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Chapter 1

Bella POV

"You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?" I screeched.

And I lunged for his throat.

Lucky for the both of us, Seth got in between us or I would have ripped Jake's head off.

"Bella!" I heard multiple people scream at once. I felt Edward's arms around me, restraining me and trying to talk me out of my trance. I wasn't even thinking straight but one voice was able to bring me back.

"Bella, come back! You know you don't want to do this. I lost you once; I'm not letting that happen again." I immediately calmed down. Jasper could always calm me down even without his ability. His statement also really hit home for me.

Edward felt me relax and led me back inside. I saw Carlisle fixing Seth's collarbone and shoulder.

"Seth I-"

"Don't worry about it Bella, I'm totally fine," Seth said at the same time that Edward said, "Bella, love, no one is judging you, you're doing so well."

They hadn't let me finish a sentence yet.

It only made it worse that Edward was having a difficult time keeping the smile off his face. I knew that Jacob didn't deserve my over reaction, but Edward seemed to find something satisfying in it. Maybe he was just wishing that he could do something physical about his irritation with Jacob, too.

I tried to erase the anger from my system entirely but it was hard, knowing that Jacob was outside with Renesmee. Her and Jasper were the only things holding me back from another fight.

Carlisle secured another piece of the brace to Seth's arm and Seth winced.

"Sorry, sorry!"I mumbled, knowing I'd never get a fully articulated apology out.

"Don't freak, Bella," Seth said, patting my knee with his good hand while Edward rubbed my arm from the other side.

Seth seemed to feel no aversion to having me sit beside him on the sofa as Carlisle treated him. "I'll be back to normal in half an hour," he continued, still patting my knee as if oblivious to the cold, hard texture of it. "Anyone would have done the same, what with Jake and Ness-"He broke off mid-word after my glare, and changed the subject quickly. "I mean, at least you didn't bite me or anything. That would've sucked."

I buried my face in my hands and shuddered at the thought, at the very real possibility. It could have happened so easily. And werewolves didn't react to vampire venom the same way humans did, they'd told me only now. It was poison to them.

"I'm a bad person."

"Of course you aren't. I should have-," Edward started.

"Stop that," I sighed. I didn't want him taking the blame for this the way he always took everything on himself. I went to sit by Jasper on the other side of the room. Alice was somewhere near Seth. I think I was giving her a headache since I started blocking her out.

"I can't do this anymore, Jay" I barley whispered so that even vampires had a hard time hearing. "I don't like acting like a newborn. Once is enough for me." You see, I'm not who everyone thinks I am.

My name isn't Bella Swan.

I'm Isabell Summers (Izzy for short. I still hate using my full name.) I was born in Houston, Texas on April 13, 1843. Same day as Jasper Whitlock. We were the best of friends. We would do anything and everything together. We called ourselves: the "Tremendous Twins" even if we weren't related. Jay was always there for me and always knew what to do. He would argue against that, he says he gets his charisma from me. Then he went off to war. I knew it was his dream to go so I didn't hold him back even though I really wanted him to stay. He gave me a necklace that said "JAY & IZZY 4EVER". I haven't taken it off since. After he left, he would write very week at least once a week. About him moving through the ranks and nearing an end in the war. Then they stopped and I later found out that Major Jasper Whitlock went MIA. AS soon as I heard I went to the stream in the woods that Jay and I would always hang out at. I remember seeing a beautiful young woman with red eyes and white skin, and then it all went blank. I woke up after what felt like years of burning and before I realized what I was doing I have sucked a bear dry. I figured out that I was a vampire.

Over the past 147 years, I learned about my power. I'm a sponge (or that's what I like to call myself). I can absorb other people's powers; human, vamp, and shape shifter and make it my own. I have gathered over 1,000 powers in my wandering. Some powers I have are physical and mental shield, mind reading, I can see the future exactly how it will happen, empath (I woke up with that power), controlling the elements and then some, telekinesis, can inflict pain with a single thought (plus many other Volturi powers), and even acting like a newborn. You couldn't tell the difference. I can also turn my powers off. When I met up Jay here in Forks a few years ago (as Isabella Swan if you're a little slow). I was so happy to see him but I had to keep up my pretense as a human. The Volturi want me for the power I have but I refused and now I'm on the run. While acting human I fell in love with Edward Cullen. I only talked to Jay when no one was around or through our mind. My relationship with Edward can feel very controlling sometimes but I was still thrilled when he proposed to me. Don't even ask how I got pregnant as a vampire because I have no idea. My best guess is that my power to act more human sorta made me 'human' enough, long enough to get me pregnant. Jay's eyes almost flew out of his skull when I got home from the honeymoon to tell everyone.

"Hey, Iz," Jay said pulling me from my thoughts. "We'll get through this. We can tell them now or never let them know of our past." I knew he knew what I would choose but I need to make it final.

"Multa," I said using my Italian so he knows I meant business. "We need to tell them about us." Alice overheard this and got the wrong idea.

"What about you two!" Alice screamed. All I could think was 'oh shit'. She really looked like a vampire.

"Alice, it's not what you think," Jay started "Izzy is…"

"Oh, so you have a pet name for her." Again 'oh shit'.

Not helping Iz. Jay sent to me.

"That's why you've been blocking your thoughts from me."Edward realized. Slow much.

Isabell, not the time nor place. Jay gives me a glare. Ouch, my full name.

Someone's in trouble. Stupid little voice in my head pops up at all the wrong times. Oh andiamo! It's been two years since he hasn't properly heard you, Jay. I knew the real reason that Eddie boy couldn't hear Jasper. I gave him a necklace with my venom which helps block out most powers.

"Edward, relax. I can explain. Jay is only my…" Oh mio dio, I can't even finish a sentence.

"I don't care who he is to you, you husband stealing two-faced whore." Who was she calling a two-faced whore that TWO-FACED LITTLE PIXIE WHORE SLUT BITCH. That earned me a growl from Jasper but at this point, I don't give a fuck. It's Bella Bitch Time.

"YOU TWO-FACED LITTLE PIXIE WHORE SLUT BITCH! Who you calling a husband stealer! I'm not taking any one's husband or even girlfriend, voi stupidi malvagio folletto." How dare she offend me. I could kill her in an instant. I'm the Dea Vampira. Even the Volturi fear me. Jay heard that last thought and I felt a whole lot of confusion coming from him. Later. He nodded once. "It's not a good idea to be on my bad side. I can be just as bad as the God of War, ragazza" That set her off.

Alice POV

Who did she think she was comparing herself to MY HUSBAND? I might not like that side of him but I help him change and forget that but she has no right. I lunged for her. She sidestepped being faster than me and throwing me into the wall. I'm too far gone realize I might be out matched. The point is-SHE GOT PLASTER IN MY HAIR. That bitch is going down.

"You're going to pay, you whore!" You touch the hair you die.

"Izzy, stop this right now. There's no need to fight. She doesn't understand. I don't want anyone getting hurt." HA! Yeah, save her from my wrath.

"Did you not just hear what she just called me! I can't believe your siding with her!"

"Ha, slut. He loves me." I growl, smugness raiding off me in waves. Bella's eyes went completely white (pic on profile) and it all went black.

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