Chapter 3

General POV

Arizona was lying against Callie's hand when she felt Callie's hand move. Her head shot up to see a very awake but buzzed Callie.

Callie woke up and felt someone lying on her to glanced down and sees a head full of blond hair. She twiddle her fingers trying to get Arizona's attention. Her head shot up and looked at Callie. They stared at each other before Arizona pulled out a red box.

General POV

"Callie will you marry me?" Arizona asked Callie. Callie nods her head. She can't talk cause she still has the tube in her throat.

Teddy walks into the room. " Congrats...umm one sec... Callie you know the drill on the count of 3 ok...1...2...3!" Teddy counts. Callie immediately breaks out into a coughing fit. She is given oxygen and calms down a few second later. " Arizona...I LOVE YOU...of course I'll marry you!"Callie says brining Arizona in for a kiss! " Teddy can you page Addison...I ask her to stick around the hospital till after I did the deed. "You know what...I'm not scared...I know were gonna be fine I know were gonna be happy and live forever. I love you and I have a feeling our future will be great!" Callie looks down at Arizona. She crawls into bed beside Callie and cuddle into her. Callie allows herself to be pulled into Arizona her arms holding her tightly. " I love you Arizona...nothing will even stop me from loving you...and by the way Bailey and Eli will be or 3 kids God if ands or buts!" Arizona looks up at Callie. " O my love we love each other and nothing will ever change that. Our love is like a bond. We love each other that we have several bonds and those Calliope are forever. There is now way we can possibly 'tighten theses bonds' anymore!...I love you too!" Arizona places a soft kiss on Callie's lips. They slowly drift off to sleep!