Chapter 1

General POV

"When are you going to forgive me for not being a good enough lesbian for you?" Callie asked her voce slightly raising.

" when you do something to show that you love me and NOT with the idea of being in love. When you do something to convince me that I am different then George O'Mally, Mark Sloan, Erica Hahn, the girl at the coffee cart...you know you have a big heart and I love that about you...find a way to show me that your heart is mine!" Arizona says..slightly tearing up.

" Arizona...I LOVE YOU!, you are the only thing keeping me going..if I lose you I am nothing to live for anymore. I don't care that you don't want kids I really don't but I do know that I love you and I want to be with you and NO ONE ELSE! Your it for me we are it for each other. With me or not I will ALWAYS love you and that will NEVER change!" Says Callie on the verge oft tears. " Arizona you are my life. I want NOTHING more with life if you leave...I can't lose you! I will prove my love for you! I can PROMISE you that!"

Callie's POV

I run off crying I can't stand to break down in front of her...as I round the corner and fall to me knees I hear a muffled shout. I turn and start to slowly make my way back to where I left Arizona standing alone in the hallway. " Please..please don't...don't shoot me. I...I didn't do anything...I am just a pediatric nurse." I hear Arizona pleading I quickly go into a medicine closet and grab a syringe and pull some sleeping medicine...said to knock out someone when inserted in the arm..in about 20 seconds.

"Then tell me why are you wearing surgeon scrubs?...tell me why I shouldn't shoot you right now?" I slowly walk around the corner and see him facing away from me...raising his gun. I immediately jump on the guy and stab him in the arm releasing the medicine. As I go to get up BAM..I feel myself falling into the wall. A sharp pain shoots through my upper right shoulder. I gasp in pain knowing that I have a collapsed lung. "Calliope NOOO CALLIOPE WHY?" Arizona screams. She runs over to me. "Why?"

Arizona's POV

I see Callie sneaking up behind this guy...I give a brief short look at her and see something in her hand...a syringe. She holds her hand up and using them to count down from 3. She leaps onto the guys back forcing him down onto his stomach. She slabs him with the syringe of what I can assume is a sedative. As she gets up he rolls over. Before I can even react he has raised his gun and Bang...my Calliope is falling into the wall..leaning on it. Holding herself up. " Calliope NOOO CALLIOPE WHY?" I scream I run to her side and help her to her feet. "Why?" I ask again...she looks at me...then back at the man out cold on the ground. Arizona picks up the gun and throws it into the room onto the counter.

Callie grabs my hand and pulls close. " A...ri..zon..a" I look down at her...she's bleeding badly. I pull her into the room and grabs some gaws. I press and tape them to the wound. I help her from the table and brace her weight. She feels cold to the touch. We half run half stumble down the hall holding onto each other. We stop at the elevators. "No hum" I say " what?" Callie replies "th..there a hum when the elevators are on there is a humming sound...there's no hum" Callie looks from me to the elevator she grabs my hand. She starts pulling me towards the stairs. We burst through the door and start to slowly make our way down. We hear running behind us thinking it's the shooter we pick up the pace. Half way down the stairs I trip and fall the rest of the way. I hear a loud pop and my left should is out. I get up with her help as best se can. We see a man at the top of the stairs. He runs down. His coat says S.W.A.T! " Thank God!" I breath. He braces Callie and me and we make our way out the front doors. Once outside we immediately make our way the nearest EMT. Callie goes in the gurney while they put my arm in a sling.

" Callie...Callie stay with me I love you...I can't lose you stay with me please...PLEASE FIGHT FOR ME!" I plea to her

"I..I love...I love..you...to A..Ari..zon..zzzona!" She gasps. The Beeping slowly till the air is shattered but a continuos beep!