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Chapter 1: the task BEGINS

A few days before the TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT, in a room in the ministry of magic, the organizers were trying to make the completion more popular. Several ideas were already put up but were all rejected.

"Why don't we add a few explosions into the tasks?" exclaimed one of the organizers. Everyone disagreed with the idea saying it would be too dangerous for the contestants.

"How about we add a few characters from other media and shows?" another one suggested. This time everyone agreed and they got to deciding who should appear.

Several days later:

Everyone in Hogwarts was bustling for a seat in the stands ready for the first task of the TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT. A few minutes later everyone was settled and ready for the first contestant, including the dragon.

One boy in the crowd was especially exited but kept of hearing his weird noise, "Do you hear that noise?" He asked his friend and strangely, his friend did to.

The noise got louder and louder until the whole cheer of the arena got drowned out by it.

The boy looked up and saw a blip in the sky and was going to comment on it when instantly it shot into the arena and landed with a bump. It was a purple, circular spaceship looking thing with pods on either side. The cockpit slowly opened up with steam rolling out and out came a small green boy with red eyes and antennae.

A person in the crowd started to giggle, and soon the whole area was laughing at the boy.

"SILENCE!" he cried "you pitiful humans will not laugh at ZIM or else I will DESTROY YOU! You will bow, BOW BEFORE ZIM!

Suddenly he noticed the dragon and yelled "AHA! So it is you that is in the way of me destroying this pitiful planet!


The organizers are sitting at Zim's table with Gir serving them waffles, trying to get him to join the Tournament.

"So let me get this straight," He questioned there is a big lizardy thing that is standing in my way for world domination?" The organizers nodded, "And I have to defeat and get a golden egg weapon so I can enslave all of you?" again the organizers nodded, "THEN I WILL DO IT! No one get in the way of ZIM!"

End Flashback

Zim quickly pulled a laser gun and shot it but sadly it just bounced off the dragon's hard skin. His mouth fell open and he muttered "Oh oh, looks like it's time for plan B!" The dragon started to attack but using his pack. Zim climbed up some rocks and avoided it. Then he grabbed something from behind his back and jumped onto the dragons head. He then stuck the item on its face, it was a pig mask. The crowd and dragon were confused, why did he do that?

Instantly Zim called "GIR COME GET THE PIG!"

All of a sudden the rock wall of the arena blasted apart and standing there was a small robot with a wild look on its face. "COME HERE PIGGY" he screamed, blasting toward the dragon. The creatures eyes went wide and it started to scramble away from the crazed robot. Sadly the dragon was to slow and Gir caught up to it.

Meanwhile Zim was calmly walking towards the egg, grabbed it, and then brought it to his voot cruiser. He then called Gir (who had the dragon in a death grip) and gloated, "I will see you all next time I do one of these pitiful challenges for WORLD DOMINATION! Goodbye." The cockpit of his voot then closed and it blasted off. The crowd was silent for a moment and then began to call for the next contestant to come.

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