Just a small, pointless oneshot in Percy POV. I was on the plane going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (yes, be jealous) and it's in Flordia and I live in California so I have a long plane trip and this was born. The song used (well, based off of) is "Hermione Can't Draw) from A Very Potter Sequel.

I was at the beach, playing my guitar for everybody. I had finally gotten my own for my 16 birthday, and I planned to use it whenever possible. Everybody (except for Clarisse, who wouldn't have been here if she wasn't so injured from getting in a fight with her cabin) was laughing and singing along to the songs I was strumming. Even Annabeth took a quick break from Olympus for some friend hangout time.

Annabeth cursed under her breath and shot up like a rocket. "I stayed too late! I gotta get back to drawing!" she quickly explained, but she get very far because the Stolls stopped her.

"Drawing isn't hard," Travis said.

"Yeah," continued Connor, "We draw all the time."

Annabeth put her hands on her hips. "But these have to be good," she explained.

Travis and Connor put their hands on their hearts in mock hurt. "We are amazing draw-ers," they said.

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure," she replied sarcastically. "I have to go."

"Let's see you draw, Princess," Clarisse challenged. "Nobody here's seen your plans."

"I'm not going to draw for you guys," Annabeth sighed.

"So you can't draw?"

"I can draw."

"Prove it."


Then, everybody (besides me, because I'm the perfect boyfriend) started challenging her and telling her to draw. Finally, I got tired of it and yelled: "Hey, guys, guys, guys!" Annabeth looked relieved that I stopped everybody from annoying her. I smiled and said, "I got just the thing."

I started playing a lively tune on my guitar and sang. "Annie can't draw, Annie can't draw." Ok, calling her Annie may have gone too far, but the look on her face was priceless. Soon, everybody started singing with me.

"Annie cannot draw! She only reads books, but she cannot draw even if she's reading a how-to-draw book!" We kept singing, even when Thalia came up and started talking.

"Hey guys, I messed up. We're not doing Capture the Flag these next few weeks," she said, disappointment in her voice. She took notice of us and raised her eyebrow. "What the Hades is this?" she asked. She put her arm out to Nico who was trying (and failing) to dance. "Stop dance- stop dancing like that. Guys stop! This song isn't even that funny!"

"Oh yeah?" Grover challenged. "Let's hear you sing a song, right now, in front of everybody."

Thalia shook her head. "I don't have to sing for you."

I started to sing. "Thalia can't sing."

"Yes, I can!" she said, exasperated.

Everybody joined in. "Thalia can't sing. Thalia cannot sing!"

"Yes, I can sing!"

"She only reads books, and she cannot sing, even if she's reading a how-to-sing book!"

"Alright, alright, hey, hey, hey, alright!" She yelled, almost desperately. "Remember how Annie can't draw… and she can't draw!"

"Oh, yeah!" Nico yelled, and we all started singing again.

"Annie can't draw, Annie can't draw, Annie cannot draw!"

"Hey, follow me!" Thalia yelled and we all started dancing away from the beach to camp, still singing.

"She only reads books, and she cannot draw, even if she's reading a how-to-draw book!"

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