Seth had started to come to as he heard the sounds of something walking on sand, he sat up and had to blink a few times to refocus on his surroundings. What he saw amazed him to no end. He saw oceans going on for miles, mountains as far as the eye can see, and other small islands dotted out in the ocean. Seth looked around the beach to see what had been causing the sound that woke him up from the strange dream he was having. It didn't take long for Seth to see the cow that was walking on the beach; however, he found it very odd that there was a cow on the beach. He decided to get up and stretch before he started to explore what he could only think of as an island.

After hours of walking underneath trees he started to take notes on the wildlife and how this island seemed to be a completely different world compared to the normal world he was in last night. Seth decided to take a break and think over the notes he'd taken, 'Okay, the pigs can be used for food if I need it to keep me from dying, I can use the cows to make leather clothing to protect me from the environment, chickens don't really have a use to me right now and neither do sheep.' After checking his notes, Seth continued venturing into a thick forest full of trees hoping to find something interesting in this bizarre world.

After what seemed like hours, Seth had, surprisingly, found a small wooden house. Just in time too, the sun was going down and Seth was sure that he would want to be outside without any knowledge of what else there might be on this island. As Seth entered the house he noted how empty it felt, like no one had used this house for years. He noticed a book lying on a table which looked to be very old, most likely from the people who last used this house. When Seth picked the book up, he knew that this book would hold the answers to most of his questions and would change his view of this beautiful world forever.