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Summary: After returning from defeating the Brotherhood of Evil, Robin still can't seem to make his move on Starfire. While she coaxes him and drops subtle hints, Raven and Beast Boy slowly begin finding their way towards each other. But at a celebratory party for all the Titans, things may take a pleasing turn for both emerging couples.

Note: This takes place immediately after the defeat of Brotherhood of Evil, let's pretend allll the Titans didn't stop by the tower afterwards. And for the sake of the story, the characters have been aged: Cyborg: 21, Robin: 20, Starfire: 19, Raven: 18, Beast Boy: 18, any other Titan that will appear in the story (cuz I can't stay away from 'em!) will be 17 or over.

Chapter 1

The Teen Titans burst through their front door; Beast Boy collapsed on the floor, groaning silently.

"Dude..I have never been sooo tired." He curled up into a ball and rubbed his shoulders. "And sore. So so sore!"

Robin raised an eyebrow and stepped over the changeling, Cyborg and Raven soon followed suit.

"Man I just need some food in this belly." Cyborg yawned. "After a quick recharge."

The Titans had just arrived home from the grand defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil; they'd spent restless nights and days trying to put a stop to Brother Blood and his evil schemes and finally, with the help of the Titans Network, they'd managed to be victorious and put away more than half the criminals they shared a history with. They were home at last.

"Tofu.." Beast Boy moaned dramatically, extending a hand towards the fridge while rolling around on the floor. "Need..Tofu.."

Raven raised an eyebrow and turned, "You really expect a bland meat substitute to re-energize you?"

Beast Boy mimicked what she said and rolled onto his stomach, closing his eyes and letting his head flop to the floor. "Maybe a nap first.."

"Well I can't say I don't agree Beast Boy." Robin mumbled, kicking off his boots and laying on the couch. He closed his eyes and began drifting off.

However, he sat up quickly and scanned the room. He rubbed his eyes sleepily.

"Hey where's Starfire?" he asked.

There was no response. Beast Boy was fast asleep on the floor, Raven had disappeared to her room and Cyborg had half a cheeseburger dangling out of his mouth. Robin got up begrudgingly, pulling his boots on once more. He stepped over Beast Boy, closing the door gently behind him.

He walked back to the T-ship to check for Starfire, when he didn't find her, he began to get worried. She'd been on the ship, she'd been right behind him when they were walking back inside the tower.

"Starfire?" He called out. Only his echo responded.

He sighed, rubbing his tired eyes. "Where could she have gone.." he mumbled, looking around.

Then he saw it. Though his vision may have been compromised due to lack of sleep, he knew the purple specks hanging high above him looked familiar.


Starfire pulled her knees below her chin, resting her head on them and watching the horizon. Although her Tamaranian strength allowed her to function properly on little sleep, the many battles and trips over the past few weeks had exhausted her completely, but she still wanted to come watch the sky before the sun would set. Then she would sleep.


She turned around, surprised at the welcome intrusion. She smiled, "Robin! Oh hello. I imagined you were undergoing your sleep cycle like our tired friends."

Robin walked over and sat next to Starfire, he let his legs dangle over the edge of the roof. "Well I was, but when I didn't see you come in, I got a little worried."

"Oh you did? I am sorry Robin, I simply wanted to enjoy the sun before undergoing the sleep cycle as well." She looked down shyly, fidgeting with a small pebble.

"Yeah I know what you mean Star." Robin spoke softly before turning to give her a drowsy smile, "With all this Brotherhood of Evil crap, we've barely had any time to enjoy the sunset."

Starfire brushed a hair behind her ear, "We have not had much time together either." she said timidly.

Robin stared straight ahead, and looked down at the sea. After a moment, he nudged Starfire playfully.

"Well," he smiled, shooting Starfire the boyish grin she adored, "We have some time together now."

Starfire blushed, hoping the dimming sunlight would hide her slightly pink features. "Truly?"

Robin nodded reassuringly, "Truly."

Before her tanned orange skin became scarlet, Starfire changed the subject, hoping to quell her feelings for a while.

"Tell me Robin, are you happy we were victorious?" she said, looking out to sea, once more dropping her legs and swinging them over the edge.

Robin leaned back, resting his weight on his elbows. "Yeah of course I am Star. It's a huge weight off my shoulders."

"Then it is an occasion for celebration, is it not?" she teased, knowing very well how Robin reacted to 'celebrations'.

To her surprise, he chuckled, "You know what, maybe. We've all been through a lot, we deserve some down time."

Starfire giggled, "Why Robin? Are you suggesting we have 'the fun'?"

"Hey I can have fun!" he joked defensively.

"Oh I am sure." Starfire leaned backwards, enjoying their banter.

"I can!"


Robin raised an eyebrow, "What you don't believe I can have fun?"

Starfire met his eyes, smiling, she said, "Well you do not seem to be fond of it."

"I'm very fond of it!" He laughed. Although, she did have a point. He was always serious. "Ya know what Star? We can..er..throw a party."

