Chapter 10

Blue eyes flashed through his mind. Her blonde hair whipped behind her as she ran playfully from him, motioning for him to follow..

"Terra.." he mumbled, his head twitching, desperately trying to wake and taste reality.

"Beast Boy! Come on!" She called over her shoulder as she ran inside their diner. He shook his head and looked around; they were in the middle of nowhere. He walked inside the diner, inspecting it carefully.

"Uh.. Terra? I can't see you in here." He called out uncertainly, walking further into the abandoned, sullen diner.

He heard heavy footsteps behind. He felt cold.

"Can you see me, Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy turned and gasped, falling against the counter. "No! Slade? Where's Terra?"

Slade chuckled, still partially hidden by the shadows.

"She's mine remember?" He whispered vindictively. Slade turned and walked back into the shadows, vanishing. Beast Boy shook his head and everything went black again.

"No..n..Terra.." He grumbled quietly, calling her name out into the darkness of the infirmary.

Suddenly, he was back in the alley again. Trash was strewn around all over the ground. He heard grunting and echoes of a battle. He began running towards the alleyway entrance, confused.

As he neared the opening, Raven's limp body flew past him and smacked head first into the wall.

The sickening crack made him stop in his tracks.

He ran towards her but she seemed to fade away, everything went black again and he was alone.

Looking around Beast Boy began to panic. Then he heard it. He heard Terra's giggling, whispering his name.

"Beast Boy.. come on! Beast Boy.." He looked around, seeing nothing.


"Raven? Oh God..she's hurt.. where is she?" He mumbled, spinning in circles, looking for a way out.


"Stop it!" He put his hands over his ears, unable to stop the echoes and whispers.

Tinkling laughter. CRACK. "Beast Boy..Beast Boy.."

He dropped to his knees, "Go away!"

Shaking his head, he tried to shut out the noise, "GO AWAY!"

"Beast Boy..Beast Boy.."



"Beast Boy! Garfield!"

He woke with a start. His vision still blurry, he saw a pair of violet eyes staring into his, her hands shaking him.

"Raven?" He whispered hoarsely, adjusting to the light that now flooded the room. He sat up on his elbows, "Wuss goin' on?"

Raven straightened up and looked away.

"You were screaming. I woke you up." She stated methodically, fixing her gaze on him.

Beast Boy swallowed and asked hesitantly, "What..uh..what was I screaming about?"

"Terra." Raven answered curtly. Beast Boy was surprised at the briskness in her voice. He tried to sit up further, but failed when the pain in his shoulder made him wince. Raven cleared her throat and pushed at his chest until he was laying down again.

"Sit still. I have to check what you did to yourself now."

"Hey that totally wasn't my fault, Rae." He mumbled groggily. He turned his head as he watched Raven feel around his injured arm. Her eyes were set downwards.

After a moment of silence, Beast Boy whispered, "How are you feeling?"

"Fine." She mumbled, probing the bandage covering his wound.

"Your head? You're okay? I was really wor-"

"Fine, Garlfield." She all but growled. "Drop it."

Sighing, Beast Boy tried turning his head to get a better look at his shoulder, only to have Raven not so gently push his head to other side.

"You want whiplash too?" She grumbled.

Annoyance began to creep up on Beast Boy. He hated it when she was so callous with him. Here he was worrying about her well being and she hadn't even answered him.

"Well it's a freaking hole in my body, I think I'm allowed to be curious." He snapped, turning his head away.

Raven stopped removing the bandage. She glared at the back of his head.

"I didn't think you were the sarcastic type."

"Yeah well I tried being the worried-about-a-friend type but you weren't having that were you." Beast Boy grumbled, closing his eyes.

Raven sighed and removed the bandage completely. She stayed silent as she felt the wound, inspecting it. It was red and swollen, however there was no longer any pus oozing like Cyborg had put in the report. She closed her eyes and placed both her hands over it; Beast Boy relaxed feeling the warmth spreading through him. Her hands glowed and his body tingled. After a few moments, she stopped and began to treat it with a new bandage.

He turned his head, half expecting her to hit him again, only to find the hole still there. Still the same size. However, it wasn't as raw and infected as before. Raven stood up, crossing her arms, "I don't know if we can fix the hole. The flesh isn't healing and coming back together like it should. You seem fine otherwise. Just rest."

She turned around and began to walk out. Beast Boy sighed, tired of being alone in the dark with all these thoughts. Although he wasn't sure it was the right thing to do, he called out to her anyway.

"Hey Rae?"

She briefly stopped walking and turned only her head, "Hmm?"

"I need to talk to someone..about something." Beast Boy said.

