Rilla could see it in her eyes.

The loss, the betrayal, the shame, the anger… and the love.

Judging from the expression Eona had on her face, she wasn't able to figure out why Lord Brannon had her broken if he loved her so much.

Rilla knew though. She knew that feeling very well. When you love someone to an extreme that seems impossible, you will do whatever it takes to save them, even if it meant injuring them. But, she was sure that Brannon hadn't regretted his decision to later. She remembered the late nights where she would tend to him before bed, and how he would spill out all his secrets to her. She remembered how his eyes would fill with and unfathomable amount of sadness and regret. She remembered the pride and love he showed whenever he spoke of her

She remembered this, but there was no way she could tell Eona . So, she did what she could and comforted Eona like she had done for Chart on so many, many nights. Except, this time, she knew that this was something she would never be able to fix..