Hey ya'll! I decided I'd try Wishing-Fire's 100 KH theme challenge after I saw Alacquiene do it, and hers is awesome. It's called What ifs and Why nots and it's about Vanitas.

I've never done a challenge myself, and even though I've been meaning to, I'm kinda nervous. So please bear with me here!

The challenge is exactly what it sounds like- 100 themes, all about one character, only a hundred words each.

Hopefully this will be fun! I'll accept all the criticism in the world.


The figure is small for his age, first of all. Barely five three, he sits with his face covered, dressed in a heavy black cloak. His feet can barely touch the ground, and he is shivering.

He touches his face. The wound has yet to stop bleeding, though he has been assured it will not scar.

"Who are you?" A voice asks him. This person has red hair, the reddest the boy has ever seen.

He says nothing, and touches his face.

"Hello?" The young man presses. "Can you tell me your name?"

"Demyx," he whispers. "My name is Demyx."