Starfire 'eeped', "Has Robin of all the personnel on this Earth suggested a party?"

"Heh. Yeah, guess so."

Starfire teased him a bit more, delicately placing her finger to her lips. "There must be something wrong! Perhaps the heat of battle has affected your human brain!"

Robin stuck his tongue out childishly, following Starfire's pointer finger to her lips, his gaze lingered there for minute before he averted his eyes.

Starfire took no notice of this but continued playing along; she brought her hand up and gently felt Robin's forehead.

"Might it be a fever that I feel?"

"Star.." Robin began, holding back a laugh at her uninhibited playfulness, careful not to focus on her warm, soft hands on him.

"Oh no Robin! It could be the pox of chicken!" she said in mock worry, laughing at last.

"Ha ha. Very funny. So do you wanna throw a party for the other Titans or not?" he smirked.

Starfire threw her arms around Robin and nuzzled her head into his neck, "It sounds absolutely glorious Robin!"

Robin swallowed hard, tempted to pull her in closer. Instead, he settled for wrapping his arm around her waist and squeezing gently. Starfire shot up quickly and grabbed her sides.


Robin grinned. "You're ticklish."

She blushed profusely and shook her head, "No that is untrue!"


"I..I..am not.."

"Alright, I'll let ya slide this time. But I will get you off guard one day." Robin said, smiling.

They grew quiet once more, watching the sun set and the night rise. The sound of the crashing waves below were the only ones heard for a few minutes.

Starfire glimpsed at Robin, studying his face as he watched the night sky, a tired, but content smile etched on his face.

"I am..glad to see you smile Robin.." she said quietly.

He sat up and turned to her,"You are?"

Starfire nodded, folding her hands in her lap, "Mhm. It is nice to see your face free of tension."

Robin scooted closer to her, barely an inch so she would not notice. "It's just nice to see your face Star."

Starfire's heart sped up, "What..what do you mean Robin?"

He watched her intently, "It's just..during this whole ordeal, I've had to deal with barely knowing how you are most of the time. It's not like when we battle Control Freak and I can be there in a second if you need me, this was different. I worried about you like crazy Star."

Starfire looked at Robin, "You..have?"

He nodded, staring once more at the sky. "Especially when I lost contact with you before I got captured. I was scared you'd..gotten hurt." He confessed.

"Robin.." Starfire whispered quietly. She looked down at his hand, centimeters from hers. She hesitantly placed hers on top of his gloved one. "I was very scared for you as well. But we are both fine."

Her simple touch caused his spine to tingle, he looked up to see her giving him a reassuring, radiant smile. His insides felt warm suddenly and he felt his mouth twitch into a matching grin.

"I'm glad you're here Star. With me." He whispered, not realizing he'd leaned closer.

Starfire's eyes flickered to his nearby mouth. She felt her mind become cloudy as she inched closer as well.

"I am also glad you are with me Robin.."

He saw her eyelids droop a bit and he felt his doing the same thing. Robin gazed down at Starfire's lips, wondering how they'd feel meshed with his. Their shoulders brushed and his head tilted slightly.

"Star.." he whispered, almost closing the distance between them.

Starfire felt the strange 'butterfly' feeling overpower her stomach as Robin's breath tickled her chin and the body heat radiated off him.

But Robin snapped his head straight up, realizing what he had almost done. He moved away abruptly, pulling his hand away from under hers.

Starfire's heart slowed, she looked at him wondering what had just happened.

What the hell am I doing? Robin thought, mentally scolding himself.

"Er..I'm sorry Star." He said awkwardly, his cheeks reddening with the passing seconds.

Starfire looked down, confused. "It is..fine."

He spoke quickly, "I..I guess it's just the lack of sleep or whatever. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

Starfire's head shot up, "Robin you did not make me-"

"We should get some rest." He said, cutting her off and standing up. Robin refused to look Starfire in the eye. He was embarrassed, he'd almost made a complete fool of himself.

Or so he thought.

Starfire stood up silently, a jumble of confusion ruminating in her head at the recent events.

"Yes..yes perhaps you are right Robin." she said.

Robin noticed something off about her. "Hey..you alright?"

His concern softened her heart a bit, "Yes. I am fine Robin. It is the bedtime, is it not?"

He shuffled his feet, "Er..Yeah."

Starfire gave him a tight lipped smile and began walking away.

Robin grabbed her arm gently, pulling her back towards him. "I didn't mean to put you under any discomfort Star. I promise. Please don't be mad.."

Starfire's mouth dropped and her furrow wrinkled. He actually believed he'd offended her.

"Robin I..I most certainly am not mad! In fact-"

"You're not?"

"No, as I was saying I was actually-"

"Because I wouldn't want to endanger our friendship... Or complicate things."

Starfire's face fell once more. "Oh."

"Is that okay?"

Starfire nodded, hiding her true emotions.

"It is..splendid. We will be friends."

Robin smiled, relieved he'd once more avoided any change in his and Starfire's complex relationship.

But as always, when it came to his and Starfire's relationship, he was wrong.

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