"Someone about something. Well, I'll go get Cyborg. I'm sure his knowledge on the latest video games are far more extensive than mine-"

"Will you stop it? Jesus Raven, I'm trying to talk to a friend here. Since you can't do that for me, then fine. Go get Cyborg." Beast Boy seethed. He clenched his fists and turned towards the wall again, shutting his eyes as he heard her slam the door.

She was so frustrating.

She goes from dancing with him to treating him like scum in less than 48 hours.

This thing they had going on, Beast Boy had grown to like it. He'd let himself believe maybe someday he and Raven could explore those lingering looks and flirty exchanges.

But moments like these, when she completely shut him out effectively discouraged him.

He liked Raven. A lot.

There was just the question of what exactly she felt towards him. Besides the blatant displays of repulsion.

Groaning, Beast Boy thought back to his nightmare. He thought back to what he'd seen right before he'd blacked out.

He knew it was her. Terra.

It was impossible though. She was gone. She was buried deep beneath the Earth, turned to stone.

He wanted to talk to Raven about it, considering she could understand. He wanted her to tell him he wasn't crazy. That it was normal and under duress the body sees things. He wanted her to tell him Terra was long gone. That she was nothing but a ghost now.

He was telling himself all these things.

But he didn't believe a word of it. In his gut, he knew it was her.


Robin stroked Starfire's hand; he'd taken off his gloves long ago to skim the scars on her arms gently. She hadn't woken yet, but then again they still weren't sure when she was going to.

If she was going to.

Her body showed no signs of healing itself or restoring her health. She was still red and purple all over. And it broke Robin's heart.

He was supposed to be investigating. Looking more into the attack. Analyzing reports with Cyborg. But he hadn't moved.

"You need to stop with the negative thoughts, Robin."

Raven put a comforting hand on his shoulder and startled him. He stood and hugged her, "Raven, I'm so glad you're all right. We were all so worried."

She pulled away and looked behind him, her voice cracking, "She looks so broken."

Robin covered his mouth with his hand and simply nodded.

And so do you, Raven thought.

"I want to help." She declared abruptly. "I can heal her, I know I can."

Robin looked perplexed. Like he didn't want to get his hopes up, "Raven.. you just woke up from what could have been a traumatic injury. I'm sorry, but as the leader of this team, I can't have you exposing yourself so soon."

Raven rolled her eyes, "What about as Starfire's boyfriend?"

Robin tensed. She'd hit a nerve. "Raven-"

"No. I'm trying and you can't stop me. Now move before I tie you to a bench outside." She said, determined.

Frowning, Robin sat down again and looked at Raven, "Fine. But if at any second you start to feel worse, please st-"

"Yeah yeah." She grumbled, closing her eyes and moving closer to the hospital bed. She placed her hands over the center of Starfire's body, pressing very gently against her ribs and stomach.

"She's bleeding internally. Oh Azerath... Robin, how could they just let her sit like this?" She mumbled.

"They were afraid to do anything because she's an alien. They could have compromised her condition if their treatments weren't effective." He explained, looking intently at Starfire.

Breathing deeply, Raven pressed her hands harder against Starfire's middle. Her hands began to glow white, the light expanding outward towards Starfire's legs and chest.

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos… Azerath, Metrion..Zinthos…" Raven muttered quietly, her face scrunching up in concentration.

Robin struggled between watching her or Starfire. He settled with flickering between both back and forth.

After a few minutes of this, Robin gasped quietly, "Raven!"

Irked, Raven popped open one eye, "I'm healing here, Robin."

He leaned forward, closer to Starfire's face, "But it's working! Her arm looks a little better and the left side of her face isn't tainted red anymore."

"I told you I could do it." Raven said, letting go of Starfire and opening her eyes. "She's not bleeding internally anymore and it'll take quite a few healing sessions to get her well again, but she's.. I think she'll be okay. Sort of."

Robin snapped his head up, "Sort of? What the hell does that mean?"

"It means I don't know when she'll wake up. I can tell you she's going to physically improve, but she took a hard hit to the head Robin. Human or alien, that's hard to come back okay from." Raven said solemnly.

Crestfallen, Robin gripped the sheets strewn on the bed and said nothing. Raven let him gather his thoughts for the next few seconds. She wished she could give him some sort of assurance that Starfire would be okay. She wished she could give herself the same kind of comfort. But she couldn't and all they could do was wait.

Robin spoke up suddenly, "If she..I don't…" he stammered and cleared his throat. "I need her to wake up. That's all that'll keep me going, Raven."

Raven understood. She glanced over at Starfire again, expecting her eyes to pop open and reveal their brilliant green at any second.

They didn't.

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