Hello everyone I and sorry that this wasn't uploaded sooner but I had a lot of tests in school and after it ended I went to Bermuda so sorry for making you wait and I still don't own anything in this story and since there was a tie between Gandalf and Darth Vader I had a brain wave for Gandalf so I decided to do him first and Darth Vader second. Enjoy

Chapter 2: a fiery encounter.

The announcer stood up to the podium nervous about what he was about to tell the crowd, he hoped that they would take the news that he just heard well.

"Ahem," he coughed, I am sorry to say that since the dragon is still recovering from trauma because of the last battle, we have to use a magical creature called a balrog instead. On another note I hear the next competitor has some experience with these creatures so this should be interesting.

The announcer stepped back and waved his wand. A chasm in the rocks slowly opened up and up in chains rose a balrog on a platform. When the creature saw the crowd it let out a mighty roar and the ground around it started to fall apart until it left a narrow bridge to the gate out of the arena. The crowd looked on in shock until someone noticed the gate opening and someone walking out.

It was a man in a white robe that carried both a sword and a staff. He had a sort of powerful air radiating from him that made a few people shudder. It was in fact, Gandalf the white. He and the balrog both walked onto the bridge and the fiery monster roared at him and had a look that said "Oh great, not this guy again". In return Gandalf shot a lightning bolt at him. The balrog reeled back from the blast and spit fire Gandalf who was ready and created a shield to block it.

Meanwhile professor Snape was scolding some Griffindor kids about cheering to loud and about to deduct 10000000 points when out of the blue, one of Gandalf's stray lightning bolts came out of the blue and struck him, lighting him up like a light bulb. Then a rather frazzled and electrocuted Snape, fainted. The kids cheered even louder after that.

Gandalf concentrated for a moment and then shot a fire ball past the balrog which snickered a bit when it got hit on the head with a magical blimp which Gandalf just shot down with the writing, "Tired of head injuries, then send a letter to haggles head protecting spells and we will get you one right away for a small price!" (the irony is terrible)

"This battle has gone on for long enough," yelled Gandalf "and just for the sake of saying it, YOU SHALL NOT, PASS!" He then banged his staff on the bridge and created a shockwave.

The balrog thought "oh no not again" before the bridge broke under it and the creature fell into the chasm. Gandalf started to walk towards the egg while the balrog thought "It's not over yet" and tried to use his whip to bring Gandalf with him. Sadly for the balrog Gandalf sidestepped the whip and said, "sorry, I'm not falling for the same trick twice" and the Balrog fell to a certain doom (again).

The white wizard held up his staff and made the egg levitate to him, he then walked out of the stadium without a word.

The crowd cheered for Gandalf very loudly and greatly anticipated the next challenger.

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