! You can't rush perfection, you know!" she called back, smiling as she heard her mother chuckle and walk away from the bottom of the stairs.

Shortly thereafter, Beth bounced down the stairs, dressed amazingly, hair curled, minimal makeup perfectly applied, and was handed a bacon-egg-and-cheese breakfast muffin by her mother before she flounced out the door, hoping today would be worth it all.

"Fi! Fiona!"

Fiona Hudson glanced up like a deer caught in the headlights as Drescher Pierce dodged other students as he made his way toward her.

"Jesus, give me strength-"

"I thought you were an atheist." said a voice at her elbow.

"Gah!" Fiona screamed, jumping away in surprise from her best friend Megara Abrams. "Meggie, what have I said about doing that?"

Meggie stuck out her tongue with a wicked grin on her face.

"But you make it so easy, Fi. Give me something to work with and we'll chat about me not scaring you."

"That's not fair."

"Life isn't fair, Princess. Slushie facials and dumpster dives practically every day of last year had to have made some sort of impression...right?" Meggie asked, dodging people's elbows as Fiona dragged her in the opposite direction of home room. "Also, home room is in the other direction."

Fiona dragged Meggie's four foot frame into the closest bathroom and glanced into the hallway, snapping her head back as Drescher's lanky frame strode by.

"I don't know why you refuse to go out with that fine piece of man, Fi. He practially drools over you every time he sees you." Meggie said, leaning on the wall as Fiona let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"I don't want him drooling over me Meggie. I can't stand the guy. He's deluded." Fiona said, choosing instead to take up residence in front of the mirror. "Besides, I'm too busy anyways."


"Well, I will be."



"Li-ar." Meggie sing-songed, dancing gleefully out of Fiona's reach and into the hallway. Her books and purse went skittering across the floor as she danced right into one of the nastier jocks.

"Watch it, freak!" he snapped, pushing Meggie aside and stomping a foot down hard on her purse.

"You watch it, Baltes!"

"I'm warning you, Abrams-"

"Take your warning and shove it, dipwad!" Meggie snapped, shoving her belongings back into her purse.

"HEY! Baltes! Back off!" a masculine voice shouted from down the hallway and Meggie glanced up to see Clenton Baltes' fist still in midair from where it would have come down directly on the back of her head.

"We'll chat later, Abrams." Baltes hissed, disappearing into the throng of students crowding the halls as the owner of the voice arrived at the scene.

"You all right Meggie?"

"Yeah, thanks Mr. Schue." Meggie muttered as Fiona finally peeked out of the bathroom. "You know you just signed my death warrant right?"

"You're being overdramatic."

"I'm a realist, Mr. Schue." Meggie said, swinging her bag over her head and turning to the teacher in exasperation. "Listen, time, let me deal with it, okay? I know the guy personally-he's all talk but no action, y'know what I mean?"

"Whatever you say, Meggie." Mr. Schue said with a chuckle, watching Meggie grab Fiona's arm and drag her back down the hallway. "Puckerman! Step away from the corkboard!" Will hollered as Methuselah "Thusah" Puckerman's black Sharpie drew closer to many of the sign up sheets littering the board.

Thusah took off and Will sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"I'm getting too old for this." he muttered before striding off after the teen, intent on reprimand.

Thusah Puckerman shot around the corner and into the auditorium to escape the Spanish teacher. A call to his dad was exactly what he didn't need on his first day back to school after all that community service he did over the summer to make up for the-

But that wasn't important anymore. It was over and done with.

Thusah shook his head as he settled himself into one of the seats in the balcony until about third period or so. Shutting his eyes, he was about to doze off when a loud scraping echoed into the room, followed by piano music. His eyes fluttered open to land on the redhead pounding away at the piano.

Daisy Russtel concentrated on the black and white keys in front of her, intent on finishing the piece she was composing by the end of the day. It was another angry composition, something she could throw in people's faces and laugh at as they didn't understand the meaning behind it.

Something that was hers and hers alone.

Daisy's let out a huff of aggravation as her head fell into her hands, elbows on the keyboard creating a horrible cacaphony as she growled angrily.

"Stupid writer's block..." she muttered, closing her binder with a snap and moving her fingers back to the keys, picking up a different but familiar tune instead. As her fingers glided over the keys, Daisy's eyes closed in serenity, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

The Jonas Brothers' Black Keys filtered through the auditorium as she pressed down, choosing to create a mashup of Black Keys and HeIsWe's Happily Ever After.

Daisy's bubble popped as the late bell rang out announcing that she was, in fact, late to homeroom and she cursed under her breath as she grabbed her binder and ran out at top speed, in no rush to start the day.

"Buenas Dias, Clase! Mi nombre es Senor Schuester." Will said, writing his name on the blackboard and underlining it with a flourish. He turned back to the class and his face fell at the blank looks he received from most of the freshman class.

Sighing and rubbing the bridge of his nose again, he translated.

"Good morning class. My name is Mr. Schuester." he deadpanned and there was a murmur of recognition in the class.

"Why didn't you just say that then?" murmured a confused-looking Drescher from his seat in the back of the room. "I mean, speak english, Mr. Schue."

Will sighed, shaking his head and grabbing the work sheets for the class. He'd just begun passing them out when the door flew open and a pretty girl carrying her bag stepped inside.

"Can I help you?" Will asked, shaking off the feeling of familiarity as he approached the front of the class.

"You Mr. Schuester?" the girl asked, turning to dig in her bag for something with complete disregard to Mr. Schue and the rest of the class.

"I am."

"My name's Beth Corcoran. New transfer." she replied snippily, pulling a crumpled piece of paper out of her bag and handing it to the teacher.

"Beth Corcoran." Will said in surprise, suddenly realizing exactly why Beth made him look twice. "You're Shelby's daughter, right?"

Beth blinked. She blinked again.

"You know my mom?" she asked and Will chuckled.

"She was my competition a few years back. But, anyways, I'm assuming that this is your first class?" he asked, running a hand through his hair.

"Righto." she said, shifting awkwardly on her feet.

"Take a seat next to Meggie and we'll get back to class. Meggie could you raise your hand?"

Beth glanced at the class and saw a short Asian girl raise her hand with vigor two rows from the back. Sighing in aggravation, Beth made her way to the desk beside Meggie and plopped down, tossing her bag on the floor.

"Hi, I'm Meggie. Well, Megara but I like Meggie better."

"Swell." Beth said, sliding further down in her chair as Mr. Schuester turned back to the board and began teaching.

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