Me: Hello! This is Mikashimotaku! I am going to try writting for Mamotte Lollipop! People know me for writing Yumeiro Patissiere and The Amazing Spiez, please enjoy my first Mamotte Lollipop Story!

Nina: I'm excited to read Mikashimotaku-chan!

Me: Please, just call me Mikashimotaku, or Mikashi for short ^.^

Nina: Okay!

Zero: What kind of name is Mikashimotaku anyway?

Me: It's my ninja name -.-

Ichi: And it sound nice, Zero don't critize her.

Me: Thank you Ichi! Honestly Zero, you should be nicer!

Nina: Mikashi does not own Mamotte Lollipop!

Nina sat quietly in her seat, she was waiting for Zero and Ichi. She hadn't seen them since they passed the advanced magic exam. She nibbled on the swirly blue lollipop she had bought from the candy store. Nina couldn't help but remember that the lollipop was the same colour as Zero's electric, blue hair. "Miss?" A waiter asked putting a menu in front of Nina, "would you like to order?"

"Sorry…" Nina replied, wondering how long the waiter had been there, "could I have a piece of marble cake and 3 cups of hot chocolate?" The waiter looked at her in confusion. "I have friends coming to meet me…" She trailed off.

"Very well miss," the waiter replied, "your order will be here in a few minutes." He walked away, Nina couldn't help but wonder, where were Zero and Ichi?

With Zero and Ichii (Magical World)

"Dang it Ichi!" Zero yelled, obviously annoyed, "why do we have to go now? Nina's going to be waiting!" He stole a glance at his watch, "…We're already 5 minutes late!"

"Because, I promised Sarasa I'd take Jun to the human world." He turned the car into the mansion's marvelous front entrance.

"But…" Zero insisted, "Ni…"

Me: Yay! The first chapter finished!

Zero: It was so short though!

Ichi: Zero! I told you to stop being rude! Why don't you try to write a story.

Zero: I would, if it was interesting!

Nina: Zero... Mikashi works hard to write about us!

Zero: And why does she know so much about us? Does she stalk us?

Me: ... Actually Zero, your a manga and anime character. Lots of people have read the story about you guys.

Zero: What! Is the whole world a stalker!

Ichi: Calm down Zero, I bet not that many people have seen it.

Me: Actually, lots of people in Asia and North America have seen it, not to mention other continents!

Zero: Was that supposed to make me feel better?

Ichi: Keep watching for chapter 2!

Nina: Please review!