Having grown up with a gay uncle who has been with his partner for 45 years now, and a sister and sister in law who have three adopted kids, I kinda had this thought in my head of what my Uncle might say if he ran across Klaine sitting in the coffee shop. It kinda morphed into this …. drabble. Enjoy R&R pls

The two boys had become a fixture in the coffee shop over the past few months. They were as much a part of the atmosphere as the pictures hanging on the walls or the quiet jazz that played in the background. Medium drip and Grande Nonfat Mocha. No one even gave them a second look anymore.

The two didn't know that the baristas had been making bets on how long it would take them to get together since they first started coming in. They had been so sweet, the affection of the slimmer one evident even on their first visit. It had taken the other boy longer to come around. The baristas watched them blossom, draw apart after a rather frustrating fight that no one really knew what was about. And then they came back the next week, both of them looking at each other with adoration in their eyes.

But the two men sitting across the room did give them a second look. They noticed the blush on the slimmer boy's face when the other boy leaned over and whispered something in his ear, they noticed the way the darker haired boy would fleetingly run his fingers along the back of the other one's hand, they noticed them sitting just a hair too close together to be just friends. They noticed and glancing at each other they got up from their table and walked over to stand behind the boys.

The barista looked over and saw the two men, looking like they came straight off a construction site, standing a bit too close to her boys. She had become rather attached to them, and rather protective as well. She snapped a towel at her coworker and nodded over at the two. Stepping from behind the counter she saw the larger of the two men lay a hand on the darker haired boy's shoulder. She quickened her pace and was within earshot almost immediately.

"I just had to say something to the two of you" the man said in a low deep voice. She almost growled in her throat, no one was going to give her boys any shit on her watch.

"People are going to give you a lot of shit in your life, if you haven't figured that out already. I just wanted to tell you that they don't matter, only YOU matter. You remind me so much of Mike and I about 15 years ago." He smiled shyly over his shoulder at the man standing behind him "We met in college, and while it was tough, it was all worth it. Make the most of what you have guys, it looks pretty damn special"

The darker hair boy leaned over, running his thumb along the other boys jaw, with a look of love in his eyes and said "It is"